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    A Sacred Passage [Job / Solo]


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    A Sacred Passage [Job / Solo] Empty A Sacred Passage [Job / Solo]

    Post by Yotaru 12th June 2023, 10:23 am

    A Sacred Passage...

    Lysander Drakewood stood before the solemn request on the job board in Oshibana. The task called upon him to aid a battle-hardened warrior in finding a noble passage to the afterlife. Filled with a profound sense of duty, Lysander accepted the responsibility and embarked on a journey to fulfill the warrior's final wish. Arriving at the designated location, Lysander encountered a weathered warrior, scars etched upon his face like a roadmap of countless conflicts. Respectfully, Lysander assured the warrior of his commitment to ensuring an honorable death and guiding him to his desired destination. The warrior acknowledged Lysander's determination and revealed that arrangements had been made with the authorities, cementing Lysander's resolve to carry out the task with utmost honor. Preparing to face the warrior in combat, Lysander braced himself for the forthcoming challenge, knowing that the experienced warrior would be a formidable adversary.

    Focusing his energy and mustering his techniques, Lysander channeled his terra elemental magic. With a resolute command, he unleashed a powerful shockwave, "Terraquake!" The ground shook and cracked, momentarily causing the warrior to stumble but not dealing any significant damage. Lysander's intention was not to overpower his opponent, but to engage in a fair and honorable test. The warrior, wielding his double-edged longsword with practiced precision, launched a relentless assault upon Lysander. With each strike, Lysander valiantly defended himself, absorbing the blows with his shield. However, the warrior's expertise and experience allowed him to land calculated hits, leaving Lysander bruised and battered.

    Adapting his strategy, Lysander employed "Earth Spike." A sharp spike of earth surged upward, aiming to pierce the warrior's defense. But the seasoned warrior, anticipating the attack, deflected it with his swift parries and counterattacks, showcasing his unparalleled combat prowess. Summoning a protective shield, "Stone Shield," Lysander attempted to shield himself from the warrior's onslaught. However, the warrior's relentless assault shattered the shield, leaving Lysander exposed and vulnerable. The pain coursed through his body, a testament to the warrior's formidable skill and unwavering determination.

    The clash continued, a mesmerizing dance of steel and magic. Lysander found himself on the receiving end of devastating blows, his body yielding under the weight of the warrior's expertise. Each strike left a mark, but Lysander refused to yield, steadfast in his commitment to honor the warrior's final journey. Seizing a fleeting opportunity, the warrior struck Lysander with a devastating blow, causing him to stagger and momentarily lose his footing. The pain surged through Lysander's veins, but he remained resolute, his unwavering determination shining through his eyes. He understood the significance of enduring the warrior's test and embracing the sacrifices it demanded.

    With a mixture of reverence and sorrow, Lysander watched as the warrior's strength finally waned, succumbing to the culmination of a lifetime of battles. Collapsing onto the ground, the warrior's weary eyes met Lysander's gaze, acknowledging his valor and resolve. Standing over the fallen warrior, Lysander whispered, "Rest now, gallant warrior. Your fight is over, and your place in the afterlife is secured." Filled with a profound sense of accomplishment and a somber understanding of the transience of existence, Lysander had fulfilled the task he had undertaken. He had guided the warrior to an honorable death, ensuring that his final wishes were respected. As he accepted his well-deserved reward, Lysander carried within him the weight of the warrior's spirit, forever changed by the experience.

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