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    Mura Kensho

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    The Ghost Slayer

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    Master Kensho's Bank Empty Master Kensho's Bank

    Post by Mura Kensho 23rd September 2015, 9:18 am

    Master Kensho's Bank 7596df9679b367968ddd27ca76f1d913


    Harusame (Legendary)

    Futsu-no-Mitama no Tsurugi (Artifact)

    Toad Sage Gi (Strong)

    Daionmyōji no Gaitō (Artifact+)

    [url=Url of armor app goes here]Armor Name[/url]
    https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t43178-wftw-reward-reaping#416893 <-- Strong(+) Armor Proof

    1x EXP Doubler (2 Uses)

    Cake Lacrima

    Magic Rose

    Darling Sweet (+25% Jewels) x1 Use

    Heart Charm

    Charged Lacrima (1x Additional EXP) 1x Use

    Ancient Scroll (Imai)

    Ancient Scroll (Yuvon)

    WristLac (Strong)

    Agemaki (Legendary+)

    Page From The Senji-Ryakketsu (Strong)

    Tracewalkers (Weak, Nov IOTM 2020)

    [url=Url of pet app goes here]Pet Name[/url]

    [url=Url of pet app goes here]Pet Name[/url]

    [url=Url of pet app goes here]Pet Name[/url]

    https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t43178-wftw-reward-reaping#416893 <-- Strong(+) Pet Proof

    ------------------------------------------------Ongoing Missions:------------------------------------------------
    [url=link]Job Name[/url]

    ------------------------------------------------Finished Missions:------------------------------------------------
    Oshibana Railway Madness (50 EXP)
    Not Only Ninjas Strike at Night (112,5 EXP)
    The Passport to Further Adventures Awaits (25 EXP)
    Royals Assaulted! Serben To The Rescue! (50 EXP)
    Spa Beasts (100 EXP)
    Horrifying, Little Girl (250 EXP)
    Because We Didn't Read The "No Return" Part Of The Deal (312,5 EXP)
    Beasts Under The Sand (312,5 EXP)
    Wedding Crashers (250 EXP)
    A Treasure Unlike Any Other (362,5 EXP)
    Don't Play With Bios (315,5 EXP)
    3750 EXP
    Black Hearts (250 EXP)
    Bones Under The Sand (25 EXP)
    Monster Containment (2400 EXP)
    Monster Eradication (3000 EXP)
    Monster Management (3700 EXP)
    May They All Rest In Peace... For Good (375 EXP)
    350 EXP
    The Jungle Book (218.75 EXP)
    8000 EXP

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