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    The Lament of a Once Great Tree.


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    The Lament of a Once Great Tree. Empty The Lament of a Once Great Tree.

    Post by Nekros 20th April 2024, 4:11 pm

    Where has life led me?

    A question the mortals of Earthland ask themselves at various points of life. It’s a great start for a time of reflection on how things have gone over the years, how decisions they’ve made have played out, how circumstances that are out of their own control have ruined or blessed the lives they lead. Even those with a rather….. Extra terrestrial nature can’t help but be caught up in the serious questions of their lives.

    The scene flies over the Island of Tolgalen, as if a seagull or some other coastal bird was the camera, slowly leading the audience through the port city. Leaving and swerving through tree’s, branches, leaves and coming upon a large compound filled with all sorts of creatures. In one pen sleeps some sort of manticore, in another unicorns grazing upon a field of vibrant grass. Until the avian creature swoops up and centers its gaze on a blonde haired man, dressed in a fine suit. Likely some sort of official from the West Fiore Trading Company, but mostly known as the Owner and Proprietor of The Exotic Emporium, Tolgalen’s premier zoo of all sorts of exotic creatures from all around the world.

    The rest of the zoo was quiet, which would be normal for this time of year. The zoo was in pre-season mode, so there were no customers and only staff getting ready to open to the public once again. The view hovers and trails this man as he walks through his property as he inspects the enclosures, occasionally dealing  with a staff question or giving them another pre-opening task. Blondie does this all day until the fiery tones of the setting sun blanket the sky. The Auxiliary staff slowly leave for the night, entrusting only a handful of an overnight emergency crew,and of course the Blonde Gentleman, to watch over all the beasties of the Emporium.

    The man takes a moment to sit on one of the park benches, resting his elbows on his knees and crooking his head down to look at the cobbles below. The audience above seemingly lands on a tree branch opposite him, looking down from the other side of the pathway. The orangish light illuminates one side of his face as it shows his knit brows and sulking expression.

    With a heavy sigh,
    “Where has life led me?”

    This wasn’t an exhale happy reminisce, but one of potentially great despair and depression. He has lived through a lot, and while others may have had greater trauma, he has his own. Despite his amazing success here on Tolgalen, it doesn’t help taking away all he’s gone through, those who he had left behind or those that left him, the feelings of just being alone in a world full of people.

    The first thought is of his first brave expedition into the formal guild system of Fiore and the lands beyond. He was inducted into a guild by the name of Sleeping Forest. It was a perfect blend for the balanced up bringing he’s had. He was able to meet so many new people and faces, all with their own perspectives on how the world should and could be kept in balance. The most notable being Daemon Spade, Guild leader, Devon Sabathiel, Ringo Noyamano, and Ivara. The great times they all had on the back of Genbu, the Great Lion Turtle the guild was located on. Daemon and Jaeger got along quite well as the leader even took the youngster under his wing. Ivara…. A cheery character. Both of them had once used a blind dating service for a special valentines day event in Rose Garden. However, it didn’t last. Some months after, the guild had been attacked by some sort of holy warrior of another realm and were ultimately defeated. Whoever lived through the assault scattered to the wind and took up shop in other guilds across the country.

    With his face slinking down and into his cupping hands before they would swoop up into his long hair, “Where… has life led me?”

    Heart break. The worst pain he had ever come across in the many, many years of living that he’s had to go through. This memory and recollection was the worst.

    While in Sleeping Forest, he met a particularly enchanting Fairy Tail wizard, Kanix Laspor. A bewitching young woman who had been blinded at some point in her past. They met on a beach in Enca as Jaeger was making himself a sand castle. Hitting it off well, he offered to help guide her through making her own. For reasons unknown, the two wound up in the nearby bungalow, naked, and having adulterated fun. What drew them to that? Lust? Was there a spark of love at first sight? It didn't matter as a child was created out of their wedlock. Ahote. A little gem of perfection that they had created.

    Kanix and the baby stayed with the Fairy Tail guild, it made sense. Jaeger would stop by and visit as much as he could as well as help financially. Both Daemon and Heero, Guild Master of Fairy Tail at the time, were both very supportive of the young family which helped create a great environment for the child. However, the child seemed to have some sort of magic about them and they grew much quicker than a normal infant. In time, the child would disappear leaving Kanix and Jaeger in a panic and frantic searching for their young Ahote. No luck, Jaeger would never see his child again nor the woman he had been seeing as she had moved onto another lover.

    The blonde man seems to dwell here as he is now sitting up and reclining on the bench. His head dangling behind him with eyes closed.

    Where has life led…?

    The disappearance of both the woman and the child, the loss of his guild that he had enjoyed so much, the lost of the friends he had made, it all sent him into a spiral. The worldly balance that he was taught as a child and practiced in Sleeping Forest slipped, he spent a number of months…. Or years being a member of a dark guild known as Grim Heresy. He had followed a woman in, Marceline, the focus of his intent after losing Kanix… or maybe he was seduced by the succubus that she was. It mattered little as he climbed through the ranks of the new guild, potentially even serving as one of their main officers.

    Not quite sure of what happened, everything that led to the guild  had been dragged to hell once more and the man was trapped within the fiery domain for years to come. Why, though? Why was he abandoned and discarded so easily by those that took him in? Why did his child and lover toss him away like trash? Do they…  still think of him as he does them?

    The audience can see the pain on his face as it tries to hold back the twisting and distortion. From the side, a large beast roams freely to come and take its place next to the mage. The evening was setting in now, the ground lights around the pathways were in full effect. The occasional employee would walk by carrying out whatever business was needed at the time.

    The memories switch to a more modern time, of his time in the wizarding and mages guild portion of the West Fiore Trading Company. Again, the wizard had landed himself somewhere that he could potentially belong. New wizards, mentors, and friends. From Pandora to Adalinda and her future daughter of Lethe. To even start the very Zoo that he would come to sit in. This guild gave him all the opportunities to start anew. But even that didn't last, not fully. The guild division was shut down and the business continued with its shipping company practices. Meanwhile, Jaeger and Pandora run the best zoo in the world. The others…. Who knows what became of them.

    At some point, Jaeger had taken off his jacket and laid it neatly on the back of the bench. His head slowly rises and hangs forward. He took a few moments to collect himself before standing and grabbing his suit coat.

    Tossing the jacket over his shoulder and turning to the exit of the park,
    “Come on Nava. We best get some sleep. Got a busy day in the morning.”

    And the two shuffle away toward the residential district of Tolgalen.

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