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    Dungeon: Public Service Empty Dungeon: Public Service

    Post by Katsumi 20th December 2021, 7:10 pm

    Katsumi pulled on the last of her new armor as the boat stopped near the dock. She checked the book at her hip as well as the silver handles. All new acquisitions from wealthy clients given to her for jobs well done. The gamer girl had a sneaking suspicion they were a bit more than that. Hence why she'd taken this simple job to get away from the cities and the constant demands. Apparently, many wanted an ex-Rune Knight private detective.

    The swordswoman ran her hand over her equipment once more. She'd crafted the armor and the handles. The tome had been handed to her without preamble. Her attempts to return it had been unsuccessful. Katsumi stepped from the boat, her mind whirling through the possibilities. Were her benefactors reeling her in? Embroiling her in a secret plot? Perhaps attempting to store up points with which to manipulate or blackmail her with? The components for the armor hadn't been cheap. The weapon's components even less so. Katsumi had only suggested each as a joke. Her work wasn't worth that much jewels. This reasoning led her to believe in ulterior motives for the 'gifts'.

    Hot jungle air blasted Katsumi suddenly. She blinked looking around. Tolgalen didn't hold the air of a fantasy paradise. Something dark hung heavy in the air. Monsters screamed and roared from deep within the jungle before her. The dock Katsumi stood upon seemed to be the lone place of civility standing against the jungle. Red eyes peered at her from the safety of the trees. Katsumi's mouth dropped open. Who would drop their trash here? The trash could be easily dropped where one wouldn't be eaten by wildlife. The thought she hadn't overprepared crossed her mind. The weapons and armor had been about personal comfort initially. Now Katsumi was glad she had them.

    Then again, as Katsumi looked around, she wondered why she had been sent here of all places. This mission said to clear all the garbage from a certain location. She dreaded to think what kind of trash might have been dumped on Tolgalen. A sinking feeling in her stomach hinted that something in the forest - several somethings - were the supposed trash she needed to clean up. Katsumi sighed heavily, touching her weapons again. Her INT save must have failed miserably when she took the job.

    The swordswoman peered into the jungle once more. Her Perception skill didn't activate like she needed it too. Not to mention a total lack of Quest markers to help her find the targets. Ugh, real life made things way harder than video games. Sighing once again, Katsumi accepted her fate. This mission would take many long hours to complete. Time to start the grind.

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