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    Excess is Sin


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    Excess is Sin Empty Excess is Sin

    Post by Khorne 5th January 2018, 1:20 am

    Meshi, such a strange place for the God of Blood, Battle, War, and Honor to show up at. A food where everything was entirely made of food. Structures and their supports, rides and fun objects, tables and chairs, even the very roads were made of food! People wore clothing made of food, and there were even entire species that were sentient food items that lived on this planet! It seemed the people even paid for stuff with food, and there were a few religions here that had even developed for the pure worship of food. Tourists came here to see all of this, to partake in it and the excess around it. It was disgusting to his taste, this amount of excess, and he held a sour expression on his face that confused so many that were here to enjoy the 'food that was never bad tasting.' Chaoris Orneis was not here to enjoy the sights or food, he was here to deal with another God encroaching on this food-based planet to claim it as their own. The God of Excess was drawn to the number of people here involved in their concepts and had summoned forth demons and told champions of their realm to come and kill any working against the allowance of such excess. This was causing a multitude of people to die, those wanting to stop the massive eating and worship alongside those against gluttony or trying to protect those being slain. With no direct worshipers on this planet and those he had that were strong enough to help busy on other planets at the current time, the God of Blood had come on his own to deal with the hordes of opposing demons that dare try to claim an entire area as their own.

    As of yet, he had seen nothing. All seemed calm and controlled, but as he walked he would hear the whispers and hushed speakings of some of the tourists and locals speaking of the death and destruction just a city away from where the Wakusei Portal was. The Wakusei Portal was in the town he was currently walking within, his armor and weapons in his own realm to keep from drawing every single creature upon him instead of just those that were marked for death by his sword. Chaoris would walk through town without drawing any attention until he got to the very outskirts where a man was posting up a sign that stated they were hiring mercenaries to fight off the 'invaders' that had started trouble on the peaceful food planet. Interested in seeing who was brave enough to fight against these people, the God would watch as people began to notice the sign and enter the building to see what the plan was. After seeing about twenty mortals enter those doors he would walk in and step into the corner to listen to the conversation that the creator of the band was having.

    "We can NOT let these monsters destroy our way of life! We can't just let them go around killing who they please and ruining this precious world with their own vices! They attack and kill anyone that isn't like them, and that is just plain wrong! I have weapons, armor, shields, and others equipment behind me for all of those that want to fight! There is no pay, there is no reward, we are here to stop this battle for this planet once and for all so that we can continue to do as we please without the excessive ones ruining it for us all!" All those that had come in gave a roar of an agreement, and this pleased the god that had just listened to everything. He had people that would not mind him being on the same battlefield. Some may even follow in his wake and serve him after this was all over. Chaoris would allow them all to gather their equipment and funnel out to meet at the exit of the town before walking up to the man in charge.

    "A brave thing to do, and honorable, asking these men to go with you into battle. I will come along and fight at the forefront with you. I will not let one die so long as they take heed of their actions as we move along. Unless you wish for me to stay and simply watch you and your men fight. I would rather fight, as it is the very core of my existence to do such things, but I will not fight if such a warrior wished for me to stay out of the fight."

    The leader of these mercenaries would look at him funny as he looked the god up and down. The mercenary was clearly not a knowing worshiper of the god before him, but the look on his face would tell Chaoris all he would need to know about his intelligence. It did not take long for him to realize what Chaoris was. "Well! I will not turn the offer of a God to help us in a fight! So long as you are not a trickster god I have faith in our future for this!" The man would do the universal symbol of respect with a bow before walking outside as well. After that, Chaoris would allow his weapons and armor to appear upon him as he drew them from his own realm. Once that was finished he would walk outside, hearing the mercenary leader telling them they had a god on their side before pointing at him. The excited cheers and war cries that were made were like music to his ears as he nodded at them before replying with a great war shout himself. After this, the small army would head to the besieged area so that they could rout the enemy that was here and drive them back, hopefully permanently, so that the world could go back to the way it naturally was.

    Upon arrival, it would look dire for those that were with him. Had he not been there it was a sure thing that the thirty or so beings that were eating everything in sight were not to be trifled with. Two-thirds were demons, using magic to alter and consume things that were not meant to be eaten; people, their items, and other things that need not be mentioned. It was a disgusting display from the worshipers of the God of Excess, and that was something he needed to stop. He would not let this lowly god take over an entire planet for free. Chaoris was not inherently evil, he simply was the god of the concept of war, blood, skulls, and honorable combat. That meant there was always death, war, fighting, and bloodshed wherever he stepped foot and that gave people the thoughts that that was all he ever did. They were wrong, given he only really showed for the major issues and had even helped in many cases, as they simply looked at him killing cowards and others that were being dishonorable as purely evil deeds rather than eliminating heretics and traitors that were on the battlefields he was on. Some of the deeds had even been on 'jobs' others had wanted to be done and he felt like doing them at that current moment of time. Even now he was about to slaughter the demons of a god actually causing issues, but none on Fiore would likely even think of it as the Magic Council fed them the deeds they felt wrong of the 'Dark Mage' that was known as Chaoris Orneis, the blood manipulating mage. That was enough of worrying about those thoughts, it was time to fight and he was already feeling the blood rage that he was known for. Others here would soon feel his strength in them as he shared his power before releasing his rage into a shout as he simply charged at the 30 that were before them.

    Everyone would follow suit before he heard the lead mercenary ask if Chaoris could simply hold back and bolster them instead. The tone made it clear he wanted the god to see it all rather than be involved in the ending of lives. It was a good intention that Chaoris allowed to be done until about half of the demons were dead, and all of the cultists as well. After that, the demons began to group together and begin chanting as the mercenaries slowly became overwhelmed by the wounds they were taking. One after another, mercenaries fell before he eventually roared in a cry of overwhelming bloodlust that would stop their chanting long enough for him to reach them and kill them all with a few swings of his weapons. He was more powerful than any of the battle-wearied demons, they never stood a chance. After making sure each being was dead, the group he was overseeing stabbing through the head of every dead body that was there, Chaoris would hear a voice way off in the distance that was both male and female interchangeably, the God of Excess was calling to him. One step would become a thousand as he entered a null realm that had been opened by the other god so that they could speak.

    "Such a shame that you drew your sword against my minions and worshipers. I do not wish for a war with you but a war you shall have." The God was calm as it spoke, neither angry sounding nor frustrated. They felt Chaoris had crossed a line, though it was the God of Excess that had, and they were going to try and nip it in the bud if they could.

    "You think me to be the one that started this? Your minions, left unchecked, wrought havoc on a planet that could bring more worshipers than you could imagine ever having. It was your fault that this happened, and I merely intervened to keep from losing possible followers that had taken up arms to deal with them. If excess war is what you want, you need not ask. You will have your war, but you will lose to myself and my war masters. I will rouse Nightmare from their current sleeper status and turn them into a group you will never have a chance of defeating. Goodbye, brother, I will enjoy our fights in the future." After his words he would simply turn around and change realms again to be back on Meshi. Upon being back he would find himself being spoken to as the mercenary leader walked up to him and bowed before him.

    "Thank you for your blessings, and for helping at the end there. We could not have done this with such low losses without your divine intervention. I may not be the bloodthirstiest of fighters, but I will gladly speak of your name in combat when I am in it to bring others your name so that they might come to follow you." The man would stand after saying this, still looking up to Chaoris even when standing up perfectly straight, and wait to see what the Blood God would say next.

    "Doing so is favorable to me, but you will never find full blessings and gifts unless you go further for me. I will not stop you, however, for as long as blood is shed and you remain honorable I have no reason to stop you from anything you do." With this Chaoris would begin to bring himself to the planet of Shinku so that he could bring Nightmare into the full form of a 'guild.' This would allow him to bring others in, mark them, and give them the blessing of eternal life so that he could fight off the other gods from trying to take the entire galaxy for themselves. It was like a game of the gods for territory and worship, and he had no intentions of allowing himself to be the low man on the leaderboards of such a game.

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