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The land of djinns, flying carpets, and billions of grains of sand. Desierto is the kingdom of the burning sun! Though the landscape of this harsh sandy nation is mostly barren among the countless dunes of sand, there are three surprisingly large cities scrapping an existence into the brutal desert. Each of these oasis are ruled by a powerful Sultan that come together to form a legendary tri-council to govern the nation of Desierto as a whole. It may sound civilized, and it is - as long as you stay within the limits of the Sultans' walls. Outside of their protection and influence, Desierto is a sandy expanse of slave trading, mineral and metal farming, and crawling with enough rogue bandit tribes to rival an army. Truely, Desierto is not a place for the lighthearted or mild tempered. Visit this perilous nation at your own risk!

30448avatarDesierto's Kidna...
Yesterday at 9:06 pm
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Even in the wee hours of the morning, the mighty falls of a worn hammer can be heard against the relative silence of the island sky. As the day calls forth, that lonely sound is reinforced with the sound of a thousand hammers. This is a nation at work. Welcome to Ca-Elum! Renowned throughout all of Earthland for their immense skill in all things concerning a forge, Ca-Elum is probably one of the wealthiest nations of all the fourteen, yet the overall modest attitude of the people makes them live just to their means, keeping their ridiculous amounts of gold to buy the latest and greatest metals and smithery tools to keep their techniques razor sharp. This very well defended island nation is governed by a direct democracy, where the people vote for the President of their nation. This person is given the title of "Master Smith", as they must not only have positive political views but also impeccable and unrivaled skills at the forge. There is much to do at this tropical emporium of smithery! Whether it be searching the ocean floor for mysteries with the help of the Ca-Elum Sub-Naval Force or traversing the dangerous lava flows to find precious metals, Ca-Elum is no doubt a place where adventure is just around the corner!

1155avatarYasu + Chae [Soc...
14th January 2018, 5:20 pm
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Have you ever wanted to see a rainbow tinted dragondart fly? Or perhaps ride the back of a neo-electric splice rhino? You can certainly do these things and so much more in the mystical land of Seven! Dominated by a humongous forest promptly named "The Sevenwood", this nature nation is truly a place of wonder. Every single creature, animal or otherwise, is sentient. From a worm to a centaurian, every living being has the ability to talk. This is the birthplace of every known peaceful non-human magical race in existence other than the Exceed of legend. It is a known fact that Earthland is bursting with magic at the seams, so it is only a fitting thing that the majority of Seven's populace have the ability to wield magic to some degree. This fortunate ability has allowed the people in Seven to construct gigantic tree and coral-rock cities from the dense forests and deep lakes of Seven's abundant landscape. This unbarren nation is governed by a single Queen who is rumored to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. The full cornucopia of nature awaits all that visit this wondrous place!

30302avatarI'VE BECOME THE ...
7th October 2017, 9:07 pm
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You know what would be some intense culture shock? Taking someone from the Stone Ages and siting them in the tech-mega society of Bosco. Decades, perhaps millennia ahead of their terrestrial neighbors, the nation of Bosco would be any tech-head's paradise. Poverty, diseases, even ache are almost non-existent in this futuristic super society. With skyscrapers that can rival mountains and cities the size of small oceans, Bosco is by far the most populated nation in the world. However, all is not well inside this mecha-nation. Scandal has rocked the hierarchy of the nation as the plans and schematics to the legendary Etherion device that Fiore's Magic Council wields were claimed to be stolen from the country's R&D Department by some Fiorian perpetrator. This has somewhat strained relations between the two nations. Bosco has closed out all technological trade with other nations unless approved by their highest Council - The Techno-Council - themselves. Shortly after the scandal broke out, the paramilitary division known simply as "The Peacekeepers" were created to enforce the Techno-Council's decrees. These Peacekeepers wield technology that is so far-fetched its cutting edge by even Bosco's standards. They use their almost magic-like technological skills to combat any and all threats that may or might befall the mega-metropolises of Bosco. "Keep the skies of Bosco alight", is their creed and they will decimate anything in their way to keep it that way.

The Velvet Society, Albion Prime, Pantheon Industries

17156avatarFool's Gold[Stei...
5th January 2018, 9:32 pm
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Sitting perched in the middle of the expanse of land that holds Bosco, Iceberg, and Joya, is the rowdy and sturdy nation of Stella! While the people of Ca-Elum are known for their legendary smithery, the dwarves of Stella are known for their almost other worldly architectural designs and feats. To have a building designed and built by a Stellan architect is probably one of the best shows of wealth and power in all of Earthland. That would be because Stellans are perhaps some of the most greediest people on the face of planet. They somehow put your money where their mouth is, however, when they fashion designs that can only be achieved by magic yet use none and have no use of the advanced technology from their neighbors in Bosco. In all honesty, the people of Stella are actually rather distrusting of outsiders. Especially Magic Users. This puts them at a rather odd political position with countries like Fiore, but they seem the most closely tied with Ca-Elum and even Seven for their profound appreciation of nature that those of Stella also agree upon. But do not make the mistake of their hesitation towards magic for fear. Stellans are a proud and battle-ready people. They can don full body mail armor in a moments notice and use their proficient skill with axes and battle hammers combined with their strange immunity to anything other than the most dangerous of spells to down any mage that makes the mistake of getting in their way.

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3rd May 2017, 3:02 pm
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It takes a terrible person to hate a cat. It takes an even worse person to hate one of the gorgeous half-cat, half-human friendly folk of the tribal nation of Joya! Surrounded by some of the highest mountains in all of Earthland, this almost completely isolated nation sports tropical weather and biological diversity that rivals even Seven's natural splendor. Where Seven has tamed and tall forests, Joya has wild and widespread jungles that host any number of curiosities and dangers alike. Though the rainforests are certainly a sight to see, a real treat would be seeing the various tribal villages that dot the landscape of this nation. Specializing in no one thing, Joyan markets are always a place to find quite odd parcels, fake or not. Why don't you come on over to this mystical nation, where the girls are pretty and the boys just want you to have a good time?

954avatarI LOVE THE ADREN...
21st June 2017, 11:24 am
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While Fiore, Seven, and Joya are known for their sprawling wild habitats, there is a small nation at the southern point of Earthland that holds a special natural serenity rarely seen across the world. Welcome to the land of bushido and rice balls, the cherry blossom tree nation known as Midi! This tranquil land of waterfalls and hotsprings is the vacation spot of the world. Royalty, powerful wizards, the rich and elite, all with something to prove and the power to do it to come here to unwind. One might think that this regular playground of the high class would be underlying with crime because of all that money in one small nation, but you would certainly be wrong. Presiding over the Midian people is the famed Emperor and his Samurai warriors. The Emperor is capable of wielding a magic so destructive that several countries have flagged him to be assassinated immediately if he ever goes rogue while his bushido warriors - who specialize in custom sword magics - are said to be some of the most skilled swordsman in the world. Though they certainly sound tough, Midi is a tourist nation and treats all those in it's borders with the utmost respect and kindness... unless you break a law.

Wei Temple

21249avatarThe Path to B-in...
4th February 2018, 5:28 am
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A nation of sprawling fields and plains with one look to the left and a place of royal precedence with one look to the right. Welcome to Minstrel, the richest nation in all of Earthland. Or at least that is what they tell everyone else. Though they seem to be able to put their money where their mouth is because the term "apartment" means a three story, 6,000 ft or less estate in this affluent nation. The terms privileged and well-off take whole other meanings in this country as the ladies and gentleman tassel about with titles that mean absolutely nothing yet mean everything to them. Chivalry and powdered wigs will live on forever here as the ridiculously wealthy of the nation are the ones that hold political flagship over the "poorer" citizens. This prip and pompous nation is protected by proper and pinned-up magic police known affectionately as the "Musketeers". These men and women are trained to use their magic in coalescence with their excellent saber skills. Said to be somewhat on par with the legendary Samurai in Midi culture, these madams and sirs are surely a force to be reckoned with.

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4th February 2018, 12:00 pm
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"The place where all the ice and cold in the world is born and where it dies", is one of the many descriptions on the frozen nation known simply as Iceberg. While it is not a chilly wasteland, Iceberg used to be called a different name though it was lost to the cold long ago. It also looked significantly different. Once the leading farming nation, able to supply food all over Earthland, the foolhardy king of that time found a crown on a expedition that seemed to call out to him. When the poor man donned the crown, he was fatally changed. Icy winds whipped from his body and as his soul surrendered to the evil tyrant inside the jeweled headpiece, a eternal winter befell the agricultural nation. The populace, not used to such colds, were almost entirely wiped out within a few months of the colds' arrival. Those that have survived are now locked in a never ending struggle to try and dethrone the king every ten years and shatter his crown to once and for all end this terrible blizzard over their nation. The government is ruled by the one wearing the cursed crown, though none of the other nations dare to try to take this tyrant on. While Fiore has Etherion, the power of the crown is so great that it could freeze an entire nation solid if pressed to do so. A fearsome opponent, indeed.

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1st October 2017, 9:20 pm
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On the very outskirts of Fiore's borders sits a city bustling with magic called Rose Garden. It seems like the very fabric of the city is magic as it seems to be even in the air. Now, imagine a place like Rose Garden, only bigger. Much bigger. Once you do, you will have the mystic land of Bellum! This nation has the highest concentration of magical beings in all of the world. The country is so saturated in magical energy that it literally spews from gigantic chasms in the ground. This is where the amazing floating cities of Bellum were born. Unable to ask the magic weary Stellans for architectural advice, the Bellumains ending building their own cities with magic, and they were better off for it. Their cities are virtually indestructible by regular means. Accidentally sent a boulder through a shop? The shop's magic energy will fix itself about three minutes later like nothing even happened. Because of this, the economy of Bellum is rather unmoving since they spend absolutely nothing on infrastructure. This magic adept nation is ruled by the magic users and their leaders, known as Archmages. One might think that their seemingly boundless potential to use magic would be a good thing, but actually, Bellum is the nation with the most racial strife in all of Earthland's history. They revere and worship magic so much that they are condescending towards non-magical creatures, treating them like second-class citizen or even slaves. They are at odds with almost all the other nations because of their attitudes. Fiore and Pergrande especially.

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17th February 2018, 9:22 pm
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In the middle of Earthland's easternmost ocean sits the island nation of Enca! This seafood nation exports some of the most strange and decadent treasures that the ocean has to offer. The people of Enca are unparalleled fisherman and sailors, save only for the trained naval forces of Ca-Elum and Pergrande. However, it is a known fact that a Encan in the water is faster than most people running full speed on land. They are literally at home on the ocean. Because of their fishing-based economy, Enca's naval force is a vast collection of mobile barges and huge fishing boats that can be equipped with crude weaponry at a moments notice. The "Fangs", which are the wizards of Enca, are scare yet powerful, often having magics based around the water. They are by far some of the best hunters in the world, able to hunt mega-sharks on their turf and survive. Their main island is a lush tropical paradise similar to Joya's ecology but with a more marine feel.

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20th February 2018, 3:00 pm
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Pergrande Kingdom

Near the peak of the planet sits the most massive sprawl of land in all of Earthland yet it is only occupied by one single nation. The military monarchy kingdom known as Pergrande. It is obvious just by looking at a map of the world that Pergrande is the largest nation in all of Earthland, but their immense size is only dwarfed by their gigantic hate for anything to do with magic. It began long ago when a Queen of Pergrande left the throne because a wizard cast a love spell unto her. Afterwards, the King of the time ordered the termination of any and all magical creatures within Pergrande's borders. Decades later, the paranoia and fear still live on, even worse. The paranoia has turned into outright hatred. If someone does something that even resembles magic, they are taken and usually never seen again. Though their borders are open to immigration, it is to non-magical creatures only. If you so much as have speck of magic about you, you will be rejected at the line. Be happy that is all though, because if a magical creature steps into Pergrande and someone finds out, the whole of the army will be dispatched to eradicate you. Overkill, much? To police their massive nation, Pergrande's armed forces is so immense that it exceeds the armies of some other nations combined, though it is a bit more required because of the constant monster problem Pergrande faces because of their bordering of Sin.

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10th January 2018, 6:26 am
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If you've somehow ended up inside the barren, dark and terrible land known accurately as Sin by the outside then kiss your life goodbye because you have entered the birthplace of every vile creature in Earthland. Long ago, when there weren't really any real monster problems other than the giants of Bosco, the "Great Inquisition of Pergrande" was taking place. Distraught wizards, seeking shelter and later revenge from the Pergrande Kingdom for attacking them so viciously, fled to this bleak expanse of land outside of the kingdom's borders. Once there, they enacted a terrible spell that gave birth to the ancestors of today's monsters in an attempt to get revenge upon the people of Pergrande. It backfired. Terribly. The wizards only ended up getting themselves killed while unleashing the greatest magical-related problem in the history of Earthland. Ever since their emergence, the Pergrande Kingdom has maintained a wavering coalition along their border to keep the monsters at bay though some still slip through. The only landmark in Sin is the skyscraper-esque wall that separates the nations of Pergrande and Sin.

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2nd July 2017, 4:49 am
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Tau'riWelcome to Tau'ri! The mostly desert landscape is dotted with the occasional Oasis and grouping of trees and water. The place is not as populated as most, with all that live here intent on staying out of the troubles of the world and attempting to maintain peace with those nearby. They have easy laws to follow; No killing when possible, no evil deeds, justice instead of revenge, and help all that need it..

Watered Expanse

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10th December 2016, 2:47 am
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