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    A strange Shore Job

    Jiyu Kazehime
    Jiyu Kazehime

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    A strange Shore Job Empty A strange Shore Job

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime 6th January 2017, 8:35 am

    586 words of 500.
    Roll was done here since I typed this as a one shot: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t25884-roll-for-job#279426

    She could smell the death on the wind, it was not hard to pick up on the scent of raw flesh and being as she was a dog, scavenging for her dinner was not above her. Who said the woman couldn’t bring home the Bacon, Seafood Bacon, to her doting boyfriend for once. Of course considering the fact he got seasick, that might not be the best idea with how fresh this stuff was from it’s scent. Perhaps she would just gorge herself, she was so active on missions she would burn it off before she got back home anyways! Jiyu pranced towards the beach with that thought, sleeking down through the palm tree’s and licking her lips at the sight of the feast spawned from the ocean before her. The cause for all the creatures beaching themselves? Was not much her concern, they were food presenting themselves to the hungry canine and fish had thinner skins than humans, she could end them! With that thought in mind she quickly pounced on the first tuna she saw and ripped at it’s gill’s until she had nearly taken the head off killing it, an Atlantic Cod soon followed suit, followed by an atlantic blue marlin, than she found a tarpon and finally finished off with a nice sailfish. All of these?! Would make such good meals, she was already panting at the thought, but she would take her magnificent catches back to the guild for one of the chef’s to make into a glorious dish, which would taste ten times better. “Sharks? Holy cow that’s a whale!” Was there anyways she could kill those and bring them back with her?! Shark fin soup sounded nice and she heard whale meat could be very good though she had not gotten the chance to eat it yet. Come to think of it she saw other mages killing some of the sea life so they could push other’s back in and investigate more controlled, so no one would notice her doing some of the killing too. “Alright here we go.” considering her rank? Her two offensive a rank spells and both her arrow shots, quickly finished off all seven of her victims, actually it was overkill for some of them. However now Jiyu realized her serious deleminia, she had to get them home, and while she could carry the fish on her feather’s, even in that case she couldn’t carry all of them on one of them, and she could not lift her catches on her own due to weakened body. How was she going to get her food home? “Have we arranged your payment yet?” oh this was a real mission?! The female turned around with a smile, hopping the blood on some of her didn’t too weird, that they assumed it was from investigating the bodies after massacring them. “No, but more than jewel do you think you can also arrange for some of this to be delivered to the Silver Moon for me, I’m a bit strapped for food this week and I’m a carnivore and they don’t seem sick.” she flashed doe eyes up at them and it didn’t take long for them to agree, and she squealed happily, patting a shoulder and heading back towards home to wait for her shipment. “Sorry but there’s nothing really odd here, they're all beaching themselves but my doggy sense’s aren’t picking up anything.” she had to do what the job likely was, as she was walking away, right?


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