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    Who You Gonna Call? [Ahote]


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    Who You Gonna Call? [Ahote] Empty Who You Gonna Call? [Ahote]

    Post by aeluri 12th January 2019, 12:34 pm

    Aeluri Atra

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    Darkness seeped from within the narrow alleyways of Crocus, reaching out as if to lure unsuspecting persons to its eerie depths. There was no telling what was contained within. To some, the night was a place of fear and uncertainty, but to Aeluri, it was home. Nighttime meant peace and quiet, yet there was danger and adventure in it too. Glancing up at the stars sent a thrill through the dark mage. She was truly tempted to skip down the cobbled street and hum a merry tune, yet she refrained. Two pairs of feet sent echoing taps through the air at a steady pace.

    Turning to her companion, Aeluri tilted her head to observe him. The man had changed since the destruction of their former guild home. He had been the solemn type before, but it seemed different somehow. Aeluri figured that it was the front he was putting on since their guild had switched directions, but perhaps it was just the summoner’s perspective that had changed. He was still the same man that had accepted her to the ranks of the Basilisks, giving her a home on the cold mountaintop.

    The two had set out to Crocus on a whim. Aeluri was perpetually in search of replenishing her beloved liquor collection since the event on Mt. Hakobe had obliterated the majority of her finest bottles. As much as she hated the bustling city of Crocus, it was one of the top suppliers of fine alcohol. She had already purchased a few cases to be picked up that night, but in the meantime she wanted to go out and cause some destruction.

    Noticing the neon green sign on a nearby building, the mage turned her path towards the dark stairwell beneath, beckoning her companion to follow. “Would you like to help me cause some chaos, Giovanni? she asked with a playful sneer at his name.

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