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    Winter Huntress Ice Make Magic



    Winter Huntress Ice Make Magic

    Post by Guest on 22nd October 2014, 5:33 am

    Winter Huntress Ice Make Magic

    Primary Magic: Winter Huntress Ice Make
    Secondary Magic: 2nd Generation Ice Dragon Slayer
    Caster or Holder: Caster

    Description: Bliss was born and raised in a mostly wintery environment by the House of Sword, one half of the Avoa clan that kept to its old ways. She learned how to hunt for food and where to find shelter in cold environments, as well as how to fight off the many threats that reside in the silent airs of the arctic.

    Bliss' magic is based on hunting in and around wintery elements, as well as converting her surroundings to her advantage. She is able to create a solid bow and ice arrows seemingly out of mid-air, whilst also using her magic to create ice on her feet, allowing her to 'skate' at high speeds and pick off targets with relative ease. She is also capable of changing even the weather conditions around her to her advantage if given the chance.

    Due to her family’s natural affinity for ice, plus the lacrima that pumps the power of an Ice Dragon through her veins, Bliss has developed a 50% resistance to all cold and ice based attacks of equal or lower rank. She could literally walk through a blizzard in nothing but a swimsuit and not feel anything for quite some time.

    Due to the cold temperature of Ice magic, Bliss' spells have the ability to slow or even immobilize her opponents, giving her a huge advantage alongside her generally ranged magic style.

    As Ice has a reflective quality, Bliss is able to reflect light based spells equal or lower than her own rank by creating a wall of ice. The ice will reflect all lower ranked spells and reflect 50% of equal ranked spells away from Bliss.

    Water magic struggles to make an impact on Bliss as well, as she can simply freeze any water magic of her own rank or below by using her magic as the water makes contact with her. However, water of a higher rank will melt the ice over time.

    Extremely hot temperatures can render much of Bliss' magic useless, as it will simply melt in little time. In these conditions the range of her spells are reduced by 50%, frostbite effects are removed in half the time, and freezing a target becomes impossible.

    Ice magic is naturally weak to fire and heat based magic, thus any magic of this affinity of equal or higher rank will spell trouble.

    A Demon/God/Dragon slayer of the same affinity is able to eat Bliss’ ice, rendering many of her spells useless against such opponents.

    High ranked armour and weaponry can smash through or shatter Bliss' lower ranked spells with ease.


    Reflection: Bliss can create a small 'mirror' of ice that will reflect all light spells of lower rank completely, and 50% of equal ranked light damage.

    Frostbite: Certain spells may deliver a frostbite to a target if the spell hits. Frostbite has differing effects depending on the strength of the spell used.

    S: Severe pain and a speed + durability reduction of 25% for 2 posts. Renders limbs completely unusable until either treated by an A rank or higher Healing Magic or properly warmed up with fire.

    A: Immense pain and a speed + durability reduction of 20% for 3 posts. Causes limbs to still be usable, but causes immense pain when either landing a punch or kick.

    B: Great pain and a speed + durability reduction of 15% for 4 posts.

    C: Moderate pain and a speed + durability reduction of 10% for 5 posts.

    D: Minor pain and speed + durability reduction of 5% for 6 posts.

    All levels of frostbite can be cured by a healing magic equal to or higher than the rank of frostbite inflicted. Frostbite can be stacked to up to 50% speed and durability reduction to the part of the body that is afflicted by frostbite (with the whole body receiving the reduction if the torso, shoulders or hips are afflicted)

    Signature Spell - Ice Make; Shiva's Bow:

    Name: Shiva's Bow
    Rank: User's Rank
    Type: Offence

    Description:  Bliss places her left hand out in front of her and calls upon the power of Shiva, the Godess of the Arctic. A bow of thick ice appears within the grasp of her left hand, while she creates icicle darts that she fires from range. Each dart deals damage equal to Bliss' rank and can travel up to 50m at a speed of 20m/s. The target will be afflicted with the respective level of frostbite if struck. Bliss can only fire one arrow per post unless she is using one of her other huntress spells.

    - The arrows inflict frostbite upon striking an opponent.

    - Shiva's Bow can be used as a melee weapon in close quarter situations, but deals half the damage of Bliss' rank.

    - Bliss can create and destroy Shiva's Bow as and when she requires it.

    - Apart from smacking people upside the head, Shiva's Bow is next to useless in close-range circumstances.

    - Fire based magics can melt Shiva's Bow if it is of equal or higher rank than Bliss. Fire based magics of one rank lower can melt the basic arrows in mid-flight if timed correctly.

    - Wind based magics of higher rank can move the arrows off-course in mid-flight.

    - Bliss can only fire one arrow per post unless she is casting another spell that utilises Shiva's Bow as a catalyst weapon.


    Ice Make; Hollow Arrow:
    Name: Ice Make; Hollow Arrow
    Rank: D
    Type: Ice, Offence

    Description: Bliss crafts a large but lightweight and hollow arrow of ice and fires it from her bow. The arrow travels at 20 metres per second for 40 metres. Upon striking a target they are dealt D-rank damage and left with frostbite on the impacted area. The arrow then splinters in all directions for 5 metres, dealing half D-rank damage to anyone else that is hit. They are not afflicted by frostbite.

    - Powerful ranged attack with chance of dealing damage to multiple enemies.

    - Bliss can cast the spell whilst stationary or whilst traveling.

    - If the arrow misses the initial target then it can still hit anyone behind the target and splinter. If the target is stood by an object then they may still be harmed by the splinters.

    - Wind magic of higher rank can knock the arrow off course.

    - Fire or Heat related magic of equal or higher rank can melt the arrow before it reaches its target, rendering it useless.

    - The arrow will melt almost immediately in temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius or above.

    - Although the arrow can be directed, the splinters cannot and they may harm allies as well as enemies.

    Duration: Instant Use
    Cooldown: 3 Posts

    Ice Make; Terrain:
    Name: Ice Make; Terrain
    Rank: D
    Type: Ice, Support
    Description: Bliss places her hands onto the ground beneath her. A sheet of ice stretches out to cover a 25 meter area around her. While this spell is active, the ice gives off a cold aura that causes any non-ice mages to be rooted to the spot for a short period of time. Bliss is also surrounded by this aura throughout the duration of this spell, causing an icy trail to follow her as she travels which has the same effects as the initial spell, as well as inflicting frostbite equal to her own rank to anyone who touches her.

    D Rank - 2 Posts.
    C Rank - 1 Post.
    B+ Rank - Unaffected.

    - Can temporarily root an enemy to one spot for 2 posts.

    - Will cause immediate frostbite to anyone who touches her.

    - When combined with her ranged magic, Bliss becomes a deadly ranged sniper who is difficult to defend from unless she's prevented from firing or the target can free themselves quickly.

    - Mages of a rank one higher than the spell will break free of rooting in one post, with mages of two ranks higher or more able to break out immediately in the same post.

    - Fire and heat based spells of equal or higher rank will melt the terrain, as well as the trail of ice that appears behind Bliss as she travels.

    - If Bliss is struck with a fire based spell then her aura will immediately fade.

    - Allies can also be rooted to the spot or given frostbite in the same way enemies can.

    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 4 posts

    Ice Make; Shiva's Blades:
    Name: Ice Make; Shiva's Blades
    Rank: D
    Type: Ice, Offence
    Description: Bliss places her hands down by her sides and creates two ice blades that each deal D-rank damage per strike. Each blade is 30 centimeters long and up to half an inch wide. They will break upon being struck by a single D-rank spell.

    - The blades give Bliss a much needed melee option for close quarter situations.

    - Bliss can opt to throw the blades should the opponent begin to retreat, or if she no longer requires them.

    - As the blades are quite short and narrow plus the fact they are made of ice, they are very lightweight and fast to wield. As such they are ideal for fast strikes and should the need arise, Bliss can continue to wield them as she retreats without her own speed being affected.

    - Fire magic of equal rank will melt the blades just by being near them.

    - Water Magic of equal rank can melt the blades over a period of time. If an offensive water spell lasts more than one post then the blades will melt from the temperature change.

    - The blades cannot break through armours of Strong (C) rank or above.

    - Weapons of strong (C) rank or above will shatter the blades upon colliding with them, dealing D-rank damage to Bliss as the ice cuts into her skin.

    Duration: 4 Posts
    Cooldown: 5 Posts

    Ice Make; Fox:
    Name: Ice Make; Fox
    Rank: D
    Type: Ice, Utility
    Description: Bliss creates a small fox made of ice that she is telepathically linked to. She then sends it out to scout her surroundings, sending her information regarding any and all threats in the immediate vicinity. The fox can only travel up to 50 meters away from Bliss before it loses its telepathic link and acts as any wild arctic fox would normally, attacking when threatened and dealing D-rank damage by biting a threat. It requires a single D-rank spell to destroy.

    - The fox is useful for scouting out the surrounding environment, giving Bliss information on any threats without putting herself at risk.

    - The fox sends all information to Bliss via telepathy, thus cannot be interrupted.

    - Although losing control of the fox can cause problems for Bliss, the fox will defend itself and can deal D-ranked damage upon biting anything it considers a threat.

    - If the fox feels something is a threat then it will bite, regardless of whether they are friend or foe.

    - If the fox goes out of range then the telepathic link is dropped and cannot be regained.

    - Cannot be cast in hot environments such as deserts, rainforests or near volcanoes.

    - The fox is easily destroyed, requiring only a single D-rank spell.

    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 4 posts


    Ice Make; Hailstorm:
    Name: Ice Make; Hailstorm
    Rank: C
    Type: Ice, Offence
    Description: Bliss places her hands together above her head before spreading them apart as she creates countless arrows. Upon her command, the arrows will fly through the air up to a range of 50 meters from Bliss' position at a speed of 35m/s, hailing down upon the target in a 10m circle and dealing a total of C-rank damage and inflicting C-rank frostbite. Due to the sheer number of arrows this spell uses, it is impossible to outright dodge without magic.


    - Due to the number of arrows that are falling in such a large area it is near impossible to dodge them.

    - The spell can be cast faster than would be expected, making it difficult for the opponent to prepare for it.

    - Inflicts frostbite upon striking the target.


    - A C-rank+ shielding spell can defend the target from the arrows.

    - Fire/heat magic of C-rank or above will melt the arrows before they reach the target, resulting in them getting wet but not inflicting any kind of pain.

    - An AoE wind spell can send the arrows in all directions, thus protecting the target.

    - The arrows go upwards through the air before they hail down on an opponent, thus they are useless to deal with oncoming attackers should they be in close range.

    Duration: Instant duration
    Cooldown: 5 post cooldown

    Ice Make; Rapid Glacier:
    Name: Ice Make; Rapid Glacier
    Rank: C
    Type: Ice, Supplementary.
    Description: Bliss places her hands above her head and a light blue aura appears above them. A sudden river of ice is formed, and flows at 20m per second for up to 40m while slowly sloping to the ground. The river becomes wider as it travels, starting at 2.5 meters wide and reaching a full width of 10 meters at its end point. Anyone caught in the river will be dealt C-rank damage, pushed back by 10m and be afflicted with frostbite. If caught in the first 5 meters of the spell then the victim will be dealt B-rank frostbite.

    - The glacier is capable of hitting multiple opponents at once.

    - Anyone caught in the first 5 meters of the ice river are afflicted with B-rank frostbite.

    - The glacier has a great range and hits with such force that it can knock someone back should they get caught in it.

    - A metal based defensive spell can be used to split the glacier away from the target.

    - A well timed fire spell can melt the glacier before it grows larger, rendering the spell useless in this circumstance.

    - Allies caught within the glacier will be injured and afflicted with frostbite.

    - Powerful water based magic can melt or redirect the glacier.

    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 4 posts

    Ice Make; Huntress:
    Name: Ice Make; Huntress
    Rank: C
    Type:Ice, Defence, Support
    Description: This spell is what splits the Avoa clan from most other Ice Make mages, as it is a spell that both houses of the clan would utilise. Frozen armour is used solely in dire situations or when Bliss is incredibly pissed off. She must be wielding Shiva's Bow.

    Bliss places her hands by her sides and creates a misty aura that slowly engulfs her. Her body is then coated in a fine layer of ice that grows progressively thicker on her hands, her legs and her bow. While coated in the frozen armour, Bliss is able to effectively 'skate' across the ground on a thin layer of ice on the bottoms of her shoes, granting her a 50% boost in speed. Her newly-formed gauntlets and upgraded bow, combined with her ability to create serrated arrows grant her double the damage output with every spell arrow that she fires. Alternatively she can fire up to 3 regular arrows per post instead of the usual 1.


    - Bliss' speed is increased by 50% while the armour is active.

    - Bliss' damage output is doubled while the armour is active.

    - Bliss is able to fire 3 arrows per post instead of one, with any missed arrows freezing the surface they land on.


    - Requires a 1 post charge up before use.

    - Drains an extra 10% MP for each spell cast

    - Drains 10% HP upon the armour fading.

    - Bliss cannot skate as effectively in hot climates. In such situations she can skate for a single post before the ice melts off of her feet for the remainder of the duration.

    Duration: 3 posts (Not including charging post)
    Cooldown: 4 posts


    Re: Winter Huntress Ice Make Magic

    Post by Guest on 30th October 2014, 6:24 pm

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    Re: Winter Huntress Ice Make Magic

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