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    New User Guide


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    Rules New User Guide

    Post by Admin 30th January 2020, 5:12 pm

    New User Guide IKfFsv7

    Welcome to FTRP!

    Below you will find a list of instructions to follow if you are a new member of the site or have trouble navigating the forum, ordered in chronological steps that will help you get started on this forum. Starting out on FTRP may feel overwhelming at first, but this guide, as well as members of the site's staff and the community will be around to help you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in this thread and a member of staff will be sure to answer you to the best of their abilities. Alternatively, visit our official Discord server (a link to which can be found on the sidebar to the right) and ask your questions in our dedicated channel there or just hang out with other members of the FTRP community.

    Before registering your account, please also be aware that FTRP does not use OOC-Accounts and that every character is tied to a single given account belonging to their player.

    Words highlighted in dark blue are links that can be clicked, which will direct you to the relevant section of the site for easier maneuvering of the forum.

    How do I get started?

    Step 1: Code of Conduct

    Step 2: Introduction (Optional)

    Step 3: Lineage (Optional)

    Step 4: Site Lore (Optional)

    Step 5: Character Creation

    Step 6: Magic Creation

    Step 7: Missions & Ranking Up

    Step 8: Equipment and Shops

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