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    Guild Event System


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    Official Guild Event System

    Post by Admin 5th November 2021, 4:48 am

    Guild Event System ERLRhbA

    • Overview: The Guild Event system is a system that allows Guild Masters, and by extension, Guilds in general, to create and play out their own guild-exclusive Site Events. This, of course, means that these guild-exclusive Events may include mechanics similar to large Site Events, e.g. a set reward for guild members and the Guild itself upon completion, a set Event duration, and so on. Up to two Guilds can participate in a Guild Event. Guild Events exist in two varieties:

      • Recreational Guild Events: This type of Guild Event is a gathering of guild members organized into some kind of recreational event, e.g. a festival, party, or even things like a guild-exclusive combat tournament. All kinds of Guild Events that do not influence official site canon and lore and have no consequence for the development of site-wide canon and lore fall under this category.

      • Lore Guild Events: Guilds also have the option to, in correspondence with the Administration and the Event Team, request Lore Guild Events, which allows the guild to influence the official site lore and canon to a degree. This includes things like assaults or raids on official site locations, attacks on official site NPCs, and other storylines depending on the desires of the Guild Master and the alignment / goals of the guild itself within the framework of established site lore or the context of other ongoing site-wide events. This type of Event can also include contexts such as attacks on guild locations, guild wars, guilds opposing each other in a particular objective, and so on, if Guild Masters agree to such plot conditions out of character and two guilds work together for the creation of their Guild Event. If guilds are not working together, other guilds may not be involved in the Guild Event directly without consent from their GMs. Guilds will always face a challenge in these kinds of Events, e.g. NPCs under a Loremaster's direction or other players, depending on their exact aim in a lore context. This type of Guild Event can influence and have lasting consequences for the in-universe continent of Ishgar. All rules specified in the thread linked before apply.

        The exact parameters of a Lore Guild Event story are to be discussed with the Administrator in question or the Event Team. Guild Events, while developed by Guild Masters, must possess a realistic story within the context of site lore (e.g. you cannot attack and destroy whole nations or regions, for example, no matter how powerful you may think your character or guild is). Regardless of the proposed story of Lore Guild Events, these types of events are always, in one form or another, overseen by an Administrator or a member of the Event team. Administrators or members of the Event team may guide the Event directly in the form of Loremasters, depending on the scope of the proposed Event prompt and the possible impact on site lore. The prompt for Lore Guild Events are developed in cooperation between Guild Masters, Administration, and the Event Team, with Admins having the last word on what can and cannot be done in the context of site lore. This is entirely dependant on what the guild in question is trying to accomplish in the Guild Event exactly. All rules as written in the CoC, Site rules, and Guild rules apply.

        • Location: The locations of these events are entirely dependant on the proposed prompt. Recreational Guild Events can only be set in locations that the guild in question could realistically have access to (i.e. no restricted areas, especially in other nations, guild locations belonging to other guilds unless in cooperation with these guilds, etc.). Lore Guild Events may be set in all kinds of locations and areas, depending on the approved prompt developed in cooperation with the Administration and the Event Team.

        • Word Count: Word count for event threads of the associated Guild Event may be set at Low (2,000 Words per participant), Medium (4,000 Words per participant), or High (6,000 Words per participant) Word Counts. The higher the Word Count for individual members of the guild, the higher the rewards awarded to both players and the guild upon successful completion of the Guild Event.

        • Event Deadlines: Events, no matter if Recreational or impacting Site Lore, must possess a specific duration in which they can be accomplished. If the Word Count is not met within the set deadline or certain other event-specific criteria are not fulfilled (depending on the prompt), the Guild Event is failed and participants receive no reward. The duration of an Event also may influence the reward the event grants players upon successful completion, with 1 month from the point of starting the event being the minimum duration of a Guild Event and 3 months from the point of starting the event being the maximum.

        • Rewards: Rewards are set in cooperation with the Administrator or Event Team member overseeing the Guild Event. Guild Event rewards are dependant on the type of Guild Event that is chosen (i.e. Recreational or Lore), the Word Count (i.e. Low, Medium, or High), and the time limit to complete the Guild Event (i.e. the event deadline). Rewards may consist of EXP, Jewels, or a combination of these two for participating players, as well as Jewels for the participating Guilds. Guilds also earn points on the Guild Scoreboard for successfully completing the Guild Event equal to the rank of the highest-ranking player completing the Event (with H rank being equal to 10y & X rank and above being equal to 100y). Guilds may also design plot rewards that participants may receive for successful completion of the Guild Event.

      • Additional Information: Guilds may only be in one active Guild Event at a time. A Guild Event is developed by Guild Masters and Aces of a given guild, with the Admin Team and Event Team overseeing the approval of the Guild Event. A Guild may take part in 2 Guild Events per year. If a Lore Event is requested, the Admin Team and the Event Team take part in the development process of the Event depending on the objective and aim of the participating guilds. Only one Lore Event guided by a Loremaster may be in progress at any given time across all guilds. At least 5 members of a guild must successfully complete a Guild Event for the Guild to receive a reward.

        In order to apply for a Guild Event please contact @Nero with a finished description for your Guild Event if you want to wish to create one. Alternatively, contact a member of the Event Team if an Admin is not available.

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