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    No, I Didn’t Know How to Act, Started Running and I Didn’t Look Back


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    No, I Didn’t Know How to Act, Started Running and I Didn’t Look Back - Page 2 Empty Re: No, I Didn’t Know How to Act, Started Running and I Didn’t Look Back

    Post by Amalie on 4th July 2019, 3:14 pm

    The Articulation mage would, in turn, listen to Sivvy's comments, her reflection over what Amalie told her. There was no sympathy, which was a nice change of pace for the woman. Frankly, Sympathy made her uncomfortable, for starters, it didn't really do anything to make her feel better. On top of this, it only reiterated the point that she had a weakness, something to be sorry about. She didn't want to regret anything in her past, because she couldn't change it. It was a pointless action, there was no rewind in life, you embraced consequences and learned to progress from them. At least that was how she tried to look at it.

    As the rose-haired girl looked away, talking about the fear of screwing up her relationships, Amalie's expression would mold into a frown. "You need not fret about such things, if you spend all your time worrying about ruining these relationships, then you are wasting energy that could be put into enjoying them." She would reply in quite the 'matter of fact' manner. The girl had stepped on something that the woman couldn't relate to. She never feared the possibility of ruining her relationships, because she believed she never had any worth salvaging. Although... maybe this was wrong. Had she been fearful of losing Johann's presence in her life when he had told her about leaving the West Fiore Trading Company? The decision she'd made to join him, her displeasure at the news, the way she'd so willingly set herself about following him to Dies Irae. Maybe, she was changing. As she eyed the girl, she wondered how she might feel if she disappeared from her life all of a sudden. The woman felt a discomforting twinge somewhere within, it was there for a moment, and then it faded away as though numbed slowly. Perhaps... she would not be okay with it? Although, she wasn't sure as to why. Had she really grown this attached to the girl?

    The girl continued her admissions, delving deeper into her emotional capabilities and the tribulations she seemed to suffer underneath her blank-faced exterior. Amalie's hard blue eyes would soften slightly, realizing that the normally stoic female was admitting something quite painful to her. Something that undoubtedly had something to do with how this 'Doctor' had raised her. The more she heard about this mysterious creator, the less Amalie liked about him. Amalie considered a way to comfort the girl, a moment of uncertainty lingered in her demeanor. Before she scooted her body along the seat of the sofa, reaching over. She would place her hand on Sivvy's arm softly, Ice-blue eyes looking into those carmine colored ones with a gaze of determined reassurance. "Sivvy," She began in a gentle tone, one unlike what one might normally hear from the woman. "You were not given life to be useful, regardless of what some Doctor may have told you. You are here to exist in this world and just be. You don't owe anyone anything, you don't have to work to please the world for the sake of making others happy. Perhaps being free and joining Dies Irae, maybe it's an opportunity to find what makes you happy. To find out who you are as an individual and to be who you were meant to be. Outside of all this 'servitude' malarky. Like... I don't want you as a friend to be useful, I want to be your friend because I enjoy your company. You don't have to work please me Sivvy, cause just being you is enough to do that anyway." It was strange, such words coming out of the woman's mouth. A part of her couldn't believe she was being so upfront with the girl. Yet, once she'd started, somehow she hadn't been able to stop.

    Sivvy would turn on her again, from what Amalie could see, the girl was clearly intoxicated. It was miraculous that only two glasses could affect the girl in such a way, unlike Amalie who could hardly feel it. She would implore the woman to fill her in on her future romances, or any emotions, Amalie stared at her, before a soft smile crept on to her lips. She would reach over, plucking the empty wine glass out of Sivvy's hand. "Sure, I'll tell you about every emotion you want me to." The woman would put both of their glasses on the table, pushing herself up so she was standing, she would reach out to help the girl up. "Come on, let's get you some water and go to your room. We still have to unpack your stuff. During which I'll tell you all about my amorous affairs..."

    And Amalie would do that; tell the girl about her lovers, including Johann and the feelings she had felt and how she was feeling. The uncertainty about her current situation, she would open up. Because for the first time, in a long time, the woman had found trust in another. And much like Sivvy and the complexity of human emotions, Amalie wanted to explore it.


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