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    ★ Dez's Plot bank ★

    Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux on Thu 31 May - 15:10

    tears shed for another is not a sign of weakness,
    but of a pure heart

    when life deals us cards...:

    ...make everything taste like it is salt...:

    ...then you come through...:

    ...like the sweetener you are...:

    • Taking care of our baby ~
      Summary: Nessa takes her first job as a mage and arrives to babysit Henry Spiel, after a gruelling and almost lethal few hours of work, she successfully gets him to bed, bathed and fed.

    • Entertain the patients ~
      Feat. Aven Alveron & Rina Everglades
      Summary: Nessa, Rina & Aven take a job together, heading to a hospital and entertain injured children. They give a magical performance and give the children a lovely sight.

    • The Mares ~
      Summary: Nessa bumps into an older man who upon realising she is a mage, asks her to save his mares that have been stolen by a barbarian. She agrees, and heads to the Cursed Lands. She tracks down the barbarian and his henchmen, engaging in a long battle. She defeats them and successfully returns the mares home.

    • Girl Time ~
      Feat. Rina Everglades
      Summary: Nessa takes a job testing out Fairy Tails spa facilities, it's there she meets Rina the Fairy Tail Blazing Star Ace. They have a pleasant conversation and enjoy some treatments together.

    • The Jungle Book ~
      Feat. Mura Kensho
      Summary: Nessa heads out on one of her first guild jobs with fellow guildmember and ace of their guild Mura Kensho. Together they face Scorpion Tail, a group of dark wizards that have stolen the Jungle Book from the Fang Tribe. Nessa struggles with the mission as it reveals to her how weak she truly is. giving the kick she needs to grow stronger. The two mages defeat the dark guild and spent some time relaxing in Enca.

    • Mischievous Imps ~
      Summary: Nessa takes a pest control job with Sebastian and the two of them head to the nest of some pesky imps. Together they take out the imps, however the task leaves Nessa feeling unsure of herself and whether the killing was necessary.

    • Maiden Snatcher ~
      Summary: Nessa gets a job that requires her to rescue a girl that has gone missing,, allegedly kidnapped by a Vulcan. She and Sebastian head out, tracking down the girl in the woods. Nessa faces the Wood Vulcan and although is knocked out and one point, manages to successfully kill it, ultimately saving the girl and returning her home.

    • Fairy Skelter
      Feat. Markus
      Summary: Nessa takes her first job with Markus, which requires investigating the suspicious increase in Fairy based products. She arrives in Lavender Port City and met with Markus, the two of them undergo their investigation. Asking the local market traders for information. When they finally learn of the fairy wing traders whereabouts are they head to the forest. Locating the camp, they run until some fairies and convince them they mean no harm. They then proceed to take out the sentries in the camp, separating for a short while. Only upon reuniting Nessa watched as Markus actually kills the sentries, and is left in a state of shock. As the two continue their mission, they walk in on a fairy having it’s wing ripped out by force. Nessa loses it and her lineage takes over, she attacks the torturer and nearly kills him. As the demonic rage takes over, Nessa desperately tries to regain control. The Fairy Arielle approaches her and uses his tranquility magic to calm her mind. She rejoins the fight, saving the remaining fairies. Markus deals the final blow to the enemy, protecting Nessa in the process. 

    • The Girl in the Stone ~
      Feat. Rina Everglades
      Summary: Nessa and Rina take a job investigating a crystal in the Ace of Spades. Upon finding the crystal, they are transported into a different world. Where they are forced to collect crystals from fighting bosses. This puts a great deal of stress on the girls as they face non-stop fighting from various monsters, demons and humans. Together they managed to defeat each one, working together. They collect all the crystals and are returned to their own world.

    • Retrieving the package. ~
      Feat. Aven
      Summary: Nessa and Aven head out to track down some cargo that has gone missing along one of the Unknown Lands delivery routes. On the job they run into some bandits, who they fight off and knock unconcious. In the pockets of one of the bandits they locate a map that leads them to the base camp of the thieves and murderers. It is at the camp that Nessa and Aven make a little wager, the last to defeat 15 opponents pays for dinner and the one that defeats the leader gets to pick the meal. Nessa jumps right into the fray of the fight, managing to defeat hers first. However it is Aven that ultimately defeats all of the bosses with his Radiance spell. He declares they are to have dinner at his. After calling the rune knights and helping the return of the cargo to the Nekos people. The client pulls Nessa aside to thank her and decides to give her an extra gift. Forcing her into a tent, Nessa is dressed up in an embarrassing but cute Neko Maid costume. Pushed into Avens arms, they share an moment of intense embarrassment that almost leads to more from Aven.

    • Escort Services! ~
      Feat. Lazarus
      Summary :  Nessa takes a job with one of the new members of Fairy Tail Lazarus, dressed to the nines in ballgowns. They escort a couple of nobleman to a local dukes ball, however they soon find out that the men their escorting are nothing more than arrogant pigs and it up to them to teach them a thing or two about manners.

    • Clockwork: Invasion.
      Feat. Johann
      Summary: Following the receipt of her Valkyrie Summoning magic, Nessa is eager to go on a job and try it up. She arrives as the Lycan Woods and sends out her Starlight Guide to find the WFTC member whom she should be doing the job with. It is not long after this she meet Johann Von Weiss, Vice president of the West Fiore Trading Company and Mars, the being inside him. They set about through the forest, not long arriving at the nest of the Mechanical beast. Nessa summons Tiphanae, ordering her to fly above them and attack when signalled. Johann does a spell that gives Nessa's a bracelet of runes that she can combine with her magic to amplify it's damage. Then he sets of into battle, allowing Mars to take over his consciousness. Nessa quickly joins the fray and sets about fighting mechanical chickens. Tiphanae soon swoops in and engages in battle with a Jellyfish. Together the three off them manage to wipe out the creatures, before heading into the portal, through which some of the creatures escaped. Upon arriving, Mars become instantly disturbed by their arrival, as an apparition of a woman appears in front of then, asking for help in a distorted voice. Tiphanae orders Nessa to summon Ellamora. Hesitantly she does so, at first the Head of the Valkyries is angered by they're presence in the Garden of Eden. But after hearing Tiphanae's reasoning, she comes to understand, following which she explains to Nessa where they have come to. The four of them head in the direction of the remaining robotic creatures. Engaging in an intense magical battle against the machines.  

    • On A Knife's Edge
      Feat. Arcadia.

    • ☽ Under the Black Moon ☾
      Feat. Johann, Arcadia, Haraka & Leona.

    • The Parfume Spy
      Feat. Arcadia & Aven.

    ...to bring the bitter taste...:

    ... to a halt.:

    • Own my own ~
      Feat. Haru Reynold
      Whilst walking through town, Nessa bumps into people arguing. Memorised by the sight of an exceed, she has a pleasant chat with Haru and it is their meeting that helps her decide to join Fairy Tail.

    • Meeting the gang [Open] ~
      Feat. Althea Eventide, Sorano Granon & Haru Reynold
      Summary: Nessa leaves home with her sights set on joining Fairy Tail, nervous as hell, when she arrives she meets Althea who helps her feel at ease. Following this she is approached by Sorano, the guildmaster. Who completes an interview of sorts, and gives her the guildmark. She is joined by Haru and so begins her journey as a member of Fairy Tail.

    • When fairys get their wings ~
      Feat. Aven Alveron & Rina Everglades
      Summary: Nessa takes a stroll and finds Aven sitting by the canal looking melancholy, she decides to approach him. The two of them introduce themselves and after releasing he's looking to join Fairy Tail. Nessa offers to lead him to the guild. They enjoy a pleasant chat and display each other their magic. Upon arriving at the guild, Nessa leaves to do jobs whilst Rina initiates Aven as a guild member.

    • Treasure Hunt [C-Rank Exam] ~
      Feat. NPC Belle
      Summary: Nessa is given the task of 'finding what's lost', she spends all day searching, until finally she runs in a pickpocket, who she chases down. After restraining the girl and hearing her side. Nessa offers to provide the girls mother with medical care, and convinces her to return the things she's stole in exchange for a job.

    • Meeting Sebastian ~
      Feat. Sebastian
      Summary: On her way home from the spa with Rina, Nessa finds an injured kitty. She rushes him back to her home where her Father gives him medical treatment and a local doctor is called. They stay up most of the night, until Nessa falls asleep on the sofa. Waking up to find the kitty in her kitchen talking to her father. Learning that the cat is actually an Exceed named Sebastian. Sebastian thanks Nessa and offers to stay with her as a comrade.

    • A day on the town ~
      Feat. Aven
      Summary: Nessa and Sebastian are taking a stroll when they run in Aven who is sitting on a bench looking forlorn. Nessa asks what's wrong and Aven reveals his torturous experience with Grim heresy. After telling her he wishes to quit being a mage, together her and Sebastian convince him to keep fighting. After which they all head to the market and buy food for a bbq before returning to Nessa's home. Aven is then put through a series of uncomfortable interactions with Nessa's family. Despite which, he asks Nessa to make a team with him, which she happily accepts.

    • A walk through the woods ~
      Feat. Marcus
      Summary: It's the anniversary of the apple picking tradition Nessa used to take with her mother, bringing Nessa into a low mood. She heads to the forest to pick apples and ends up crying under a tree. Where she is discovered by fellow guildmate Markus. Markus offers to take a walk with her, which she agrees. The two of them talk and discover a waterfall, Nessa gets excited and ends up falling into the water, only to have Markus try and save her. The two interact in the pond, and Nessa attempts to playfully splash Markus. Only for him to use his magic and drench her, exposing her bra through her white tank top. Embarrassed she uses her magic to dry herself off. The two talk a little longer but the conversation becomes a little dark and Markus uses his magic to disappear.

    • New Connections ~
      Feat. Liam Kawitika
    • To cure a lonely condition ~
      Feat. Lance

    • The light of a golden heart ~
      Feat. Aven
      Summary: Nessa and Aven are heading to the guild when a strange light appears and they are transported to a different world. There they meet an angel named Aviel, who tells Aven he has to unlock his true destiny and the light within. Aviel ends up fighting a dark being named Castor, who threatens them. Castor leaves and Aviel instructs Aven to learn the light before leaving too. Aven then asks Nessa to train him, which she happily does. After which they then face off against Hac'hal, together they beat him and return home.

    • Help U- [B-Rank Exam] ~
      Feat. Rina
      Summary: Nessa is given the task of helping a woman named Ema Rose, who has sent a letter to Fairy Tail for help. Because Rina had accidentally drooled on the letter, Nessa heads in with Sebastian and Arielle. Unaware of what's ahead. She finds the village burnt and desolated, it is there she bumps into Ema Rose. Following this she faces of with an Incendi, a fire demon. She fights the demon and successfully kills it. Saving the mountain people.

    • Bad Blood! ~
      Fairy Tail Guild & Basilisk Fang Guild
      Summary : Nessa walks into the guild, unaware of the guild meeting that was unaware with the members of Dark Guild Basilisk Fang. The tensions are high and in a attempt to diffuse the situation, Fairy Tail attempt to turn the meeting in a party of sorts. However this fails when one of the BF members realises a deadly cloud of disease into the guild. Nessa uses her magic to contain the spell and offers to escort them out.

    • Searching in the dark...
      Feat. Markus

    • some things are better left unsaid
      Feat. Aven & Markus

    • Green Fairy ~
      Feat.Arcadia, Rina & Althea.
      Summary: On her way out of the guild, Nessa bumps into a young Ice Dragon slayer named Arcadia Fairchilde, looking to join the guild. Nessa takes an instant liking to the adorable younger mage as she is initiated into the guild.

    • A new family ~
      Feat. Lazarus, Arcadia & Aven
      Summary: Nessa is on her way to the guild hall when she see's a guy heading in the direction of the guild. Intrigued, she approaches him despite Sebastian's protests. As it turns out, he is actually looking for Fairy Tail. She leads him inside, they soon bump into Arcadia and Aven. They chat about their reason for joining FT, share a meal and juice together.

    • Kitty-Cat Returns ~
      Feat. Leila, Arcadia & Althea.
      Summary: Nessa and Arcadia are helping the bar staff at the guild clean up when they run into existing members Leila.

    • Dining in another world ~
      Feat. Aven
      Summary: Following her mission with Aven, Nessa heads home to get changed, before returning through a portal. After having won the bet from their mission, it was agreed that Aven would provide Nessa with dinner. So he invited her over to his home. Once arriving through the beautiful and extravagant home, Nessa meets three unique individuals. Firstly, Lucie, Aven's overly affectionate and protective childhood maid. Who instantly takes a disliking to Nessa, and confront her the moment their alone. Nessa managed to handle her, although isn't convinced the girl accepts her. The next, and most formidable, was Aven's mother. Who initially greeted them by scolding her son, ignoring Nessa, then knocking Aven unconscious and carrying him away. At the dinner table, Nessa talks to Lady Drani and after an exchange of words. The lady uses her magic to exchange Nessa's memories with her own. After seeing Aven and Nessa fight together on the earlier mission, Lady Drani seems to approve of Nessa. The third individual, was Lord Sergis, Aven's father. Who immediately greets Nessa warmly, and allows her to feel at ease.  Nessa starts to feel nostalgic about her mother, and excuses herself after dinner. Somehow finding herself in Aven's room, all the while Aven is being manhandled by his maid. In an attempt to escape from Lucie's clutches, Aven ran into his bedroom landing on his bed. Only to find Nessa laying their next to him, having been intrigued by how comfortable a luxurious bed would be. There share a moment of embarrassment, causing Nessa to fall off the bed. After settling down the two begin to chat and Nessa finally feels she is able to bring up her mother to him. Once it dawns on Aven that Nessa lost her mum, the two of then share a tearful embrace. Following which Nessa gives Aven a gift to symbolise the two of them becoming Radiant Light. In return he takes her to the roof of his home, where they watch the sunset together, ending an eventful day in a moment of true beauty and peace.

    • Not all Valkyries have wings
      Summary : Nessa and Arielle are lounging on the bank of a waterfall, when an injured Valkyrie falls through the sky, landing in the pond. Nessa immediate jumps in to save her and Nessa and Arielle work together to treat her wound. After recovering the Valkyrie offers them thanks by taking them to Valhalla, where they meets the rest of Odin's Valkyries. Nessa and Arielle spend time dining with the Valkyries and getting to know them. Ellamora, the starlight Valkyrie decides she wishes to contract with Nessa, as do the others. The Valkyries perform a ceremony linking them to Nessa in a magical contract, before returning her back to earth.

    • the strain of being a magical girl
      Feat. Sorano

    • Girls night in!
      Feat. Arcadia
      Summary: Nessa invites Arcadia over for a sleepover to help her feel more comfortable in the guild and to get to know each other better. The two of them initially engage in usual slumber parties activities such as girl talk, pizza, tea and cake, doing each others hair and taking pictures of Arcadia's iLac. However upon it's mention Arcadia asks to see Valhalla, Nessa agrees and the two head off. Where they are greet by all the Valkyries except for Scythen and Ellamora who are out on a job. The girls exchange in a bit of light-hearted fun as the Valkyries get to know Arcadia better. After a while, they girls head back to earth, settling down for the night. .

    • Checking up on things.
      Feat. Sol Terumi

    • The names Justin, Justin tyme
      Feat. Justin

    • I been drinking, I been drinking
      Feat. Aven

    • ♛ hold the weight of the world, if that's what you need ♛
      Summary: Nessa is suddenly summoned to Valhalla by Tiphanae, upon arriving she find she is not in the usual place but a field where all the Valykries are waiting for her. ellamora presents her with the Varja of the Holy Champion, an ancient weapon with the power to control matter. Ellamora declares that they wish to have Nessa become it's new holder, however she declines thinking she is not worthy. In order to prove her worth, Ellamora offers her a challenge. To use the Varja against the Valkyries, and see if she was capable of wielding it's power. In this match she faces off against Arcturus, Lucinda and Agatha. Despite losing to Agatha in the end, Nessa accepts the Varja as a gift, based on it remaining in Valhalla when not in use.

    • Treasure hunt:The Boring Version
      Feat. Sorano Granon.

    • Fairy Festival Parade Thread
      Feat. Sorano, Arcadia, Althea, Talis

    ~ Logged in Nessa’s diary

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    Re: ★ Dez's Plot bank ★

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    Re: ★ Dez's Plot bank ★

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