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    Post by The Ancient One on 26th July 2018, 9:40 pm

    Ancient One's Library  QoCb4V8
    Name: Ancient Sealer.
    Description: Ages ago a demon visited Fiore and corrupted the spirits of a selected few. These elite dark mages gained the ability to seal magic. The gift was passed down over the generations and grew weaker. Some heirs of this lineage still can seal a spell for a limited amount of time.

    • Ability Negates a spell from being cast of the user’s rank or lower(S Max) and puts it on its cooldown amount + 2 posts.
    • Usage: Affects a single spell and has a 5 post cooldown. User must also pay MP equal to the MP that would be used to cast the spell for their rank. The user can take 25% of their HP in damage to enhance this ability and cancel spells of 1 rank higher than their own(S Max) but can only do this once per thread. After use of the enhancing the ability the ability will go on its cooldown.

    Ancient One's Library  GfPLt9X

    Name: Androphobic Annihalation
    Description: There was once a famous pirate by the name of Catherine. In her past she lost her arms at the hands of men, but was saved by a woman and gained robotic arms. However, the trauma of the event triggered androphobia within her. She would lash out violently at any male. Strangely though her androphobia also triggered the ability to actually be able to do more damage against male opponents. This ability passed down through her bloodline and now is a lot more useful as it can be activated at will. However, it also comes with the drawback of whilst active less damage is done to females.

    • Ability:Whilst activated the user gains a 50% buff on any damage caused against a male opponent. However, they also do 25% less damage against female opponents. This only counts for physical damage.
    • Usage: For the duration of five posts physical attacks will do 50% more damage against males and 25% less against females. 5 post duration and 6 post cooldown.

    Ancient One's Library  5fCrrrI
    Name: Archmage's Seal
    Description: There was once a great and powerful mage named Merlin. He was a master of the elements and knew a variety of spells. It was said that this was because he was given a gift by the goddess Hecate, a magical symbol on his shoulder. Those who bear the same lineage as Merlin posses the mark on their left shoulder.

    • Ability: Temporarily allows the user to change the element of their magic into:  Fire, Water, Earth or Air.
    • Usage: This ability has a 4 post duration and 5 post cooldown and works as long as the duration is up on any spells cast. If a duration spell is affected by this ability it will stay that element until this ability goes on cooldown after use. The new element is either added to the spells with no element or changes the element completely to the element granted through this ability.

    Ancient One's Library  MLwW1i3
    Name: Ariel's Descent
    Description: There was once a mage who fell in love with a mermaid, and was loved by that same mermaid in return. Her name was Ariel. Because of their love, the mermaid taught him her ways. Eventually, his knowledge of the species and techniques became so great that it allowed him to redirect water attacks and also gave him the ability to breath under water. Eventually, Ariel's love for the sea grew so great that she decided to turn into a true mermaid, leaving her husband and daughters behind. The father taught his knowledge to his daughters, who then had children of their own, and continued passing the knowledge to their children; it became a tradition that was passed down through the ages.

    • Ability: Gives the ability Aqualung. An ability to redirect water attacks up to the user's rank, and to breath under water; finally, it gives the user a passive 25% resistance against water spells regardless of spell rank. They gain a single user-ranked water spell (S Max) or a user-ranked minus one signature water spell (A Max) in addition to their spells.
    • Usage: Can be used when battling water mages to redirect spells for the MP cost the spell would cost the user for their rank plus half (S Max) with a 4 post cooldown after use. Water breathing and resistance is passive. Spell is dependent on spell creation, cooldown/duration up to the spell.

    Ancient One's Library  A7Q6OeR
    Name: Armoured Beast
    Description: A humanoid monster was said to live in a small village in Fiore. The monster was said to be intelligent, yet strong. However, despite holding the intelligence of a human, it was shunned for it's hideous figure, which lead to it crafting it's own armor to hide it. Eventually the armoured beast rescued a princess in distress and they fell in love, eventually settling down and making a family. Their children, however, didn't have a hideous appearance of their father but they were prodigy at war and wore armour fit for conquerors.

    • Ability: A passive defensive ability that allows the user to have a higher endurance (50% more HP), tolerance (Poisons and disease/curse effects last half as long) and a keener intellect than most others.
    • Usage: Passive

    Ancient One's Library  CigiMTD
    Name: Arm of Destiny
    Description: Long ago, there was a famed demon hunter. It was said that he never brought any tools with him. No swords, no bow, he didn't even use magic. He used one hand, the hand that shot forth a brilliant beam of pure light energy. It was bestowed upon him by the gods when he swore to hunt to down all that was evil after his family’s tragic death. He destroyed many demons, and while his name remains a mystery, his legend and powerful lineage lives on to this day, scattered throughout the world

    • Ability: The user can call forth a powerful laser of light energy to decimate whatever lies ahead of them. 20 meter range + 20 meters per rank over D (Max 100 meters at S-rank).  The user pulls back their hand (right or left, whichever arm they we’re bestowed with) gathering up energy before thrusting it forward to unleash the devastating beam. The beam deals double the user’s rank in spell damage, 2 meter wide +2m per rank above D(max 10 meters wide at S-rank) and 20 meters range + 20 meters per rank above D (max 100 meter range).
    • Usage: One use per thread. After use the user will not be able to use spells for 1 post.

    Ancient One's Library  DY5Lih0
    Name: Arsenal of Spellpower
    Description: It is said in legend that once upon a time there was a knight in the service of the King of Minstrel, when the kingdom was still split and the country not yet united into a single nation-state. The era of these states warring for power and control was plagued by conflict, turmoil and seemingly endless wars, for when one clash ended, the next one would already begin, this man growing up within these turbulent times. Born as a simple peasant boy, the knight was conscripted into the army of Minstrel, quickly making a name for himself as both an excellent fighter and an even better mage, eventually even attracting the attention of the king, who elevated the man from simple background to the status of knighthood. The man was said to use a wide array of weapons in combat, which of course in and of itself seems like an integral part of the skills a knight should possess, though what differentiated this man was his ability to wield all of these weapons at the same time. It is said that he could expertly wield three swords in combat. A battleaxe and a glaive? No problem. How much of these tales is actually true remains a mystery, but a fact remains: The man's descendants share his ability to expertly control a great number of weapons in combat, and even when not wielding them within their grasps, can control weapons to a degree only a few others can.

    • Ability: The user gains the ability to actively equip one additional Requip spell on top of the active Requip slots they already have. If the user does not possess a magic that is at least of an Auxiliary Requip type, the active Requip cap is raised from one slot to two slots instead.

    • Usage: Passive.

    Ancient One's Library  Q0QJkuI
    Name: Aspect of Jupiter
    Description: The aspect of Jupiter, once a king among gods he has now become as fallen as any other. Having freed his siblings from the belly of his father, Jupiter is tenacious and clings to his immortal essence. Jupiter was hailed as the ruler of the sky, and these certain traits bring themselves to bear in his host.

    • Ability: The Aspect of Jupiter lends to it's host a certain favour with the winds. Their magic can only be eaten by god slayers. Wind magic costs 5% extra when targeting the host and they are 30% resistant to the element.  The host can spend half of the magical energy of a wind spell to nullify it (max S-rank).
      Gains a user-ranked Wind-based signature spell. (S- rank Max) It must be made in the magic app as normal in addition to the spells made.
    • Usage: Small passive, 3 post cooldown on nullification. Can only be done three times per thread.

    Ancient One's Library  E2FZA0J
    Name: Aspect of Neptune    
    Description: The aspect of Neptune, one of the most powerful gods of the sea from whence it he came but now just a drop of what he once was. Neptune was considered a candidate for king and was second only to Jupiter. Neptune's dominion over the sea makes it's mark on it's host.      

    • Ability: The Aspect of Neptune grants its host favour with the seas. Their can only be eaten by god slayers.  Water magic costs 5% extra when targeting the host and they are 30% resistant to the element. The host can spend half of the magical energy of a water spell to nullify it (max S-rank).
      Gains a user-ranked Water-based signature spell (S-rank Max) It must be made in the magic app as normal in addition to spells made.        
    • Usage: Small passive, 3 post cooldown on nullification. Can only be done three times per thread.    

    Ancient One's Library  SNPmQIF
    Name: Aspect of Pluto    
    Description: Pluto. Long hailed as an evil deity, Pluto was the god over death given residence in the Underworld. Disliked by the other deities, Pluto sought the throne of Jupiter but success always eluded him to the end. Now,  the hand of death touches Pluto's host.

    • Ability: The Aspect of Pluto grants it's host favour with the force of darkness. Their magic can only be consumed by god slayers. Dark magic costs 5% extra when targeting the host and they are 30% resistant to the element. The host can spend half of the magical energy a darkness spell to nullify it (max S-rank).
      Gains a user-ranked Dark-based signature spell (S-rank Max) It must be made in the magic app as normal in addition to spells made.        
    • Usage: Small passive, 3 post cooldown on nullification. Can only be done three times per thread.    

    Ancient One's Library  NZmtlOT
    Name: Aspect of Terra    
    Description: Terra was a goddess whose domain was over the earth. Hailed as "Mother Earth" Terra's influence was a fairly broad one with two major highlights:  Earth, and Fertility. Terra's influence brings itself to bare within the host as an influence over the earth.      

    • Ability: The aspect of Terra grants its host some of it's influence over ground and stone based magics. Their own earthen magic can only be consumed by god slayers. Earth magic costs 5% extra when targeting the host and they are 30% resistant to the element. The host can spend half of the magical energy a earth spell to nullify it (max S-rank).
      Gains a user-ranked Earth-based signature spell (S-rank Max). It must be made in the magic app as normal in addition to spells made.        
    • Usage: Passive, 3 post cooldown on nullification. Can only be used three times per thread.    

    Ancient One's Library  R8kxX3s
    Name: Aspect of Vulcan    
    Description: A god of Forge and Fire, Vulcan was a deity who had great potential but chose to have a passive role among the gods. Vulcan's forges are of course legendary, but it's Vulcan's fire that could easily let him rival some of the greater gods. In conjunction with his forges he could easily utilize his craft to give him further edge. The fires of Vulcan touch it's host.    

    • Ability: The Aspect of Vulcan grants it's host an inner fire. Their magic can only be consumed by god slayers. Fire magic costs 5% extra when targeting the host and they are 30% resistant to the element. The host can spend half of the magical energy a fire spell to nullify it (max S-rank). Gains a user-ranked Fire-based signature spell (S-rank Max) It must be made in the magic app as normal in addition to spells made.        
    • Usage: Passive, 3 post cooldown on nullification. Can only be done three times per thread.  

    Ancient One's Library  TL4DK1y
    Name: Avatar of Ilyria    
    Description:In the old days, a demon goddess once ruled over the vast emptiness of space. She called each one her garden, for she like to sow seeds where ever her slimy tentacles would land on. Millenniums passed and the old gods were forgotten. Losing worshippers means losing access to their world. Fortunately for her, a small sect who used to worship her clumsily left the artefacts she left them in their temple for everyone to see or rather steal. Yes the temple was well guarded with guardian monsters and booby traps. But that can never stop the heart of a real adventurer.

    With the discovery of her relics, old knowledge which was supposed to be forgotten was remembered. And the door which was supposed to be close was opened. To prevent ever losing contact with this world, she offered a deal which the finder of the treasure could not refuse. "Would you like to be my vessel and have infinite powers beyond your wildest dreams."      

    • Ability:Vessels of the Forgotten One are given enhanced speed (25%) and strength (25%) as well as enhanced magic defense and durability (25% damage reduction). Also allows them to call the forgotten one if ever they are in need of assistance.  
      They gain a user-ranked (S-max) signature spell that summons a tentacle to attack or grasp or a non-signature spell(S-max) that summons tentacles to attack or grasp in an area effect.
      Once per thread an S-rank mage user can call Ilyria into this world. A 20 meter tall mollusk like monster with 12 tentacles stretching up to 10 meters long and bat like wings with the same length used for attacking and sometimes flying. Once summoned, she gains the same base stats of the user but with their values increased by 100%(besides speed which is instead lowered) and the mage's own increase by 25%. The goddess only has 50% of the HP of the user and moves 50% slowed than the user due to her size and weight. The goddess can only remain in our world for 3 posts of until defeated. This ability cannot be cancelled by user or outside forces.        
    • Usage: Active ability that lasts 3 posts and is once per thread.  Spell is made in addition to the user’s own magic in their spells. Passive enhancements.

    Ancient One's Library  YEZOSH1
    Name: Backed by Prophecy
    Description: A long time ago, someone consulted an ancient Oracle, who was said to have never failed in his prophecies before. After the exchange of many gifts, the passing of many favours and a good deal of ka-ching in the mix, the Oracle gave him a prophecy: that the forty-second generation mage of that someone's bloodline would become a true hero, worthy of ballads and plays, loved by both the sky, the ocean and the earth, the gods and the people, that would wipe out any enemy or overcome all hurdles to achieve transcendence on par with the heavens. And you know what, that forty-second generation mage is you! Yes, throughout your entire childhood, this prophecy has been relayed to you over and over again and it has instilled within you a rare and powerful confidence or expectation, depending on how you took it. Of course, no one ever told you that the same prophecy has been passed down to sixty other long-distance descendants in the same generation as you, but you won't supposed to know that now, won't you?

    • Ability: The confidence that your journey is backed by omnipotent gods has never been more self-assured and indomitable. Whenever you make an attack, sometimes this confidence can really get to your head, pushing you to pour in everything you got in that attack, safe in the knowledge that the gods, who will surely be backing a Main Character like you, will make it strike true. Or will they? If you fail to hit, your resolve falters by a lot, you stumble(for close-combat) or freeze(for ranged) and in the shock of your failure, you are vulnerable to a single attack. But don't worry, you will get over it.
      A single attack or magic will be given double the damage of its original as well as having a 50% increase in speed(projectile or melee) but it will not overcome a spell of a higher rank no matter what. The amount of magical energy used, if the attack is a spell, would be doubled. If an opponent blocks successfully, he gets one free hit in of any of his spells(if multi-projectile, only one projectile) and the user gets hit for double damage due to the shock weakening his defense. Note: Charge-up spells will not be viable for the free hit by the opponent.
    • Usage: Instant/single use for 1 spell or attack with a 6 post cooldown before this effect can be done again. 10 posts if failed to hit.

    Ancient One's Library  SfMryVP
    Name: Beast Pride
    Description: In human evolution there were genetic mutations that eventually lead to the creation of new species. All other human species, apart from the modern human, were thought to have all been eradicated. However, back in the days when humans still lived very close to nature, a genetic mutation took place that would stay unnoticed for millennia. Humans with these genes could understand animals and communicate on a more sophisticated level than speech. When these humans mastered magic, their unique genes allowed them to take on specific traits of animals with which they had bonded. As these humans continued to mix with those who did not possess these genes the gifts that came along with them grew weaker. Only those in which the genes are present and strong enough can still use these abilities.

    • Ability: The user can communicate with animals telepathically. When they share a bond with a creature (must be a pet) they can use a weaker version of their pet's abilities themselves (one rank lower than what the pet has them) with weaker effects. Their pet have has 50% more HP and deals 50% more melee damage.
      Once per topic they can cause a Frenzy in which natural wildlife will assault the user's enemies.  Birds, deer, wolves,  bears,  you name it. This deals the user’s rank in melee damage (max S-rank) per post over the course of 4 posts. Greatly depends on the location on the type of beasts.
    • Usage: Passive. Once per thread use of the frenzy ability that lasts 4 posts.

    Ancient One's Library  B3q7kQS
    Name: Beast Tamer
    Description: In the old days, when magical beasts were used for battles. Your great great great grandfather Ash Ketchup was the foremost monster tamer. He could tame almost any beast, great or small. They say he even managed to tame a fire dragon named Charagon. Now every generation or so, his skills manifests in one of his descendants. Are you one of them? Why not try it out. Forge your way and make your own adventure!

    • Ability: Master tamers have the ability to befriend and tame beast that they have defeated. The user has to have a thread/job with at least 300 words and 30 posts where they tame the beast. This beast is then made into a pet for the user and allows them to break the rule that only allows a mage to have 1 pet. This pet has to be a beast and cannot be a demon, angel, human, etc.
    • Usage: Allows the user to gain a 2nd beast pet. This beast pet follows the rules of pets but only has one ability and one spell-like ability. The pet tamed is of legendary rank/grade and this pet cannot be changed once made. The user must also have their pets be of different ranks/grades. The tamed pet must be approved just like any other pet but what it is and what it can do is up to the user.

    Ancient One's Library  3r0eBoy

    Name: Berserker of Ursus
    Description: Ages ago, there were men who dedicated their souls to the bear god Ursus to take his boon into battle. Every man, woman, and child they killed was taken as a tribute by the bear god, and with the power it gained, so did it bless his followers with increasingly greater power. Coming to be known as Ursus' Berserkers, these men and women stopped truly being human as a certain animalistic ferocity seemed to become part of their personality. These days, the descendants of these Berserkers are still given the boon of Ursus and might not even be truly aware of it … until they enter into battle.

    • Ability:
      Berserk: When taking damage, the user gains stacks of "Berserk" on them. For every 10% of their total HP they lose, they gain 10% strength, building up to a total max of +50% strength. Once they go up to six stacks (losing 60% of total HP), they grow claws, elongated canines and have their hearing and sense of smell greatly increased. When nearing the limitations of their physical body, which happens when going under 80% of their total HP, a transformation is triggered that fully turns the user into a werebear.
      Werebear: Once they miss 80% or more of their total HP, the user transforms into a werebear, removing all negative effects that affect them. At this point, the user gains up to +80% strength, +20% speed as well as greatly increased hearing and sense of smell. Fully giving their body to the bear god, they can no longer differentiate between friend and foe, attacking anyone that gets too close to them. As all primal instincts are triggered, the user cannot be calmed down by external sources, raging until the beast tires, which happens either after three posts after transforming or at the end of the thread (whichever comes first). At this point, the bear reverts to a normal human and passes out.

    • Usage: Berserk can be triggered multiple times in the same thread, for if the user is healed, the strength bonus and initial transformation recede along with the damage they've taken. Werebear can only be triggered once per thread as the user passes out when the transformation is undone.

    Ancient One's Library  12NMgXB
    Name: Blessed by the Fourth Wall
    Description: The ancestor in here could have turned into a god, but nooooo, he had to preserve the fabric of reality or something. For this lineage, this ancestor, known as the One Who Got Close, is the only one to have found the Fourth Wall of the world, giving himself the chance to break it and ascend to the heights that are unknown, basically, us. However, when told by the wall that breaking it would sacrifice everyone else in the world, the noble goody-two-shoes chose to stop himself instead and as a result, he was blessed by the Fourth Wall. This blessing would go down to his bloodline and now you, oh lucky guy, are one of his kin.

    • Ability: The Fourth Wall respects the user's bloodline and has given those of it the Glimpse, the ability to see what the user should not be able to see. Of course, to respect the purpose of the Fourth Wall, the user can only see one "Thing" at a time.  Such as a snippet from a magic or character app (See 2 strengths or 2 weaknesses,  see 2 likes or 2 dislikes,  and so on.),  or from another post to know someone is for example pursuing them or that someone is going to make a certain attack on them within the current post.
    • Usage: 5 post cooldown between uses.

    Ancient One's Library  RrNYguh
    Name: Blessing of an Alicorn
    Description: Long ago there was a hunter that took pride in hunting down strong magical creatures. Each one was slain easily and became trophies towards his legacy. Within time, the hunter's next target was that of an Alicorn. He lost the battle against the creature, but rather than be slain the Alicorn took pity on him. The creature gave the hunter a blessing that would exist so long as his bloodline remained in exchange for the hunter changing his ways and protecting her kind rather than destroy it. True to his word, he became a powerful guardian of magical creatures, and those of his lineage are forever protected by the Alicorn.

    • Ability: Grants an extra spell slot to be used as a lineage spell. Follows the rules of a normal type summon and ranks with the user, capping at S Rank. It must also be an Alicorn summon, but the active and passive abilities are up to the user. Must be registered and graded in the user's magic application before it can be used.
    • Usage: Passive. The user gains an additional spell slot to be used and treated like a normal summon.

    Ancient One's Library  Z6Wzmkp
    Name: Blizzard Wizard
    Description: In ancient times there was an island made entirely of magical ice crystals. The people who lived there melted the magical ice and drank it daily instead of regular water. They needed the gifts the ice provided to survive during the cold winters. They could withstand the cold temperatures and icy winds. After many years, the gifts became part of their blood and it was passed down over the generations through reproduction. Some mages moved to the mainland to start their families there and so the unique and rare bloodline spread over Fiore. Mages with the bloodline today can call upon these gifts to gain a light blue aura around them that protects them from cold temperatures and the freezing effects of ice and ice magic. The ice can still harm them physically, but it cannot freeze them while they use this power.

    • Ability: Immune to freezing and chilling effects (low temperatures), cancels freezing effects if used. Gives the user a 25% resistance to any and all ice spells, regardless of rank. They gain a single user-ranked ice spell (S Max) or a user-ranked minus one signature ice spell (A Max) in addition to their spells.
    • Usage: Passive

    Ancient One's Library  ZBpId6O
    Name: Blood of a Witch
    Description: A witches' power isn’t measured by the same strength that a man's power is. Witches tend to have immense magical power coursing through their veins and in their magical essence. If left unchecked, the power witches possess can have the ability to bring people to their knees before them. This power that they have is also why they tend to be feared by many, and kept by kings sides if they wished to follow one, especially during times of war.

    • Ability: Those with the blood of a witch within their veins are able to exert better control over their magic. To prove that they have the skill to have better control of their magic, spells can be cast for less MP and are stronger than they traditionally are. The user gains a 25% buff to MP cost reduction for their spells and a 50% buff to spell damage.

    • Usage Passive.

    Ancient One's Library  Gd0AXE3
    Name: Bringer of Death
    Description: A vicious lineage that is said to only appear one in a trillion. This lineage is one where you become the living embodiment of death itself. Like a vessel of death, you spread death, decay, and demise wherever you go. 'Bringer of Death' is the title bestowed upon you as your crusade for all living things to die forges your own name to be forever marked in history. The immense power you feel surges through your body like no other. Unlike other lineages, this lineage is obtained through supernatural means instead of being inherited it. Nobody knows the mystery behind this destructive lineage,
    and very little is known about it's origins or how it came to be. However, it is said that those who hold this lineage are never mistaken to be a wielder of any lineage as their aura, presence, and killer instinct is so intense that it brings those who are too weak to their knees.

    "I wanted nothing but silence,
    black woods, decay, cold winds;
    to lie twisted and turned as a serpent,
    to be in unison with a dying earth."
                            - Segovia Amil

    • Ability: Mortem: The 'Bringer of Death' is capable of unleashing a wave of death. This wave instantly kills all weak monsters in any thread instantly.
      Shi:The 'Bringer of Death' instantly kills an additional normal monster if they succeed in killing one.
      Muerte:The 'Bringer of Death' can kill any boss when they sacrifice themselves.
      Orcus: The 'Bringer of Death' charges their magic or weapon with the power of death, darkness shrouds their weapon and they deal 50% more damage for 5 turns.
    • Usage: The user can choose one ability to use in a thread once per a thread.

    Ancient One's Library  8AMkVAV
    Name: Brute of Fiore
    Description: A long time ago, there was a clan of warriors that drank a magical elixir to increase their physical powers. They became known as the Brutes of Fiore, they did what they liked whenever they like it and let nobody stand in their way. Then Fiore became fed up with their barbaric behavior and ordered a spy to infiltrate their hall and poison the elixir supplies. The warriors drank their elixirs the night after and noticed certain side effects. Their increased physical strength could be called upon whenever they wanted and they no longer needed the elixir, however they weren't as strong as they used to be. They were a lot less intimidating and shortly after the clan disbanded. Some descendants of the Brutes of Fiore still have the ability to call upon the gift of increased physical power and strength.

    • Ability: 100% strength and 50% HP with for duration.  Passive 20% strength boost / 10% HP boost.
    • Usage: Duration: 2 posts. Cooldown: 4 posts.  Cooldown increases by 2 every time it is used for the topic.  Small passive boost.

    Ancient One's Library  YJ4znMU
    Name: Bubble Trouble
    Description: There once was a young lad who loved to blow bubbles. He blew them in the garden, the house and even during school hours. When he wasn’t blowing bubbles, then he would be working on the formula to create the most splendid bubbles ever imagined. Bubbles that glow like aura in the colors of the rainbow, at the size of melons or better yet, big as carriages. He succeeded, but accidentally inhaled a bubble ... so now he could, and his descendants after him can create magical bubbles. These magical bubbles can be used in various ways such as trapping enemies, trapping spells, shielding the user, granting the user flight or whatever the user desires.

    • Ability: The caster gains 1 spell of each rank up to S as they rank up that can be used to create bubble spells with various effects that are up to the user. These spells must be made in addition to one of the user's magic apps and are graded and reviewed like any other spell. The capabilities and effects of these spells are up to the user, but must be centered around the use of bubbles

    • Usage Passive.

    Ancient One's Library  F2f8JSp
    Name: Caine's Descent
    Description: Long ago there were two brothers who were loved by the gods their name was Abel and Caine. Everything was alright since both were content with what they had, a demon jealous of the affection these two mortals receive from deities decided to meddle with their lives. It decided to create a rift between the brothers love. The rift cause rivalry between both brothers and with the aide of the demon, Caine won and accidentally killed his brother in the process. The gods learned what Caine and the demon had done so they cursed them both. The demon Shamashu and Caine were to share the same body, giving Caine longevity in exchange for the thirst for blood, and the demon only allowed to roam free only once Caine is feeds upon blood.

    • Ability: Gives the user the ability Bloodrage an ability that transforms the user into a demon with tremendous strength (+100% strength boost +25% damage resistance) and the ability to heal serious wounds rapidly upon consumption of blood (Heal user-ranked damage when consuming blood/flesh). Bite attacks for example would heal you per bite attack (if you hit/draw blood)).  Their own blood can trigger bloodrage but will not heal them, instead triggering a 2% HP heal.
      During this state, the user becomes insane, and will attack anything they see.
      Passively when not or when in bloodrage,  the user can smell blood from 50 meters +25/per rank beyond D.   If the blood is exposed, doubles the range.   Huge quantities of blood can increase the range dramatically for IC-RP benefit (Such as smelling a slaughtered village from miles awa
    • Usage: Once per thread the caster can use Bloodrage. Bloodrage starts upon consumption of blood and lasts for 5 posts. Can’t cast spells while in demon mode. Passive bloodscent.

    Ancient One's Library  SYJoxOX
    Name: Calorie Shave
    Description: You had a fat ancestor. We all have in some point of our lineage, but yours was a particularly determined one. Maybe it was for the bullying or for the discomfort, but he strove to lose his excess weight. His journey in search for this 'cure' was a true epic, marking him as a legend of the heavyweights. In the end, however, he failed to find one and in his sorrow he planned to drown himself, only to see on his reflection in the pool that his efforts themselves were the cure. He died on the spot from exhaustion, though. Pitying him for his labors, an obesity god decided to do the man a favor and decreed that the strength of his soul will help his descendants in their future endeavors. As a result, his descendants have gained the strength of his spirit and can sacrifice body mass for a temporary boost. However, go too far, and they risk facing the same fate as their ancestor. Alas, had he heard of Gravity Magic, maybe he would not need to work so hard after all.

    • Ability: The user of this lineage can choose to call upon the spirit to take away some of their body mass and in exchange gain huge amounts of energy. However, once it runs out, they will fall to the ground, exhausted from the effort for one post and only able to carefully walk and fire spells below their rank (D-ranks will still have access to their spells) for the next 3 posts.
    • Usage: A dangerous technique, the user will only have enough body mass to fuel one usage of the lineage per thread. But in return, expect yourself to gain enough energy to fuel one of your spells of your rank or lower for free once per post and you gain enough strength to make your durability extreme, meaning that spells one rank above you and below are rendered with 50% their damage and no push-back. This ability can only be used once per thread and the effect will last for 2 posts , so you will have to make it count.

    Ancient One's Library  LU5wWDx
    Name: Comet
    Description: Comets were believed by the elders to be heralds of disasters. That they are preludes to an impending doom. To prove this theory was wrong, one high mage decided to summon a comet. Unfortunately, after the comet was summoned earthquake and tidal waves started occurring in different parts of Fiore. For this, the mage and his bloodline was cursed by the townspeople. They would be like comets, harbinger of doom and destruction and they will be hated by people wherever they go.

    • Ability: The user can cause bad luck or extremely bad luck to those around him. While under its effect, everyone’s attacks have tendencies to miss or fail at their attempts to do things.
      Summons a comet to pass by the sky, affecting everyone in the topic.   Each affected player uses dice rolls to determine bad luck or not, an even roll is for bad luck, an odd means nothing bad will happen.  On the second use, the bad luck effect also affects the user.
      Can be resisted by higher-ranked things.
    • Usage: 2 uses with a duration of 4 posts each and can be expended immediately to make a single use 8 post duration and summons two comets above them. If not used at the same time then there needs to be a 5 post cooldown between uses. If both uses are used the user will be struck with bad luck for the duration.

    Ancient One's Library  M7m6Faa
    Name: Commander Aura
    Description: There was once a great general who served for the king of Fiore. He was a great tactician and his mere presence boosted the morale of his men. With him in the front lines, Fiore had won many battles against invading nearby countries. Eventually peace was achieved so his services were no longer needed. So the general settled down and got married. Some of his progenies became very good commanders, but that is entirely a different story.

    • Ability: The user gains two abilities. Commander's Presence and The strategist.
      Commander's Presence increases the morale and fighting spirit of their allies.  Making them all immune to Fear and very bold,  capable of charging into certain death without fear with only the faint hope of survival. In return, they all gain 5% HP Regen and don't experience fatigue while near the user.
      The strategist boosts the user's ability to make sound and well devised tactics.   Their plans are favored by fortune and fate with higher likelihood of working smoothly.  A guard might be asleep at their post of the castle they're sneaking into or so on. It has little effect towards other players however,  so invading a castle owned by another player will be just as difficult as though this ability were not in place.
    • Usage: Commander’s Presence has a 5 post duration with a 6 post cooldown and The Strategist is a passive ability.

    Ancient One's Library  McIBNl5
    Name: Conqueror's Courage
    Description: There once was a nameless conqueror who sought to rule the world. However, in his days much land was left unexplored and filled with dangerous creatures man had never faced before. The nameless conqueror was the first to gather a large group of followers and to lead a conquest into those dark lands. Until long ago many people were still unsure about how he managed to convince so many men to follow him. Most believed he had used some form of magic. The only one who ever came back from the conquest was the conqueror's son who explained that all other conquerors had been killed. The conqueror's son eventually joined the military and showed that he possessed the same leader skills as his father, his war cries and morale boosts had resulted in many victories. The descendants of these conquerors today also retain the same abilities as their ancestors. To boost the morale of their companions, and to resist the war-cries of the enemies.

    • Ability: Can deliver War-Cries. Gains a signature spell of user’s rank(Max A-rank) and a spell of their rank(Max S-rank) that always affects all allies within at least 100meters of any other ally.  This  War-Cry are magically enhanced and can heal, boost ability,  encourage regeneration, ect...  They're always supportive and can't cause harm to anyone directly.
    • Usage: Gains a signature spell slot (Max A-rank) to make a War-Cry and a spell of their rank(Max S-rank) to make another War-Cry.  War-Cries are dependent on spell creation.

    Ancient One's Library  FFB3amV
    Name: Chaos Eye
    Description: A demon made a deal with a man that had lost vision in his left eye. The man was to become the demon’s vessel in return the eye would be restored to its full capabilities. As the demon’s usage of the vessel was no longer needed, the man settled down and had children. His children however unlike the man had one red eye that could predict a chaotic event

    • Ability: The user can see a glimpse of the future for a brief minute, but causes great strain on the user’s body.  Upon activation, the user of this lineages gains the foresight needed to predict enemy attacks and thus gains an increased chance to avoid them.  It takes the appearance of ghostly echoes in their vision.  Can be thwarted by the very skilled who react to your own reactions,  or by others with similar ability.
      Passively they can get visions of the future for plot reasons. They are occasionally plagued by nightmares of their own death.
    • Usage: Passive for plot purposes / Active for battle purposes. Active lasts for 1 post with a 10 post cooldown and even though the user knows the next move this does not mean they can dodge everything that post and the attacker can simply outmaneuver them if able.

    Ancient One's Library  KZ5IyzO
    Name: Chimera Blood
    Description: A long time an ago, a hero slew a Chimera invading a small town. The great hero drank some of the Chimera’s blood to show dominance over the mythical creature. But it changed him greatly, giving the hero the ability the strength of a lion, flight of an eagle, and scales of a snake. The hero’s descendants were given the exact same traits as he did.

    • Ability: A transformation that allows the user to use one of the chimera’s ability, flight of an eagle from wings and a sight increase(flying ability and enhanced perception enough to detect the movement of a mouse in tall grass from a hundred meters away), strength of a lion(double strength), or scales of a snake(30% damage resistance). Causing great carnage if used correctly.
    • Usage: Each of the three transformations last 4 posts. 5 post cooldown that is shared after using a form which prevents the user from just flipping between forms too quickly.

    Ancient One's Library  Rfii7Y5
    Name: Cursed Seal
    Description: Lucifer himself cursed a monk with the ability to seal away any object into an endless pit on the palm of his hand and spit out the objects at will. Only blood carried down from the great monk can utilize this seal.

    • Ability: A small black hole is created at the palm of the user’s hand causing any object to be sucked towards it and damaging them. The pit is endless and can store any object.  It deals user-ranked damage spell damage(max S-rank) in a 20 meter range in front of the user in a cone. If this damage would reduce something to 0%HP or less, it sucks them into the void. If it does not reduce them to 0% HP or less,  it instead does half the damage and deals the other half directly to the user who cannot resist this damage in any way.  Automatically destroys non-magical items (and thus automatically sucks them up).
      If KOed or destroyed all items are shot out of a void from the user’s hand broken if items and unconscious if a living thing.
    • Usage: Can be used two times per thread with a 4 post cooldown in between uses. The user is also dealt 10% of the HP in damage after use due to the strain put on their body.
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    Ancient One's Library  S8hd2Bk
    Name: Curse of the White Witch
    Description: There was once a village north beyond the snowy mountain pass that lived peacefully and abundantly. It was lead by a kind and just ruler, Margery the White. She was nicknamed as such because she was a caster, a powerful one at that. It is because of her that the village can sleep peacefully at night and plant crops without having to worry of them freezing or dying due to lack of basic nutrients. You see, she had placed a powerful incantation around the land which prevents would be wrong doers from entering their domain. It also keeps the weather and land in check, making their land an idealistic hideaway.
    However, their happiness did not last long for a powerful dark Magus heard of their place, the paradise in the frozen wasteland they called it. He wanted that for his own as well, so with an army of shades and demons, he invaded the village. He had a hard time breaking through the barrier but broke through he did. The powerful white witch tried her best to defend their land but because of the sheer number of enemies and with too many to protect her effort were rendered useless.  With no hope left, she did something forbidden to all white casters, and that is to use dark magic. With her new found power, she was able to turn the tides, she was able to obliterate the dark Magi and his evil horde. But it was after when she got a second glance that she realized the error of her ways. Not only did she destroy her enemies, but she also wiped out half the land and its inhabitants. Ashamed of her deed, she fled town and was never to be seen again.
    Some say she took her life as punishment of her sin, others say she regressed and turned into an old and evil crone who lives in a spooky dark forest, while others say she lived the rest of her days as a simple and normal human with her husband and children.

    • Ability: Those who were descended from her line are gifted with great magic regeneration. It also allows them to use Chaos blast. The melding of light and dark magic creating pure raw power which is formless and non-elemental.  Chaos magic is effective against any type of magic and inedible to all forms of slayers. However it is weaker against steel or any form of metal. Making it less effective against physical attacks or defensive attacks made with any metal weapon or armour.
    • Usage: 5% MP regeneration.
      Gains an offensive "Chaos" elemental blast attack as a signature spell(max A-rank) OR normal spell of user-rank (S-rank Max) that must be made in addition to the user’s spells in their magic.

    Ancient One's Library  SYBWmlQ
    Name: Demonic Carnage
    Description: A princess unknowingly gave birth to a child of the Fallen Angel, causing the newborn to have the ability of transforming into a demon at will. Although the descendants of the newborn possess weaker demonic transformations compared to the son of the princess, the demonic transformation can still cause havoc and destroy whole villages.

    • Ability: The user transforms into a demon with horns, wings, and markings that glow in a bright neon green color. In this form the user’s magic capabilities become unusable. Though their magic is not accessible, they gain immense surge in physical speed (50%), strength (75%), and durability (+50% HP). They also gain the ability to shoot blasts of dark energy from their body that deals user ranked spell damage.
    • Usage: 4 post duration with a 6 post cooldown. Can't use magic during use of this ability. Bonus HP is taken first before true HP but temporary HP cannot recover while inactive and if you exit and reenter the state,  the temporary HP is where it left off as.

    Ancient One's Library  4CrQtBy
    Name: Demonic Mask
    Description: A merchant had found the corpse of a demon inside an ancient ruins complex as he travelled through it. The merchant took the skull of the demon and placed it over his head. As he did so the skull became part of the merchant in the form of a mask which granted him the ability to alter the properties of magic. The merchant however was defeated in a war he got caught up in soon after. Upon his death the mask shattered and its powers were scattered across the battlefield, leaving the few surviving with that same power inside of them, but in a weaker state. The dark powers of the demon were passed down over the generations.

    • Ability: All magic the user uses can instead of it's normal element be based on darkness and is elemental. The spells still work the same way, except that in essence the element is darkness and that may have results for the way it reacts with other types of magic. When in use a demonic mask appears over their face which does have some practical purpose as it will reduce damage to the face by 50% and prevent fatal blows to their face.
    • Usage: 5 posts duration and a 6 posts cooldown. The dark element overrides the element on the user’s spells already or gives non-elemental magic the darkness element.

    Ancient One's Library  4hxXVps
    Name: Disparity
    Description: For generations, alchemists have been trying to create a certain potion.  The potion was named Disparity.  The reason it was named so is because the potions power was to give the ability to turn certain parts of your body into a certain material, such as iron.  However, after an alchemist research facility exploded from research and destroyed an entire town, the research was banned.  A family of low classed alchemists continued the research secretly, never giving up on the potion.  After centuries of work, the recipe was finally perfected and completed, though only one was made and one of the alchemists got greedy and drank it.  The alchemist received the power to turn himself into five different materials - Iron, obsidian, diamond, paper and wood.  Each material has a certain increase in abilities, but also a weakness to it.

    • Ability: Gives the user the power to have their entire body or parts of it adopt the qualities of either Iron, obsidian, diamond, paper and wood.  It's not possible to use more than one material at once, though the user is able to switch to different materials at will.
      Allows to adopt the qualities of the following materials - Iron, obsidian, diamond, paper and wood.  Each material serves a different function, and has weaknesses and strengths according to it.  
      Iron will moderately increase both strength and defense (25%), however, the user will receive more damage from lightning attacks (50% more damage taken) and lightning attacks will arc to strike them if they get within 30 meters of them.  
      Obsidian gives the user a sharp damage increase with melee attacks (50%), but their defense is decreased (25% boost to damage taken).  
      Diamond gives the user nearly impenetrable defense (75% damage reduction), however, they can not use magic while any part of them is diamond.  
      Paper gives the user speed (100% speed / 50% reflex), and even the lightest of winds may carry them into the air with some guidance on their part, however, their defense and attack lessen (50%) and they are weak against wind and fire based attacks (75% more damage taken but does not stack with the lowered defenses).
      Wood gives a small amount of everything, but is prone to fire-based attacks (25% strength, speed, reflexes, 10% damage reduction.  50% more damage taken from fire elemental attacks).
    • Usage: Only one at a time. Each form lasts 2 posts and there is a 6 post cooldown after use. The user must specify what parts of their body is changed when used also.

    Ancient One's Library  23ogbwM
    Name: Dragon Spirit
    Description: In the medieval ages, a golden dragon was said to have lived. It was said that this dragon was the wisest dragon of all. He, before his death, gave part of his soul to a farmer, and the man used his newfound power to help protect those he loved. Little more is known about the mysterious abilities he has gained due to the lack of descendants that were carried on, but legends claim that through the dragon's spirit, the man gained immense insight and foresight, much like the dragon himself had.

    • Ability: Dragon Spirit allows the user to sense or predict all events ahead allowing him to avoid sticky situations. They don't really get surprised because they sort of "Feel" the future.  Like they half-expected that this or that would happen and they get a general sense of foreboding when threats are coming.
      For 1 post they can activate a Dragon's Eye ability in which they actively see the immediate future as though it were projected with ghostly "Echoes" in front of everything.  The very skilled can react to the user's reactions however and cause splits in these echos.   If the enemy predict your own actions or has a similar ability this may cause multiple echos to the point that they are useless.
    • Usage: The ability lasts 1 post with a 10 post cooldown and when the spell is used the user can only see a limited amount of time in the future which is limited to 5 posts ahead in the thread they are in. The user cannot speak of what they saw because it will change the future. This ability can be used for plot reasons to see a into the future as a passive.

    Ancient One's Library  NcQ8zO2
    Name: Dragon's Blood
    Description: Before the days of the Dragon Slayers, Dragons shared their power with mortals through blood. It did not affect magic back then, but it did affect the body more intensely. These very few mortals and some of their descendants could use their dragon blood to become impervious to a dragon's elemental magic for a very short while. They would grow scales all over the body in an instant and a very strong aura. The colour of the aura would become the colour of the element the scales absorb.

    • Ability: User can block any one dragon/dragon slayer attack.
    • Usage: Instant, it can block one Dragon Slayer attack completely. The Rank of the attack has to be equal to or lower than the Dragon's Blood user's rank. 6 post cooldown.  Doesn't negate the spells,  only blocks it for themselves or people behind them.

    Ancient One's Library  QMlRNl3
    Name: Eagle Vision
    Description: In an ancient civilization, there were three enormous eagles that carried wisdom and knowledge. They shared it with those who were worthy and intelligent enough not to abuse it. When they felt their life was almost coming to an end, they bestowed their gifts onto three young mages who they deemed worthy. The mages and their descendants gained the ability to see incredibly far, but also to gain incredible sudden insight. They can read body language like no other and find hidden messages in conversations.

    • Ability: User can see through lies, has extended vision range (telescopic vision) and capabilities, and can further understand a person through the minute movements and twitches of the living body.
    • Usage: Passive

    Ancient One's Library  WbrKr1d
    Name: Elemental Wrath
    Description: There was once a powerful old wizard capable of using all the four basic elements of the land: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. He was extremely powerful and feared by all of Earthland. He once took on 5 dragons at once. The mighty magus defeated them, but ended up losing his arms in the process. Having no children, he passed his knowledge of controlling multiple elements at once to a wandering mage, who passed it down and kept it within his family for generations

    • Ability: Allows the user the ability to cast 1 spell of each element. 1 D rank earth, one C rank wind, one B rank water, and one A rank fire. The user can also combine all four elements into one S rank meteor type spell, capable of causing severe damage.
      Each spell is made in the magic app as normal spells of the respective elements. The meteor cannot be a signature and can deals 1.5 S-rank damage but is usable once per thread.
    • Usage: The spells are made in addition to the user’s spell based on their own rank. Spells dependant on their own CD/Durations besides the S-rank meteor spell which has to be a once per thread use.

    Ancient One's Library  TQ88qv8

    Name: Elven Blood
    Description: Elves have always been known to possess far stronger connections to magic than any other race on Earthland. There are many theories to why this is the case; maybe they descend from the very original creators of magic, or maybe their ancestors struck deals with secret overlords in order to bless their race with magical affinities. Whatever the reason may be, this long bloodline of elven wizardry has made its way into your veins. The very bones of magic pulsate in your heart.

    • Ability: As you hail from elves, your grasp at magic is far stronger. Your spells cost 25% less mana to cast and the user gains a 25% buff to spell damage, spell durability and spell healing. Additionally, all of the user's spells can last 1 post longer. As a drawback, however, yet the user suffers from a permanent 25% to their resistances and takes more damage from incoming attacks. This decrease cannot be overwritten by buffs, permanently capping the user's resistances at 25% max.

    • Usage Passive.

    Ancient One's Library  UD4AzEx
    Name: Eternal Warlord
    Description: In the tales of warriors and warlords, there is one that tells of Gor. A warlord who fought on the front lines with his men, victory after victory. His experience, cunning, intellect and skill made his men respect him and do every single thing he commanded them to do. In one of his last battles, when he was growing older, Gor fought through the front lines of the enemy's forces all the way to their leader, a powerful necromage. When he slew the dark mage, malicious magic exploded from the necromage's corpse and entered Gor's body. Soon after, Gor figured out he could use a strange ability which is presumed to come from the necromage to call upon the souls of his fallen companions and those he had killed to fight alongside him. Three years later, he finally had a son to continue his legendary bloodline.

    • Ability: Can summon two spirit warriors carrying weapons of your choice of legendary ranking to fight beside you. They follow your commands. These summons equal the rank of the user, and are able to do user ranked melee damage with their weapons. Each has 50% hp of the user.
    • Usage: Last 5 posts and have a 6 post cooldown. They reappear once killed after combat ends and threats are gone. If killed in a thread though they cannot be used in battle again in that thread and can only be used for talking to. If a battle starts while they are summoned and ‘dead’ they will simply disperse until after the battle and the user summons them back.  Can be dismissed at any time during their duration but will go on cooldown then. Their HP does not heal between uses in a thread and will only be healed at the end of it.

    Ancient One's Library  4wI2oB4
    Name: Evil Angel
    Description: Long ago, an angel was sent from the heavens to look after one of the first towns of Fiore. The name of the angel was Xiolan. She was sent by the gods themselves, as she was specially chosen as their servant, but not in that slave-like way. She was extremely upset with the decision, but she accepted it regardless, albeit only for a while. Her mission was to look after the town, that would later be known as Magnolia Town, from any type of evil whatsoever. As soon as she flew to Earth, she was worshipped by every single being in existence. She found it delightful and served them with pride. Three centuries later, Xiolan became bored. The thoughts of toying with the humans crossed her mind, though she managed to suppress the impulse for another two centuries. That was, however, her limit as insanity began enveloping her mind. She began lying, tricking and killing the humans, her loyal subjects and worshippers. The reign of terror lasted four centuries, and during that time, not only did she lose the favour of the gods, but her appearance greatly changed. Her beautiful, white feather wings became a tainted, dark, dirty grey.  Her elegant white dress became black and witch-like.  Her gorgeous violet eyes became a blood red color.  She became a Fallen Angel.  She made a promise to whoever could challenge and beat her in battle to be their servant till her existence will cease to be.  This brought many heros and warriors to challenge Xiolan, only to perish.  After Xiolan burned down a specific town, killed most family members of a specific family, a man came along.  His name has faded through the years, but he was the man to put a stop to Xiolan's evil reign.
    The man had to force a trinket on her that would make her obey his bloodline's every command, for eternity.  Nowadays, those who come from the man's bloodline must whisper
    "Hold it together, birds of a feather, Nothing but lies and crooked wings. Oh. Fly over me evil angel. Open your wings evil angel." In order to summon Xiolan, who will then obey their every command.  She is capable of flight, trickery, battle and serving as a shield.  She can never die, but WILL disappear after a certain amount of hits are dealt.

    • Ability: Gives the user the ability to summon Xiolan, also known as Evil Angel.  She is able to fly, trick, and serve as a shield.  Xiolan is forced to obey every single of the user's command, and cannot act independently. She is considered a user-ranked summon and deals melee damage appropriately with a 50% strength boost. She has normal HP for her rank as a summon. She is able to trick/seduce NPC's and make them do her bidding, or rather the bidding of her master up to the user's rank. She may step in the way of a spell to make sure her master does not get hurt and after she receives maximum damage she disappears. Xiolan is also a very powerful melee fighter, but can not use magic.  
    • Usage: Xiolan’s summon lasts 6 posts  or until defeated with a 8 posts where she heals until full and can be re-summoned. Xiolan’s seducing capabilities only work on unsuspecting NPCs and they must be of the user’s rank or lower. Only can be used on players for plot purposes. Seducing/tricking people can only be used once per thread by Xiolan.

    Ancient One's Library  SA5aSoo
    Name: Feeling Empty
    Description: A thousand years or two ago, a small little village was struck with a horrible curse by a power-hungry demon, each inhabitant losing half of their soul to the demon. No one saved them. The Magic Council, the freelance mages, the guilds and even the dark guilds did not dare to go near them, for with their half of their souls gone, the forbidden Container of magic power known as the Second Origin within each of them was left wide open like a black hole and whenever they got close to magic, magic was drawn towards them, absorbed by the empty half of their soul. As a result, ostracized by the magic-dominated world, they were cordoned off from the world like a disease, left in their shell of a village to rot. However, they strove to live despite this predicament and they did. Eventually, history forgot their 'crimes' and the descendants of these villagers were let out into the world, still holding the diluted version of the curse within them.

    • Ability: The user in missing half of their soul has resulted in the opening of their Second Origin, the secret container of magic that very few mages get the chance to access. However, unlike its original purpose, having being opened since the user's birth, the Second Origin is empty, and hungry. It is like a black hole for magic energy, though not as potent as its original, but still useful in your fights, for if your opponent manages to smack you with a spell, don't worry about the injuries, you can catch some of their magic energy away for your own usage. The user gains MP equal to half the spell used to attack them that they were get hit by.
    • Usage: 3 posts with a 8 post cooldown. The user can only absorb MP from one spell they are hit by per post and they can only absorb the MP from a spell of their rank or lower(Max S-rank).

    Ancient One's Library  RZpvJHY
    Name: Feline Sense
    Description: A long time ago, on an island not yet discovered by the world, there lived a race called the Neko; half man - half feline. ( an ancestor of the modern Neko ) When explorers discovered their island, they slaughtered the Neko for their treasures and fur. However, the Neko carried a special virus that was passed onto the explorers, who then took it back to the mainland. The virus infected their blood and DNA, and grew as it was passed down from generation to generation.
    When the virus reaches its final stage it nests itself in the human brain. At random it would become active and partially transform and mutate the body of its host. The ears would grow hair and become pointed, the nails and teeth would get a bit sharper, the nose would grow long hairs and change shape, and the eyes would become cat eyes. The host's senses would become feline senses until the virus would become passive again. With enough practice, the host could stimulate and control the virus to become passive and active at will by controlling their emotions.

    • Ability: Heightened speed(25%), hearing, and other senses. User becomes very agile. Can assume the form of a cat or a hybrid of various stages between Human ---> Cat.
    • Usage: Passive.

    Ancient One's Library  QGkYXNg
    Name: Gift of the Wildmother
    Description: Having been born away from civilization, and knowing nothing of the world of man, the user of this lineage is not very close to other humans, or humanoids. They are most at home in the wild and untouched edges of the world. This has gotten them to gain a love and appreciation of nature unseen in most. More importantly, as proof of nature's love for this person, the Wild Mother has gifted you with a friend, a companion.

    • Ability: This lineage gives the user a free weak combat pet which is counted separately of the other pets the user can gain. This combat pet can be upgraded like any other and counts as an additional item if brought into a thread.

    • Usage Passive.

    Ancient One's Library  BLp5VS3
    Name: Gingerbread Man
    Description: "Run and run as fast as you can. You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man."
    Know the story of the Gingerbread Man? That obnoxious little dough stain that always runs faster than anyone else, running so fast that no matter how fast people try to run, they can never catch him. Until one man caught him of course. In a confrontation with this little prankish devil after a promise to the people to take him down, this man, whose name faded from history, chased him down for 7 years, 7 months and 7 days, around the world and through time and space, until one day, he did the impossible and caught the little guy purely based on his own speed, rather than relying on the cunning that the fox in the classic utilized. The tremendous feat that broke the impossible resulted in the creation of a legend and the power behind this legend gave those of this man's blood supernatural agility and speed, but with a twist. Reenacting the chase that gave them this power, users of this ability have Absolute Speed.
    "Run and run as fast as you can. You can't escape me, I'm the Gingerbread Man."

    • Ability: Absolute Speed, the world's most powerful speed ability. It is an ability not based on adding just raw speed to the user, but on comparing the user's speed against the speed of the opponent the user is fighting. As a result when this ability is active, no matter the speed or reflexes of the opponent, the gingerbread man user is always faster. ALWAYS. Not even light-speed can keep up, but being able to exceed it would depend on the rank of the user. When used, the spell adds the speed of the fastest opponent/projectile in the field to their own, making them always dominant in the speed factor but has no effect if nothing is moving.
    • Usage: Moving so fast however may break one's body, especially when the opponent is much faster than your base speed. Thus, the limit for users is 2 uses per thread, lasting 1 post each, with 6 post cool down. The user's rank also limits the max speed their still human bodies can take, with bullet-speed (1200 m/s) as the limit for C-rank and below, Mach 100(34000 m/s) for B-rank, lightning(6000 km/s) for A-rank and light(300,000 km/s) for S-rank or higher.
      The user is reduced in speed by 50% after using this and feels exhausted,  both for 5 posts (reducing by 10% per post)

    Ancient One's Library  QCZfoDp
    Name: Glory of the Slayer
    Description: Countless eras ago there was a maniacal warrior who bathed in the blood of his victims. As he did this his powers grew, until eventually he grew to be able to control blood in order to decimate his foes. He could use either his blood or the blood of his foes to empower his already devastating techniques, and even heal himself. Many years passed before 12 of the strongest mages in the land would be able to seal this insane berserker away for eternity in another realm. All he could do was laugh because he knew that his descendants would possess the same abilities he had. It was in their blood.

    • Ability: Allows the user to enter a berserk state, allowing for their abilities to be empowered by and meant to draw blood. The more blood drawn in a battle, the more devastating the abilities become.
    • Usage: Lasts for 6 posts and may be used once per battle. Damage increased by 50%. Any time an enemy is hit, damage is further increased by 10%. Passively regardless of berserker state drawing blood will increase damage by 10%,  reducing by 5% per post (0% increase minimum)

    Ancient One's Library  NgiigrV
    Name: Gold flames of Amatsu
    Description: Amaterasu, the god of the sun was known to visit the mortal realm once in every lunar eclipse. He transforms into the shape of a youthful man so he can roam the land that he only sees from above. However, on one of his descents into the mortal plane, he falls madly in love with a beautiful young woman. He woos her and tried to get her attention but the maiden was vowed to be a priestess of his sister's temple Tsukuyomi. His absence in the heavenly realm caused the temperature to drop and snow fell for the first time. The maiden prayed to the goddess and she was heard. The goddess appearing as a crow told her everything. Not wanting to cause any more hardship to her people, she agreed to Amaterasu's proposal, on the condition that he has to go back their realm and he can only visit and stay for 3 weeks each year. Tales has it that his descendant posses power to create a very hot and searing flame.

    • Ability: The user has the ability to call forth divine flame to fall down from the skies on the targeted area. It burns those deemed enemies by the caster and does nothing to those he deems as allies. Mix of Holy and Fire elements and deals the spell damage of the user’s rank(max S-rank), has a radius 20 meters + 10 per rank past D(max S-rank).
    • Usage: Lasts over the course of 1 post and has a 10 post cooldown.

    Ancient One's Library  Z6ndPHF
    Name: Gold Rush
    Description:  Centuries ago, a tribe came to Fiore from a continent that is so incredibly far away that to this day those who ventured to find it have failed; the tribe members claimed to have come from a place called "Egypt". Wherever the tribe went, they prospered beyond belief; to each country and continent they went to, they rose to become the most powerful group of people there. Eventually, they were captured by all dark guilds at the time for their fortune and ability to prosper, and when the tribe refused to cooperate, they were all killed. Luckily, some were not captured, so your bloodline still lives on today. However, you must be wondering - "How did they do it?". Well, it's quite simple.

    The tribe from Egypt, which were known as Egyptians, were cast away from their homeland by raiders with absolutely nothing. An Egyptian goddess, who was saddened by what could potentially happen to her people, cast a powerful spell over the tribe to make them the luckiest people on the planet (literally!). Because of this, the tribe was able to find a significant more amount of jewels, items to sell, and they were said to be so lucky that they could even cheat death and danger; of course, that wasn't the case when they were completely obliterated...

    • Ability: The user is given 3 passive abilities and 2 active abilities, though they can only ever choose one ability from the passive and active parts of this lineage. Whenever going on a job, the user must always pick from one of the following abilities:
      * Increase your own jewel reward by 100%
      * Find a custom weapon, item, or armor (rank depends on the difficulty of the job; you get to choose the type of item)
      * Increase the jewel reward of you and ONE other participant of the job by 50%
      The user's active ability are the following:
      * The user is able to sacrifice their EXP gained from jobs for additional jewels
      * The user's luck will become at its peak (as though you needed any more...) and will now have great things overall happen to them. This ranges from getting a simple kiss from that one special person, to having your opponent stumble, causing them to, even if narrowly, miss the direction they were sending their spell at.
    • Usage:  Lineage has three passive abilities and two active abilities; you MUST pick one of the passive abilities at the start of any job. The second active ability of this lineage can only be used once per thread, with a duration of 4 posts; again, you can only pick pick one of the two active abilities.

      Whenever the second passive ability of this lineage is used, the rank of the weapon/item/armor is found at the following job ranks:
      * D-Rank: Nothing
      * C-Rank: Strong
      * B-Rank: Strong+
      * A-Rank: Strong+
      * S-Rank: Legendary
      * SS-Rank: Legendary+
      * 10Y: Legendary+
      * 100Y: Artifact

      Whenever the first active ability of this lineage is used, the jewels gained for the amount of exp sacrificed is as the following:
      * 25 EXP: 1,000 (D-Rank)
      * 50 EXP: 2,500 (C-Rank)
      * 250 EXP: 7,500 (B-Rank)
      * 1,250 EXP: 17,000 (A-Rank)
      * 6,250 EXP: 30,000 (S-Rank)
      * 18,750 EXP: 45,000 (SS-Rank)
      * 56,250 EXP: 70,000 (10Y-Rank)
      * 168,750 EXP: 100,000 (100Y-Rank)

    Ancient One's Library  88iYNjC
    Name: Gynophobic Grave
    Description: A famous politician became intensely afraid of women after several assassination attempts by women. He became so scared and traumatized that being in the same room as women caused him to collapse. In a desperate plea he begged to the god of women Hera to free him from this curse. Strangely though his prayer was heard by her husband Zeus who decided to annoy Hera by changing the man's affliction. His affliction became a need to hit women with superhuman strength whenever they were nearby. Zeus immediately regretted his mistake and removed the curse. However, he neglected to remove the buffing ability and so all of his descendants gained the ability to gain extra strength when attacking women physically though strangely it made them weaker against men.  

    • Ability: Whilst activated the user gains a 50% buff on any damage caused against a female opponent. However, they also do 30% less damage against male opponents. This only counts for physical damage.
    • Usage: For the duration of 5 posts physical attacks will do 50% more damage against females and 30% less against males. 5 post duration and 6 post cooldown.

    Ancient One's Library  QsgGTY3

    Name: Herald of Rakhann
    Description: Not many know of Rakhann. Some say it was once a human, tricked by a demon into eternal despair, forced to wander an inescapable labyrinth of roses and thorns as some sort of sick game to reclaim a loved one. Some say Rakhann escaped the labyrinth thanks to his powerful biomancer powers after slaying a demon. Some say he sacrificed himself for his loved one's freedom. Either way, his descendants are able to call upon a fraction of his ancient power.

    • Ability: User is able to summon a special, symbiotic armor named Keeper of Roses at will. The armor is made with green colored, thorned vines that once summoned wrap around the user's body. Numerous rose buds are present all over the armor. The artifact draws blood from the user the longer it's used, the rosebuds eventually blossoming in roses of the same color of the user's blood.

    • Usage: Once per thread, user can freely summon the Keeper of Roses. The armor has the same defensive properties as Artifact Armor and has the following abilities:

      For every Rose, a Thorn
      Rank: S
      User may sacrifice 10% of their Max HP to increase their strength and speed by 40% for one turn.

      For every Thorn, a Rose
      Rank: A
      User may sacrifice 10% of their Max MP to increase their spell damage and spell speed by 40% for one turn.

    Ancient One's Library  UDsc7zx
    Name: Hunter's Wrath
    Description: Orion was a legendary hunter. Being a demigod, there was no beast to strong or powerful for him to subdue. His name was renown throughout the kingdoms. But what makes him really legendary is his ability, Beast Bane. An ability that allows him to defeat beastkin with ease

    • Ability: Beast Bane is an ability that instills fear into the heart of beast or beast like creature making them unable to launch successful attacks. (includes animals, werekin and dragonkin). In addition, it causes pets to be unable to fight for the duration. Increase the HP of user’s pet by 50%, and increase it's melee damage by 50%
    • Usage:  Beast Bane is an ability that instills fear into the heart of beast or beast like creature making them unable to launch successful attacks. (includes animals, werekin and dragonkin). In addition, it causes pets to be unable to fight for the duration. Increase the HP of user’s pet by 50%, and increase it's melee damage by 50%

    Ancient One's Library  CbY91YW
    Name: Ice Cold
    Description: Since the beginning of your entire bloodline, your moms, dads, grandfathers, great grandfathers and so on, have thrived in the coldest regions of Fiore. Over time, they have built up such a resistance, that your people can wear swim wear to the top of a mountain without so much as a shiver. Magical conditioning and perseverance can take you a long way. So, by this point of the bloodline, you don't even know what could feels like, just hot, but as all things, there are some drawbacks that weren't foreseen.

    • Ability: The user of this lineage has a passive 50% resistance to ice spells. Immune to natural cold temperatures.  They feel fatigued and drained in hot climates however and take 50% extra damage from fire spells. They receive a ice spell of their rank or lower in addition to their spells in their magic(S Max). They can also redirect an ice spell of their rank or lower(S Max) by paying what the spell would cost them for their rank + half.
    • Usage:  Redirection has a 4 post cooldown all the rest are passive.

    Ancient One's Library  LiMda6K
    Name: Inuki: The Dog Demon
    Description:  Inuki was a demon that could take human form, he was said to be the lord of all dog demons and held great power in the demon world. Inuki could kill thousands of weak demons in one slash. He had a natural affinity with blood and all his attacks are based in blood. One day in demon history, Inuki clashed with dozen of other demon lords that wanted Inuki gone. Inuki slew all of them - but was incredibly weak. He took the form of a human and mated - creating this lineage named after him. He died shortly of his wounds and all that is left of him is his blood.

    • Ability: The ones blessed with the blood of Inuki will be able to give the user a passive that allows the user to endure darkness related attacks (25% resistance). The user will also be able to drink blood of his enemy and turn into a dog demon which increases strength and speed by 50% and a 25% damage resistance against everything(boosting the dark resistance to 50%) including magic damage and having a 2% HP/MP regen.
    • Usage: Passive. Dog-demon lasts 4 posts from when blood was last consumed and has a 6 post cooldown until it can be used again. The user can alternatively drink their own blood to trigger this but will only have a 2 post duration with a 6 post cooldown and will not have the 2% HP/MP regen.

    Ancient One's Library  O51MuU9

    Name: Kaiju
    Description: Long ago, a scientist obsessed with gigantic monsters of myth and magic wanted to test if it was possible to access the unique traits of the monsters and implant them into humans. Numerous attempts later had resulted in the successful merging of Kaiju and human in the body of a human girl. What he did not account for was for the girl to utilize her Kaiju powers and escape.

    • Ability: Holders of the lineage are able to manifest special characteristics that usually only belong to Kaiju. Examples: claws, talons, fangs, tail, wings, horns, fire-breathing lungs or gigantification

    • Usage The lineage grants the holder one additional ability capable of going up to S-rank. The additional ability allows the holder to manifest one fixed monster-like characteristic for 5 posts, with a cooldown of 2 posts before being able to use it again. Attacks stemming from this ability always possess user rank multi target range and speed and always deal user rank multi target damage, both capping at S rank.

    Ancient One's Library  JkrijU1
    Name: Keeper of Peace
    Description: Legend tells of an enlightened monk who traveled around the world to places of ongoing war. Wherever he went, the war stopped for as long as he was present. However, he realized that whenever he left it would all start over again, so he used a powerful spell to sacrifice himself and spread his gift over the world. Some people are blessed with a fraction of the monk's gift at birth. They can call upon it to stop violence and fighting for a short period of time whenever tapping into the monk's power; they too cannot attack whilst the effect is in play.

    • Ability: The user shouts and spreads a white light over everyone nearby a 30 meter radius (+20 meters per rank beyond D). All fighting stops for 4 posts. People can still converse and interact, but are compelled not to do anything violent; this also applies to the user.
    • Usage: Duration: 4 posts. Cool-down: 10 posts. Only affects beings the user’s rank or lower.(S Max)

    Ancient One's Library  Pf8R4QT
    Name: Keeper of War
    Description: Legends tell of a vengeful monk who was banished from the monastery for his violent behavior who travelled the world; seeking to reek his vengeance. Wherever he went, violence-war-hatred-and discord erupted. However, he came to realization that the monastery monks would continue to foil his revenge by bringing peace to the lands. He sacrificed his body using a powerful dark spell to corrode it in ever lasting war. Some people are cursed with a fraction of this monk's vile gift at birth. They can call upon it to create violence and fighting within an area for a short time.

    • Ability: The user shouts and spreads a black mist over everyone nearby within a 30 meter radius (+10 meters per rank beyond D) of the user. All communications cease for 3 posts, and everyone fights the person closest to them. If there are no enemies currently present within the infected, they will turn on themselves and begin causing bodily harm.
    • Usage: Duration: 3 posts. Cool-down: 10 posts. Only effects beings of your rank or less(S Max). The user can also be attacked when this is used.

    Ancient One's Library  7It709l
    Name: Knight of Black Ice
    Description: One of the Seven Knights of King Kuroryu, this Knight was the twin brother of Shinokishi. His name was never spoken - but he was feared as the brother of "Shinokishi" the great Knight of Death. He himself was also feared, but not to the extent of "Shinokishi." Unlike the other knights, this knight could rain sharp black ice down from the skies causing those around him to freeze. The king exiled him for accidentally killing hundreds of innocent civilians in a town with his ability

    • Ability: Upon activation, the user can summon black ice from the skies that strike his enemies in an area equal to 20 meters + 10 meters per rank beyond D.  Deals user ranked spell damage per post to those in its area.
    • Usage: Can be used once per thread.  The raining of black ice lasts for 4 posts with the 4th post flash freezing the area and stunning everyone in it for a post. The user cannot use spells during this ability.

    Ancient One's Library  IyIv0vT
    Name: Knight of Destiny
    Description: One of the Seven Knights of King Kuroryu, this Knight could predict the future and knows one's destiny leading to the name of the lineage. Using his power, the knight was able to evade death and survive many battles he otherwise wouldn't have, which lead him to grow old, settle down, marry a woman, and have children. His offspring are said to have a similar ability to the knight's name, though it is weaker then before.

    • Ability:  Allows the user to dodge any one spell in a post. The user also has a 25% passive speed boost.
    • Usage: Upon a spell being targeted directly at the user they can dodge it miraculously. This can only be used a maximum of three times per a thread. After dodging this ability has a 5 post cooldown.  Passive 25% speed boost.

    Ancient One's Library  IdxjkeH
    Name: Knight of FrostFire
    Description: One of the Seven Knights of King Kuroryu, this Knight could use the power of fire and ice and combining it into a mysterious element "FrostFire" known as the most lethal Knight out of the Seven, he could combine his element into his weapon or enhancing his magic spells to give it properties of "FrostFire." FrostFire was said to either be so cold it burned, or so hot it froze. This Knight was eventually banned from ever using this technique, however his descendents were later found to have this rare capability.

    • Ability: Allows the user to combine "FrostFire" effects with either a weapon or a spell up. Upon landing a blow on the target, the target will either be set on fire or stunned/slowed due to intense freezing. The option is up to the user of the lineage. However, the one drawback that this lineage gives is that upon usage the user has to wait 5 posts between usage of "FrostFire" effects.
    • Usage: The user of this lineage can only combine "FrostFire" effects once every 5 posts.  Upon landing a blow the user can choose to have the target be burnt or frozen. If frozen, the target will be stunned for 2 posts if they are 2 or more ranks lower than the user. If the target is 1 rank lower than the user they will be stunned for 1 post, if they are equal rank or higher though they will receive a 50% speed reduction for 2 posts. If burnt, the target will receive half the user’s rank in spell damage in their next post.

    Ancient One's Library  OULQ1zJ
    Name: Knight Of Honor
    Description: One of the Seven Knights of King Kuroryu, this Knight was from a foreign land to the King and the other knights. He was found washed up by the beach and pulled ashore. He became a knight after saving the king's life from an assassination attempt. This knight had the ability to become invulnerable to spells and physical damage, but due to his specific fighting beliefs he only used this lineage in times of need. However, his descendents either followed his beliefs, or were against them - abusing the ability constantly.

    • Ability: The user of this lineage can become invulnerable for 1 post. After usage, the user loses ability to use both arms for 1 post after.
    • Usage: The user of this lineage turns invulnerable for 1 post which is shown by a barrier of light outlining their body. After usage the user is suffers temporary paralysis in both arms for 1 post.  5 post cooldown between uses and can only be used twice per thread.

    Ancient One's Library  QeKZMAw
    Name: Knight of Spirits
    Description: One of the Seven Knights of King Kuroryu, this Knight could summon ethereal spirits to aid him in battle offense. He was said to be extremely proficient with his equipment as they were powered with spirits.

    • Ability: Allows the user to increase offense and defense capabilities upon activation. Acts as a passive throughout the period of activation. Activating too long will result in body paralysis. As another passive, without activation, the user is adept with using equipment (+5 base "Unarmed" damage and they're generally skilled with their weapons).
    • Usage: Upon activation of the lineage, the user gains 50% damage increase (Outgoing) OR damage reduction (Incoming) (never both) capabilities. However, after 4 posts one of the arms of the user will be paralyzed, after 6 posts from the initial activation, both arms will be paralyzed, and after 8 posts from the initial activation of the lineage the user will be completely paralyzed. The paralysis will last 4 posts and resets if the user gets paralyzed further due to this lineage. This lineage can only be activated once in a thread.
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    Ancient One's Library  KUosJne
    Name: Knight of Swords
    Description: One of the Seven Knights of King Kuroryu, this Knight could summon an ethereal sword to his hand and use it to destroy anything in his way. This knight was said to be balanced in both offensive and defensive capabilities as he could destroy opponent's spells with his sword that he summoned. This knight was known to be the right hand man of King Kuroryu.

    • Ability: The user summons a sword for 5 posts allowing the user to use it as a weapon to fight with which also increases the speed of the user. The user can also slice spells apart with restrictions.
    • Usage: The user can activate the summon and use the sword for 4 posts, with a 100% increase in speed, and has a cooldown of 6 posts between uses. The sword gives boosts to the user’s melee attacks as if it were an artifact weapon. If the user wishes, he can use the sword to cut spells apart rendering them useless (up to user-rank). However, if he/she does cut a spell apart the duration of the spell will be lowered by 3 posts and if this exceeds the current duration time then the sword will disperse. Can only be used 2 times per thread.

    Ancient One's Library  VI9bVPy
    Name: Kohl's Plague
    Description: Kohl Kensai was the name of a widely known and successful sorcerer that would perform rituals on people which would give them a random power, according to how pure their soul was.  At some point, it was rumored that an individual gained immortality, gaining the attention of an evil duke from a faraway land.  The duke traveled to Kohl and demanded that Kohl to perform the immortality ritual on him.  Kohl tried to explain how the ritual works but the duke did not listen.  Kohl gave in when the duke summoned his knights on him and cast the ritual, however, because of the duke's heart being tainted with evil, he received a curse instead of a power.  The terrible curse gave the evil duke permanent hallucinations, such as monsters and fake pain, and anyone who would look into his eyes would be forever tortured by the inescapable curse. Henceforth whenever one would show to possess a similar curse, he would be referred to as a carrier of Kohl's Plague

    • Ability: When Kohl's Plague is activated the user will gain a very light purple aura around his/her eyes. During this time the user summons a illusionary monster to attack those around them. The monster does not cause actual body harm but will damage the people it attacks mentally. It can attack through barriers and move through things like a ghost and has 50% of the user’s HP for its own. The only problem is that the user cannot fully control their powers, so the monsters may rebel during certain periods.
      1 user-ranked illusion appears dealing user-ranked(max S-rank) melee damage with their attacks.
      If there is no enemy for the monster to attack or they cannot reach the enemy,  they turn to attack the user instead.
    • Usage:  The eye ability itself lasts for 4 posts or until the illusionary monster is defeated with an 8 post cooldown after use. The illusionary monster will attack the user if there are no enemies conscious or alive within 20 meters of them at any time and the user cannot call off the monster once summoned.

    Ancient One's Library  GN94cFV
    Name: Kuroryu: The Void Dragon
    Description: King Kuroryu was said to be a mage who lost his ability to use magic in return he was able to use the powers of the very powerful dragon Muko, a void dragon. Kuroryu had killed Muko, but the dragon's soul had no where to go and latched itself onto Kuroryu - leeching Kuroryu's magical abilities but converting it to something else... something far stronger. Kuroryu never had a real name instead he dubbed himself "Black Dragon." King Kuroryu sought out to establish his own kingdom and adventured to foreign lands where he lead a revolution to stop a wicked necromancer that caused destruction. Kuroryu soon became King, and 7 warriors that fought with him in the epic war that struggled for decades had become knights of Kuroryu. Each Knight was powerful and served Kuroryu, until Shinokishi killed 5 of the knights by challenging each one to a due - leaving his brother the Knight of Black Ice free alive. Kuroryu was furious that his brethren had died and an epic battle between Shinokishi and Kuroryu started. The battle lasted 7 days - but in the end neither one could win. Kuroryu used a forbidden void dragon technique sealing himself and Shinokishi into the void. Parts of the king's soul managed to escape the void and latched itself onto chosen ones that would carry out his will. Granting the chosen ones power of the one great, void dragon.

    • Ability: The user is able to use the magic energy of an incoming spell to create a void on that spell itself,  negating it by trapping it in the void. The spells that are trapped into the void transfer half of what the MP would have cost for this lineage’s user to cast.(So a A-rank user of this ability would receive 10% MP from an A-rank spell being absorbed seeing as it would cost them 20% to cast it)
    • Usage: This ability can be used on spells equal to or lower than the user’s own rank(Max S-rank) and once per 10 posts.

    Ancient One's Library  1qUMBpZ
    Name: Lawmage's Word
    Description: In recent years, a sect of mages had discovered the universal power of 'Words' in magic. The word is often the power that governs everything from the structure of society to magic itself. Those who follow this path have longed to One who dedicates his life, magic, and future to the upholding of law is forever empowered to enforce it. Certain orders, such as the Rune Knights, or other law-enforcement magical groups, have long prided themselves in the power of enchantments. With this dedication, they gained the ability to use runes and words as a source of magical power. "The Word is Mightier than the Sword".

    • Ability: The Blessings of a Lawmage gain the caster a passive 25% reduction in damage taken from spells, seeing as a kind of magical aura or armor around the user. Using the power of the enchantments used upon them they can create a powerful magical barrier made of runes that possesses a durability equal to the user rank damage (Up to S). This shield can only stop one attack but, in turn, cannot be pierced by spells with piercing effects.

    • Usage: Magic Defense is passive while the shield has a duration of one post and can be used once per thread.

    Ancient One's Library  L4mH8N0
    Name: Lightning Demon
    Description: In the dawn of time there were demons that were born from lightning, and became masters of the element to the point where they could turn into lightning. However, as the Aeons passed, some of these creatures grew tired of their superiority over others and secretly passed on their gift to a small group of humans, thinking them to be the most-suited race for their powers. Those humans, in turn, began passing down the abilities that were bestowed upon them to their successors, though as the generations passed, the abilities passed down have slowly perished and become weaker.

    • Ability: Lightning is formed around the user, causing anything that touches the user to be shocked, doing damage equal to the melee Damage they would deal for their rank(max S-rank).
      75% speed increase when moving in straight lines when this lightning is formed around them.
    • Usage: 4 post duration and 8 post cooldown.

    Ancient One's Library  6KKVpxy
    Name: Light of Luna
    Description: Luna goddess of the moon and the hunt favours those who are bold and adventurous. Every 10 years or so, she would descend down from the heavens to bestow a gift to those she deems worthy. Those chosen will receive the gift of light, giving him or her powers to thwart the darkness.

    • Ability: Those chosen become wardens of the night. Speed and strength are increased significantly at the night. Basic senses are also heightened. And their most potent ability, Blade of the Goddess,  a crescent shaped sword that glows like the crescent moon. The sword is made of pure light energy enabling it to cut through almost anything, including the darkness itself.
    • Usage: Both passive and active abilities only take effect at night.
      Passive: Speed and strength increase by 25%. Senses are also greatly heightened.
      Active: Once per battle, user has the ability to Summon the Blade of the Goddess. The Blade can cut through all forms of evil magic, offensive or defensive, provided they are equal to the user's current rank, though it caps at S-Rank. The sword last only for 3 posts and goes on cooldown if used to cut through a dark spell. The sword is treated as an artifact weapon for damage.

    Ancient One's Library  SccXtkI
    Name: Lucifer’s Aura
    Description: Lucifer possessed a duke and made him his vessel for a short period of time, but shortly after the fallen angel left his vessel. The duke gained the ability to invoke a demonic aura around himself after being possessed, which caused nearby living things to wilt and decay, their energy slowly drained from them.

    • Ability: The user as a descendant of the duke can invoke the same aura around them. Upon doing so, they begin sucking in magical energy from the air and their surroundings.  
      This translates to a 2% MP regeneration. If within 5 meters of a mage,  that mage loses 2% MP and the lineage bearer gains 1% MP regeneration.
      Half the MP of any spell that enters this 5 meter area is added to the lineage bearer's MP pool, minus their own spells.Lucifer’s Descendant
    • Usage: 2 post duration with a 6 post cooldown. Only spells(max S-rank) and mages of the user’s rank(Max S-rank) are affected by this. Only one mage can be drained per post and only one spell can be drained per post with the user saying in their post who and what they are affecting.

    Ancient One's Library  YGx5rUV
    Name: Lucifer’s Descendant
    Description: Lucifer took control of a vessel and mated with a princess of a very powerful kingdom, and gave birth to the son of the devil. But the princess knew the baby was born evil, so abandoned the newborn in the forest to die. Little is known about this lineage due to the common disbelief in the actual existence of this demonic child, but legends tell of supposed descendants of it that were capable of imposing their upon the demonic abominations of Hell itself and guide them into our own world...

    • Ability: The ability allows the user to open the gates of hell summoning 2 demons to the user at will. The demons are agile, strong, and have tough hides to protect theirself from magic.  Demons have 25% HP of the user’s rank each and deal melee damage equal to the user’s rank(max S-rank) each.  They have no special abilities and are basic in all respects (No strength or speed increases from base level for their rank effect)
    • Usage: 4 post duration with a 8 post cooldown. If all are slain the ability goes on cooldown.

    Ancient One's Library  GQ7M5I2
    Name: Maelstrom
    Description: One of your many, many ancestors was an experienced and renowned sailor. The reason he was so good with the water was because he was also a master water mage, being able to literally "push" even the biggest of whirlpools aside to another area to make way for his ship, the S.S. Maelstrom. He was respected by every other sailor who knew of such feats and perished along with his sinking ship, as he waited for the rest of his crew to escape the quickly falling boat first, a true captain's death.

    • Ability: The user of this lineage is able to move any water spell up to their own rank or lower(S Max) aside for what the MP would be for them to cast to move it themselves. Also, the user gains a water spell(Max S) in addition to their spells where they control nearby water for some use.
    • Usage: Moving a water spell has a 5 post cooldown and is not a redirection but simply moving it. The water spell created will need a water source to be used.

    Ancient One's Library  WC8zKhN
    Name: Magician's Spirit
    Description: The first human gifted with the ability of magic became a powerful Sage of wisdom, and was the messenger of the Gods. Able to lift up mountains, part the oceans, conjure meteors, summon massive tornadoes, Open black holes out of thin air, call upon the stars themselves to come to his aid. However, he was not immortal, and though he did magnificent deeds and told the word of the Gods; he knew he would not live forever and that they would choose another. Unable to let go of his duties, he chained his spirit to the physical world so it can inherit a new host, and transfer his powers to them. Doing this however, relinquished all of his omnipotent power. Those who inherit his spirit, will gain him as a mentor of guidance; but will need to unlock the power of the magic themselves.

    • Ability: 25% increase to base MP as well as 25% to spell damage, ability to identify the enemies magic (Whether it's good / evil,  elements, and general nature).  Ability to summon mage to fight, able to communicate with an ancient spirit with vast information.
    • Usage: The user will passively gain an increase of MP and Spell power, as well as have the old Sage appear when needed for guidance. They can however, summon the mage to perform a powerful spell in times of great crises once per thread. Doing this however, will drain the user of their available magic, and relinquish the Sage's wisdom and guidance for the rest of the thread as well as suffering the effects of having 0% MP. The user must have at least 20% MP to summon the Sage to attack.
      Spell: Flare of Solaria- Crash of the Majestic Sun; The Sage will appear next to the user and conjures a Meteor to fall from the sky upon a 30 meter radius + 15 per rank beyond D with an explosion of fifteen meter radius beyond that (+5 per rank beyond D),  for 200% user-ranked spell damage.  Range is 30 meters + 15 per rank above D away from the user.

    Ancient One's Library  BBS70LN
    Name: Malefic Illusions
    Description: There was once an ancient madman, said to have strong powers of illusion. Rumor has it he made a deal with the devil to give him eyes to allow him to harm people. Anyone who looked into his eyes would be trapped in his own twisted and malefic world, were they would be tortured by the most bizarre of creations. However, he used his eyes too much and ended up going blind the rest of his life. These eyes were said to be passed down to his numerous descendants, albeit many know nothing of such happenings in their ancestry.

    • Ability: User can trap foes in a murderous and twisted world to mentally cause damage to them.  By making eye contact with the lineage bearer the victim sees the world fade out to be replaced by a mirroring world of horrifying images and monsters. The monsters can replace allies or bystanders ins their mind,  or if none are present simply appear without a real world counterpart.  
      The monsters attack the victims making them feel damage but it is not real and goes away once outside of the illusion.
      No effect on enemies of the same or greater rank.
    • Usage: Effect lasts 2 posts and can only affect someone once per thread. Strong willed victims can find ways of dealing with it.

    Ancient One's Library  Lg64ONI
    Name: Marksman's Aim
    Description: One of Fiore's legends talks about a great hunter who chased an infamous predator for forty years. The predator brought death with it everywhere it went. It was so fast that all other hunters that had attempted to kill it could not even hit it once. Instead, it feasted on their bodies. The great hunter was the only one who had survived a fight with the beast. During the fight the predator's blood got into his eyes, and as if dark magic had something to do with it, his eyes became the eyes of the beast and a strange rush of adrenaline went through his body. Both escaped the fight with serious wounds, but survived. Thirty-eight years the hunter finally stuck an arrow through the beast's skull. According to the legend, he used the eyes and blood-rush of the the monster to gain incredible aim and accuracy, unlike any other man. Which is why he was able to kill it. It is only now that historians made the link between other hunters in history, and even in modern times, of equal reputation and the great hunter by retracing their bloodlines back to the great hunter himself.

    • Ability: One of the user's attacks cannot miss and home in for a post when used. They can still be blocked. The user also has a passive effect of improved sight, being able to see twice as far as other people, and incredible natural aim.
    • Usage: Duration: 1 spell used in a post. Cool-down: 5 posts and can only be used 2 times per post.  Passive sight/aim.

    Ancient One's Library  V6rkpYX
    Name: Mark of the Sanguine
    Description: Blood magic has always been a forbidden and frowned upon art, though, that has never prevented people from experimenting with it in secret, either. One man in particular, a power-hungry dark wizard from Bellum, had dedicated his life to the studies of the forbidden art, fascinated, obsessed with the crimson liquid that gave life to every living thing, so much so that, in the end, he had mastered control over not just his own, but also the blood of others. Without much effort, the man would use this power to further his influence and become a high ranking politician within the nation of Bellum, his control over blood allowing him to manipulate other people with ease, be it subtly or otherwise. It is said that more than just a single war was started due to this man's hunger for power, though if these rumors are true, no one really knows. What is true, however, is that descendants of this man inherited some of these powers, although in a weaker state, and find that, for some reason, they are particularly skilled in the use of blood magic ...

    • Ability: The user is skilled in the use of blood magic and has limited control over their own blood or that of others. The user gains a user rank advanced spell slot (Max S+ Rank) to be made as normal in one of their magic apps. This spell, however, must be blood magic and use blood in some manner. If someone is affected by this spell the user can expend some of their blood to force their own blood to control that person, the user exerting control over them and using them as if they were an extension of their selves for the rest of the post. OOC permission must be sought if the user attempts to controls a player, player-owned NPC or an Event NPC.

    • Usage: Passive. To cast the blood spell, the user must spend 10% of their total HP to cast it instead of using their Magic Power. If this spell affects someone, the user can instantly spend another 10% of their HP to control that person for the rest of the post.

    Ancient One's Library  7iFhg4N
    Name: Mask of Lethe
    Description: Hundreds of years ago, there was a woman that despised her life so much, she wished she no longer existed. Traveling alone one day, she happened across a beautiful waterfall deep in the forest. She went for a swim under it, though it brought her no joy because she was so miserable. The waterfall was magical, however, so it granted her her heart’s desire. When she emerged, there was a white mask on her face though she didn’t realize it. Just like that, no one seemed to see her or hear her. Her own family, awful as they were, didn’t pay her any mind. When she told them who she was, they had no memory that she had ever existed. As far as they knew, their entire lives had been void of her entirely. At first, this was a blessing and she moved on with her life in the uttermost peace, but eventually, she became lonely. For the first time in a long time, she removed the mask, and it disappeared. She married and had children, only to find that they had access to her mask once they hit their angsty teenage years. From then on it’s been passed down through the bloodline, offering solace to those needing a break from life.

    • Ability: Using the Mask of Lethe, the user can wipe themselves from peoples’ memory instantly. It is only in effect as long as the mask is on the user’s face, and in combat can only last a very short time.

    • Usage Once every 5 posts, the user can manifest a plain white mask in their hand and place it on their face. Doing so makes all within user rank burst range (Up to S) temporarily forget the user exists. They aren’t invisible, but allies and foes alike forget the user entirely and can’t remember why or who they were fighting or interacting with. This lasts one post or until the user initiates an attack. Once the user attacks, all the memories flood back and things go back to normal.

    Ancient One's Library  UXSbOQw
    Name: Master of the Other World
    Description: In all magic there are prodigies and masters, those who from an early age are destined to be a natural talent in a particular magic or skill. For the Master of the Other World, this mastery comes in the form of summoning; they seem to see lines where others would not and are able to make contracts with their summons of choice which are lasting, and more binding than those made by a normal wizard. When these masters choose to show their power, they seem to be able to better control, and better understand their summons. For some, this is due to a deeper understanding, and even friendship, for others it is their will which allows them to overpower that of the summons.

    • Ability: The user gains the ability to actively maintain one additional Summon spell on top of the active Summon slots they already have. If the user does not possess a magic that is at least of an Auxiliary Summoning type, the active summon cap is raised from one slot to two slots instead.

    • Usage Passive.

    Ancient One's Library  RW9IEx1
    Name: Monkey King's Descent
    Description: The Monkey King, Sun Wukong, was a stone monkey given life. He learned supernatural abilities such as transformations and magic from taoist (Daoist in modern) practices. He was immeasurably strong and fast, able to lift his 17,991lb staff with ease and somersault 33,554 miles. He knew 72 different transformations, his fur had magical properties that could make a clone of himself or various weapons, animals, and other objects, he knew spells that can command wind, part water, and freeze humans, demons, and gods alike. Despite his given life, he rebelled against the gods, and was banished into imprisonment under a mountain by the Buddha. During his rebellion, he was injured and his blood was spilled. A human collected the fresh blood and preserved it. Many years later, in order to cure himself from a vicious disease, he drank the blood. Saving his life, he continued to live with superhuman strength and speed. Yet the true aspects of the blood remained dormant, and would awaken in future generations who carried his blood.

    • Ability: The user is able to transform into animals or objects. The user's strength and speed are increased by 25%.  When in an animal form they gain a 50% boost instead.
      The user is able to use One D rank wind spell of any type, and One C rank Ice spell for freezing enemies.  (Created in the magic app as a normal spell would)
    • Usage: The strength and speed bonus are a passive.  While in animal form the user may still use magic but it only lasts 5 posts and has a 6 post cooldown.

    Ancient One's Library  SRKO2Y0

    Name: Monk's Sacrifice
    Description: Back before man had even begun working in metal, there was a middle-aged man that became disenchanted with how the world was going. Though civilization was just beginning, he could already see the greed in humans and how they sought wealth and possessions not just to benefit themselves and their families, but to lord over others as some sort of contrived power. Even worse, they’d kill for it. The egos of man were wicked. Some legends say the man was clairvoyant and could see how right he would be in the future, and some contended he was just ahead of the times, but whichever the case, he made a vow that he would do his best to counteract such mentalities by starting a monastery. Like-minded individuals could join him as monks and they’d go into the world to try and save it from its cruel, empty future. They would disown materialism aside from necessities and give extra away. They would favor life experience and strength so they could go out and protect the less fortunate from the evils of the wealthy. They would lead by example, that no matter how much a person possessed, even those with the least had worth and could overthrow them if need be. Midian monks have been around for thousands of years now, but the teachings remain the same. The value placed on strength and experience has leeched into their blood during their training. While the teachings aren’t keen on taking spouses and having children, some still have and thus this bloodline exists, sometimes in rare instances even outside the monastery.

    • Ability:The monk teachings are so intense and spiritual that they have impacted individuals that have studied it by imprinting on their DNA. Should they have children, the traits of rejecting wealth and material things in favor of experiencing what a humble life has to offer will be hard to reject. Their experience serves as their wealth and their strength, so any accumulation of jewel or things will feel hollow.

    • Usage The character with this lineage can choose to sacrifice 50% of the jewels they earn to gain 25% more exp when completing a job.

    Ancient One's Library  QBJC6V5
    Name: Musashi's Descent
    Description: Musashi was a legendary swordsman of the east who was also nicknamed the The Heaven and Earth Swordsman because of his spectacular swords attacks and combos that he performs with his two swords. Blessed with speed,lightning fast reflex and unfathomable agility, he was swordsman without match on the battle ground. Eventually, Musashi settled down, found a pretty woman, married her, and had children. Musashi would tell them his great tales of his battles and powers, and the children also wanted to be the exact same way; the end result was that Musashi ended up teaching his children his fighting techniques and trained them ruthlessly to become exactly like him. This became a family tradition, and it's still as good as when Musashi first developed it.

    • Ability: This ability grants the user great speed and lightning fast reflex. The user's speed is increased by a factor of 50%.
    • Usage: Speed and lightning fast reflex is passive.

    Ancient One's Library  St8teme
    Name: Nature's Blessings
    Description: Aeons ago, when ancient and mythic beings roamed the world. There was a race called the children of the forest. They are one with nature and as such they were bestowed with longevity and the ability to vanish within the trees. Eventually, with the uprising of the humans, they were forced to the innermost sanctum of the forests. However, a handful of them insisted on staying where they were, regardless of the impending human contact. Some say some of them managed to co-mingle with the humans, but that was just hearsay...or is it?

    • Ability:  It grants the user greater stamina allowing them to last longer in battles. Also grants the ability Vanish, a skill that allows the user to be invisible so as long as he/she is near vegetation(group of trees,shrubs or tall weeds) if they are not moving.
    • Usage: Passive. The user can still be sensed through magical presence and other senses but this will only help others know the vicinity the user is in and not their exact position

    Ancient One's Library  KF2WCuc
    Name: Necromancer's Passion
    Description: Long ago in days where magic was still considered as tools of Lord of the underworld, mages practised in secret with their black arts in order to gain further knowledge and power. However, there was one thing that mages could not yet do; bring the dead back to life. However, a powerful mage decided to give a go at this forbidden art of tampering with the dead. Consumed by power, his determination rotted his soul to become black as the sin he committed. Finally, after many failed attempts, the mage brought the dead back to life. However, now lost within his magic, he kept the corpses soulless, and bound them under his power; becoming the first Necromancer. This art of highly corrupt black magic has been passed down throughout history to those who desired the power to defy the Gods and conjure up a legion under his command. Now those of this era who enjoy gaining power to defy the Gods, inherit the First's corruption, and love for the black arts of resurrection.

    • Ability:The caster gains 1 spell of each rank up to S as they rank up that creates undead creatures.  Each spell rank has only 1 creature.
      The lineage bearer is capable of communicating with the undead telepathically at any range. They are always mindless without the lineage bearer's will imposed on them, akin to machines.
    • Usage: The spells need to be made and reviewed like any other spells. They have durations and cooldowns the same as any other spells and can only have 1 summoned undead in each spell. The capabilities of these undead summons are up to the user. The spells are made in addition to the spells in their magic already.

    Ancient One's Library  PJ9MnAI
    Name: Oblivion's Might
    Description: Long ago, an ancient king in search of the ultimate power seized the outer lands of the kingdom, only to fail.  He sent his armies to the ends of the Earth, still, it was not found.  His frustration was sent out to all the lands; armies would kill families, animals, and each other for "crimes" they had done.  The devil took notice of this and one night contacted the king.  He gave the king two choices - the ability to manipulate others, or the ability to turn himself into a malicious demon, giving him the power of Hell's Flames.  The king foolishly picked to turn himself into a demon.  The devil granted him the request, giving the king total and absolute power, however, the price to it was the king's consciousness, making him the devil's slave, sending all into chaos.  The name that was later given to the demon was Oblivion, and those who are his descendants are said to have Oblivion's Might.

    • Ability: Oblivion's Might has both a passive and active effect.  The passive ability gives the user the strength of Oblivion (50% strength boost), while as the active form turns the user into a demon, capable of mass destruction.  The user in their "demon state" also have access to 3 fire spells (One of which is user-rank and two of which are a rank lower. S-rank max and D-rank minimum).
      While transformed the 50% strength increases to 100% and they will attack literally any and everything they can, starting with the living.
      Any post in which they kill something they gain 15% of their total HP back.

    • Usage: The user passively gains a 50% strength boost.  The transformation lasts for 3 posts with a 8 post cool-down and increases the user’s strength boost to 100%. While transformed the user gain the use of 3 fire spells (one of the user’s rank and two of a rank lower, S-rank max and D-rank minimum). These spells must be made in addition to the user’s own magic and must be stated that they can only be used while transformed. They cannot have two or more spells of the same rank either meaning that at D-rank they only receive one spell from this, at C-rank they will have a C-rank spell and a D-rank spell from this and at B-rank rank they will have a B-rank spell, a C-rank spell and a D-rank spell from this lineage.

    Ancient One's Library  4BtLtro
    Name: Other Half
    Description: A very long time has passed since the initial curse that caused this "condition". One of your ancestors was in the middle of a war and was desperate enough to trade off his sanity for immense power. They were able to win the war and spare their village, but were quickly executed after it was all over. The village elder had hoped that they were the last of his "kind" while burning the body, but what they didn't know was that they had given birth to a child already. This condition wasn't initially spotted, so it was kept under wraps from everyone else. When the child was old enough, the remaining parent sent them off to avoid persecution from the village's residents.

    • Ability: The user is able to drown out any sense of pain and goes into a state of all-out attack. Though they still take damage, they don't feel it. This also clouds the ability to distinguish friend from foe. They temporarily gain an additional 100% HP more when used, but their true HP is damaged first. If damage would kill them normally, they instead continue to use the temporary HP for the duration. They don't need to breathe and seem to ignore massive damage to vital organs including the brain, lungs, and heart. The all-out attacking frenzy increases the spell and melee damage they do by 50%. Once the spell ends, if the user took damage exceeding their normal HP, they die then rather than earlier when the damage was taken. This effect automatically triggers if reduced to 0% HP,  or can be activated intentionally. They can be healed while in this effect and if healed above 0% HP they won't die.

    • Usage: Can be used once per thread for the duration of 5 posts. The extra HP gained from this ability does not regenerate naturally.

    Ancient One's Library  TqU3sJl
    Name: Pergrande Exile
    Description: Long ago in Pergrande, a soldier who was an active and enthusiastic participant in the purge of Pergrande one day awoke to discover that they had somehow become a mage themselves. Since the "no mages" law of their country was absolute, the soldier had no choice but to flee the country and settle elsewhere to escape the same fate that they had dealt to countless others. Their latent magical ability manifested as the ability to withstand magic but also manifested in a reduced magic pool, limiting their ability to cast spells. What was more, the newly awakened mage also discovered that being splashed with mage's blood drained their magic pool by a small amount for a short period of time. The reluctant mage had cause to believe that the alteration of their bloodline was poetic justice brought about by the dying curses of mages killed at their hands.

    • Ability: Those who bear the Pergrandian Exile lineage gain a 25% boost to Magic Defense against magic of all types. However, in exchange for the boost in defense, they suffer a reduction to their MP pool of 25%. Also, being splashed with mage's blood drains their magic pool by 2% each turn for up to three consecutive turns.

    • Usage Passive.

    Ancient One's Library  Www5pLo
    Name: Phoenix Fire
    Description: Before there were Dragons, there were great Phoenixes. Their flames symbolized life and rebirth instead of death and destruction. One Phoenix took care of an orphan boy, the phoenix raised him and when he was old enough he was given the powers of the phoenix. His powers were incredible and were passed on through the generations, but with each passing one they grew weaker. Mages with phoenix blood today still carry the most important ability of the phoenix: Rebirth. However, it is very limited. They need fire ( any fire ) to manipulate it and grant it the magical powers of the phoenix, then they have to be consumed by the flames entirely. When the flames fade ashes will surround the user will be rejuvenated. The user consumes flames to recover their HP by 25% and their MP by 25% and if they are killed they will be revived and healed of their injuries with 25% of their HP healed and their MP is set to 25%.

    • Ability: Manipulating fire, the user can utilize flame as a weapon within 20 meters. The manipulated fire can be used to deliver melee damage of rank at range + 50%. Flame strikes at 15m/s speed to anywhere within the area of control.
      By directing this fire to envelop their own body they can regenerate 25% of their HP as well as 25% of their MP. If killed during a thread the user can be revived by consuming nearby flames and be recovered to 25% HP and their MP is set to 25%. They have 25% fire resistance.

    • Usage: Manipulating fire lasts 3 posts with a 6 post cooldown and needs some fire to be be manipulated within 20 meters of them. Recovering HP and MP is once per thread and reviving from flames can only be used if they have flames near them and they have not used flames to recover HP and MP before. Also the revival is once per thread and after being revived the user cannot use spells for 1 post due to having just died. For the HP/MP recovery or the revival flames need to be within 5ft of them to be absorbed.

    Ancient One's Library  Tp3bMQi
    Name: Pony Link
    Description: Long ago, there was a mage that experimented with summoning creatures from different dimensions. Of those dimensions was a world filled with nothing but magical ponies. They were cute, often friendly, and had silly names that often reflected what they were good at in life. He sent them home, but the ponies kept coming back on their own. A link had formed between the mage and the world of magical ponies during the summoning process; a strong link that goes as far as to tie the descendants to each other.

    • Ability: The user of this lineage is able to summon different magical ponies to help them in their daily life. They do not count as actual summons and therefore do not provide all of the benefits of one. The ponies themselves do not fight, but they do apply a buff on the user by 50%. The buff selection can be between Speed, Strength, Spell Defense, Physical Defense, Spell Damage, and Physical Damage. Only one buff can ever be applied at one time, and only on the user of this lineage. This can be done two times per thread with the buff lasting for two posts and having a four post cooldown between uses.

    • Usage: An active ability that summons noncombat ponies for plot purposes, and to apply a buff when the user is in combat.

    Ancient One's Library  KWl1mH7
    Name: Power Of Apocalypse:
    Description: Acnologia fought a brave mage that caused Acnologia to bleed. Although Acnologia survived and had killed the mage, his blood got poured over an unfortunate witness who survived, but immediately started to mutate uncontrollably. The mutation remained invisible on the outside, but the blood of the man had changed. The man gained the ability to enter magical adrenaline rushes that would allow him to perform superhuman actions.

    • Ability: Upon activation of this lineage the user becomes physically adept at any obstacles ahead. The adrenaline rush adapts to the situation. Whatever the user needs most, whether it is speed, strength or agility, is boosted at that moment by the rush. That one attribute is boosted by 100%.

    • Usage: Upon activation the ability lasts 1 post with a cooldown of 6 posts.

    Ancient One's Library  Rnsdqxu

    Name: Praetor's Taint
    Description: Many centuries ago, a group of dark wizards known as the Praetors performed horrendously unethical experiments on humans in an attempt to create "the perfect life form." So blinded by their quest, they created what others viewed as nothing but a plague upon the world as a whole. One experiment spread beyond the Praetors' control and infected a large portion of the population. As a result, there exist those today who bear remnants of the taint.

    • Ability: The bearers of this lineage can infect those that they strike with a debilitating poison.

    • Usage Once per thread, the user can poison an opponent that they have hit with an attack. This poison has a duration of 3 posts and deals 25% of the user rank damage (Up to S) per post. Furthermore, while the poison is active the target suffers from a 50% reduction to strength.

    Ancient One's Library  6u2Tm1E
    Name: Pride of a Mercenary
    Description: Ra was a legendary dark mage and master assassin who lived during the reign of dragons. Legend says that he was once a lowly slave who became a sword for hire, his area of expertise are poison and decay magic. Ra's usually finishes his victims by poisoning them or infecting them with a disease that ultimately weakens a person until his body decays and rot. Because of his exploits, his name was feared throughout Fiore. It was said that he gained such powers through the Lazarus Pits, reservoirs of rejuvenating chemicals that restore the dying to life or in other cases to bring death to the living; these pits have granted him a lifespan of several hundred years. Some say that Ra still walks this world, but whether this is true or not, it is certain that he had left behind a deadly legacy.

    • Ability: Has the ability Immortal Blood. Its an ability that allows the user to rapidly heal wound, even serious or potentially deadly.   This makes them less affected by healing however.  All healing from any other source is reduced by 25%. This blood is also an incredible source of poison and decaying powers. Can make a poison / disease single user-ranked spell (S Max) or a user-ranked minus one signature spell (A Max).

    • Usage: Immortal blood is passive.  Spells depend on spell design. The rapid healing is equal to 5% HP Regen per post(Is included in the max amount of HP regen possible).

    Ancient One's Library  KasnpgN

    Name: Prismatic Grace
    Description: There once was a powerful Archmage able to harness the power of colors. While the knowledge of his magical prowess has been since lost to time, her descendants are still able to call upon the ancient power of Chromomancy!

    • Ability: The user is able to transform any non-magical object into an elemental bomb that can be thrown at the enemy for a colorful explosion of damage. The elemental effects depend on the color of the object. If an object has more than one color, the user may decide what color effect to use.

    • Usage:User may destroy any object and turn it into a AoE spell once every 3 turns. The spell's damage, range and speed follows user rank AoE values (Up to S). The element of the spell is determined by the object used:

      • Red: Fire
      • Orange: Earth
      • Yellow: Lightning
      • Green: Wind
      • Blue: Water
      • Indigo: Ice
      • Violet: Poison

    Ancient One's Library  65oL1HN
    Name: Progeny of Nyx
    Description: Eons ago, the eternal mother of the Night fell in love with a human. Transforming into human form, she eloped with the young mortal and lived with him until the end of his days. Their union bore three healthy kids, one of them specially rare. He had had been endowed with her mother's power, a progeny of Nyx.

    • Ability: Those who were not skipped by this lineage gets the ability "Night Form". For a brief duration, the user will meta-morph into a humanoid being of pure dark matter. Their body was molded from the fragment of the cosmos, making them virtually indestructible for a few moments.

    • Usage:  Night form can only be activated at night and twice per thread. During this time, your body is virtually immune to magic attacks which are equal to your rank or less (75% damage reduction). Physical attacks won't reach you for they will just pass right through you unless they are enhanced through magic somehow which will still be weakened by the damage reduction given, the drawback is you can't use any attacks or magic during this time.  Effect lasts for 2 posts with a 4 post cooldown and can't be deactivated or cancelled.
      A lesser version can be used passively in which their body is simply darker than normal,  half normal looking half night-like.  It reduces damage by 25% in general at night and lets you move 50% faster in shadow while still not able to attack or use magic.

    Ancient One's Library  BBAxC6H
    Name: Rage of the Soul Torn
    Description: There was once a man, well not really a man, but a half-human, half hedgehog hybrid by the name of Pulse. Unlike his brother Crest, who possessed the ability to manipulate water and was a doctor who strived to help people, he was a destructive being who only wanted to rule. He became known as Master Pulse, whilst his brother became known as Doctor Crest. Pulse was a master of air manipulation for highly destructive purposes and his descendants, most of them full humans, gained this ability. The ability to make the very air into a destructive weapon.

    • Ability: User gains access to a passive and is able to add 3 wind spells in addition to their magic to the spells.The spells gains are one of the user’s rank, one of a rank lower and one of a rank lower than that(max S-rank, Min D-rank). The passive ability is flight where they the wind wraps around them and allows them to fly around at their max speed or less.

    • Usage: Passive flight. The 3 spells must be made in addition to the user’s spells in their magic. They cannot have two or more spells of the same rank either meaning that at D-rank they only receive one spell from this, at C-rank they will have a C-rank spell and a D-rank spell from this and at B-rank rank they will have a B-rank spell, a C-rank spell and a D-rank spell from this lineage.
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    Ancient One's Library  VCmAEXH
    Name: Reaper’s Touch
    Description: The Grim Reaper traded places with a man that laughed at how easy it would be to be Death, however the man learned his lesson after watching countless lives being taken away at his hands. As a reminder, Death corrupted his blood and anything the man touches is burnt to a crisp

    • Ability:The user has to touch the target in order to be able to apply the effect of this Lineage. Those that are affected have their magic power degenerate and receive a physical burn on the area touched. The degeneration and burning last 3 posts, minus one per rank higher than the user(1 post at least). It deals user-ranked melee damage(max S-rank) and drains them of 2% MP per post.
      Can affect ethereal or incorporeal targets such as spirits, specters, or elemental bodies.

    • Usage: Lasts 1 post during which their hand burns with ethereal flames and they need to touch someone to deliver the effect to that person. 8 post cooldown after the duration or if unable to touch someone.

    Ancient One's Library  VjjWRLb
    Name: Roger's Decedent
    Description: A pirate who's cruelty and wit makes him the most feared and respected buccaneer of all time; all the while keeping this image hidden from the world, and only being known as a high class citizen. The Pirate King had no heart for his fellow comrades once their usefulness was over, or if he had to save his own skin. The Pirate King has the ability to be an Admiral in a navy, and the leader of all pirates at the same time. Those who carry his blood, carry the tactical mind of a cruel and devious genius thief.

    • Ability: Greatly heightened intelligence, quick reflexes. Requires 3 people less to run a ship + 50% discount on ship purchases.

    • Usage: Passive.

    Ancient One's Library  LDlKyQs
    Name: Sand Demon
    Description:  A monster in ancient Egypt was locked away, but one fateful night it managed to trick it's captors and escape by taking on a human form and seducing them. The abominations that were born as a result of the event were given the ability to manipulate and control sand.

    • Ability: The ability to control and manipulate sand at will with their will.  Doing so within a 25 meter area,  they can direct sand to attack or take various shapes in order to deal the user's rank in melee damage and it increases based on spell power / magic damage buffs rather than strength buffs.   The sand can form barriers to help block attacks in which case it is considered a barrier/shield spell of 1 rank of the user’s rank (D-min). The user can also "Swim" through sand as though it were water and control the and to give them increased grace and speed when "swimming" (50% speed boost).

    • Usage: Sand must be within 50 ft of them to use with a 5 post duration with a 6 post cooldown(if the user’s magic focuses on sand this can be a passive ability instead). Shields of sand must be made by sand within 50 ft of the user and has a cooldown of 4 posts after use.

    Ancient One's Library  RRx3Ort
    Name: Seductor's Touch
    Description:  You come from the blood of those who are masters of speechcraft. Hidden from the public, usually, unless they require something, these particular mages can seduce anyone to do almost anything.

    • Ability: The user is able to bend the will of anyone but mages and the undead.  Can't command anyone/thing with a higher effective rank than the user(S Max). Anyone targeted by this has to do anything commanded by the user.
      The user gains a single user-ranked spell related to mind control(Max S-rank) in addition to their spells and is in general more seductive and alluring.

    • Usage: 2 post duration with a 6 post cooldown. Gains a mind control-like spell in addition to their own spells of S-rank or lower.

    Ancient One's Library  8XbQjXv
    Name: Serpent’s Fang
    Description: A brave pirate was said to have slain a serpent. The pirate took the fangs of the serpent and turned the fangs into a broth. Little did he know that the fangs would consume the pirate and give him snake like abilities.

    • Ability: The user becomes agile like a snake, moving quickly in water and grass (50% speed/agility increase) and slithers like a snake during this time. The user also receives harder skin than others giving them a 25% damage resistance against attacks. The active ability is passive and also allows the user to spew out deadly venom from their mouth to paralyze living beings. Range of 5 meters, lasts 1 post. 5 post cooldown and is shot out in the form of a colored(up to the user what color) wad of spit.

    • Usage: Passive abilities that affects the user. The paralysis poison can have an effect against the same person a maximum of 2 times before they become immune for the rest of the thread but has no effect on H-ranks. Cooldown of the venom does not start until after the paralysis is over.

    Ancient One's Library  8RkJt2x
    Name: Shadows Of Anarchy
    Description: A child born in the shadows watched his loved ones die by bandits. The fury and rage of the child awakened dark powers within, allowing him to manipulate shadows to take on physical forms and cut, slash, or benefit the user in any way. The child transferred parts of his ability to others he deemed worthy.

    • Ability: The user can control shadows allowing the shadows around the user to take on a physical form attacking anything at command. Attacks equal the rank of the user’s melee damage in power +50%. Can only control shadows in a 50 meter zone.  Shadow control is considered 1 effect at any given time and cannot control shadows of people or connected shadows of their equipment but could for example control the shadow of a nearby wall to attack.
      These such attacks deal the user's rank in melee damage, and increases based on spell power / magic damage buffs rather than strength buffs.

    • Usage: 5 post duration with a 6 post cooldown(if the user’s magic is focused on shadows then this can be a passive instead). Shadows must be within 50 ft of the user in order to be manipulated. The user can also make a shield of shadows to block attacks equal to a shield/barrier spell of 1 of the user’s rank. This shield has a 4 post cooldown after use.

    Ancient One's Library  8GCg9pZ
    Name: Shifty Stormchild
    Description: Turbulent. Whimsy. Playful. Storms are known as finicky things, appearing out of nowhere and throwing everything into chaos before disappearing just as quickly. Things get even stranger when a storm develops affection for a person and somehow bridges the gap between weather and creature. The offspring of these strange unions wield the storm at their fingertips, even if it doesn't always behave as they want it to.

    • Ability: The user can control the elements of water, air and lightning in small amounts. Furthermore, they can infuse their spells with one of these three elements, enhancing it in one way while potentially giving it a weakness in another way.

      • Water: A spell infused with water gains the vastness of the ocean, increasing its range by 50% and giving it the water property. However, if the spell wasn't originally water-oriented it also becomes diluted, reducing the power of the spell by 50%.

      • Air: A spell infused with air gains the swiftness of the wind, increasing its speed by 50% and giving it the air property. However, if the spell wasn't originally air-oriented it also becomes wispy, reducing the range of the spell by 50%.

      • Lightning: A spell infused with lightning gains the force of the thunder, increasing its damage/healing/durability by 50% and giving it the lightning property. However, if the spell wasn't originally lightning-oriented it also becomes unstable, doubling the MP cost of the spell.

    • Usage Passive. Can be used once per post on a single spell max.

    Ancient One's Library  MuWIUb9
    Name: Shinigami Protection
    Description: The Gods of death, the Shinigami control the afterlife; sending each spirit to its rightful destination, while making sure that everyone dies at the right time. Every person has their own unique Shinigami. Occasionally, a Shinigami will develop a bond with a living mortal, and will assist them to the best of their abilities when they are most needed; sometimes lending the mortal their powers at the cost of their life span.

    • Ability: The user is able to summon the help from their Shinigami in battle or to assist them solving a dangerous solution.   Shinigamis cannot kill or fatally wound enemies, but can take what would be a fatal blow, or give their bound user time to act. The Shinigami lasts until killed,  having 50% of the HP the user has. It can deliver melee attacks equal to the user's rank in melee damage and is considered to wield a legendary weapon.

    • Usage: 5 post duration with a 10 post cooldown if the shinigami is slain or if the duration runs out.

    Ancient One's Library  9Oz2iHZ
    Name: Shinokishi: The Death Knight
    Description: One of the Seven Knights of King Kuroryu, this Knight was no ordinary knight, he was known as the Death Knight for his mass destruction. He killed 5 of the Knights of the order, leaving only himself and his brother alive. Shinokishi was so feared by civilians, King Kuroryu had exiled him. This caused Shinokishi to slay the knights. A battle between Kuroryu and Shinokishi went on for 7 days, there was no winner - instead Kuroryu sacrificed himself to seal Shinokishi away into the void with Kuroryu. Shinokishi remains a legendary knight that can be seen in some cultures as a God.

    • Ability: The user can envelop death magic around their self or their spells. Being able to destroy spells that attempt to target the user up to the users rank on contact (An AoE wouldn't be negated).
      Enveloping death magic around their spells give the user +25% spell power/damage and adds Death element to the spell.  So a Fire spell would become Death/Fire or so on.

    • Usage: They can envelop death magic around their self  to cancel 1 spell attack of their rank or lower(S Max). This ability can only be used once per thread and only affects spells that directly target them. They can envelop their death magic around their own spells once every 2 posts.

    Ancient One's Library  A9RGaTK
    Name: Silver Chaotica
    Description: The Silver chaotica was a man who sold his soul to the primordial spirit known as Chaos. Chaos was said to be the fifth rider of the four horseman of the apocalypse who wielded a sword so cold that it burned. This aura, which surrounded both him and his sword, is what the crimson chaotica gained. However, his body could not contain the chaotic power and he went on a rampage destroying much. His descendants gained a lesser form of this power, which allowed them to enter a berserk state to gain the power of Chaos.

    • Ability: The user of this lineage can enter the state known as Chaotica. This state gives them a rank-appropriate silver aura that is so cold that it causes intense burning on touch equal to their rank in melee damage(max S-rank). However, whilst this aura is in effect they go into a massive rampage trying to destroy everything around them whether it be friend, foe or tree. They ignore damage taken while under this effect as if they were not hit by anything but still take the damage and the silver aura reduces incoming damage by 25%.

    • Usage: 5 posts duration with a 8 posts cooldown. The user can still be KOed/Killed during the use of this ability.

    Ancient One's Library  YdBTnu7
    Name: Soldier of Chaos
    Description: There was once a general whose skill in battle was unsurpassed, and his leadership demanded the respect of all his soldiers. However he craved longingly for a warrior to match his skill. Slowly, this craving turned to a corrupting desire until he was lost in his search. He challenged everyone and everything that came across his path, slaughtering his king-his soldiers- fellow generals- and soon started a massive war that spread across the continent. One by one, kingdoms fell to his might. Finally, his desire turned his men against him, where they tricked their general to being entombed and to rot for eternity. The general finally died, but his spirit lived on to possess other soldiers to finally end his craving. Every so often; a Soldier is consumed by unquestionable blood-thirst, and an immeasurable desire for carnage and war until they meet their true rival in a battle to the death.

    • Ability: Upon activating the lineage, the user's strength is increased (75%), as well as his endurance (50% HP) and speed (50%). They obtain a cleaving passive for their physical attacks, with a blood red aura wave emitting from whatever they are using for a weapon or hands and adds 50% more damage to their melee damage. During the duration the user falls into a complete craze attacking everything around them without any sort of mercy. There only goal is to hurt and destroy all and everything around them.

    • Usage: 5 posts duration with a 8 post cooldown.

    Ancient One's Library  Tz5bO8y
    Name: Spirit Link
    Description: A weathered old monk once had the ability to communicate with spirits. These spirits granted him their abilities, linking with the monk, covering him in a misty white aura, allowing him access to a greater power. The spirits that linked with the monk we’re one of an insane berserker, a warrior with a legendary shield, and a dragon. During a great war, the monk fought for his country, and was supposedly killed in action. It’s rumoured that he fled after the battle, supposedly teaching his family in secret the ways to link with spirits as he once did.

    • Ability:Allows the user to take on the appearance of a berserker, a guardian, or a dragon in combat.
      The berserker gains a giant two handed spirit claymore, capable of dealing User ranked melee damage + 50%. This axe ignores one rank of a barrier’s defense of user rank or lower(Max S-rank and when used it knocks off a rank of defense for the axe to cut into as if that rank was not there. The rank taken off is 1 rank of the barrier and not of the user’s rank. The user’s rank determines if the axe will be able to take a rank off or not based on the rank of the barrier). No defensive or healing spells may be used in this form.
      The guardian gains a massive shield of adamantium capable of blocking the equivalent of 3 user ranked spells. No additional defensive abilities can be used in this form.The dragon gives the user the ability to fly and a roar of pure energy equivalent to a user-ranked beam spell once and projectiles akin to "fireballs" of the caster's normal elemental affinity or will be fire if the user does not have an affinity. The projectiles are user-ranked but deal 50% of normal damage.   Also can use claws and tail for basic melee damage (Melee damage + 50%). Cannot use any other spells or magic in this form.

    • Usage:  Each form lasts for 3 posts and has a 10 post cooldown. Each form shares a separate cooldown allowing the user to use one after the other if they choose to.

    Ancient One's Library  Tftw3D8
    Name: Spirit Of Corruption
    Description: Aeons ago, a noble king made a deal with a deity of deception and malice. The deal was that he would sacrifice his entire family, along with himself, in a dark ritual in honour of the being, but would have his kingdom spread across the world to become a global empire. What really was the case, however, was that the same deity had previously forged a contract with a rivalling kingdom. The deceiving god would ruin the noble king's growing country and would in turn receive the hand of the rivalling king's daughter, whom was so beautiful even the god had become captivated by her. Thus, the deity tricked the noble king to kill himself and all heirs to the throne, eventually leading to political wars for the empty throne of power which ravaged the kingdom and killed it from within.
    To this day the deceived king's angered spirit roams the world in it's quest for vengeance, sometimes possessing the bodies of children at birth and remaining dormant within them until his wrath is called upon.

    • Ability: Calling upon the power of the king, and the vast population that died upon the deal’s completion, the user can expel an energy burst outward from themselves, knocking anything around the user away or unconscious. The energy blast has a range of 20 meters, in which the first ten meters from the epicenter can cause intense vertigo or loss of consciousness for anyone that is at least two ranks below the user. If one is 11 meters to 20 meters away from the epicenter, they will simply be knocked back violently.  Can be resisted by those who are well braced and sturdy. Anything caught in the energy burst will be dealt user ranked spell damage(max S-rank)

    • Usage: Instant effect with an 8 post cooldown.

    Ancient One's Library  Ij95noV
    Name: Spirit Warrior
    Description: A legendary war hero was once severely wounded in battle, losing control of his arms and legs. His life was rough beyond belief, but his spirit remained high and strong. He awoke one day to discover he had a strange white aura around him; and that he could move his arms and legs again. He was so overcome with joy he flailed his arms about, causing parts of the aura to shoot off of him and actually cause damage to his room. He didn't know how, but his spirit somehow manifested outside of his body, allowing him to use it for walking and combat. It wasn't permanent, but he did learn to control this new ability and bring it out to his will. It’s said his descendants are the only ones known to be able to do such a thing.

    • Ability: The user forces out their spirit to emanate around them in a white (or black if you’re a dark mage) aura, allowing them to manipulate it in various ways.

    • Usage: Upon usage, the user loses the ability to cast any of their magic abilities. Instead, for once per thread and for 5 posts or until destroyed they can manipulate their spirit aura to fight their foes in a variety of ways like a puppet. The aura protects the user from all damage but will take it itself. The spirit is vulnerable and not affected by armor or defensive abilities,  having the default HP of the user’s rank. If the spirit is destroyed the user will take 50% of their current HP in damage. All damage it deals is the user’s rank in spell damage.

    Ancient One's Library  HQBRw6g
    Name: Star of Bellum
    Description: Many centuries ago a mage of incredible power was born in Bellum. They had a deeper reservoir of magic to draw upon than their peers, allowing them to fuel more spells than their contemporaries and thus win many duels and a lot of respect in the mage-controlled nation. This long string of victories led to the mage being acclaimed as the "Star Of Bellum." However, the mage invariably started to believe their own legend and neglected physical fitness in favor of relying on sheer magical power. While such an approach worked for the Star in their lifetime, that neglect has caused problems down the road for their descendants, who boast considerable magical prowess at the cost of reduced physical ability.

    • Ability: Descendants of the Star Of Bellum have a 50% increase to their MP and an increased rate of regeneration for their MP (5% every post). However, their physical well-being suffers to compensate. They suffer from a permanent 50% decrease to HP.

    • Usage Passive.

    Ancient One's Library  KSBh3sY
    Name: Strength of Hercules
    Description: Son of the God Zeus and a mortal woman, Hercules was the strongest man alive. He received his strength not only from his father, but also from his step-mother Hera; who was tricked into giving him her milk by Artemis. Hercules was strong enough to lift the Argo into the ocean so it could set sail. However, Hera cursed him with madness that led him into a life of misery and anger. He performed 12 trials for the Gods to redeem himself, but his madness overcame him and led him to his end. Spartans claimed to be the sons of Hercules, inheriting his god-like strength.

    • Ability: 100% strength increase and 50% HP increase but less agility.  Must describe a weak point on their body where if hit they take 200% excess damage and are paralyzed for 2 posts in their character app.

    • Usage: Passive

    Ancient One's Library  2sJ015O
    Name: Technological Superiority
    Description: Once there was a half-human, half-bat hybrid who was attacked at a young age by a powerful demon known as Brutal Terra. She was saved by a scientist who built her a new body, which basically meant rebuilding everything except the brain and half her head as that was how much the demon did. This body was highly powerful and highly useful. Using it the woman known simply as Crimson became a great thief. Somehow though, possibly due to the strange materials used to fuel her machine parts, her descendants (how these occurred is another mystery what with all the robotics) gained a strange ability. They could form part of her machinery at will in exchange for their magical abilities.

    • Ability: Users of this lineage gain access to the four primary abilities of Crimson. These abilities are equal to their rank. The first is enhanced strength and speed by 25%. The second is her arm cannon which replaces the hand on the left arm and can fire a burst of user-ranked energy. The third is robotic wings, giving them the ability to fly as fast as they would normally be able to run, and the final is a cloaking device allowing them to turn invisible for 2 posts at a time before becoming visible for 4 post between uses.

    • Usage:  In exchange for their magic for 6 posts the user gains Crimson's Cannon, Crimson's Cloak, Crimson's Wings and Crimson's Buffs. The cannon can fire at will and these are all equal to the user's rank in spell damage.  Lasts as 8 posts with a 10 post cooldown and no magic can be used while it is active. Individual parts can be used on their own with with a 2 post duration for each used(if two or more parts are used at the same time then the duration is increased by 2 for both together but if used at separate times the parts will be on separate durations) with a cooldown equal to the duration + 2 posts,  but for each active part it will reduce total spell power (damage), ranges and effects by 25% (For 100%/complete negation with 4 items active)

    Ancient One's Library  ETcCMfu
    Name: Time Keeper's Curse
    Description: Since the beginning, there has always been one to control and rule the delicate realm of time. There they would stay, watching over every clock to make sure everything stays on scheduled. However, the task of guarding time is a burden beyond any single person's control; despite being immortal. Driving each keeper mad, the task has been passed down from generation upon generation; each one a new Keeper of time is chosen. Though they inherit the powers of the Time Keeper, it is not until they have fully matured, do they inherit the responsibility of watching over time till they find the next replacement.

    • Ability: The Time Keeper is able to slow down or speed up time Slowing down time makes the user appear faster, being the equivalent of a 100% speed and reaction boost. Speed up time makes the user appear slower by 100% and very slow to react. The user can also once per thread, completely stop time for 1 post to avoid an attack or something. They cannot affect anything while time is stopped at all and after use they will cannot use spells for 3 posts and they cannot use the speeding up or slowing down time ability of this lineage.

    • Usage: Time speeding or time slowing share a 1 post duration and a cooldown of 5 posts. The user can use their ability to only affect themselves. They can speed up their melee attacks to cause them to deal 50% more damage or slow their attacks down to dodge potential threats. The user once per thread, can stop time completely for 1 post but cannot affect anything and only can move at this time. After stopping time completely the user cannot use spells for 3 posts due to the stress placed on their bodies due to stopping time completely. In addition, they cannot use the speeding up or slowing down time ability of this ability while they cannot use spells.

    Ancient One's Library  EnhCU9l
    Name: Truth
    Description: There was once a priest who had devoted his entire life to his religion. As such, he preached about his God's superiority over all others and how the belief in his existence was the only "truth". From his point of view, magic was a heresy created by the heathens, thus he denied it completely, believing it to lead people "down the wrong path". Eventually, after years of unfaltering belief, his beloved deity whispered to him. What was then said remains a mystery, one the priest took to his grave, but tales describe his descendants as "the ones who dispel Lies through their only Truth", seemingly hinting that they have gained an unnatural power through their ancestor's unwavering belief.

    • Ability: Creates a 30 meter bubble of antimagic in which no magic can exist of the user's rank or lower.  Spell Fusions or similar effects can create spell effects that go beyond this limit.  While within the area,  nobody can speak lies and anyone inside will know when something is true fact or a lie. If someone says what they believe is true,  it will feel "empty", but is clearly not an intended lie but they would not be able to say it at all if it is a known lie to them.

    • Usage: 3 post duration with a 8 posts cooldown. Deals 5% HP damage per post to the user as long as it is active. If the bubble is hit by a spell of higher rank of one is used of higher rank inside of it the bubble will disperse and go onto cooldown.

    Ancient One's Library  EXDwI8k
    Name: Viktor's Descent
    Description: There once was a cannibal that used forbidden blood magic to slay and devour his victims. After many years of eating human flesh and drinking their blood through magic, it corrupted him. He could no longer live without it and needed the blood to stay refreshed and focused. When hunting new prey, Viktor used his Blood Vision to track down his victims. His offspring had the same corruption in their blood, and they could use the Blood Vision. However, they did not grow the same hunger, unless they started to feed on humans.

    • Ability: The user can see all enemies within 100 meters in their field of view, regardless of what might be impeding their vision. By tasting someone, directly or indirectly (Licking something they touched / blood drips on the ground,  ect.) they become persistently aware of the direction that person or creature is so long as they're flesh and blood.

    • Usage: Passive toggle on/off.

    Ancient One's Library  0zc6tLh
    Name: Warrior's Heart
    Description: Long ago there was an era of Kings and Warlords waging war against each other over kingdoms for many years. Warriors and sellswords were well paid and became idols. The way of the warrior was a common path youngsters attempted to walk, but in order to become a true warrior they had to travel through dangerous lands to find the Warrior Saint. An old entity that would look into a warrior's heart and deem it worthy of his blessing. It would grant the warrior more courage and willpower than the ordinary man in times of need. One day the Warrior Saint disappeared and the age of warriors was over. However, some believed that some heroes still possessed the Warrior Saint's blessing. They said that a true warrior worthy of the blessing is blessed by the Warrior Saint at birth.

    • Ability: These descendants are known for courage and fighting prowess, along with making them immune to any fear or discouragement.   Any weapon they wield adds 25% more overall damage to simulate their prowess on top of the increase the weapon already gives.

    • Usage: Passive.

    Ancient One's Library  WpSJ8RK
    Name: Wrath of Neptune
    Description: A powerful water mage, who called himself Neptune The Great, plunged his people into war after the assassination of his wife and daughter. According to the legends he flooded the entire land of his enemies and swept them away. Upon his death he cast his power into an amulet that was to be given to his best friend's son, who had become more like family to him as well. The moment the young man put the amulet around his neck, he claimed that some sort of energy had entered his body. In times of distress, he could briefly control the water around him to release the anger he felt within. The water would come together in a big wave directed to a target he had chosen in his mind.

    • Ability: Allows the user to redirect any water type magic of their rank or less(S Max) by spending 20% MP which then forms it into a huge wave with power equal to the user's rank. The wave is 20 meters wide.
      Gains one spell slot for a water elemental spell equal to the user's rank (S-max) in addition to their spells.

    • Usage: Redirection has a 5 post cooldown. Spell has to be made a water familiar but other than that is dependent on the user.

    Ancient One's Library  KEtWaVx
    Name: Wrath of the Wraith
    Description: Long ago, a group of ghost hunters were following a lead, attempting to track and hunt a rogue spirit that had been terrorizing a nearby town. Upon finally tracking down the creature, and cornering it in its lair, the group of two dozen were killed until only a single man remained. As the final member of the group, a priest, battled the wraith, he learned the truth. This creature was not just any wraith, but was, in fact, the first Wraith. The first malevolent spirit to form from the murder of Abel, a murder perpetrated by Cain, his own brother.
    As this priest battled, he learned there would be no way to kill and silence the wraith of Abel. In his final moments, he did the one and only thing that he could and bound the wraith to his soul, and by extension, the soul of the next of his descendants born in every generation.

    • Ability: This lineage gifts the user an additional advanced spell slot which ranks with the user, but caps at S+ rank. This additional spell must be a Takeover Spell, and must be a shadow of the wraith that was bound long ago. This spell is subject to grading just like any other, and the rest of the takeover abilities are free to be made or used however the user wishes.

    • Usage Passive.

    Ancient One's Library  Z6QFFLa
    Name: Zeus' Decedent
    Description: There once was a powerful mage who called himself Zeus the Mighty. During a magical lightning storm, he got struck by lightning twice at the same time. He miraculously survived and gained the ability to redirect electricity and magical current, and passively gained the ability to resist it. His descendants inherited this power but it grew weaker with every generation, so only certain spells could be redirected.

    • Ability:Can redirect any lightning based spells that equal the user's rank or less(S Max) by spending the MP the spell would cost them for their rank to cast it plus half. Also grants the user a 25% resistance to any and all lightning-based spells, regardless of spell rank. They gain a single user-ranked lightning spell (S Max) or a user-ranked minus one signature lightning spell (A Max) in addition to their spells.

    • Usage: Redirection has a 4 post cooldown and the rest are passive.

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