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    Palm Of Your Hand;; Eyvn And Fluffy;; Job


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    Palm Of Your Hand;; Eyvn And Fluffy;; Job Empty Palm Of Your Hand;; Eyvn And Fluffy;; Job

    Post by Fluffy 2nd June 2017, 9:39 am

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    Fluffy was none to content right now in spite of the fact her demeanor remained easy going. Moment's after starting to follow one of her guild-mates to go on some job with them? The Kasha had noticed the 'child' she was following was an absolute monster and on top of it likely the spawn of the devil who turned her if the scent was any indicator, she definitely had that cursed tanuki's scent on her. In spite of being inhuman herself she still despised and feared other being's that were not human, false gods prancing around borrowed power, monster's feeding off the world around them like parasites and it angered her further that she was one of them now. However, she was not as upset as she would be when to forced into working with the average monster because the beast she was with today was somehow linked to the one who turned her into a monster! So Fluffy had already decided she would play nice, treat this child like everyone else and try to befriend her, for two reasons. The first reasoning? Was that since she was still adjusting to being a Kasha she could be wrong about the girl's origins and connections, her senses were not perfect yet and she honestly never wanted them to be. Secondly, if she was connected to that monster of monsters, then this child could be the ticket to finding that woman, hunting her down and if she was ever going to be human again she needed to find the beast who had turned her into a monster.

    Right now was not the time for deep thoughts however because even if this child was Izayuki's it would be some time before she could make her move. Today? Was about overcoming her dislike and distaste for other inhuman creatures to work perfectly with this kid. A good start to that would be to sit on the girl's shoulder like she did with everyone else, so that was likely where she would start, yeah that sounded good.


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