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This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.Announcement  Global announcement:  ~ MODS WANTED ~ 0Nessa Cordelia Lux69Tolgalen DezzymandiusXView latest post on 20th May 2019, 19:41
by Nessa Cordelia Lux
This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.  Global announcement:  GUILD SCOREBOARD: 5th Season 19Johann332Tolgalen KebabVikingView latest post on 19th May 2019, 21:01
by Johann
No new posts  Global announcement:  May 2019 Items of the Month 19Johann806Tolgalen KebabVikingView latest post on 19th May 2019, 00:45
by Johann
This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.Contest  Global announcement:  Fairy Tail RP Photo Contest 11Seijin622Tolgalen 4906-27View latest post on 15th May 2019, 20:54
by Nadarr
No new postsOfficial  Global announcement: [ Poll ]  Sorceror's Magazine Featured Mage Poll #12 0ivyleaf33337Tolgalen ZQxbBjpc_oView latest post on 11th May 2019, 16:14
by ivyleaf33
This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.Announcement  Global announcement:  In need of Development Team members! 0Onida287Tolgalen T6WQg1uView latest post on 26th November 2018, 01:27
by Onida
No new posts   Crash Landing (Aemon and Katherine Intro) 19Sol374Tolgalen AemonTrahaearnView latest post Yesterday at 23:30
by Aemon Trahaearn
No new posts   the need to trust~ [Johann] 1, 234Amalie700Tolgalen AmalieView latest post on 13th May 2019, 01:19
by Amalie
No new posts   Familiar Paths 20Johann385Tolgalen Sol12View latest post on 9th May 2019, 10:15
by Sol
No new posts   No, I Didn’t Know How to Act, Started Running and I Didn’t Look Back 


16Nameless272Tolgalen 7avatarsView latest post on 8th May 2019, 13:13
by Nameless
No new posts   Little Green Fairy [Ruvel] 18SeaGlass542Tolgalen SweetcherrypiView latest post on 7th May 2019, 14:50
by SeaGlass
No new posts   When My Time Comes 

[Pandora WFTC intro]

1Pandora Dagger54Tolgalen Sol12View latest post on 22nd April 2019, 03:35
by Sol
No new postsCompleted   Life After Death 0Demi43Tolgalen ZQh0KoxView latest post on 17th April 2019, 01:03
by Demi
No new posts   a moment to break... 

S Rank Exam

0Amalie32Tolgalen AmalieView latest post on 17th March 2019, 22:23
by Amalie
No new postsIn Progress   A Place to Call "Home" 

Katherine's B-Rank Exam

2KatherineNeel90Tolgalen 6642-41View latest post on 7th March 2019, 18:39
by KatherineNeel
No new posts   Apologies  11Kyran345Tolgalen KeyView latest post on 17th February 2019, 04:17
by Kyran
No new posts   Dragon's Dream 

Akeya's S-Rank Exam

0Akeya79Tolgalen Akeya1_by_gramcrackers-d9t6wquView latest post on 2nd February 2019, 06:53
by Akeya
No new posts   A Winter Masquerade Ball (social) 1, 2, 3, 475Adalinda1975Tolgalen DezzymandiusXView latest post on 16th January 2019, 23:49
by Nessa Cordelia Lux
No new posts   A Well Deserved Punishment (Yona&Johann) [Social/Private] 1, 227Johann757Tolgalen KebabVikingView latest post on 14th December 2018, 13:32
by Johann
No new posts   Spiders Again? 

Job with Key and Yona

15Yona376Tolgalen KeyView latest post on 6th December 2018, 02:03
by Kyran
No new posts   Cephirian Walkabout (Social/Closed) 9Inkormine Talea365Tolgalen FishweaveView latest post on 2nd December 2018, 09:10
by Haraka Omaras
No new posts   That Cat can sing (Open/Social) 0Chesh115Tolgalen Cheshire.Cat.%28Pandora.Hearts%29.full.1204232View latest post on 1st December 2018, 04:34
by Chesh
No new posts   Witness Protection (Job w/ Yona) 22Johann544Tolgalen KebabVikingView latest post on 29th November 2018, 02:51
by Johann
No new posts   Spiced Cider & Snacks(social/Open) 13Haraka Omaras520Tolgalen 9MeZtbmView latest post on 24th November 2018, 15:02
by Nekros
No new posts   Taking in the Breeze|Open|Social| 5Aliannah236Tolgalen 3082-76View latest post on 16th November 2018, 03:52
by Cirven
No new posts   Confronting Yourself 6Haraka Omaras208Tolgalen FishweaveView latest post on 14th November 2018, 09:43
by Haraka Omaras
No new posts   Silver Moon Fairies Beach Event! (OM, FT and SW Only Event) 1, 2, 3, 482Cirven2677Tolgalen Akeya1_by_gramcrackers-d9t6wquView latest post on 17th October 2018, 20:11
by Akeya
No new posts   Field Test? or Field Fear? (Yona/Social) 1, 231Sol858Tolgalen KebabVikingView latest post on 14th October 2018, 18:55
by Johann
No new posts   (Private) Real parents 11Quill Scorchwood285Tolgalen Design_turtleView latest post on 8th October 2018, 05:37
by Adalinda
No new posts   Yet another victim of Johann 

Haruyuki's introduction to WFTC

1Atarah209Tolgalen KebabVikingView latest post on 28th September 2018, 17:01
by Johann
No new posts   Meeting Of Three Heads 10Cirven422Tolgalen RuvelView latest post on 18th September 2018, 23:50
by Ruvel
No new posts   Rage Against The Machine 8Haraka Omaras371Tolgalen FishweaveView latest post on 14th September 2018, 06:22
by Haraka Omaras
No new posts   Return to Normalcy 

Ishtar's Guild Introduction

5Ishtar Starborn261Tolgalen FishweaveView latest post on 9th September 2018, 20:11
by Haraka Omaras
No new posts   Imperfections(social/closed) 8Haraka Omaras240Tolgalen FishweaveView latest post on 2nd September 2018, 07:55
by Haraka Omaras
No new posts   New Life (Adalinda/Privet) 11Yuudai345Tolgalen Design_turtleView latest post on 10th August 2018, 23:00
by Adalinda
No new posts   Dragged Along 1, 2, 365Kyran1756Tolgalen FishweaveView latest post on 3rd August 2018, 05:58
by Haraka Omaras
No new posts   Blasted Machine (Mission with Yuiisai) 12Sol505Tolgalen Sol12View latest post on 20th July 2018, 07:33
by Sol
No new posts   Mages not Exterminators 

Job - Key and Yona

18Yona762Tolgalen YonayonaView latest post on 14th July 2018, 01:17
by Yona
No new posts   Making an Appearance 

Leylin joins the Guild!

1, 2
27LeylinFarlier909Tolgalen FishweaveView latest post on 6th July 2018, 04:09
by Haraka Omaras
No new posts   Teaching a troublemaker (Yona) 1, 225Sol562Tolgalen YonayonaView latest post on 1st July 2018, 04:45
by Yona
No new posts   Drinks After Work 

Social Follow Up for Guy Stratus Job (Key and Yona)

18Yona500Tolgalen YonayonaView latest post on 27th June 2018, 02:52
by Yona
No new postsPrivate   Dance of Fate 0Demi193Tolgalen ZQh0KoxView latest post on 27th June 2018, 00:12
by Demi
No new posts   The Reach of The Past 0Haraka Omaras231Tolgalen FishweaveView latest post on 24th June 2018, 07:57
by Haraka Omaras
No new posts   A Feast For Johann 0Haraka Omaras226Tolgalen FishweaveView latest post on 18th June 2018, 21:30
by Haraka Omaras
No new posts   Fruit of The Fallen Ocean Goddess 16Haraka Omaras446Tolgalen FishweaveView latest post on 13th June 2018, 22:46
by Haraka Omaras
No new posts   A new face at the docks (Nekros/Intro) 15Sol415Tolgalen 9MeZtbmView latest post on 13th June 2018, 19:15
by Nekros
No new posts   Another Attack Means Another Clean Up(w/Sol, Yuiisai, Feitan)[Event] 14Cirven505Tolgalen Sol12View latest post on 10th June 2018, 10:05
by Sol
No new posts   Breaking the News... 1, 231Adalinda873Tolgalen VdUqpTgView latest post on 5th June 2018, 20:35
by Yuudai
No new posts   Temples and Trauma (Sols S rank Exam) 0Sol265Tolgalen Sol12View latest post on 29th May 2018, 08:01
by Sol
No new posts   A Trip to Hatchling's Sorrow 

Kyran's C-B exam

5Kyran283Tolgalen KeyView latest post on 24th May 2018, 18:43
by Kyran
No new postsCompleted   Unnatural Epidemic 0Ruvel211Tolgalen RuvelView latest post on 23rd May 2018, 23:26
by Ruvel
No new posts   Purge the Invader (Ruvel,Rasparov,Johann) [Event] 17Johann510Tolgalen RasparovView latest post on 20th May 2018, 11:09
by Rasparov
No new posts   Did you miss me? 2Julius Seas221Tolgalen 3082-76View latest post on 15th May 2018, 02:51
by Cirven
No new posts   Leveling up the Dragon (Secondary Magic Training) 

Secondary Training! Leggo!

19Adalinda368Tolgalen 3082-76View latest post on 14th May 2018, 02:05
by Cirven
No new posts   The Alcoholic Mage's Guild Intro (Part 2) 9Adalinda415Tolgalen Sol12View latest post on 7th May 2018, 20:53
by Sol
No new posts   A Shipment of Wine(closed) 

Black Sails Intro

1, 2
29Haraka Omaras809Tolgalen Sol12View latest post on 16th April 2018, 09:03
by Sol


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MyazheA province located deep on the Island of Tolgalen, the Province of Myazhe is a Midi style Town located higher up on the island but still warm. Above the Town is the castle of Sol Terumi a Vice President of the Trading Company, the area is known to have special mist around it that keeps it safe from invaders if the threat of an angry dragon does not drive them off first. Sol looks over this province with care and protectiveness and to any who would dare invade this sacred province your life is forfeit.

5126Tolgalen GEmqZAPThe Misty Provin...
20th May 2019, 20:17
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