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    Free-form: It's a good day to get clean!


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    Free-form: It's a good day to get clean! Empty Free-form: It's a good day to get clean!

    Post by Nekros on 29th July 2020, 7:31 am

    A new posting by the Guild Master and President of the West Fiore Trading Company! It seems that Romulus, the guilds Storm Bird, is in need of his monthly bath. The listing asks all mages of the guild to come in and help try to get this filthy bird clean. If not, Romulus is likely to send the surrounding area into a month long storm, and business wouldn't like that. Nor would any of the workers…. or sailors, or anyone in general having to deal or live in Tolgalen. So now, it is up to the guild to take care of the guild pet, whether Romulus likes it or not. However, the biggest problem is the bird's size. Romulus is the size of a small mountain, not something that is easily contained.

    Jaegers first thought? Ignore it. There was no way to get that bird on the ground long enough to wash it. However, if by group effort, even his little bit of cleaning could help. And who knows, it might turn out to be a fun day of chasing the bird around trying to get water on him. Which was going to be a challenge, even if Jaeger could get the big storm bird grounded for a while, he’d have to make sure it was somewhere with a lot of water to help clean; and the only place that’d really suit that was the ocean…. But the ocean was all salty and not great for cleaning. What the group of mages would need was a freshwater source to clean the feathers of Romulus.

    So, Objective one is to find a big enough source of freshwater for the job. This would take a lot of searching as Tolgalen is a big country and island. Then to find the big storm bird and lure him to said source of water. Now the absolute hardest part is catching him long enough to get some of its feathers and body clean.

    The mage set off for this, he merged into the land of Tolgalen and shifted his way further inland.
    With his enhanced connection to the planet and such, he should have no trouble in finding a great source of water for the big bird to wash in. The soil around the larger bodies of water should be much more saturated and moist from all the water it regularly has to hold. It should feel much more like he is slogging through mud than shifting through the stone and compact dirt.

    After hours of searching, Jaeger found just that; the soil was very moist and saturated and felt like one was in a mud bath, so very relaxing. The man shifted out of the ground, leaving only his feet remaining. The rest stood and looked at the large lake he had come upon. Now it wasn’t the biggest, and likely not big enough to fit the bird in it…. But what if Jaeger could make it rain? The water would just cover Romulus and drag the dirt away…. Sorta. This is like a car being washed during a storm, right?

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