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    Divine Huntress

    Diana Winchester
    Diana Winchester

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    Divine Huntress Empty Divine Huntress

    Post by Diana Winchester 5th July 2020, 9:22 pm

    Lineage Name: Divine Huntress
       Wielder: Diana Winchester
       Purchase Proof: The General Store: Page 27, Post Number 673 (Request), Page 27, Post Number 674 (Approval)

       Long ago in a country far from Earthland, there once lived a goddess named Diana. Diana was the goddess of the moon, the goddess of the hunt, and a protector of women. She was empowered by the faith of her followers for many centuries, but the rise of another faith led to the slow and steady decline of her power until it eventually faded completely... or so it was thought. The goddess had indeed lost much of her power, but she maintained a small portion of it thanks to her name living on in mortal legends and literature for many centuries after her cult lost its influence on the affairs of man.

    Seeing a chance to ensure that her name is not lost to the sands of time, the goddess Diana has granted a small but powerful portion of her powers to a mage named Diana Winchester. Whether it was by mere coincidence or by the hand of fate, Diana now wields some of the powers of the goddess she shares her name with. While they might not be as powerful as they were at the peak of the goddess' power and influence, these powers still make Diana Winchester a mage to be reckoned with.

    The boons granted by Divine Huntress coincide with the goddess' domains and are focused around increasing Diana's damage against certain opponents, increasing her defense, boosting her HP and MP for long hunts, and even increasing the money she earns from a job.

       •Goddess Of The Hunt- One domain of the goddess was the hunting of beasts; as a result Diana is imbued with the power to do more damage to any animals she hunts. Diana inflicts 50% more damage to animals (ex. mundane, supernatural, Summons that are animal-like). Requires OOC permission to affect PC summons or Event NPC summons.

       •Protector Of Women- Another domain of the goddess was the protection of women. This manifests as an increase in the damage Diana inflicts to male characters. The normal increase is 25%. However, if she is fighting in defense of another woman or a group of women (PC or NPC), Diana gains another 25% increase in damage against male characters for a total increase of 50%. Requires OOC permission to affect male PC characters or Event NPCs. The damage increase from Protector Of Women only affects male characters.

       •Divine Aegis- Sometimes even a goddess needs to shield herself from attacks. Diana gains a defense worthy of a goddess via a 50% boost to the Durability of all her Defensive spells.

       •Divine Tribute- People see a small spark of divine power in Diana and worry about what might happen to them if they cheat her out of her rightful pay for her work. To avoid this they voluntarily pay more for Diana's services. This results in a 100% increase in Jewels earned from jobs.

    •Divine Restoration- Diana gets a 5% boost to both HP and MP restoration: Diana recovers 5% of both every other turn. This is active at all times of day.

      •Huntress' Arsenal- Any huntress worth their salt knows that no matter how well-placed it is, sometimes the first shot is just not enough to take down their quarry. Diana has been gifted with a 60% increase to MP so that she has plenty of ammunition for the hunt.

       •Huntress' Fortitude- Sometimes the prey fights back harder than expected and makes the hunt longer than anticipated. Diana has been gifted with a 60% increase to HP to ensure that she has the fortitude to persevere and take down her quarry.

      Plot Abilities:

      •Eternal Huntress- Diana, like the goddess she shares her name with, can never truly die. If she falls in battle, her body vanishes in a burst of silver light. She then returns to life in a safe location the next night with the rising of the moon. Diana's aging is also halted at the age at which she attained the goddess' power.

      •Goddess Teleport- Having been granted some of the power of a goddess, Diana can teleport to and from any place she has already visited at least once in her life. She appears and disappears in a silver blur. This is strictly a Plot Ability and cannot be used to move around in combat.

      •Lunar Sense- Diana has been gifted with knowledge of the moon's cycles. She can tell with unerring accuracy what phase of the moon it is or when the tides come in and go out.

     •Hunter's Knowledge- Perhaps recognizing her as one of their own through the goddess' influence, most hunters are friendly towards Diana and freely offer her insights into the terrain and types of wildlife that frequent a region. Sometimes they offer her a place to stay or offer to aid her on a hunt... all she has to do is ask. Diana can switch this Plot Ability on and off at will. Requires OOC permission to affect PCs or Event NPCs.

     •Huntress' Wisdom- Diana has been gifted with knowledge of what animals and plant life are safe to eat and what to leave alone. When an animal is killed, Diana also knows which organs to remove before the meat is contaminated. This Plot Ability applies to all areas in Earthland.


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    Divine Huntress Empty Re: Divine Huntress

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 21st August 2020, 5:44 am

    Divine Huntress FbVA7uB



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