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    [Job] Shimmering Feelings (Akeya/Nymara)


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    [Job] Shimmering Feelings (Akeya/Nymara) - Page 2 Empty Re: [Job] Shimmering Feelings (Akeya/Nymara)

    Post by Nymara 2nd December 2022, 3:43 pm

    Well at least Akemi was skilled enough to navigate the intricate conversational ways of the nobles. It honestly shouldn't have surprised Nymara that much, given how much knowledge she knew Akemi had, though it was still interesting for her to listen in on. Of course, Nymara couldn't stop herself from tensing up slightly with every lie Akemi said, though it seemed to come so naturally to her that the other noble didn't even appear to notice. Or at least if he did, he was very good at conveying the opposite. "Quite true indeed. Sometimes only the intervention of the gods can stop someone with enough motivation." Harringoth would chuckle slightly in response to Akemi's first statement, though there was a hint in his tone to suggest he wasn't entirely joking. "Hehe, though these days I've heard even the gods have met their match. Such strange magic some of these 'Slayer' wizards can get ahold of, and boldly named." Harringoth would continue before taking another sip of his wine. With that last sentence, Nymara would resist the urge to look back and shoot her mentor a concerned side glance, if only because the tall noble was staring directly at both of them. Could he have somehow known about their magic or was he simply making conversation? Nymara had to hope it was the latter because if anyone found out they were wizards it could make their job at this party much more difficult. Instead, Nymara would pretend to not notice his comment and continue filling up her plate. In a ladylike manner of course.

    "Ah, I am deeply saddened to hear that Lady Akemi. Perhaps we shall meet yet at some point." He would say in a polite tone regarding the news of Akemi's "father". Nymara had to assume she was lying about that too, though she could never be certain with Akemi. Nymara still knew almost nothing about the twilight dragon before joining the guild, so who's to say she wouldn't thread some of the truth with lies? Not that it mattered much at the moment, though the fact that it was even brought up got Nymara thinking. Sadly none of Nymara's burning questions about her mentor's mysterious past were likely to get answered, at least not anytime soon. It may have annoyed the hell out of the firebrand, but she respected Akemi enough to leave the matter be. If the twilight dragon ever trusted Nymara enough with that information, she would likely tell herself.

    THANK GOD Akemi stepped in! Nymara was nervously chugging all the water in her glass before her mentor broke the awkward silence with a plausible-sounding story. One that at least offered more context than anything Nymara was about to blurt out. Their fathers were hunting partners, great! She'd need to remember that in case the firebrand was forced into any other awkward conversations with the nobles. Consistency was key in this sort of place! The last thing Nymara wanted was to put the entire mission at risk because of her poor memory or conversational skills. At that point, Akemi would have to treat her as dead weight and try and salvage the job herself. Clearly the the darkest timeline in Nymara's opinion. She took notice of Akemi's glance, signaling that the firebrand was at least doing something right. It was probably the safest option to let the twilight dragon do most of the talking anyways, Nymara's social skills aside one of them needed to remain alert. Even if the mountain of food and drink was making it a little difficult for Nymara to focus. Akemi continued their fabricated story by mentioning some of the differences between their parents, though from what Nymara could tell it didn't appear as though Akemi was fully lying. What she said about Nymara's "father" was true. Ignoring the fact that he was a dragon, Nymara was allowed much personal freedom in her upbringing. So long as she didn't wander too far, the magma dragon could always sense where her footsteps were. "And I am very happy to be invited!" Nymara would attempt to add to Akemi's explanation with a smile. "She's right, I've never been to a place like this before. It all looks and smells so wonderful!" She'd say rather truthfully, prompting a slight head tilt from Harringoth. With a bright smile, Nymara eagerly locked her arms around Akemi's for a moment in a display of friendly affection. "I'm just happy Akemi and I could make the trip!" She'd continue energetically. Harringoth would simply chuckle before responding. "Well, you wouldn't be the only one." He'd say with a warm smile, raising his glass to the two girls. "I can only speak for myself at this party but I am very happy I was able to meet you two." He would continue. However, something about Harringoth's demeanor changed. For the first time since the night had started his constant smile had begun to fade ever so slightly and a look of concern flashed across his eyes. "Hehe... Though I've only just remembered there were others I had promised to meet here. I must apologize for my abrupt departure." He would say rather suddenly, causing a look of confusion appears on Nymara's face for a moment. He politely bowed. "Lady Akemi, Lady Nym. It was a pleasure." Once standing straight again his gaze would meet theirs. "And I eagerly anticipate our next meeting." He would finish in a more serious tone, the cold stare he gave the redhead apparently not lost on her before the black-haired man turned his back and quickly departed through the crowd. "Huh... What a strange man. He seemed nice for the most part!" Nymara would say with confidence as she turned her attention back to the table of food. "Want me to take a walk around or something? Or should we stay together?" She'd ask her mentor again while putting more food on her plate. "What was that loud bang anyways?"

    Just one floor above the party the feline eagerly peered through the darkness of the room, now only softly illuminated by the glow of the moon coming through the now-broken door. Lucky didn't spot anything immediately suspicious, just what appeared to be a normal-looking office space. He briefly considered gazing at the exposed paperwork and books, though fought his urge to invade his client's privacy. He had already destroyed a desk on accident, he didn't need to give the job-giver any more reasons to deduct their pay. In response to Akemi's message, Lucky would nod to himself, though thinking internally about how his time with Nymara may have formed some bad habits. Normally he would never have considered using his pursuer as a means to gain entry, but he had no choice but to think at the moment.

    "Everything appears to be normal here... Maybe I can-" Lucky whispered into the shadows, hoping Akemi was listening. However, his own speech was cut short by the sensation of rushing air directly behind him! His ear flicked slightly before instinct kicked in and the feline dove out of the way just as an invisible force impacted the ground he had been standing on just moments before. "Oh again? Seriously?!" He'd grumble to himself just as the exceed rolled. He turned to face his aggressor only to be met with more confusion. Where were they? With no time to react, his senses picked up another change in the air directly ahead of him so Lucky extended his wings and flew straight into the ceiling just as he witnessed the dust floating in the air be violently cut aside. "Gah! Some sort of invisible assailant is up here, I will attempt to lose it!" Lucky said between breaths, not knowing where or when the next strike would come from. He had some tricks up his sleeve he could potentially try to outclass this unknown enemy with, though taking Akemi's instructions to heart about not causing any more destruction he figured it was best he didn't risk destroying the office. Not wasting any more time the feline spotted an air vent in the ceiling and took the opportunity, flying straight into it! He had no idea if he would be chased, so the feline continued flying through the maze of vents until he was confident he could take a breather.  "Not my proudest moment but I think I lost them." He'd say, peering through the cracks of another vent only to see an empty dark hallway. "I have now infiltrated the ventilation system, I can probably use this to my advantage." He'd say again. From what he could tell these vents gave him near unrestricted access to the entire building, if they needed his eyes or ears anywhere specific he could oblige fairly easily. Of course that still didn't solve the problem of the invisible attacker.

    "Whatever that was they know they've been discovered now." He would stop before seeing some small pileup of dust within the ventilation shaft. "Though I may have a plan to expose them..." He would say again, an idea formulating in his mind.

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    [Job] Shimmering Feelings (Akeya/Nymara) - Page 2 Empty Re: [Job] Shimmering Feelings (Akeya/Nymara)

    Post by Akeya 1st January 2023, 11:36 am

    Hmmm... So far Lord Harringoth had given the impression of being someone who was quite ambitious himself, despite having been born into a wealthy environment. For him to say that only the gods could stop an ambitious man could be his way of saying that he wouldn't let anyone get in his way.

    But more curious was his direct reference to Slayers and the feats they were capable of. Akemi had been carefully hiding her magic to avoid being discovered, but maybe he'd noticed somehow? It was always possible that Nymara had let something slip: capable as she was when it came to combat and survival, stealth and subterfuge were areas where she still had a lot to learn. Even so, it would be best to play dumb for now, Akemi inclining her head to agree with the male. "Magic intended to allow for humans to challenge those they would otherwise be helpless against? A true example of humanity's will to overcome any obstacles."

    However, she couldn't help but sound a tad sharp as she spoke those words. It was a source of annoyance for her that humans truly thought that dragon slayer magic was something that humans themselves had designed to fight dragons with. The dragons who had first decided to share their magic with humans had invited their own deaths, and Akemi didn't pity them for anything other than their short-sightedness, but the fact that humans truly thought it was their own invention was a display of their conceit and self-centeredness. "Of course, how often does a deity deign to interfere with worldly affairs?"

    Dragons existed in this world as a matter of established fact, but deities rarely directly got involved in the realms of mortals. In that sense, developing a type of magic with the primary goal of challenging deities was excessive: Akemi herself wouldn't mind obtaining a power that could cut down deities, but she'd rather it be an extension of a more expansive skillset that was applicable to more common scenarios.

    "Thank you, Lord Harringoth. Fortune willing, I too hope that the two of you shall meet." Of course, Akemi's hypothetical father was already old enough that if Lord Harringoth didn't hurry the man would already be too senile to serve as a good conversational partner. She lightly sighed, but at that point Nymara had apparently decided that it was time for her to carry some of the weight in upholding their deception.

    Well, she certainly was carrying out the party of the daughter of nobility who'd never been taught much about attending such events. Akemi raised an eyebrow at the cheerfulness Nymara displayed, but didn't resist when her redheaded apprentice locked arms with her. "Your company does make the journey much more worthwhile." She'd smile as she agreed with Nymara's words, although her expression became a bit more stoic as Harringoth also voiced his approval. His focus on the redhead was bothering her increasingly: mere interest wouldn't justify his attitude.

    But it seems even his curiosity towards Nymara couldn't keep him here forever. She didn't fail to notice a sudden change in his demeanour, especially since it coincided with another event happening in another part of the building: Lucky's fight with the gargoyle, and the invisible assailant the exceed was now trying to escape from without getting hurt. The timing was uncanny: was she overthinking this?

    "No apologies needed: it was a pleasure to meet you, and I look forward to when we shall meet again." Akemi inclined her head in response to the lord's words, then watched him leave before turning towards Nymara. "Lucky is investigating the rest of the manor and encountered a gargoyle. Let's hope you're the only one who noticed." A vain hope, since she'd already seen other people look confused in reaction to the bang, but hopefully they'd quickly dismiss it as irrelevant. "As for that man... it'd be better to avoid him for the rest of the evening. He's hiding something important." If Nymara had known anything about the man that could have been useful she probably would have said so already, so it was better to have the firebrand stay out of his way without confusing her with mere speculation.

    "There's someone on the upper floors with Lucky who appears to have an interest in this gathering. For now just keep an eye on things here while I talk with Lucky. There's a chance we'll have to ditch the act if things get worse." She'd been keeping track of what happened with Lucky upstairs through the shadows, and the invisible figure clearly had been aiming to kill. For them to resort to such extreme measures they were either desperate or planning something big enough that letting the corpse of an exceed be discovered was not great enough of a deterrent to their plans.

    Taking a glass Akemi would sip from the wine even as she once again used precise control over her magic to shape the shadows around Lucky to communicate with him without revealing herself. It was a good thing that shadow magic was already one of the most subtle of elements, otherwise this type of communication wouldn't have been feasible without the assistance of some kind of device. Which did remind her that these days everyone was walking around with those things... Lachrima that could connect to any other lachrima of similar design? She'd have to look into that.

    "Don't expose them if doing so endangers you. Observe their movements, and call for help if needed. Our job is to protect the guests and the host: we can let the target escape if that helps keep the people here safe."

    It was tempting to dedicate all their resources to capturing this invisible figure and interrogating them to see what they were up to, but the job came first. As long as the gathering finished without any incidents they'd have done what was asked of them. Of course, Akemi's own curiosity meant that she wasn't about to let this invisible figure escape, but she didn't need Lucky going overboard because she was egging him on.

    "What plan do you have to expose them?"


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