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    New User Guide


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    Information New User Guide

    Post by Admin 21st September 2015, 5:52 am

    New User Guide IKfFsv7
    Hello and welcome to FTRP - a non-canon, alternate universe Fairy Tail site!

    Below is a simple guide to what you should do to get started here on FTRP and how you should do it! Now, remember this is a small guide that's here to help so don’t take it to heart if it takes a little time to get the hang of it. Also, we suggest that instead of clicking the links, you right-click and open new tabs so you don't have to backpedal to this page a billion times.

    First~ Introductions:
    First: If you want you can introduce yourself in our introductions board, here you can meet a few people and introduce yourself. This is where you also get to know how to make posts and topics if you are new to forums.
    Introductions/Farewells [link]

    How to make a topic.:
    New User Guide 9yubP4f
    To the right of the page, towards the topic click on the 'new topic' button.

    New User Guide ZHQeycJ
    Put the title of your topic in where it says one, most people don't use description so you can ignore that for now.
    Part two is where you can write up your messages. On this site we use html and bbcode, if you want to use templates in the future.
    Once you've finished go down to the bottom of the page and you can preview or post.

    Second~ Rules :
    Second: All of the rules are in one board, they're easy to find and understand. I recommend looking at the Code of Conduct & Information first to familiarize yourself with the workings of the site. You'll also need to go here when you create magic, weapons, and items.
    General rules [link]

    Before you create your character, it's best to roll a lineage. This is similar to a bloodline and grants a character extra, fun abilities. These are completely optional and do not have to tie into your character history or story unless you want them to. You can roll three dice and choose one from them that you want.
    The Sacred Shrine [Link] has two areas.
    The Ancient One - is where you roll for your lineage
    The Sacred Library - is where descriptions of the lineages are kept.

    Third~ Lineage:
    Third: Now you can roll your lineage, go to The Ancient One [Link]. The first post of the thread has instructions too but I'll tell you here, you need to copy and paste the template from the first post into the reply box and add in your username. Underneath the text box is dice roll# 1, select the lineage dice.
    From there you can change the dice rolls to 3. Post and the NPC account will reply with 3 lineages you can choose from. Leave this tab open we'll come back to it later.

    Now you have three lineage rolls to choose from, it may take a little work to find them. In the Ancient One's Library board, all of our premade lineages are posted. The Custom Lineage Library is for custom lineages, which you may purchase later after going on some jobs. Your lineages will be in one of these. It's easiest to use ctrl-f and search the names of your lineage rolls.
    After reading the descriptions and perks you choose one of the three and then go back to your post where you rolled and edit in your choice where it says 'Lineage:'

    Fourth~ Character Creation:
    Fourth: Now you can start creating your character, you go to the 'WIP Characters' board [click], you make a new topic in the board and use this template to create your character. Click for template.

    Make sure to fill it all out, there are instructions in the brackets to help you through it so make sure to read it properly, you start off at rank D.
    After you have finished post the topic and link your finished character in the Character Approval Thread [link]
    If you join the FTRP Discord ask about getting added to your guild Discord server as well.

    !~ Once your character has been approved you can roleplay! You don't need an approved magic to complete jobs or do social threads. You can use plot magic with OOC permission from other players until you feel like or want to make magic. However, an approved, up-to-date magic is required to PvP and sometimes for site-wide events.

    Fifth~ Magic creation:
    Fifth: Now that you have a character and a lineage, you can start on your magic. Magic here is very flexible, so you can be creative. You can roleplay in jobs and socials without magic if you wish to take a break from creating your magic. You have the choice between stat magic and statless magic.
    It's important to keep the rules in mind, keep the Magic and Spell Rules [click] open in another tab as you work on your WIP magic. There is also a thread with just the tables for stats and information.
    Click here for the magic template.

    Magic is quite broad and you can do anything as long as you follow the rules, specifically the ones regarding damage, range, speed, effects, and buffs.
    Slayers and Golden Celestial Keys have to be applied for, you can find more information here. [click]
    Once you've finished the magic just take the link and put it in the Magic Approval Thread [link], don't worry if creating or grading of magic takes a few days, as it can get complex.

    Sixth~ Jobs and socials:
    Sixth; Jobs and Socials
    Your character gets stronger by gaining Experience and then ranking up. Jobs and events give you EXP, you can solo missions of your rank or do jobs with partners to go on jobs above your rank. Use the Wanted Ads board or the #plotting-pub channel on the FTRP Discord server to find partners, teammates, and mentors.

    The Jobs board [click], houses all the jobs from D rank to 100 year jobs. Choose a job that you're able to take, copy the link and go to the Sign Up For Jobs [click]. Copy and fill out the template, once a staff approves you can start the job.

    Make a new topic in the sub forum location which is specified in the job, copy and paste or link the job information in your post. Once you've finished the job you go to the Ending A Job [link] topic and fill out the form. Staff will approve it, add your EXP and Jewel reward.

    More detailed information is in the Job/Mentor Rules [click], so take a quick look through that. Remember that as long as you complete the job requirement section, you get the reward, but you can complete the job however creatively you wish.

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