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    UFO's, Dwarves and Powers (Request C)

    Mura Kensho
    Mura Kensho

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    UFO's, Dwarves and Powers (Request C) Empty UFO's, Dwarves and Powers (Request C)

    Post by Mura Kensho on Mon Dec 07 2015, 14:44

    Job Title: UFOs from Bosco
    Rank: C
    Player Requirements: Must be a member of Fairy Tail. May only complete this Job once. May only bring one partner and they must be a Guildmate.
    Job Requirements: Must roll 4 Monster dice. Thread must be 35 posts. 300 Words per post.
    Job Location: Stella (Ironcliff Town)

    Job Description: The King of the Stella, and of all Dwarves is having an issue with Bosco. The technological nation has been under suspicion of violating international law by sending their Peacekeepers into the Dwarven nation of Stella to actually abduct Dwarves and study them back in Bosco.

    You have been sent by the Guildmaster to see if this is true, and also to put an end to it if so.

    You find yourself in the Throne Room of the Dwarven King at noon. It also seems like a beer hall, as there are Dwarves all about drinking and making merry as the King sits upon his throne. He tells you that Ironcliff Town, far from the capital city in Stella; but the largest town in Stella aside from the capital itself. It has been suffering from these recent 'abductions' from strange aircraft as the Dwarven people have put it. You are to travel there and wait for Bosco to attempt to abduct more Dwarves. The King sends you on your way; knowing that these strange aircraft belong to the technologically advanced nation of Bosco, but not wanting his people to panic.

    The King has been friends with your Guildmaster for some time, so he knows that collateral damage will happen when dealing with Fairy Tail. The Dwarves of Stella are a hearty people, and will rebuild whatever is destroyed.

    He mainly wants you to teach Bosco a lesson. Although Dwarves do not trust wizards, or like Magic. The King has a good relationship with Fairy Tail and will trust you to take care of this task for him. Although the King admits he could handle this situation himself--he does not wish to put his own troops at risk of being abducted while subduing the Bosco forces. Although the people of Ironcliff Town may not like you because you're a wizard; they will warm up to you when they see you helping fend off the abductions.

    He also has the suspicion that this group abducting Dwarves from Stella is a rouge group, a splinter cell that is not actually representing the Techno Council--the real government of Bosco who have been at peace with the dwarves for centuries. He also wishes you to find out if this is true or not. If it is true, and it is a splinter cell group---he wants you to capture either their leader or one of their aircraft to turn into the real authority in Bosco; 'The Peacekeepers' who would probably be furious and lock the group abducting Dwarves from Stella up, or worse.

    Weak: Black Falcon Mercenary x10 - A mercenary from Bosco who represents the Black Falcon group. Wears all black armor with glowing silver eyes that leave trails when they move. They have rapid fire Ion Cannons that deal C-Ranked damage if hit fully by a burst. They also have a cloaking device that allows them to move through the town unseen except for a slight shift in light every now and then. Defeated by 2 hits of C-Ranked damage each.

    Normal: Black Falcon Heavy Armored Spartan x2 - A mercenary in heavy armor, that is colored all black and seems to have plate on plate folded on top of it. The eyes of their armor glow silver like the other Black Falcon Mercenaries. These heavy armored Techno Soldiers are armed with giant cannons that deal huge 30 ft explosions of B-Ranked ion energy, causing B-Ranked damage to large areas if they fire in bursts. Although they can deal a lot of damage; they are incredibly slow; and sometimes can take an entire post just to change direction and aim. They go down in 4 hits of C-Ranked damage or two hits of B-Ranked damage.

    Strong: Black Falcon Ship x5 - Above the town, and cloaked as well by advanced technology. Hard to see, unless a cloud passes over it, it starts raining, or something contacts it. The cloaking device does shimmer every now and then. These are the ships they are abducting Dwarves too. They hover above Ironcliff Town as the other Black Falcon Mercenaries round up Dwarves and beam them back up to the ships. If you de-cloak and attack one, it will start firing on you with missiles and lasers that do B-Ranked damage with each hit or explosion. Takes 4 hits of C-Ranked damage or 2 hits of B-Ranked damage to destroy the shielding on the craft and down it. They are colored all black, with four blue colored ion engines flaring behind them and under them depending on which direction they are headed. Destroying the engine with a direct hit will deal double your ranks damage.

    Boss: Black Falcon Boss - A hunter who has traveled all around Earthland, he wears a Light Armor Exo Suit and has a pair of energy katanas on his back, humming threateningly when activated; they seem to unfold and fold. He explains that he needs Dwarven blood for his experiments back in Bosco; so that he can isolate what makes them so resistant to Magic in order duplicate it. He plans on creating an invincible army that can't be hurt by Magic. First he would use this army to take over Bosco, and then the world. It's up to you to stop him now.

    His Exo Suit has wrist mounted cannons that deal B-Ranked damage with each explosion of Ion Energy. The two energy katanas glow blue, and deal C-Ranked damage with each hit. His Exo Suit also allows him to jump incredibly high and run faster than a normal personal would be able too.

    Takes 6 hits of C-Ranked damage or 4 hits of B-Ranked damage to defeat the Boss of the Black Falcon Mercenaries. When he is defeated, he tells you that he is only one of 8 bosses of the Black Falcons. A group of Ex-Peacekeepers who are bent on taking over the nation of Bosco and then the world. They are the enemies of the Techno-Council; who want to spread peace through their technology and not conquer.

    Reward: Double XP (Equivalent of 2 C-Ranked Jobs completed). Having stopped the two Nations of Bosco and Stella from going to war with eachother by defeating the Bosco Splinter Cell, you are now a friend of both nations and paid 7,000j.

    In a city, far away from the landscapes of Fiore, Mura had arrived with his spirit friend, Kyuken. He was sent on this job by his guild master to this place, which seemed to be homing Dwarves.  “Wait, what are all these… creatures doing here? Is this their city?” Mura curiously asked Kyuken, who was right beside him. Kyuken looked around, studying all these unique species and replied: “It’s Dwarves. I always thought that they lived underground; under the country. It doesn’t seem so…” They slowly moved pass all these Dwarves, who all looked at them with a slight sense of mistrust. Mura spotted that and felt stabbed from everywhere; they were all looking at them, both him and his spirit. “Ehh… Kyuken, this is creepy… do you remember the job, again?” Mura asked him. He wanted to move the thoughts away from the staring audience. Besides, he didn’t really remember the job much. “We were supposed to help the King. Apparently, he has some issues with something called Bosco.” Bosco was the technological nation that had kidnapped many Dwarves and taken them away from the kingdom to study them in Bosco. The King had requested the Fairy Tail Guild to help him, partly due to the fact that he knows the Guildmaster very well.

    Mura finds himself at the front of the giant door to the King’s castle. He slowly opens it, only to spot a large hall, which seemed to be a beer hall with all the Dwarves drinking and talking to each other. When Mura stepped in, they all stood up and looked at him, then looked at the King and cheered, as sits on his throne. “Hm, where’s my friend? He’s not with that little kid…” is the first that the King comments on Mura’s arrival. “Wait, what? Did you call someone else?” Mura asked him in confusion, swiftly looking at Kyuken and the King…


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