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    Sadness and Genocide


    Shadow of Death

    Shadow of Death

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    Sadness and Genocide Empty Sadness and Genocide

    Post by Sol 15th July 2017, 11:05 pm

    Sol moved thru Akane resort towards the entrance of the park. He had flown here to try and meet up with Ahmoria who was visiting family and wanted him to meet them as well and mentioned a surprise she wanted to show him, as he walked thru the park though he heard some whisperes and harsh words that made him grit his teeth in anger. It wasn’t untill he could see the entrance of the park and the forests beyond that he heard words spoken that made him freeze in his tracks.” we finally got rid of that forest witch deep in the woods the dragons words and gift were right and helped greatly” one man said to another as Sols eyes narrowed into dangerous slits., “Yeah she kept begging for someone named Sol to help her and here I thought she was alone guess she seduced some poor fool” The other man said while Sol growled loudly which caught the attention of the men.

    Do you have a problem with what we did punk we did this island a service and all of fiore a service as well” they said arrogantly before Sol turned to face them and they suddenly saw the red tribal like markings on his face and body before he spoke in a deathly tone.”Tell me did that woman happen to have this symbol on her neck” he questioned before he ripped his shirt off revealing his guild mark to the men and everyone around them.”Yes that was it which means oh no!” one of them said before they tried to run only to see that their own shadows had them chained to the ground.”that’s right I was the one that she called out to and you foolish humans harmed my queen!!!!!!!” the poison shadow dragon roared before he shot forward with blinding speed and slashed one of the men across the chest.

    Before the man could even utter a scream his lower jaw was ripped off violently as the shadows beneathing him started to devour him taking the form of malicious demon like creatures which poked and stabbed him while the other man could only watch in horror before he was suddenly impaled thru the head by Sols claws ripping thru his eye sockets and his mouth before his head was ripped from his neck. The slayer just snarled before he crushed the skull like it was nothing and while the crowd was now running in terror he could only get more angry as his locket glowed brightly.he quickly formed a large sphere of poison and lobbed it into the crowd of people as it blanketed the resort and casued mass death to everyone there from grown men to kids they all died from the toxic gas.

    While Sol did that he then dashed into the woods hoping to find the location of his queen and prayed he was not too late. Little did he know one of the men in the park sent out a distress call to the mage who was taught by the dragon that had helped them. As Sol pushed thru the trees he smelled smoke and ashes as he broke thru the tree line to find a huge chunk of the forest was burned down and while the fire was still smoldering in spots it was easy to see many creatures and plants had died here." AHMORIA!” Sol called out as he moved into the ash filled space and he prayed that he would find some sign that his queen was ok.


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