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    New User Guide Clarity


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    New User Guide Clarity Empty New User Guide Clarity

    Post by Ran on 26th July 2020, 4:58 pm

    So there's two New User Guides that I've seen around!
    - under Archived Magics, I'm gonna call it One
    - under General Rules that I'm gonna call Two

    I'm guessing the original (it's an older topic) was number One, either way, the link at the top of the site (with Patch Notes and Guild Information), under the Quicklinks, and in the PM you get upon joining the site (and maybe other places idk) link to One, which has outdated links for things like job sign ups and job endings

    Just wanted to suggest maybe for them to be changed to the link for Two cause I know it can cause a little confusion with them linking to the old guide which might not get updated when approval threads get archived and such. Either that or like archive Two and put One in General Rules and update it and whatnot, whichever is easier I guess? The thinking behind this suggestion was just so that everything can kinda match :D

    - also under Magic Creation it does say "You can roleplay in jobs and socials without magic" but before that under Character Creation it says "!~ Once your character has been approved you can take part in D & C ranked jobs, and socials without magic." which I'm guessing might be outdated so maybe could delete/edit that?

    anyway all of these are just little things that are a bit confusing when first joining



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    New User Guide Clarity Empty Re: New User Guide Clarity

    Post by Johann on 2nd August 2020, 4:47 am

    Just gonna jump in here officially and comment on this since I'm the one meant to handle this particular thing:

    All of your observations are correct and I don't think this suggestion is misplaced. The New User Guide, like almost all of our admittedly outdated and sometimes broken systems and rulesets, is in the process of being revised and reworked almost entirely. We realize that the guide in its current form is a big problem, and I am writing up a new one from scratch that will hopefully be not only more comprehensive, but also up to date in order to reflect the site's current environment and our effort to bring the mess we've been left with to a workable state.

    That said, since the staff team is technically working on implementing this suggestion already, I will go ahead and close this as well as move it to approved suggestions.


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