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    We're on a Mission! Or... I Am, at Least! (Seika, Kyran)


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    We're on a Mission! Or... I Am, at Least! (Seika, Kyran) Empty We're on a Mission! Or... I Am, at Least! (Seika, Kyran)

    Post by Ran on Wed 10 Jun - 4:51

    Somehow, some way, Seika had lost Aphelia. It was common enough for the feline to run away and try to escape the girl's occasionally suffocating presence, but typically the mage could just follow the bond right back to her companion. Usually it did take a while, but the capability was there. Today, however, Seika had woken up to a very empty space next to her, with Aphelia no where to be seen. Frowning, she tugged at her hair absentmindedly as she tried to reach inside of herself at her core, searching for the strand of magic and spirit entwined that usually tapered off and led to Aphelia somewhere. While it was faint, she could still detect its presence... there!

    A bright smile lit up across her face, and Seika bounded off of the bed, jumping straight into action. Within less than two minutes she was scampering out of the guild hall and through one of the teleporters that led to the south west of Fiore. The way the devices worked, one only had to imagine clearly where they wanted to go, and the magic should work on its own. In this case, Seika had absolutely no clue where she was supposed to aim for, location wise. Still, she focused on the feeling of the bond pull, and when she stepped through the teleporter, the world still spinning slightly, she found herself in what looked like a port town.

    Actually, it seemed like three port towns. Seika frowned in confusion before shrugging. There wasn't enough of a magnetic feeling to pinpoint exactly where Aphelia was from here; now the distance was too close, so the draw had dissipated and become more relaxed. It didn't help that today it had only ever been faint, and oddly so. Deciding that she might as well try to look for Aphelia around, since despite her frequent attempts to pass herself off as a common house cat, Seika knew better. She could recognize the spirit's magical signature by sight or within ten or so meters, at the very least (more typically, but it was so very weak right now). With a concerned expression plastered over her face, Seika hurried down the center dock towards one of the ports.

    As she made her way further and further into the area, lighting up the area there were what seemed to be lacrimas. Seika took a brief moment to gape at the beauty of the lights before she remembered that Aphelia was around here somewhere, probably trapped or in a state of magic exhaustion. Something was wrong, that was for sure. Seika focused back on her task, completely ignoring how armed guards seemed to linger around, trading each other looks as she barged farther into restricted areas. Finally, one stepped up to her, and she recoiled at the touch, less from disgust but more from the sheer surprise. "Ahhh!" She yelped, throwing herself away from him. The man seemed just as taken aback as she was, and he didn't make another move as she picked herself up. When it seemed like she wasn't going to scream again, he politely, but firmly blocked her path and requested that she state her name and for what reason she was here.

    At that, Seika scowled and tried to shove past the man. When he refused to budge, she took a step away and then met his eyes. "We are on a very important mission on behalf of Lady Aphelia of the Pergrande Kingdom. If you do not let us pass, you will have to deal with the consequences of knowing this very important trade deal with very important people," she told him, mustering up all of the Aphelian acidity that she could put into her voice. It didn't seem to work, before one of the guards whispered to the one blocking her path, and reluctantly they allowed her to pass. With a huff, Seika flounced past.

    Once she was out of sight of those men, she focused on trying to find Aphelia's signature. It was still too vague and weak... oh! Suddenly, the girl's face lit up. She had a brilliant idea. Aphelia was a flame bubble spirit, meaning she was naturally attracted to the components that made up that kind of spirit and magic. Furthermore, high quantities of it could empower her and help her regain her energy! Seika nearly danced on the spot with happiness, but she restrained herself and instead cleared her throat. She sucked in an enormous breath and then began yelling spells all at once, in succession. Before even she could register exactly what was happening, fire, bubbles, sparks, light, spirit magic, everything was raining down from the sky, swirling around her, catching crates on fire, reaching some ships, and scattering people who were within distance of being affected. Satisfied, Seika watched the cargo in front of her burn, tapping her foot impatiently as she waited to see if it would have any effect on helping her locate or help Aphelia.

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    We're on a Mission! Or... I Am, at Least! (Seika, Kyran) Empty Re: We're on a Mission! Or... I Am, at Least! (Seika, Kyran)

    Post by Kyran on Wed 30 Sep - 6:30

    Kyran grumbled as he poured over the paperwork. Who had put in an order for 600 replacement parts for the Aurora? A vein in his temple throbbed as he found several similar orders. The papers fluttered to the floor. Mountains of white sheets towered about the ex-guild master. The West Fiore Trading Company was shutting down and all of this had to be sorted out first. Kyran didn't mind much. The mantle of Guild Master hadn't been something he was ready for. All things must come to an end and all that. This was ridiculous though.

    A blonde head poked into his office. "Uh sir? The docks are on fire." the intern squeaked before vanishing. "Of bloody course they are. Please, just rush off, don't give me a proper briefing." Kyran shoved over a mountain as he made his way toward the door. Paper scattered everywhere. The redhead pinched his nose. This would be a long day.

    Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight! Ahriman chanted. People were running through the halls screaming. At one time, Kyran might have organized them. Now he didn't need to. Instead he sprinted through the halls toward the point of panic. Dominate these sheep. You know you want to. Your strength is more than enough to cow their minds. Sit above them on your throne... Medea purred into his ear. Kyran chuckled. Been there, done that. No thank you.

    Magic was in order once the doors neared. The crowd of people had become too thick to push through. Kyran leapt into the air, letting the wind circle round his feet. Now flying, he tore the doors open with another burst of wind. Now to find the cause of all these... bubbles? He reached out, curious, only to pull his hand back swiftly. Magic bubbles were clearly dangerous. No time to study them.

    The bubbles appeared to be centered on the docks. Kyran followed the centric circles toward the origin. He hoped. His feet alighted upon a roof. A small child stood impatiently. Wary but not believing this was the cause, Kyran leapt down. "Hello, little girl. Did you happen to see who caused this mess? They should be stopped as swiftly as possible lest others die in the folly."

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