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Crescent Island

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This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.  Global announcement:  GUILD SCOREBOARD: 19th Season 9Nessa Cordelia Lux177Crescent Island KebabVikingView latest post Today at 12:25
by Johann
This topic is locked: you cannot edit posts or make replies.Linked topic  Global announcement:  Urban Nights ☻ FTRP Mini Event 0Nessa Cordelia Lux171Crescent Island 60582_vView latest post on Mon 6 Jul 2020 - 16:31
by Nessa Cordelia Lux
No new posts  Global announcement:  June Items of the Month 24Nessa Cordelia Lux543Crescent Island 60582_vView latest post on Sat 27 Jun 2020 - 12:32
by Nessa Cordelia Lux
No new posts  Global announcement:  IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING OLD IOTM PURCHASES. 6Nessa Cordelia Lux386Crescent Island 60582_vView latest post on Fri 20 Mar 2020 - 19:59
by Nessa Cordelia Lux
No new postsLinked topic  Sticky:  Sabertooth's Pool Party! | Open to Sabertooth 6Hikachu1395Crescent Island QH595tMView latest post on Thu 21 Jan 2016 - 18:19
by Blood Plus
No new posts   [Job] Shadow of the Beast (Akeya/Solmar) 

The Storm King!

6Akeya153Crescent Island Akeya1_by_gramcrackers-d9t6wquView latest post on Fri 10 Jul 2020 - 6:27
by Akeya
No new posts   Half my heart 

Job, w/ Samira and Itori

8Luceam342Crescent Island Samira12345View latest post on Sat 13 Jun 2020 - 16:41
by Samira Nassar
No new posts   Sea-King Sea Monsters II 

Free Form

10Zachary-Sirius374Crescent Island ZacharySiriusView latest post on Mon 20 Apr 2020 - 20:41
by Zachary-Sirius
No new posts   A Stressful Vacation 8Leona Jarnefeldt93Crescent Island GEmqZAPView latest post on Tue 7 Apr 2020 - 4:59
by Leona Jarnefeldt
No new posts   Invasion 1Katsumi189Crescent Island 60346_vView latest post on Mon 2 Mar 2020 - 3:40
by Katsumi
No new posts   Sea-king Sea Monsters 

Free Form B

12Zachary-Sirius490Crescent Island ZacharySiriusView latest post on Sat 25 Jan 2020 - 2:00
by Zachary-Sirius
No new posts   Into the storm 

Job w/ Serilda

5Leila Vergious245Crescent Island 57240_vView latest post on Tue 15 Oct 2019 - 22:26
by Serilda Sinclair
No new posts   On the subject of pirates 

Job w/ Sarah Stone

7MAI220Crescent Island ZeroTheMaverickView latest post on Tue 13 Aug 2019 - 3:38
by Sarah Stone
No new posts   Trouble In Paradise 12Victoria Sheridan252Crescent Island NxgcI2KView latest post on Mon 24 Jun 2019 - 1:24
by Victoria Sheridan
No new posts   Bring down the Syndicate [Job/ Sara and Shane] 1, 225Sara Ravencrest582Crescent Island HitokiriView latest post on Sun 2 Jun 2019 - 14:35
by Sara Ravencrest
No new posts   Seas of Freedom 

Job ; Solo

12Leila Vergious188Crescent Island DmLqYYVView latest post on Thu 25 Apr 2019 - 0:46
by Leila Vergious
No new posts   Spring Break 

(females only, all guilds welcome)

6Sarah Stone445Crescent Island NxgcI2KView latest post on Sun 14 Apr 2019 - 6:16
by Victoria Sheridan
No new posts   Not Your Average Photoshoot 

C-Rank Mission: Shane Stern and Venus Rigel

8Fraag304Crescent Island 7372-37View latest post on Fri 8 Mar 2019 - 15:41
by Fraag
No new posts   Invasion of the Four Finger Pirates 

C Rank Job

9Sarah Stone306Crescent Island QTy2hGWView latest post on Thu 28 Feb 2019 - 16:28
by Shane Stern
No new posts   We're Gonna Need A Bigger Island... 19Victoria Sheridan186Crescent Island NxgcI2KView latest post on Tue 26 Feb 2019 - 1:59
by Victoria Sheridan
No new posts   I Left My Heart In... 

Havana (Ooh Na-Na), Solo

11Leona Jarnefeldt251Crescent Island GEmqZAPView latest post on Thu 21 Feb 2019 - 4:24
by Leona Jarnefeldt
No new posts   >(((*> Running Out Of Air <*)))< (Job - Temperance) 18SeaGlass425Crescent Island SweetcherrypiView latest post on Fri 11 Jan 2019 - 5:18
by SeaGlass
No new posts   No Day At The Beach 10Leona Jarnefeldt357Crescent Island GEmqZAPView latest post on Wed 9 Jan 2019 - 7:18
by Leona Jarnefeldt
No new posts   THE BEACONS (Pt. 4) 0ivyleaf33311Crescent Island ZQxbBjpc_oView latest post on Mon 19 Nov 2018 - 17:26
by ivyleaf33
No new posts   Shadows on the Ocean Floor [Underwater Adventure: Running Out Of Air] (Akeya/Solo) 13Akeya692Crescent Island Akeya1_by_gramcrackers-d9t6wquView latest post on Mon 12 Nov 2018 - 15:09
by Akeya
No new posts   The Beast of Storms 1, 227Cr1tikal1456Crescent Island Cr1tikalView latest post on Mon 15 Oct 2018 - 11:01
by Cr1tikal
No new posts   Like Shooting Fish... 

A Strange Occurrence On The Shore

16Victoria Sheridan386Crescent Island NxgcI2KView latest post on Thu 27 Sep 2018 - 21:14
by Victoria Sheridan
No new posts   Running out of Air [Ft. Joy Marco/Haraka] 

[b]Job title:[/b] Underwater adventure: running out of air [b]Rank:[/b] C [b]Player requirements:[/b] Minimum 220 words per post, must roll at least 5 times to summon the boss automatically. Defeat him and complete the mission in less than 15 posts. [b]J

16Joy Marco583Crescent Island ZziwxyZView latest post on Thu 2 Aug 2018 - 23:58
by Haraka Omaras
No new postsStar   ✧ it's like cutting water with a sword ✧ astrid ||| lilium ||| desirée ✧ 

✧ private job ✧

2Desirée Blooms415Crescent Island LiliumView latest post on Mon 30 Jul 2018 - 17:16
by Lilium
No new posts   The Merciful Hunter [Job | Mura & Charlotte] 2Mura Kensho513Crescent Island 47329_vView latest post on Sat 2 Jun 2018 - 19:09
by Mura Kensho
No new posts   How do you make holy water? 

You burn the hell out of it. [ Running Out of Air ✖ Solo ]

5Xiao Jing458Crescent Island XiaoJingView latest post on Fri 4 May 2018 - 6:32
by Xiao Jing
No new posts   You only need four. 

Invasion of the Four Finger Pirates

2Jarnbjorn341Crescent Island JarnbjornView latest post on Tue 1 May 2018 - 21:30
by Jarnbjorn
No new postsCompleted   Unwanted Return Home 

Ruvel/Cirven [Char job]

16Ruvel692Crescent Island 59835_vView latest post on Sun 5 Nov 2017 - 1:24
by Ruvel
No new posts   A Lot of Big Bad Mages [Job/ft. Leila and Sorano] 5ivyleaf33531Crescent Island GMx5mxsView latest post on Tue 3 Oct 2017 - 12:40
by NPC
No new posts   The Rise of Darkness [Job - Hera/Edward/Ezra/Natalia] 9DOPPO691Crescent Island DOPPOView latest post on Wed 28 Jun 2017 - 3:59
No new posts   Ass-kicking time. [Job w/ Jozuma and Cimba] 3Hero Yamamoto684Crescent Island TRu5v3sView latest post on Wed 21 Jun 2017 - 19:55
by Hero Yamamoto
No new posts   June • Social [Invite/Ask Only] 3Guest568Crescent Island JarnbjornView latest post on Wed 21 Jun 2017 - 16:17
by Jarnbjorn
No new posts   100YR Job: Saving Fiore from The God of Storms  6Haru-senpai582Crescent Island 1814-33View latest post on Thu 15 Jun 2017 - 8:10
by Haru-senpai
No new posts   Back to Below 

Job ; solo

4Leila Vergious535Crescent Island DmLqYYVView latest post on Tue 6 Jun 2017 - 12:21
by Leila Vergious
No new posts   Rising up the Ranks 

Exam: B rank- Jozuma

6Wolfe725Crescent Island HQ1mvPRView latest post on Mon 5 Jun 2017 - 23:17
by Wolfe
No new posts   Kaori: Underwater Adventure: Running Out of Air: C Rank: Solo - Private 1○Kaori676Crescent Island WcQpc5GView latest post on Sat 3 Jun 2017 - 18:52
by ○Kaori
No new posts   Palm Of Your Hand;; Eyvn And Fluffy;; Job 0Fluffy492Crescent Island Nyx1View latest post on Fri 2 Jun 2017 - 18:39
by Fluffy
No new posts   Underwater Adventure [Arz/Kittykool75] 7Ejji596Crescent Island Kittykool75View latest post on Thu 30 Mar 2017 - 19:10
by kittykool75
No new posts   Always Apt to End Up (Running Out of Air) In Needful Times 17Lacey Botticelli633avatarView latest post on Tue 28 Mar 2017 - 14:13
by Lacey Botticelli
No new postsPrivate   Treasure Training - Private/Job/Ueno and Atsuro 4AtsuroRock464Crescent Island GMx5mxsView latest post on Sat 18 Mar 2017 - 0:43
by NPC
No new posts   The Rise, And Fall, Of The Syndicate (Private) 


1, 2
32Cr1tikal1607Crescent Island Cr1tikalView latest post on Thu 9 Feb 2017 - 10:20
by Cr1tikal
No new posts   A Strange Occurence on the Shore (Private/Job/Aera Tylidae) 3Lilim674Crescent Island 5278-30View latest post on Thu 17 Nov 2016 - 23:47
by Lilim
No new posts   Are robots waterproof? [Job/Solo] 2Aoi and Aoba719Crescent Island GMx5mxsView latest post on Sun 23 Oct 2016 - 7:29
by NPC
No new posts   Cookout Throwdown  6Megálos Aderfós756Crescent Island 5625-7View latest post on Tue 11 Oct 2016 - 19:28
by Megálos Aderfós
No new posts   A Strange Occurrence On The Shore||Solo 7kittykool75599Crescent Island Kittykool75View latest post on Thu 29 Sep 2016 - 20:08
by kittykool75
No new posts   The King of Storms [Solo] 1, 235King Elyx1157Crescent Island 3749-36View latest post on Wed 28 Sep 2016 - 23:38
by King Elyx
No new posts   SWALLOWED BY A VICIOUS VENGEFUL SEA ☺ private, job, rokuro 5kittykool75888Crescent Island Kittykool75View latest post on Wed 14 Sep 2016 - 4:34
by kittykool75
No new postsPrivate   #FirstDates #ThirdWheel [Job w/ Venir + VindStot] 11Hero Yamamoto914Crescent Island TRu5v3sView latest post on Tue 13 Sep 2016 - 4:34
by Hero Yamamoto
No new posts   What's a King to Angels and Deities? [Job/Venir/Alyia] 6King Elyx767Crescent Island 3749-36View latest post on Fri 2 Sep 2016 - 20:13
by King Elyx
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