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    Treasure hunt [C-Rank exam]

    Nessa Cordelia Lux
    Nessa Cordelia Lux

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    Treasure hunt [C-Rank exam] Empty Treasure hunt [C-Rank exam]

    Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux 7th June 2018, 2:24 pm

    Treasure hunt [C-Rank exam] Av35Treasure hunt [C-Rank exam] Av35Treasure hunt [C-Rank exam] Av35

    Find the thing had has been lost, fill the void at whatever the cost.

    Nessa sighed, what an obscure description it was. She had been walking through Magnolia for three hours now, asking the people if they had lost anything. So far she had located a watch, a kitten and ring. A surprising number of women had recently been the victims of jewellery theft, but she had yet to locate the culprit. She wasn't sure if this was it, but she figured if she kept looking around something might come up. She didn't know if this was really what her guild were expecting of her to move up to C-rank. She had done the missions for it, she just to prove herself. But searching for something without knowing what it was. Whenever she returned the correct item, the specialized alarm clock in her pocket should start to ring. But what she was supposed to be looking for she wasn't sure of. 

    Her feet were sore, her brow was covered in sweat, it was hot. She reached into her satchel and pulled out a bottle of water. Glugging it down heartily, she let out a refresh gasp after. She was so tired, but she wasn't ready to give up yet. Not yet, she really wanted to rank up, once she did she could take on more missions and be of more use to her guild. She continued along the streets of Fiore, asking whoever she bumped into. Some people would give her a weird look, some just ignored her completely. This wasn't easy. She wasn't even selling anything, she was just offering to help people. But even with her Fairy Tail insignia on show, people still thought she was strange.  

    "Why are you so desperate to help people?" Came the voice of a young girl behind her, Nessa turned. Standing there was a teenage girl, around the age of fourteen. Her hair in pigtails, and her arms crossed in front of her chest. She was significant unclean for a girl, her clothes was in poor condition and her hair looked like it had only been put in those pigtails to contain it's wildness. Nessa thought about it for a moment, contemplating how to explain it.

    "Because I must," She answered simply, the girl dropped her arms, placing them on her hips.

    "Don't be stupid, you don't have to. You're not really helping anyone, if anything your just being a nuisance." The girl said, as she was talking Nessa couldn't help but noticed that the girls pockets were completely stuffed, and whatever they were filled with seemed to sparkly. Nessa stepped forward,

    "Really? You think so, cause I think their are a lot of people that could use help. Even bad people, people that may hurt or steal from others..." Nessa watched the girls eyes carefully, when she mentioned stealing, the girls eyes flickered away nervously. "You seem to be carrying an awful lot on you, mind if I take a look in your pockets." Nessa lunged forward, grabbing at the girls pocket before she darted back. It was too late, there was a clinking as various pieces of jewellery hit the floor. Looking up Nessa watched as the girl began to sprint in the opposite direction. Nessa scooped up the jewellery and began to run after her. The girl was nimble, light on her feet, she wasn't going to be an easy catch. Summoning Starlight comet, Nessa felt the  light magic flow to her feet, pushing her forward. She soon caught up to the girl, she waiting until the two of them darted into an alleyway. before she reaching out and tackled the girl to the growl. The two girls rolled around for a moment, before Nessa was able to pin her down. She was older and therefore stronger after all. The girl fought against her grip shrieking,

    "Get off me, get off me, your not arresting me I wont let you!" She yelled, but Nessa didn't budge, she could see the girl getting worked up, she sighed. 

    "Stop struggling, I'm not going to arrest you," Nessa told her, the girl steadied, narrowing her eyes. 

    "You're not?" She asked, Nessa shook her head, the girl was only fourteen, it was probably a stupid impulsive decision caused by desperation. Nessa held up the jewellery, 

    "Why did you take this?" She asked sternly, the girl looked away, pouting in protest, Nessa waited. Decided patience was probably necessary in this scenario, she was still a child of sorts. "I'm not getting off you until you tell me,"

    "I need the money," She said finally in a sulking,

    "You're fourteen, what an earth do you need the money for." The girl looked like she wanted to answer this question even less. Nessa shuffled so her weight bore down on the girl even more. Not to suffocate her, but to make her les comfortable. 

    "My mums sick, She can't work and I'm the only one who can help her!" 

    "Well did you think about getting a job maybe?" Nessa said in an unforgiving tone, the girl immediately looked angry, squirming against her.

    "Don't you think I tried that. No one will hire me, I'm a loser, I'm a poor loser from a loser family, a loser with no friends and no money." The girl spat. Nessa stared at her for a moment understanding the situation, 

    "Right, I'm going to get off you, but don't run, or Ill have to tackle you again, and I'm fed up of rolling around on the floor." Nessa told her, before slowly getting off the girl, sitting herself next to the girl. "What's you name?"

    The girl seemed to consider running but looking at Nessa still glowing feet, seemed to decide against it. "Belle." She said quietly,

    "Well Belle your in luck, see my mum was a famous healer and was friends with a lot of good doctors. Doctor whom if I asked would treat anyone, for free. So how about this, first we go return the jewellery you stole. Then we'll go get the doctor and bring them to your mum." Belle's eyes lit up, she couldn't believe her luck.


    "Really, I'll even talk to my aunty about getting you a job, it wont be fun, but it'll earn you a few bob to help you take care of you and your mum in the future. What do you say?" Nessa stood up, offering a hand out to Belle. Belle looked at it in disbelief.

    "Why are you helping me?" Belle asked suspiciously, Nessa laughed, giving her one of her heart-warming grins, 

    "Because Belle, I've decided I want to be your friend." Nessa told her, Belle frown at her for a moment, before giving her a small grin. Taking her hand Nessa pulled her onto her feet. 

    "You're weird, you know that," Belle said, as the two of them began to make their way back into town. As the specialized alarm clock began to ring in Nessa's pocket.

    Treasure hunt [C-Rank exam] Av31Treasure hunt [C-Rank exam] Av31Treasure hunt [C-Rank exam] Av31

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