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    Sabertooth's Pool Party! | Open to Sabertooth


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    Linked topic Sabertooth's Pool Party! | Open to Sabertooth

    Post by Hikachu on 13th January 2016, 4:41 am


    Army Of One

    Warm and moist; the day began, with a huge yellow orb beaming above the sky as the water glistened underneath the sunlight. The Crescent Island had never been so occupied, people clutching onto the woods they had retrieved from the forest bustled about the land, some building up tents for themselves and their guild mates, whereas the rest were far out into the sea, enjoying the clear blue water and some merely basking under the sunlight. The Sabertooth guild master was in her royal purple bikini, the strings knotted securely over the small of her neck. A see-through white shirt over layered her swimsuit, partly exposing her feminine features of her body, her legs bare and naked. The piercing on her belly button jingled as the woman meandered across the sand, indigo pools gliding around the area restlessly. Chatters and laughter flooded the entire island, numerous tents enough for at least fifty people now raised up in an ordered row just on the shore. Drinks and liquor were on the far side of the tent, placed on a plastic table, a variety of meat roasted and grilled on the metal rack over an open fire. Plumes of smoke rose above the cooked meat and into the air, spreading distinctive scents among the masses of many. Tables and chairs carefully lined up, the utensils were neatly placed on the table, ready to serve food.

    Upon becoming the first out of all the legal guilds, the Sabertooth guild master had dragged all her comrades out into the island to celebrate their victory. The Sabertooth mages had worked hard and she believed they should at least deserve a vacation trip. For a week’s time, the Crescent Island would be occupied with all the mages from Sabertooth and most likely, they would return home tanned and hopefully, big smiles etched across their lips. The warm water washed up ashore, soaking her feet wet before the tide carried away the sand along with the momentum of the sea. The gentle breeze caressed her rosy cheeks, whisking away her rose-coloured hair and the brim of her white cloth, revealing more of her skin. ”Don’t drown yourself, young lads!” Her hands cupped around her mouth, the woman yelled out, to a couple of people swimming far out in the sea, over the sound of the waves crashing onto the coast, as a soft chuckle escaped from her lips. The smell of roasted meat entered her nose and instinctively, her stomach produced a loud gurgle sound. A half day has not even passed, yet, she was starved to death.

    On the other side of the tents was an area solely made for games, such as volleyball and other similar activities that the guild members would enjoy. Heck, they could even do fishing in the sea if they wish to and perhaps, they would even find a kraken or other strange types of aquatic animals. The sudden pain that jolted up her right leg caused her to groan slightly before she shifted her attention to the ground to see seashells sprawled on the beach. Upon seeing the shells, the idea of girls collecting them and making charming ornaments for themselves struck her mind. A couple of boats bobbed above the surface of the water. The vehicles were tied to a wooden piece that was being wedged into the thick sand so as to prevent them from being carried away by the tides that relentlessly wash towards the coast. The guild master had purchased boats so that they could travel out into the sea and do some activities such as, snorkelling and sea diving. The corner of her lips curved into a small smile in content, her thoughts running wild on how she would make this vacation an enjoyable moment for all her beloved guild mates.

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    Linked topic Re: Sabertooth's Pool Party! | Open to Sabertooth

    Post by Chelvaric on 13th January 2016, 10:17 am

    Chelvaric stepped trough his tent as he just put down for him and hikari. He stretched out as he was a bit tired from the building up. the tent cloth was decorated with little sabertooth cats. He wondered if hikari would like this as he didn’t show it to her beforehand. It was big unoupgh to hold ten people but she was the guild master so they could afford a bit more luxery then all the rest. He looked over the now realy huge tent camp as all the sabremages had gathered here. The sun was burning on his naked skin as he was just wearing blue swimming trunks. He walked over to the food table and saw that evryhting was correctly placed and layed out as it was supposed too. He counted the seats. There where a lot of them. It seemed sabretooth had grown tremendously in the past few months.  He sneaked behind the tents and into the jungle. He had hit a lot of fireworks here for tonight. Nobody knew about it and that was perfect. He smirked as he checked that everything was set up and ready. He walked back and when he walked out of the shadow he felt dreaded. The heat was just too much. He didn’t like it too much but ah well he shouldn’t complain if all the rest were having fun. Chelvaric kept himself on the back ground of the guild. The shadow as they will call him soon. he would just come to events for a while before diapearing. Not that it worked good as he hoped since he was the fiancée of the guild master.

    He walked Bare footed on the sand and jumped up and down at first as the sand was too hot. He cursed and wished he had robot legs instead of arms. Looking at the endless ocean made him calm and happy. The water was filled with swimming sabretooth mages and he was gonna join them soon too. A nice naked back and pink hair came in his vision as he saw her see trough white shirt over her bickiny. He wondered why she had to dress so sexy. Well he wouldn’t mind it in private but so openly. He had to show the rest that nobody should approach her for the wrong reasons. He sprinted to her and lifted her up in his arms before she could do anything and jump dived into the water. He went under and holded his breath for a bit before he came out of it again and threw his hand trough his wet hair. He placed his hands on her eyes and asked. “who am i”


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    Linked topic Re: Sabertooth's Pool Party! | Open to Sabertooth

    Post by Kite Wilhelm on 14th January 2016, 12:49 am




    Cool Down


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    - Kite

    ”Today is going to be a good day. “ he said to himself while sitting back in his cockpit chair, arms resting firmly on the rests that the seat provided, the soft fur like seat cover pressed against the back of his neck. The sensation of which made him press the back of head against the headrest of his seat. The sound of the turbines fired up made little to no sound, a small buzz from the ship’s hull reverberating from the vibrations. The only sound aside from the noises that came from the console controls, was the loud rhythmic hums coming from down past the dining hall, foredeck and into the cockpit but just barely. His eyes were closed for a moment before fluttering open. ”Alright, so time to get moving. Got some relaxing to do. “ he leaned forward in his chair and took a nice firm grip on the steering wheel and pulled it back. Now the once quiet sounding turbine roared to life and the force of them pushed Tailspin into the air, it rotated in the air until it was facing southeast from the Sabertooth Guild. Once the direction was set, and the course was set The Demon Slaying captain pushed a sequence of buttons and pushed forward on the steering column causing the turbines to position themselves so it would push the ship forward towards the destination. ”Crescent Island here I come!“  he thought to himself as the ship rocketed towards the island where Sabertooth was hosting a party of some sort, a beach bash.

    This was exactly what the Flame Demon Slayer of Sabertooth had needed. The past few weeks were rough ones to be sure, between a crazy job that had left him battered and bruised for days on end, a trip to Hosenka, which he was going to relax but all hell broke loose and last but not least the incident in the curse lands that threw him in the midst of evil undead related horror. This time would be different, the ship wasn’t taking him on a job or some sort of adventure. This time the ship was heading for a day of endless fun and possibly an excitingly fun time with his guildmates. Every last one of the members were ordered by Hika to attend the festivities, the reason being that Sabertooth had managed to stake its claim as the top guild once again and that was reason enough to celebrate. The ship flew over the Sky Tower, past the neutral ground and out to the sea. During his trip from land to sea he noticed something out in the distance, it was a strange island, he couldn’t much make out what it was he saw but it was none of his business and his determination was aimed directly at having fun today. It was shortly after seeing the strange land mass in the distance he had finished his cross of the sea and was above the island before he descended down and parked it not far off the beach. He made his way down through the ship and out the boarding ramp where his bare feet touched the sand. The feeling he felt was strange at first, he was so accustomed to having his long black pants, boots and just his overall combat gear. Instead he was shirtless, revealing his muscular body  wearing only a pair of black swim trunks. ”Time to find my guild.“ and just as the word exit his mouth he saw before him was none other than Hika and Pein. Kite approached with his hand extended in the air. ”Yo you two, Ready for some fun or what!? “ he said to the pair dressed in appropriate attire for the beach, Hika in a purple bikini like swim suit and Pein in his own swim suit.
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    Linked topic Re: Sabertooth's Pool Party! | Open to Sabertooth

    Post by redheadedstepchild on 15th January 2016, 12:09 am

    A full weeks vacation and along with a ton of other Sabertooth Guild members Mashyuu was there to enjoy the stay. Unlike most however, the Earth Slayer had been used to traveling and living off the land. Dressed in a pair of orange swim trunks, the brown haired Wizard showed off the tattoo on his pectoral with pride. He had only been in the guild for some three months but already he had found a team, worked with half the guild and saw some members come and go as well. All in all the Wizard had to admit that life was looking up.

    Mashyuu and Rocky walked along the beach while water gently ran over their feet, washing away the tracks they made. He could see the Guild master and the new Ace, some members playing in the sand and Kite running up to join the Guild Master. Mashyuu hadn't had much interaction with the Guild Master, something about her made him uneasy. Instead he and Rocky took a few steps away from the shore line and raised his arm, a two level tall sand castle erupted from the sand at the Earth Wizards feet. "Not bad..." He said to himself while Rocky ran around it lazily.

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    Linked topic Re: Sabertooth's Pool Party! | Open to Sabertooth

    Post by JaffaArchfiend on 16th January 2016, 1:26 am

    The blonde nun stepped out from the changing tent out onto the beach, one hand going over her eyes to shield them from the light of the sun streaming down towards them. Whilst she would have preferred a relaxing time in the library, the Guild Master had declared that everybody was to come to this island in the ocean... and that had included dragging her along for the ride. Thankfully she did have something appropriate for the beach to wear, thanks to the original Water Dragon Slayer (as far as she was concerned) whom she still sorely missed.

    Admittedly, putting on the blue bathing suit was always a bit tricky, but eventually it was put on. She kept her ring which held Avalon on her, as well as the bracelet which housed Coma. On her hip were her Keys as well... just because they were at the beach didn't mean they had to drop all their guard. And of course in her hand that wasn't shielding her sight from the sun... was a book. Yes, the blonde nun, Paragon of Selflessness of Sabertooth, had brought a book to the beach.

    Kiersa looked around to see her fellow guild-mates and then went to find a little quiet spot with a good view as well as some shade to sit down and read. The truth was she'd never actually had a chance to learn how to swim... and given they were on a desert island in the middle of the ocean... well she figured it was easiest to play it safe.





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    Linked topic Re: Sabertooth's Pool Party! | Open to Sabertooth

    Post by Itori on 16th January 2016, 9:50 am

    Itori felt just a tad awkward about being part of a celebration of an achievement which was totally unrelated to her. Sabertooth had proven itself to be the biggest and most active of the legal guilds in Fiore this season, fulfilling the most jobs and performing the best out of all the guilds that had participated. Yet this had nothing to do with Itori, since she had only joined the guild very recently and hadn't done any big jobs yet. The biggest job she had been part of so far was the one where she had helped Mashyuu and those twins to free some slaves and capture the slavers. And even then Itori herself hadn't even done a lot. She was actually the only one who had killed slavers instead of capturing them, having used some of the explosives hidden in the slavers own hold to blow up most of the ship. Beyond that she had only made things a bit easier with clever application of her illusions and that was it.

    Yet here she was, on the beach together with everybody else. The fact that this celebration was not related to the fox girl in any way besides the fact that she happened to recently join Sabertooth apparently wasn't a problem, since she had been dragged along with everybody else who wasn't completely enthusiastic about the event. In Itori's case it wasn't like she didn't look forward to the idea of a beach party, but even so she hadn't been part of the group who replied with cheers. However now that she was here she might as well try her best to make the most of it. At least she had a swimsuit.

    Right now Itori was sitting right next to the fire on which meat was being grilled, and she was drooling slightly. Her three tails were also freely wagging to and fro behind her, her gaze fixed on the meat that was slowly being grilled to perfection, her nose twitching as she took in that delicious smell. Itori, as always, was rather hungry. More than that, as a fox her preferred foot was meat, so seeing so much meat being prepared made it difficult for her to hold back and not steal some of it for herself. Not that she would have enough with just some. Her gluttony reached nearly legendary proportions, and so did her ability to stay slim and slender even if she ate mountains of food without pause. Her eyes were sparkling as she stared at the food, her entire posture that of a fox waiting for the right time to strike. She really wanted that meat, and anybody who tried to stop her from eating as much of it as possible once the feast started would most likely get themselves some nasty illusions to deal with. Itori always tried to be as polite and restrained as possible, but when it came to food her self-control tended to fly straight out of the window.

    Of course it wasn't like her entire mind was occupied with thoughts of that meat (just most of it). Itori was also wondering where her sisters were. They should also be part of this beach party, but she hadn't seen them yet. She had looked around and found that even if she had met a couple of mage from Sabertooth the majority were still mostly unfamiliar to her. With most she could claim that she had seen them once or twice, but that was about where it started and ended, and some of them she had just never seen or heard of at all. Before she had been distracted by the meat Itori had sought out the soul of everybody present, so she at least had some idea of the proper headcount even if she hadn't been able to detect her sisters. As expected the Guild Master herself was the strongest mage present. Although currently one of the other members was playing around with her. From the way that they interacted the Kumiho had the suspicion those two were a couple. Must be nice, being able to be both the leader of the biggest guild and having a good looking boyfriend. And the boyfriend should be ecstatic having somebody like Hikari as his mate.

    Itori was too careful to get caught staring, but Hikari had definitely drawn some glances from her. She wasn't very good at getting friendly with Hikari, but she had to admit that their Guild Master was a very good looking human female. Seeing how this three-tailed Kumiho liked both males and females, that meant that she was basically eye candy, especially since Itori couldn't expect to be able to do anything besides appreciate the view. That male was making it very clear that he wouldn't tolerate anybody else getting too close to the Guild Master, and this fox girl wasn't going to press the issue. Especially since she was pretty sure it would be a fruitless endeavour. She might be looking forward to having a proper mate (it's been thousands of years for god's sake) but she wasn't going to just approach every single person she encountered who happened to be good looking.

    Itori shook her head as she returned to the meat. Right. Food. Good food. As a chef Itori knew a lot of ways to make good use of meat, but sometimes the best way to prepare it was to just grill it like this. It might not be as refined as the other methods Itori knows of, but hey, sometimes refined isn't automatically good. At a beach party you don't want an exquisite dinner. You just want something tasty and most likely unhealthy that you can eat while at the same time having fun with other people. Something Itori hadn't done yet, but the beach party was only just beginning and would last a whole week.

    At least she didn't have to hide her nature as a Kumiho right now, so she could reveal her white fur, large fox ears and three silky tails without hesitation. Those very same ears twitched as she heard a familiar voice in the distance (she's got really good ears), looking around to see Mashyuu walk on the division between water and beach. He was focused on some kind of sand structure that he had created, so Itori just watched him for a bit before returning to staring at the meat, crouching in front of the fire with sparkling eyes and drooling at the thought of biting some of those juicy steaks.

    Those looking for Itori would find a fox girl crouching there staring at the grilled meat with obvious intent, wearing a simple black two-piece which allowed them to see that her entire body appeared to be without any real flaws, with unmarked smooth pale skin and a slender build. Her three tails grow out of her lower back, right above her ass, and her white fur complemented the white hair on her head perfectly. The same counted for the white fox ears which sat atop her head instead of the smaller monkey ears most humans have. The only real mark on Itori is the guild stamp on her left forearm, of the same shade of vermilion as her own vulpine eyes.

    Without the hat:


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    Linked topic Re: Sabertooth's Pool Party! | Open to Sabertooth

    Post by Blood Plus on 21st January 2016, 10:19 am

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    The young dragon didn't usually enjoy big parties which were regularly filled with people whom he had no idea about. In fact, going to this gathering was probably dead last on Ibara's agenda if it weren't for simplistic factor; food. The menu was delectable, unyielding, deadly in it's allure. In a metaphorical sense, it reached out to Ibara and dragged him to sea where his meal would await. If there was one thing Ibara feared the most, it was an empty stomach and considering his current budget, especially with the low income of jobs as of late; he had no other choice.

    That only left one small dilemma. "How the hell am I going to get there?!" Ibara verbalised his thoughts to the Guild Hall or it's deserted remnants so to speak, everyone had already left either on Kite's ship or through other means of vehicular tranposrt. These were alternatives Ibara was not willing to consider. If he could get away with not travelling on motorized machines then he would take it at every opportunity -- no matter what the cost.

    However one idea protruded from the forefront of Ibara's young mind. He glanced at his feet and back to the sky, in the short space of him thinking, he'd already travelled to the nearby shore. Unless the Sabertooth members were messing with him, if he travelled straight onwards from this very point, he'd arrive at the island (where the party was situated) in a matter of minutes. Obviously this was completely dependant on the speed at which Ibara was willing to travel; however, with the idea the young dragon had in mind, that really wasn't a factor up for consideration.

    "The Inferno Wings spell.. Sheesh.. Why did it have to come to this?!" Ibara crouched for a moment, pressing his head into his hands and debated on his decision. Was a few plates of food really worth it? He couldn't recount how many times this spell has gone wrong for him and how many times it's struck him in the worst of situations possible. Name a job that Ibara performed this spell on and it undoubtedly wrong purely because of the usage of this spell. However, Ibara simply wouldn't tolerate an empty stomach and therefore took the risk.

    "Igneel, give me strength.. Inferno Wings of the Fire Dragon!" With a slightly excessive outburst of magic now erupting from every orifice, inclusive of both hands and feet, the young dragon burst off the ground like a firework. His body sailed and hovered in the air for a moment before the velocity of the fire now began speeding him along on his way to the island.

    This was a situation Ibara was comfortable with, flying like this wasn't exactly hard to him. He could maintain a controlled pace as he flew directly over the water's surface, even going so far as to dab his hand into it's depths every now and then. The water exploded in a shimmering wave of evanescence to the touch; a beautiful sight to behold. No, Ibara's problem was landing on the ground again, a controlled landing that didn't include him landing either flat on his face or firmly on his ass.

    As the Sabertooth members had predicted, the shape of the island was now coming into view. Ibara was utterly relaxed, his eyes closed, clearly expecting no intrusions on his descent to the beach. Sadly, he hadn't accounted for the massive ship that had been transporting several Guild members across the shoreline, an intrusion so gargantuan that would have been impossible to miss.. had Ibara's eyes been open rather than closed.


    The sound could be heard from miles away, perhaps even from the Sabertooth Guild Hall. Ibara's eyes transformed into spinning circles as his body careered off the ship's hull and was sent flying into the ocean. This young dragon was out for the count, luckily his collision would have most likely attracted the attention of most if not all of the Sabertooth Guild Members at once. Ibara noted, just as he hit the water, the mutters of several unnamed Sabertooths.

    "He used that spell?" one said.

    "Here we go again.." another groaned in an impatient manner.

    beach get up xD:


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