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    Urban Nights ☻ FTRP Mini Event

    Nessa Cordelia Lux
    Nessa Cordelia Lux

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    Linked topic Urban Nights ☻ FTRP Mini Event

    Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux on 6th July 2020, 7:31 am

    Urban Nights ☻  FTRP Mini Event N7IIG6L

    Hey everyone!

    It's been a nice break for us all, but now that a significant amount of time has passed it time for us to have some creative fun and enjoy another FTRP MINI EVENT! Set during the hot summer nights, this time we are mixing things up with a latest theme; Urban Nights.

    Event Details

    Summer has arrived; the air is warm and the nights feel shorter. Everything has been somewhat peaceful in town, which is why it's time to liven things up!

    The Magic Council has commissioned Fiore-wide Block Parties! The streets have been lit up with neon lights and walls coated in washable graffiti art. The words 'Urban Nights' are stamped on all the advertisement posters, and the streets are in a flurry of the locals sporting rave-gear and cyberpunk attire.

    Whether you receive an invite or wander in randomly, you somehow end up attending the event. The streets are booming with music as DJ booths are set up in every city, there are bar stools all over town, as well as vendors selling glowsticks and other party accessories.

    Completion Requirements

    As you partake in the various events, you will get ‘participation’ stamps. Where an event organiser stamps you with glow-in-the-dark stamps shaped like smiley faces! In order to turn in the event, your group, in total, must have gotten 3 of these stamps. You can then turn them in at the end of the event to officially complete it and get the reward.

    When a task states that there is a roll, you MUST roll, you can not select which option you want, and you can not roll more than requested. Otherwise, you can participate in any of the festivities, and do not need to roll. Rolls MUST be performed in the event threads and not in a separate thread.

    *Note, when a festivity requires more than one roll, you are allowed to trade rolls up for a 2:1 scale, or down for a 1:2 scale.
    For instance, if you need a Normal, and a Strong, but roll 3 Normals, you can trade 2 of those for 1 strong. Or, if trading down you can trade 1 Harder Enemy for 2 weaker.

    Thread Total Word Count:

    Players must face the event in a group of 1-6 mages. The event can be solo'd if players desired~

    2,000 Words per participant

    Much like jobs, Word Counts in groups will stack meaning that if there are 3 members in an event thread, the required WC would be 6,000 total which all member's word counts will contribute to. This is so if someone falls short of their 2000 words, the rest of the members have the opportunity to make up the difference, as opposed to failing the event.


    Anywhere, (It must be a City or Town).


    16th of August 2020, 8pm EST

    Sign Up
    Turn In


    The Party Event:
    Drinks! Drinks! Drinks!:

    Urban Nights ☻  FTRP Mini Event GkBTNj2

    Drinks! Drinks! Drinks!

    This is a party, and what would a party be without drinks! With bar stools everywhere, there is no shortage of alcohol, although the menu is a little unthordox. With strangely named beverages and no list of ingredients, you take your chances on a random name. And the bar vendor whips you up something special.

    For this activity you are required to roll a NORMAL dice and rewards ONE STAMP.

    1. Lit Meow Splash - This drink is very pretty neon pink, with ice and a sprig of greenery in the glass. It looks simple enough and as you taste it, you find the flavour to be delicious. So delicious that you can't get enough of it, your throat becomes dry and you crave more of them. Not only do you thirst for them for the next few hours, but you also end up glowing in the dark for as long as you keep drinking them. The drink takes several hours to wear off and requires two pints of water to ease the thirst - The glowing effect however, lasts several hours no matter how much water you drink.

    2. Ectasy Haze - This drink looks really ominous, it's bright red and smoke seems to be emenating from it. You watch as the bar vendor burns the top layer with a miniature blow torch and it will burn for several moments before you can drink it. Once you do however, you find that it is a nice rapsberry flavour, unlike the rest of the drinks, this one has no effect on you.

    3. Exploding Maverick Tincture - This luminous green drink is super pretty, and fizzy too! The bubbles are nearly pouring out of it's rim and you can smell the sweet aroma of apple. However as soon as you go to take a sip, the drink erupts suddenly, streaming up out of the glass. It hits you directly in the face and covers you entirely. Your eyes sting and you feel the uncomfortable sensation of fluid having shot up your nose. It's incredibly sticky and uncomfortable, not to mention your clothes are now stained green.

    4. Razzle Dazzle -  This beautiful beverage looks like a rainbow trapped in a tall glass and is minty in flavour. After drinking it however you will begin to notice that your hair is now streaked with rainbow coloured highlights and/or tips. It's a bit weird but actually kind of cute, not to mention, you get lots of compliments from passers by!

    5. Sloth Toddy - This drink is a lavender colour with glowing cyan ice cubes, it's a pleasant taste with hints of licorice. Ten minutes after consumption however you began to feel really mellow and happy, it doesn't matter what happens because you are feeling GOOD. Everything is AMAZING! The music, the dancing, all of it. You suddenly feel like you're walking on air and life is great. Now you are in the perfect mood for a party!

    6. Vendor's Choice - In this case the Vendor will choose for you, meaning you can choose from any of the drinks above or even create your own quirky cocktail with it's own funky effects. Either way you will still get the stamp.

    Dance Off:

    Urban Nights ☻  FTRP Mini Event CAJHi9R

    Dance Off

    The music is loud, the bass is heavy, and the party is pumping! Everywhere you go people are dancing, whether intentional or by accident you have somehow walked into the centre of a dance-off and it looks like you're being challenge. Square up and wreck you opponent with some mad moves, or get wrecked and look like a loser~

    For this activity you are required to roll a MONSTER dice and rewards ONE STAMP.

    Weak: You face off, but your opponent is a guy who is clearly drunk. His moves are sloppy and you can easily dance your way around him.

    Normal/Strong: You step onto the floor, a pair of twin girls in matching raver outfits approach you. The begin to dance, their moves syncronised with one another and their pretty skilled. They're pretty good, but neither are professionals - still a decent challenge though.

    Boss: Oh snap! Is that a robot or a man in full cyber punk gear? Either way, as he begins, you know you're facing a professional. His moves are robotic in nature, and he seems to dance in perfect rhythm. You're going to have to work hard to get the best of this one!

    Rolling for this feature is MANDATORY!

    Paint Drumming:

    Urban Nights ☻  FTRP Mini Event EXbXlBE

    Paint Drumming

    Deep in the midst of the dancing crowds, you find stations where sounds are booming from. Located there are drumming stations covered in paint where performers can bang a drum along to the music whilst enjoying the artistic flare of the glowing paint as it splatters against the vibrations. The performers ask for volunteers to join in and give a small show for the crowd. Jump in and see how well you do! Hopefully, you aren't too fazed by mess though, because you will get covered in vibrant neon paint when doing this activity~

    For this activity you can either choose the outcome yourself or choose to roll a NORMAL dice and rewards ONE STAMP.

    1 or 2. You get on the paint station and things seem to be going okay at first, until some drunken group of young lads come roll into the drums, knocking them over and spilling the paint everywhere. The drums are damaged at this point and you can't continue, but you are commended anyway.

    3 or 4. Wow! Whether you are really skilled at this or the crowd is just that drunk, but they are lapping this up. Even if you are out of rhythm with the drums, the paint flies in such a creative and artistic way that everyone has a great time and you are whooped and cheered at as you finish.

    5 or 6. - It turns out paint drumming isn't easy, the paint is hard to control. At one point, some of it goes in your mouth and it tastes like... well, paint obviously. You end up doing a sub-par job and get a pity clap from the crowd.

    Rolling for this feature is OPTIONAL!

    DJ Booth:

    Urban Nights ☻  FTRP Mini Event AhKPuYn

    DJ Booth

    For an event such as this, Music is key. The entirety of the city is booming with dance anthems and electric beats. The DJ calls into the crowd where you are, asking for volunteers to try their hand at DJing! See if you can get the crowd jumping, and deliver the most amazing drop!

    The outcome of this activity is up to the participant and this activity rewards ONE STAMP.

    No Roll Required!

    The Combat Event:

    Uh oh! Looks like there's trouble at the festival. It turns out a gang of Cyberpunk enthusiasts named PL4GUE have arrived, and they are angry. Apparently they were planning a street party and claimed that the idea was stolen from them!

    In their fury, they have begun to trash the place! Smashing windows, attacking civilians, and destroying the event stands. Someone needs to stop them before they ruin the party completely!

    For this activity, you are NOT required to roll for monsters and can spawn them however you like. However, in order to complete it ALL of the gang members must be either defeated by the end of the event. This activity will reward you with TWO stamps.


    Urban Nights ☻  FTRP Mini Event XPhlc34


    Ugh, Orcana has to be one of the most insufferable brats of a teen that you have ever met. The type of girl who uses phrases like 'Okay Boomer' and 'Lit'. She really doesn't care about the whole ordeal, and spends the entire time looking at her iLac. She won't actually attack unless you hit her first, in which case she will get scrappy.

    Enemy HP: 1x Hit of User Rank Damage
    Enemy Damage: 1x User Rank Damage


    Urban Nights ☻  FTRP Mini Event Ha4gZ1k

    Plasma Elementi

    Controlled by the Gang Leader, the Plasma Elementi are much like water elementals, but instead of normal water, wield neon pink liquid plasma. These creatures will spawn in groups of five, and will not hesitate to attack you! They are pretty fast but not too difficult to take down though, be careful of the plasma though, it burns through stuff like acid!

    Enemy HP: 3x Hits of User Rank Damage
    Enemy Damage: 2x User Rank Damage


    Urban Nights ☻  FTRP Mini Event UNmsNuq


    The PL4GUE Beta's are second in command and are a little tougher to take down. They are covered head to toe in cybertech armour and the center of their chest looks like a sound speaker. As they fight you they will blast you will magical sound waves in the form of intense drum and bass music. These sound waves are disorientating and make it hard to get your bearings.

    The Beta'Enemy HP: 5x Hits of User Rank Damage
    Enemy Damage: 3x User Rank Damage


    Urban Nights ☻  FTRP Mini Event XNmlvE6


    You come face to face with the PL4GUE Boss, a well-spoken neon samurai, who wields a katana made entirely of pink flame. This guy is by far the toughest, and when he gets down to half his health, he will spawn another group of Plasma Elementi to fight you off with. Once every other post, he will swing his sword to release a massive burst of magical pink fire that will burn everything in the city. This fire cannot be put out with normal water, and only magically infused water will douse these flames.

    Enemy HP: 10x Hits of User Rank Damage
    Enemy Damage: 4x User Rank Damage


    Players receive EXP one rank higher than their rank reward for completing the Event successfully. D and C rank mages receive B rank EXP.  S rank and above mages receive 100YR EXP.

    Participants also receive a free Gimmick Item! Listed below;


    Urban Nights GlowSticks!



    Those who partake in the Urban Night Event, found they are constantly handed free glowsticks throughout the night! A little memento of the awesome party experience they endured!

    Urban Nights ☻  FTRP Mini Event N78KUtH


    Name: Renewable Glow!
    Description: Unlike normal glowsticks, the glow on these sticks never will run out. In fact, they are actually a permanent light source that can work in any environment! Not to mention, they come in every colour and are super fun to dance with~


    Urban Nights ☻  FTRP Mini Event 60582_s

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