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    Shadow of Death

    Shadow of Death

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    Completed Lohengrin

    Post by Sol on 8th December 2015, 11:50 pm

    Name: Lohengrin
    Rank: Legendary
    Type: Sword
    Lohengrin OU9YWkJhpOU

    Lohengrin is a Beautiful O katana with bleach white leather cord around the grip and a brass hand guard and pommel,attached to its black sheath is two strands of yellow cord. The length of the weapon is 47 inches including the handel with the blade being 33 inches long.

    This weapon was forged long ago and was used to seal the soul of a powerful Succubus in it, however the soul was able to intereact with those that touched the sword allowing the demon within to corrupt those that could not handle her or were not chosen by her, eventully the last weilder of the sword sealed the demon sword away in a tree to keep anyone from finding it for 100 years. However during some training Sol broke the tree and managed to tame the sword earning the right to use it and gained the favor of the Succubus inside.

    • The blade has rather long reach at almost 3 feet long.
    • The sword has a consciousness meaning only Sol or those strong enough may touch the blade.


    • While the sword is powerful if the opponent stays out of range it cannot harm them.
    • If Sol isn’t touching it the swords powers are unable to be used.
    • Despite the demon being sealed in the blade the weapon gives off a very evil aura allowing those that can sense it to find Sol even if he is hiding.


    Name: Mind Snare
    Rank: C (Scales to A rank)
    Duration: 4 Posts
    Cooldown:  5 posts
    Description: This changes the blades color to pitch black with a tinge of green along the edge of it. In this form wounds that are inflected with Lohengrin not only leave flesh wounds but also harm the mind of the victim inducing fear in those it cuts, this fear will cause it to become hard to concentrate on fightning . At one rank lower then the user it causes 50 % decrease in concentration, At equal rank it causes 25 % decrease in concentration  and  at a rank higher then the user it causes 10 % decrease in Concentration. At two ranks higher it inflects no fear.

    • Since this is an effect of the blade Sol can still attack with another spell to cause greater damage along with the physical and mental wound.
    • All it takes is one good hit for the fear effect to settle in to the opponent.
    • This spell can be triggered while the blade is harming someone and it will still cause the effect.


    • While this spell has a powerful effect the color of the blade can give it away.
    • The blade has to inflect damage to cause the effect.
    • Against things that cannot feel fear such as golems this spell is useless.
    • This spell does not tell friend from foe so it can cause fear in allies if they are accidently hurt.

    Ability 2:

    Name: Aura of Dominance
    Rank: C (Scales to B rank)
    Duration: 4 posts
    Cooldown: 5 Posts
    Description: by tapping into the soul of the succubus inside his blade Sol will gain light purple aura around him visible to him alone that’s effects extend for 10 meters (15 for B Rank), those of the opposite gender inside this area will fall under the effect of the blade. It will cause those under the effects to be entranced and want to listen to Sol and obey him if he gives an order. it is not perfect and not absolute control but it greatly increases the suggestibility of those around the user However this only works well on those of a lower rank then him, those equal to him will be able to resist the effects and those ranked higher then him will be able to completely ignore the aura

    • This ability can allow Sol to create distractions to cover his tracks on missions.
    • Since It effects those in a certain range Sol can trigger it at the best possible time when it can ensnare multiple people.
    • Since Sol can only effect girls with this he could use them as shields or even as back up untill they are snapped out of the effect of the spell.

    Weaknesses: 4 minimum

    • While this effect is useful it only works on the opposite gender of the user in Sols case just Females.
    • The aura only effects those within range and being out of it makes it useless.
    • It is possible to snap those entranced by this spell out of their stupor with enough pain.
    • This ability does not tell friend from foe so it can ensnare allies as well as strangers.


    “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. Fear what you do not Know"

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    Completed Re: Lohengrin

    Post by Ninetails Derpfox on 11th December 2015, 10:30 pm

    I'm approving this; but with that second ability just make sure any job partners or PvP opponents are alright with you enslaving their characters and freely manipulating them. And try to resist the urge to use it to make yourself a harem xD

    Lohengrin MqXl8kK

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