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    Bring down the Syndicate [Job/ Sara and Shane]

    Sara Ravencrest
    Sara Ravencrest

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    Bring down the Syndicate [Job/ Sara and Shane] - Page 2 Empty Re: Bring down the Syndicate [Job/ Sara and Shane]

    Post by Sara Ravencrest on 2nd June 2019, 5:35 am

    Sara listened to Shane's opinion, it was true that she now had better control over her magic, and she could now hold out for an increased amount of time since before and she would lose her rational side rather slower then before, but that didn't change the fact that she could lose it. Not every fight would end in a few minutes and this time she also had the adrenaline vial from the Rune Knight, which had boosted her strength and speed by a lot. It was due to all the boosts that Sara was able to take down Doflamingo as easily as it was, she was fairy certain that with her trump card alone they wouldn't have taken him down as easily and they would have suffered more injuries.

    "It felt to you like I have good control over it but that was because I used it for a short period of time, the longer I use it, the more I lose it. But maybe your right, maybe I just need a good partner that would make sure I don't overstep or stop me if I go too far." She said. It was either that or if her tenant was content in a partnership. She knew that at somepoint they would most likely become partners as from family records, every container had become either partners or friends with the beast.

    Sara listened as Shane told her about his magic, his two magics with the othe being his Requip. She had been interested in Requip before and seeing its uses today, had made her want to learn it, and she would once she got back home from the job. "I had my eyes on requip for sometime, but I never really got myself into learning it, but after today, seeing its usage, I'll most likely take the time to learn it." She said and looked at Shane as he asked her if she wanted to join the Rune Knights and she blushed slightly as he said that she made a great partner.

    Sara rolled up her left arm's sleeve to show the green with a red outline WFTC tattoo. "I'm part of the West Fiore Trading Company, I appreciate the offer, but the Rune Knights aren't really my thing, so to say. I would love to go on other jobs with you though, we didn't really get to fight together against something and it was solo battles, but I think we can synchronize pretty good." Sara said with a smile.

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