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    Who are you gonna call?

    Victoria Sheridan
    Victoria Sheridan

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    Who are you gonna call? - Page 2 Empty Re: Who are you gonna call?

    Post by Victoria Sheridan 11th February 2024, 11:28 pm

    Victoria continued to stand her ground with Hellsinger while Kite took care of the enemies going after him with barely a pause. The firing rate of the handgun was slow, but the results spoke for themselves. The head of each and every zombie she shot in that vital area exploded and left no doubt that the target was dead. However, she was just not killing them fast enough for either Kite or her to have any appreciable amount of breathing room. She heard Kite call out to her over the din of moaning zombies and the roar of Hellsinger and thought fast.

    "We have two choices and both of 'em might do some serious property damage. The first choice is for me to use my Grenade Launcher, but I'm not sure if the blast will be lethal to them. At worst it'd tear off their legs and we'll have to deal with crawling zombies!" Victoria called out to Kite just before spotting a zombie reaching out for her with both hands grasping. Unfortunately for it it did not realize that it had just put itself in front of her weapon's barrel, an opportunity that she seized to make another kill. All she had to do was fire a shot and the target's head exploded like something out of a B-grade action movie.

    "I'm also not sure if you'll be able to get out of the way in time, Kite. Each launched grenade has a bit of a blast radius and I don't want you to get caught in it!" Victoria shouted another warning to her guildmate before she was interrupted by another zombie. It staggered towards her with surprising speed considering that it was a corpse that had developed rigor mortis a long time ago, but it was not nearly as fast as the brunette, who quickly turned to face it and pointed Hellsinger at its forehead. She fired the weapon and the target's head exploded, putting it down for the count and staggering back two steps due to the recoil.

    Victoria did not know why she bothered suggesting a Grenade Launcher if its grenades would not kill the zombies outright, but she did not have a whole lot of crowd control options that could swiftly eliminate multiple opponents. Well, multiple zombie opponents, anyway. Humans had multiple weak points and zombies only had one... if they were not hit in the head with any of her spells or weapons they would not die from it.

    Then she had another idea.

    She could use her Mega Beam Cannon spell!

    "Hey Kite, I had another idea! I could use my Mega Beam Cannon spell! I'm not sure if it'll punch a hole in the wall in front of me and keep going or not, but it's good against crowds! I'll use it if you want me to!" Victoria told Kite the second option at her disposal. The Mega Beam Cannon spell was good for crowd control on either living or zombie opponents because the beam was wide enough to hit multiple targets and it was tall enough to hit the head of zombies. However, it might be destructive enough to blast a hole in the wall in front of her and she was looking to avoid property damage if she could because there was no telling if it would punch through the wall and keep going or not. Another problem with Mega Beam Cannon was that it was so taxing to use that she could not use it multiple times in succession, so if more zombies showed up after she used it on the first horde or she did not kill them all with the first shot she could not use it again any time soon.

    However, if the brunette did use it and the spell hit the zombies there was a very good chance none of them would get up again.

    It was Kite's call or not as to whether Victoria used the most powerful spell in her arsenal to take out the enemies they were facing. If he thought that Mega Beam Cannon was worth the risk she would use it to take care of the walking corpses currently attacking them. If he deemed it too risky to use because of the potential for collateral damage she would refrain from casting it and come up with other means to eliminate their enemies.

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