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    Character Template


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    Official Character Template

    Post by Seijin 11th February 2012, 7:54 am

    • Overview: Copy and paste the following templates into your character application and fill them out as relevant to start the process of creating and submitting your character app. The code the template can be found by clicking on the respective spoilers labelled "Code". Be sure to read over the Code of Conduct before creating a character and roleplaying on FTRP, specifically the "Roleplay Guidelines", as they are directly relevant for character creation.
      • Start here: Start by posting your character application in the WIP Characters Forum. Please also make sure to check the Guild Information section in order to find a suitable guild for your character.

      • Getting your Character approved: In order to get your character approved, post your character for grading in the Character Approval Thread.

      • Moving a Character:If you wish to make edits to an already approved character have the application unlocked in the Thread Moving Topic.

    Character Template

    Name: The Name of your character.

    Gender: The gender of your character.

    Age: The age of your character in years.

    Birthday: The birthday of your character. Please denote this in month and day only, not year.

    Sexuality: Your character's sexuality.

    Special Characteristics: Any special characteristics your character might possess, such as extraordinary physical traits or features, markings, tattoos, etc.

    Personality: Describe your character's personality in detail. You may include their history here, as well as any other information about them you deem relevant. Please note that the "Personality" Section of your Character App will have to be at least 300 words long. Suggestions for this section include, for example, what your character is like inside and outside of battle respectively, what their behavior is like as a leader of a group, how they behave under a leader, etc.

    Likes: Describe the things your character likes and why they like them. This has to be 3 separate things at minimum and they have to be bullet pointed individually, with at least one sentence to describe each.

    Dislikes: Describe the things your character dislikes and why they dislike them. This has to be 3 separate things at minimum and they have to be bullet pointed individually, with at least one sentence to describe each.

    Motivations: Describe the things that motivate your character and why the things motivate them. This has to be 3 separate things at minimum and they have to be bullet pointed individually, with at least one sentence to describe each.

    Fears: Describe the things your character fears and why they fear them. This has to be 3 separate things at minimum and they have to be bullet pointed individually, with at least one sentence to describe each.

    General Appearance

    Height: Denote how tall your character is. Please use both feet/inches and centimeters

    Weight: Denote the weight of your character. Please use both pounds and kilogram

    Hair Color: Denote the hair color of your character here

    Eye Color: Denote the eye color of your character here

    Skin Tone: Denote the general skin tone of your character here

    Appearance: Describe your character's appearance in detail, including their normal appearance and any other information you deem relevant. Please be as descriptive as possible here. Alternatively, you can provide an image or images to reflect your character's appearance. Please be sure that, if you are using a character from an anime, cartoon, show, etc., the character you want to use is available for use. To check, have a look at the site's Face Claim List.

    Guild: The guild your character will join. Make sure to check the available guilds and make sure a guild is open before joining it. Alternatively, you can also be guildless.
    Tattoo: The location of your guild tattoo on your character's body. If you're guildless, leave this blank.
    Tattoo Color: The color of your character's guild tattoo. If you're guildless, leave this blank.

    Faction: Optional. If you want your character to join a faction specify the name of the faction here.
    Faction Chapter: Only fill this out if you are choosing a faction. If you named a faction for your character to join, denote the Chapter of said faction they are joining here.


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