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Events, Contests

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Approved Suggestions, Rejected Suggestions

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Discussions, GFX/Other

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Character Database

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Chapel of Eternity

Chapel of EternityA little chapel where you can get married... or divorced.

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29th May 2019, 4:13 pm
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Sacred Shrine

Sacred ShrineThis is the place to find out your bloodline, and also the information regarding it.

The Ancient One, Sacred Library

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iExceed, LacBook, MagiGram, Kindling

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27th March 2020, 1:51 pm
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BankThe place to keep track of all your equipment, magics, threads, and other such things.

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VIP Shop, Black Market

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Capital Crocus

Capital CrocusThe Capital City of Fiore; the flower capital, Crocus. The King of Fiore and the Royal Family live here. Home of the annual Wizard's Guild Tournament: The Grand Magic Games.

Dagger Corp. Headquarters, Boomslang

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Magnolia Town

Magnolia TownMagnolia Town, a place full of festivals, happiness, and nice people. A fantastic place to explore. More festivals and celebrations are held here each year than most of the other cities combined. The home of the Wizard's Guild, Fairy Tail.

East Forest, South Gate Park

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Hargeon Town

Hargeon TownHargeon Town, once a fantastic place to visit for the best seafood in Fiore and friendly people. However after the attack of the large sea monster it was broken into pieces. Now, finally rebuilt this small town is reinforced drastically in case of further attacks.

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Oak Town

Oak TownOak Town, a city of History. A perfect place to go if you are seeking ancient artifacts or magic! Adventure around, and relive legendary magic history, with many monuments to Great Wizards of the past. Oak Temple has an unrivaled Library of magical knowledge and wealth.

Oak Inn

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30th March 2020, 9:59 pm
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Clover Town

Clover TownA town in Fiore where legends go to retire, and the perfect place to find legends. Also the meeting place for all Guild Masters during their annual meeting. Clover Town is built on a beautiful island in the center of Clover Lake.

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21st March 2020, 12:50 pm
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TaloniaTalonia, a town located near a waterfall which many consider to be the main location where guildless mages go.

Soul Bar, Black Market, Solemn Park, Talonia Arena

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31st March 2020, 10:19 pm
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EraEra, the headquarters of the Magic Council - where the future of the magic world is decided. There is a gigantic city surrounding the domed mountain that Magic Council HQ is upon.

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Ace Of Spades

Ace Of SpadesThe previous guild of Sabertooth has been refurbished into a castle for the convenience of the members. The desert that once surrounded the guild has been constructed with numerous buildings and establishments. Mages from different guilds and visitors alike are welcome to the private town Sabertooth has created.

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1st April 2020, 9:33 pm
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Lavanitir Port City

Lavanitir Port CityA port town outside the influence of any of the major countries. This is a city where your status or guild means nothing, as long as you obey the laws you will not be harmed or thrown out.

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1st April 2020, 11:17 am
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SakuramoriWhile it may look like a regular forest from afar, take a closer look and you’ll find out it’s anything but. These cherry blossom woods are home to many mysterious, powerful, and even dangerous creatures and spirits that can only be found here. Because of their exotic nature, and powerful magic affinity, beast tamers from all over the world travel to the forest in order to claim one of these animals for themselves. Rumor has it that it is easy to get lost in this forest, with stories of certain souls remaining trapped within, unable to find their way out. Best to have your guard up... or else bad things might happen…

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Neutral Grounds

Neutral GroundsA location where magic, lacrima, and even Etherion have no power over. The Neutral Grounds is the #1 importer and exporter of Non-magical Technology. A gigantic mega-city, if life without magic is what you want; the Neutral Grounds is the place for you.

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28th March 2020, 11:32 am
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Rose Garden

Rose GardenRose Garden is a wonderland of magic, fun, shopping, and exotic things that will surely put a smile on your face. Everything from the food and drinks here involves magic. Even the street lamps here are composed of glowing Lacrima Crystals.

Silver Moon Inn

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CedarCedar is a port-like town where the citizens depend on the local knights for protection, who have safeguarded the town and their church for generations.

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27th March 2020, 9:14 am
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ShirotsumeShirotsume is a small town located in a mountainous area. It has a feudalistic government and has several very large mansions.

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31st March 2020, 10:07 pm
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HosenkaHosenka is a town built in an oriental architecture style. It is considered a "flashy" place. It is so famous for its spa's that is name is synonymous with Spa Town.

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Morgate Town

Morgate TownMorgate Town, once an ordinary, economically flourishing town with a community having hearts of gold, now is a wasteland and dump for unknown chemical waste and residue the size of a state. This town has been told to disappear over the course of a night after Basilisk Fang's unexpected bombings, and no townspeople remain since. The demolished and dangerous area is now used to test Basilisk Fang's weapons and is commonly labeled as an active site full of radiation and looters.

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19th March 2020, 9:54 pm
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Mt. Hakobe Settlements

Mt. Hakobe SettlementsAmong blizzards and below freezing temperatures, numerous other threats reside in these peaks. However, In the lowest levels of Mt. Hakobe’s summit lies a chain of small ice-farming villages. Here many traveling mages come for rest, or to pick up rumors, and product. Beware those who dare travel higher. People often never return without being branded or gutted.

Castle of Eternal Night

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OshibanaOshibana is a small, friendly town. It seems that the main point of the city is the railway station, which constitutes its central point. Oshibana Town is located in the southeastern part of Fiore. A railway connects it with a series of other towns such as, Clover and Magnolia Town.

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TolgalenIn the south west of Fiore a person would find themselves looking upon a new seemingly unexplored land mass that has spawned by the name of 'Tolgalen'. This country isn't exactly what many would expect, as it is not only bigger than it originally seems but there is no real council or royal family to speak of. Instead it has been entirely funded by the West Fiore Trading Company and is overseen by them. This being said due to them being primarily traders they have selected people to over look each region of Tolgalen, they then give a monthly report back to the trading company so they can see what is needed. What no one knows is the dark secret the continent holds within it... that this is also the base of operations for the guild Onyx Moon.


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Motor City

Motor CityThis the town of grease monkeys, gear heads, tinkerers and those of that ilk. You want a car or a bike? You already got one and want it supercharged or 'pimped' then this is the town for you. This is also where you find 'The Garage' which is where mage's come to purchase their magical based land vehicles.

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Training Ground, Tsak Ordahic, Celestial Sanctum, Angel's Sanctuary, Hostia

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Desierto, Ca-Elum, Seven, Bosco, Joya, Midi, Minstrel, Iceberg, Bellum, Enca, Pergrande Kingdom, Sin

4514651Fairy Tail RP 59345_vBonded Alloys
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IslandsThere are many islands inhabited by people and creatures, or still waiting to be explored!

Shadow Island, Crescent Island, Divide Island, Snowfall Island

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LandformsForests, mountains, deserts and wastelands. Where nature rules and adventure awaits.

Mysterious Canyon, Forgotten Deserts, Phoenix Mountains, Spooky Forest, Serene Cliff, Ancient Ruins, Silent Glaciers, Vintermyr

118314720Fairy Tail RP SmlsOErLost In Transit...
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Sky Tower, Haunted Castle, Holy Castle, Royal Castle

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Desert Village, Hunting Village, Peace Village, Mountain Village, Beanstalk Village, River Village, Haunted Village

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Cursed Lands

Cursed LandsThe Cursed Lands is shrouded in mystery and all sorts of mystical, mythical, malevolent things can be found here. Be... very... careful.

Abandoned Cabin, Haunted Guild, Lycan Woods, Silent Cemetery, Sombras Manor, Fat Monsterland

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SeasSeas! Come adventure in the vast ocean and conquer it! Or go on fun adventures in the mysterious sea.

Calm Sea, Cloud Sea, Whirlpool Sea, Fishy Fish Sea

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Wakusei Portals

Wakusei PortalsWakusei Portals allow you to travel lightyears away to different planets!

Tetsukazu, Kyoka, Nazo, Terasu, Sukai, Shinku

1691700Fairy Tail RP 7364-66Stolen Art
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Unknown Lands

Unknown LandsPlaces full of mystery. No one is entirely sure what happens in these various locations spread out across all of Earthland and beyond... Care to find out?

2582572Fairy Tail RP 59345_vMajor Arcana
20th March 2020, 2:43 pm
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Rune Knights Guild Vault, Dies Irae Guild Vault, Hidden Blades Guild Vault, Errings Rising Guild Vault, Sabertooth Guild Vault, Fairy Tail Guild Vault, Onyx Moon Guild Vault, Silver Wolf Guild Vault, Elysium Guild Vault

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Legal Guilds

Legal GuildsAll Legal Guilds will be located here! Which guild will you join? This is where Sabertooth, Dies Irae, and the Rune Knights reside!

Dies Irae, Sabertooth, Rune Knights

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Dark Guilds

Dark GuildsThe place for all Dark Guilds! Hidden Blades, Errings Rising and Elysium are located here.


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Independent Guilds

Independent GuildsGuilds who are not dark, but yet do not follow under the Magic Council. Onyx Moon, Fairy Tail, and Silver Wolf are located here.

Onyx Moon, Fairy Tail, Silver Wolf

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First Link, Link Back

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