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    UFO's, Dwarves and Powers (Request C)

    Mura Kensho
    Mura Kensho

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    UFO's, Dwarves and Powers (Request C) Empty UFO's, Dwarves and Powers (Request C)

    Post by Mura Kensho 7th December 2015, 12:44 pm


    In a city, far away from the landscapes of Fiore, Mura had arrived with his spirit friend, Kyuken. He was sent on this job by his guild master to this place, which seemed to be homing Dwarves.  “Wait, what are all these… creatures doing here? Is this their city?” Mura curiously asked Kyuken, who was right beside him. Kyuken looked around, studying all these unique species and replied: “It’s Dwarves. I always thought that they lived underground; under the country. It doesn’t seem so…” They slowly moved pass all these Dwarves, who all looked at them with a slight sense of mistrust. Mura spotted that and felt stabbed from everywhere; they were all looking at them, both him and his spirit. “Ehh… Kyuken, this is creepy… do you remember the job, again?” Mura asked him. He wanted to move the thoughts away from the staring audience. Besides, he didn’t really remember the job much. “We were supposed to help the King. Apparently, he has some issues with something called Bosco.” Bosco was the technological nation that had kidnapped many Dwarves and taken them away from the kingdom to study them in Bosco. The King had requested the Fairy Tail Guild to help him, partly due to the fact that he knows the Guildmaster very well.

    Mura finds himself at the front of the giant door to the King’s castle. He slowly opens it, only to spot a large hall, which seemed to be a beer hall with all the Dwarves drinking and talking to each other. When Mura stepped in, they all stood up and looked at him, then looked at the King and cheered, as sits on his throne. “Hm, where’s my friend? He’s not with that little kid…” is the first that the King comments on Mura’s arrival. “Wait, what? Did you call someone else?” Mura asked him in confusion, swiftly looking at Kyuken and the King…



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