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    The Hunt for an Eclipse


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    The Hunt for an Eclipse Empty The Hunt for an Eclipse

    Post by Nekros 16th June 2024, 9:21 am

    Off in the distance of Magnolia lies a large forest and mountain range. From the smallest of dragonflies to the largest of vulcans, many flora and fauna make their homes within the area. Even on occasion, some of the rarest of beasts may claim residence as they migrate through locale. Today was far similar to that than experts could claim to know; Deep into the forests, a nest had recently seen warmth. The surrounding area flickered with light and dark before things rippled back to normal. For on this day, the laying of an exotic species of griffin had taken place as an eclipse had passed over the area. Several eggs lay dormant within, leaving a hefty treasure for some that even know the species exists.

    On the other side of Fiore lies a small wild continent of Tolgalen, home to the West Fiore Trading Company. A large trading company that does business with many of the countries around the area. It is also home to a large zoo full of rare and exotic creatures, The Exotic Emporium. This zoo was run by two of the former Onyx Moon guild members and WFTC employees, Pandora and Jaeger. While they are both important, today's story focuses on the latter, Jaeger as he travels across the ocean to the mainland of Fiore. He was chasing a rumor of potential acquisition of a rare beast; that of an Eclipse Griffin. Rumors/Evidence listed below:

    - Faint Eclipse-like icons appearing over Magnolia, suggesting that the Eclipse Griffins magic is potentially nearby.
    - Eclipse is happening relatively soon.
    - From the shadows whispers can be heard, but when people turn to acknowledge them, they stop entirely. A way the griffin communicates outside of other beasts.
    - Illusionary like feathers have been spreading around town, likely fakes or a hunter or Poacher has been selling what they find in the forests.

    Then, there are the mating patterns that suggest the exotic animal will be close or roughly around the metropolis of Magnolia. Jaeger's goal in all of this? To nab an egg or two to hatch and raise at the Zoo or, if need be, rescue any sort of hatchlings or mother griffin. While these creatures are very rare, they are not above the obsessive poacher wanting to get  their feathers, beaks, or just head for clout.

    Over Magnolia, the sun blazes high and mighty, awaiting the celestial event of the year. A few clouds scattered across the sky, threatening to block the view of the eclipse. As is normal with this time of year, birds fluttered about the city and skies, enjoying the warm air. They give chase to one another, find a mate, feed the baby birds, maybe even fight for territory; all in all, they were bringing more life into the concrete jungle that is the city. Of course, not to discredit the populace below that were doing their damnedest to be social and soak up all the sun they can. The shops were wide open, people in and out, all the benches were full of those taking a break or chatting with friends before the next stop on their list.

    The camera zooms around the city, taking in and noting all the people, animals, and interactions as it travels through to the main city entrance. Walking through the gateway was a blonde haired man, who had styled his hair into a long ponytail, and dressed in a fine white suit. His eyes radiate a vibrant red hue and just pulls the rest of his look together. The eclipse was to start within the next day or so. The mage and zoo keeper had only a short time to collect data, follow leads, and get himself a brand new rescue and/or exhibit at the zoo. So with that thought in tow, he began walking out of the dock area and into the city proper.

    Within ten minutes of his stroll, he can see one of the faint eclipse-like symbols on the front face of a building. The symbol itself is a large circle with a line running through it to create an eclipse-like effect, even a slight glow came from the area that was supposed to be the sun. The building looked almost like it was someone's home; however, doing a double take at the situation, it was some sort of shop. Outside was the shop owner trying their damnedest to scrub off what they saw as graffiti. Jaeger, though, knew it was a sign that likely what he sought was nearby. Further in, he could hear talks about the whispers, so it seems the information that had made it all the way to Tolgalen wasn't all wrong.

    Something was for sure going on.

    Jaeger hit a smaller town square where a few businesses lie and surrounded by residential. There were a few groups of people talking with one another and some just enjoying the day by themselves. He needed to ask others about what they’ve seen personally or haven't seen instead of just waiting and listening like a weirdo.

    The blonde haired man casually strolled up to either a group of people are an individual to quiz them.

    “Excuse, may I take a moment of your time? I'm interested in some of the weird happenings going on around here lately… like seeing weird emblems, whispers, strange feathers… would you happen to know anything about this?

    Or maybe you’ve heard or seen of anything else?”

    [OOC: Feel Free to come up with any additional rumors or information that suits.]

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    The Hunt for an Eclipse Empty Re: The Hunt for an Eclipse

    Post by Diana Winchester 9th July 2024, 10:14 pm

    -Magnolia Town-

    Wearing her usual casual outfit of purple t-shirt, black skirt with pockets, white thigh-high stockings, and black tennis shoes, Diana strolled into Magnolia Town to get a cup of coffee from the local coffee shop. It had been quite some time since she had visited the town and she was going to get her favorite beverage before going to look for some work. Maybe Simon Wright had something paranormal that he wanted her to investigate or Meredith Smith might need her to go find her younger sister Amanda after the latter had gotten lost again.

    Diana glanced up for a moment and noticed that the sun was floating proudly overhead and sending its rays to beam down on anyone not inside a building or under some sort of shelter. There were also clouds scattered throughout the sky, but they did not seem to herald an approaching storm or signal the arrival of some other form of unpleasant weather, so Diana looked down again and continued her walk through the city. As she walked deeper into the city she began to hear people talking about a rare animal called an "Eclipse Griffin", an animal the blonde had never heard of before. Coinciding with those rumors was the presence of unusual signs in a form Diana had not seen until today, something that made the blonde curious as to what was going on.

    Since the Guildless mage had nothing better to do she decided to listen out for anything else on the "Eclipse Griffin" and see where the rumors took her.

    Continuing her search for the local coffee shop, Diana looked around for more of the unusual signs and found a few dotted around Magnolia Town with no rhyme or reason behind their placement. She also thought she heard predictions that an eclipse of some sort was imminent, but the blonde did not place much stock in hearsay. She would need solid evidence before she believed what was being said about either the animal or the eclipse.

    Keeping her mouth shut but her ears and mind open, Diana went on her way and eventually entered a town square that was not as big as she had been expecting it to be. She came to a stop on the corner of the street and made sure that she was not impeding pedestrian traffic before stepping to the side and looking around for either a coffee shop or more of those strange signs. She did not find either, but she happened to find a well-dressed man wearing an immaculate white suit speaking to a group of people. He also sported red eyes and blond hair put into a neat-looking ponytail. Furthermore Diana picked up a magic signature coming from him, a feature that compelled her to approach him.

    The purple-clad blonde approached slowly and carefully, stopping at his side before speaking.

    "Hello. I apologize for interrupting, but would you happen to know anything about this "Eclipse Griffin" I have been hearing about around town?" Diana calmly asked the white-clad man.

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