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    Life After Death


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    Completed Life After Death

    Post by Yuiisai on April 16th 2019, 7:03 pm

    It had been so long since she had set foot on the place the one she paired with now called home, so much had happened since he managed to get free from the facility they once both called home. An island that he would never go near because of fear, he was afraid if he went there he would never be able to leave. She wished she could be their when he finally faced such a fear, when he realised he himself was far stronger than any knew but that day for her would never come and she knew this. She had recently been given an ultimatum and it was a decision that weighed on her, there was no way she could balance herself or find peace within it, because, no matter what she would lose something. She felt like she was being torn apart and she hated it, her normal calm blood ruby eyes seemed troubled as she looked upon the ocean. The sea seemed so still as if nothing could disturb it, she knew a storm was coming though and that the calmness that was being shown would end, it would be replaced with choppy, storming water that could and likely would kill someone somewhere. She sighed quietly closing her eyes, she still hadn't made a decision and the deadline had almost come to a close. She thought being here would help her make the decision finally but her heart and mind where just as clouded and at ill peace as they had been three days ago when the ultimatum had been given.

    "Choose one and lose the other, don't choose and I lose both..." she whispered her voice was filled with a sorrow she hadn't felt since she was taken from her family, fate was cruel because no matter what everyone lost something depending on what she decided; then again she lost something no matter what she chose. "I can hear that insane laughter from that overrated snow globe even here..." she covered her ears as if she was trying to silence it but it didn't help any. "Is this my penance for being separated from them?" she said looking to the sea hoping that the answer might come to her but all she heard was the waves gently ebbing and flowing "Would it have made a difference if I had been there with them? Could I have helped them? Stopped this from happening to them? Or would I have broken like they each have?" she had so many questions and no way to answer them because the time to have found out had passed, but it wasn't like she would have been much help as she had ended up in a coma thanks to the attack. She had only been spared the fate of the others because Oykai had rescued her, she truly wished that it had been Cirven or Korvin that had been taken in her place but her twin took his blood over anyone else and she could find no fault in his want to keep his twin safe.

    She had been stolen from his existence this cycle and wanted to keep her safe, it was then she remembered something he had said that lined up with something she had been raised knowing "Family should always come first, they are the ones that will always be with you no matter what is to come. Protect them like they will protect you." she said her hand going to her head, the memory hurt and she had no idea why, it had never happened before, not to her. It was the very few times Oykai had conversed with her as a sister and not a colleague. "D-Demi!" she heard a voice that she recognised call out behind her making her turn, she smiled weakly to the one who had protected her within home, the one she had protected since they had both got free. "Rui.." she said in a small voice, she had tried to sound like her normal self but that wasn't going to happen no matter how hard she willed it. The smile that the youth had been wearing vanished the moment he sensed something was wrong, stopping in front of her "Demi, what's going on? I haven't seen you since the village and now you don't seem right." he said his voice showing just how concerned he was for the older woman, how she hated just how observant he was when it came to her and others he cared for especially when it came to times like this.

    She turned and looked to the sky her hands clasping behind her back "The dress you made me got ruined." she said trying to change the subject for now, it wasn't that she wouldn't answer him in time, it was just at that moment he couldn't because she herself didn't know what exactly what was going on with her. "Oykai said, I've repaired it when he brought it to me..." he said walking to stand beside her looking over the sea knowing if she had changed the subject then she wasn't ready to speak about it. "I made a few replacements, they'll fix themselves too if they aren't to damaged." he said looking up to her, his voice warm as he tried to console her for something he didn't understand was going on fully, he was trying though and she appreciated it "Thank you Rui." she said looking down to him "Rui..." she said biting her bottom lip "Yeah?" he asked sounding confused "Would you mind we speak as we were born just this once?" she asked the other, she knew just how a big deal this was and watched as he lowered his head looking at his feet as he fidgeted showing he was truly uncomfortable with the request she just had made of him. She could fully understand given it was what had landed him within home instead of meeting his demise like those that once cared for him had.

    "It's fine Rui, you don't have to if you are uncomfortable with it. I would even drop the small one I have on myself." she said her eyes going to look out over the ocean once more, Ruvel nodded letting his glamour fall, the moment it had his skin started to glow, the scars that he hid now on show for the world to see. His arms went around himself as he began to shake, his whole history was on view for whole world to see. She allowed her own to drop, her skin unlike his seemed perfect but her eyes weren't pure blood ruby there was black and purple swirls within it which would cause most of her race to call into question wither or not she was of their race. "Rui, I know it's scary to be like this but you will have to get over this fear eventually; while you hide yourself you'll never get to the strength you could be." she said her eyes looking to him as he looked up, she knew he was struggling with this but then he wasn't the only one. "I can't be like that Demi, I don't want to be like that..." he said his voice shaking a little, she couldn't blame him, he wasn't made for the same world she was and she had made sure that if worst came to worse he had an area that he would be safe even from her, Cirven and any other evil that would look to do him harm. Problem was that the area would keep him a prisoner for the rest of his life, he wouldn't ever be free from the gilded cage she had made for him.

    Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes for a moment before opening them and looking out to the ocean as the sun started to dip below the horizon "This is the last time we will ever speak like this Rui..." she said her voice quiet so only the youth beside her would be able to hear it, he couldn't help but look at her confused, how could he possibly understand what she was saying "Don't be silly Demi, we'll always be there for one another... we promised when we were younger." he said going to take her hand but she pulled her hand back before she could even be touched "Y-you... you can't touch me now Rui, i-if you... if you do I-I-I-I..." she paused the words were to difficult for her to say "I will kill you..." she said wanting to try help him understand "A reaper's touch... my touch... everything I am... it's deadly, I've been making sure it doesn't hurt you because in my secret heart of hearts I see you as my brother so my touch couldn't harm you..." she felt her stomach twisting, her heart felt like it was breaking she was in no way she felt at peace or at balance with this decision "b-b-but that isn't the case now." as she spoke these words her voice was shaking, purple star filled tears filled her eyes, she had made her decision the deadline had been reached and so she had no choice but to make it one way or another. She dreaded to think what Cirven would do if she refused to make her choice and it fell upon him to make the decision for her.

    Ruvel's had more than welled up with tears, glistening streams of golden light where rolling down his cheeks as he listened to her. He grabbed her clothing shaking his head "Demi, please don't do this.. I... I..." he was trying to find the words but his mind was fuzzy, he felt sick his world had already been thrown upside down. Nearly everyone he had been close to had left him on his own or betrayed him, he couldn't bare losing her too. Johann was the only one that he was close to that was still around, but, he was a guild master in his own right now and he wouldn't want to burden him if he had issues. She moved her hand as if to stroke his head to try and calm him but closed her hand at the last second pulling it back "Enough!" she said pulling back making him stumble forward "You are nothing to me, you never were and never will be..." she said her voice steeled she had to believe what she was saying or she would break "You were the means to an end, you were a shield for my safety but I am a weapon of destruction and I am fine with this fate." in honesty she was far from it but she needed to believe it, she needed to believe he was safer away from her even if he wasn't. "D-Demi... please... please... I... I... yo-" "Shut up Rothe, you know what? I lied before... you're worthless and always have been! If they hadn't partnered me with you I wouldn't have wasted my time being anywhere near you!" she yelled at him knowing she was undoing everything they had been working towards with him but that didn't concern her anymore, she wanted her family back, she wanted to be with him and for that she would watch the world burn if it was needed.

    "T-tha-" he stuttered he felt like he was going to pass out through all this, he couldn't handle it "I told you to shut up didn't I Rothe, now do as your told like the obedient dog we both know you really are!" she hissed her scythe appearing in her left hand, for the first time in her life it felt like it had weight to it, she didn't like it's feel it was sickening to her and knew exactly what that meant, she wasn't at peace with anything she was doing but it was to late for her to change course, she had picked her path and would continue down it for better or worse. "Say goodbye Rothe..." she ordered swinging her scythe down it did hit him twice, the first time almost took his left arm clean off his shoulder as she attempted to take the only thing he would now protect from harm, the symbol that showed his allegiance openly to his company and guild but that was stopped from fully happening from her cousin Amuul, in a single gracefully fluidic motion she slashed right across his eyes taking his sight from him, if it hadn't been for her cousin Shindara redirecting the blow the scythe would have taken Ruvel's head from his shoulders cleanly. With each hit Ruvel had screamed out the pain was to much for him on top of the emotional stress he was going through and so he passed out "Pathetic..." she said coldly as she walked into a shadow to leave the area, leaving her once bonded brother's fate to the twins.

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