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    [Event] Immortal Couple's Beach Episode (Itori/Kenna)


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    [Event] Immortal Couple's Beach Episode (Itori/Kenna) Empty [Event] Immortal Couple's Beach Episode (Itori/Kenna)

    Post by Itori 21st July 2021, 1:41 pm

    Event Details:

    Summer had arrived, and all around Earthland people were enjoying the opportunity. Of course, not every place got the same wonderful weather, but nevertheless it was the time of year where people tried to make time in their schedule to enjoy either the weather, the parties, the company of others, or all three. Fiore was no different: in fact, Fiore might celebrate the summer most of all. It was a nation with a comparatively long coastline, and being surrounded by ocean on all sides it enjoyed lovely weather. As such, together with magical displays and fireworks allowing for some of the most impressive parties in Ishgar, the weather made sure that for the people of Fiore summer was a wonderful time.

    But not everyone stuck to the mainland to enjoy the summer. Throughout the year Crescent Island was known as a tourist hotspot, but during summer what was already a popular location became a truly bustling hub of festivities and entertainment. Hotels were booked weeks or months in advance, companies would organize grand events, and the night was almost as illuminated as the day with all the parties and fireworks going off. Crescent Island truly was the place to go for those who wished to get the most out of the opportunity. And as it so happened, the two leaders of Sabertooth had decided to do just that.

    Itori's promotion had only been very recent, but she'd already done her best to take to the position as smoothly as possible. As one of the longest-standing members of the guild she knew everyone well and was also intimately familiar with the workings and goals of the guild. Aside from that her personal bond with Kenna, the other guild master, meant that the two of them worked well together. All in all, she thought that she was doing a good job adapting to her new role and responsibilities. Which was why she thought it acceptable for the two of them to take some time for themselves and go enjoy the summer just like everyone else seemed to be doing. Yggdrasil wasn't going to disappear just because the two of them were gone for a day or two, after all.

    Arriving at the beach with her beloved Itori ignored the stares the two of them got. It wasn't surprising that the other beach goers would stare: Itori wasn't bothering to hide her nature as a nine-tailed fox, and Kenna was known far and wide as the master of Sabertooth. On top of them both of them were quite appealing to look at, especially now that they were wearing swimsuits appropriate for the occasion. Perhaps a tad revealing, but then again, what was the beach for if not an opportunity to impress others with your fit and healthy figure? Itori wasn't one to go flaunting her goods, but maybe the occasion warranted it.

    "Would there be anything you wish to do first, Kenna?" Itori spoke softly as she looked at her beloved with a smile. Personally she thought that the demoness was even more beautiful than herself: it was almost a shame the other woman had decided to keep her horns hidden. "There are plenty of feasts available, but perhaps it would be better to first partake in some physical activity to work up an appetite." Itori herself was always hungry thanks to her unusual metabolism, but she figured that Kenna would appreciate the opportunity to have some fun before they'd fill their bellies.

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