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    Post by Guest 13th June 2017, 9:03 pm

    And while you are sitting indoors
    waiting for the storm to pass
    I will be outside dancing in the rain

    Why would someone go to the beach if what the beach had ended up hurting them? Maybe they were mad or delusional. Either that or a masochist. But Astrid was none of those. Well, not that she thought she was. It was simple. She needed a day off. And since Kite dragged her along for a crazy adventure the last time she tried to have some peace and quiet the guild master figured now was a better time than any. It was summer, and you know what that means. It was the prime time to be outside and have fun. And where else do you go to have fun in the summer other than the beach? But the only problem with Astrid going to the beach was... Well, the heat. Ever since the ice god lacrima has been implanted within her the elf grew an aversion to overwhelming heat due to her skin being covered in a thin slayer of ice. When the temperature gets a bit too her the ice attacks and bites at her flesh, causing an immense stinging sensation all over her body. Unpleasant to say the least. So the question can be brought up again, why did she choose the beach for her day off? She could have gone anywhere with cool air, there were certainly many places with it this time of year. So why go to a place that was sure to give her issues? Really, the slayer did not want her powers to control her. She figured if this icy magic was going to be given to her against her will, she would fight back against it like some sort of teenager rebelling against their parents. She wanted to enjoy herself, and she would not let this cursed power rule her life like some kind of tyrant. Too much pride, in all honestly, and maybe a little bit of stupidity. But this was Astrid, stupidity came with the package with her.
    She was not completely stupid, however. For she still brought her cloak that was designed to keep her cool. But it was pretty useless with the fact that she still wore a pink bikini underneath said cloak. It was a sort of weird combination of trying to block out the head but then also let her skin get used to it too. It made sense in her mind at least.

    Having brought a book to read to pass the time the elf currently resided curled up upon a beach chair in the middle of the resort's land, an umbrella implanted into the sand beside her to cast a cool shadow onto her body. The white and purple striped cloak rested over her small frame excluding her head due to not having the hood on currently, keeping in the cold that her skim emitted. Honestly so far this hadn't been too bad. It was only now and again that she would feel a slight sting start to form before it slowly faded away. It seems as though the combination of her cloak and the umbrella worked. Looks as though this had been a good idea after all.
    Purple eyes wondered from left to right reading the page, one hand resting to hold her head up while the other waited eagerly to turn to the next page. The sounds of children playing in the sand and the crashing of water, along with the nice sea breeze managed to lull the girl into a relaxed state, allowing her tired eyes and mind to finally be at peace. This is what she needed. A nice say off. No sort of guild duties or problems to distract her. Just some good old fun.
    Curious to see what her companion was up to the elf lifted her gaze up from the book, spotting the pale exceed sitting just a couple of feet away from her, beginning to build some sort of giant sand castle. Or prehaps he preferred the term fortress. Either way it was pretty impressive so far with four 10 feet tall walls, along with a small village next to it. He even managed to build a sand guillotine which he was currently decapitating sand-made people on.
    Constructing a sand woman Wolfgang placed her under said guillotine, staring at her happily with baby blue eyes.
    "Miss Santez you cuwwentwy have two acts of aduwtewy and seven cases of muwdew staining youw name. How do you pwead?"

    "Not guiwty! I demand to see a wawyewr!" he repeated with his lispy tone, but this time, a little higher pitched to sound like a woman.

    Without a second thought he released the sand blade and decapitated the poor sand person.
    Anyone else might have thought this was way too gruesome or real for such a young feline to be playing. But honestly Astrid found this rather cute.
    Smiling to herself she went back to her reading.
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    Post by kittykool75 15th June 2017, 4:23 pm

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    I   c r e a t e d   a   m o n s t e r   a   h e l l   w i t h i n   m y   h e a d

    As usually in these type of situations, Astrid dragged Lucius along so he could get out more. And to the beach, which with the immense amount of sunlight, damaged them both. His sister because of the glacier god slayer magic that she possessed gave her a thin layer of ice over top her skin, making her very sensitive to sunlight for obvious reasons. For himself he is naturally easily burnt by the sun anyways, but now being so in tune with his shadow magic makes more effected by it in not a very nice way. Being more very intensely allergic to sunlight (or just any light in general) instead of overly sensitive towards it. But here they were, and normally he would complain, which would help him get out of things on occasion. But this was one of the few days off that she ever gets, and she was going to enjoy it. Why she decided to go to a beach was a total mystery to her younger sibling, but he stayed silent, he was burden enough to her by being handicapped when she had enough work to deal with without having to deal with her brother. He also isn't the most helpful person around the house, usually just staying locked up in his room and sleeping most the time. Only eating on occasion, and only leaving when he felt in a better mood or if Astrid dragged in out, like today.
    Speaking of the guildmaster, she sat nearby her rather grouchy brother, peacefully reading a book or enjoying the view of watching her exceed play and build monuments or whatever in the sand. He would be reading also, but being blind sort of prevents that. Would've learned braille if he cared enough to, yeah he likes reading, but he'd rather spend his time doing nothing or sleeping. So instead the assassin listened to some music, blocking out any noise from all of the annoying people that happened to be vacationing at Crescent Island. He sat in the sand atop a towel, underneath an umbrella that blocked out the sun from blazing down on him. Dressed in a black t-shirt and some cargo shorts of the same color, his extremely long black hair was tied messily up in a bun. His skin practically blended in with the sand with out extremely pale it was. His knees pressed up against his chest as he wrapped his arms around his legs, holding his iLac that played the music he was listening to privately through some earbuds. Next to him in the shade sat a black cloak that helped block out the sunlight for him when he hadn't set up the umbrella, on top of that was his walking stick that doubled as two weapons when needed.

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    Post by Lilium 17th June 2017, 8:32 pm

    Summer sun,
    something's begun then Oh those Summer Nights
    Usually, people avoid the beaches. Especially if you are not one for crowds. Crowds and summer usually means sweaty bodies when out of the water and that leads into another predicament being the water. Hikari was generally uncomfortable in the water considering that she had seen what can lurk underneath the tides and the thought of these monsters genuinely frightened the vestal. She had wandered her way onto the beach as it's been a long time and she felt like she could use a happy memory associated with the beach, so the girl came prepared with a bag full of things she could use to enjoy the day. This included some sort of sun screen, bottles of water and the book she was reading at the moment. Ideally, she would find some soul to talk to on the beach, but remembering which crowd the beaches drag in, she would rather take her chances with a book. As finding a good story in the book would probably be easier than finding an intelligent person she could have a conversation on the beach that only attracts people who flirt towards anything in a bikini.

    The red headed girl wore a pair of sunglasses that she had flicked on as she walked in her white flip flops, sand irritatingly getting stuck under her bare foot with each step. She had to dodge the eager children running around, some with ice cream dripping down their hands. It could have been catastrophic should anything get on her white halter top. They had a golden stitch to be similar to her armor in battle. She wore a pair of black shorts because at the moment, she didn't feel like swimming so she could get away with this outfit. She was minding her own business for most of the time as she looked for a spot to sit. At first, the holy mage was planning on making her way over to a isolated part of the beach but then she saw... a guillotine form and decapitate a sand person. She noticed the exceed, as she had read about them and saw how they were talking cats just as her books said. She then saw a girl who was reading a book. She seemed to have a sophisticated air about her and Hikari smiled and decided to engage her in conversation.

    With a little bounce in her step, the red head made her way over to the silver haired mage. Hi there, miss! I see you are reading a book. Would you mind me asking what's it about? She noticed a black haired male listening to music kind of huddled against his iLac so Hikari just smiled and waved at the male, sensing he probably didn't want to be interacted with. Nevertheless, she waited for her response.


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    Post by Kite Wilhelm 21st June 2017, 7:17 am

    Kite Wilhelm
    Faith won’t always save you. My flames will do that instead.

    The sound of engine turbines roared to life as preparations for take off began. On their axels at the end of each wing, the turbines rotated and pointed down kicking up dirt as the outward flow increased. Pulling back on the wheel of the air ship was pushed into the air and once it was high enough the turbines would rotate into the standard position and with the help of the main engine at the rear of the ship the tail spin took off towards its current destination. Once at the perfect altitude it was clear that the sky was perfectly blue with barely any clouds in the sky to blemish this near perfect day. Kite sat in the cockpit of Tail spin as it roared across the sky leaving the Ace of Spades in the dust, keeping the wheel steady and giving slight adjustments here and there to keep the ride as smooth as possible and aside from the sounds from the dash of the cockpit it was a quiet ride up until when EDI's voice crackled to life over the intercom, "You know if you wanted to take it easy I could take control of the wheel for you while we head to our destination." Usually when Kite is on board there is ninety nine percent chance that he was on his way to a job which would most likely end in someone getting roasted by his flames. With a chuckle Kite would keep hold of the wheel and reply to her offer, ”That won't be needed. I plan on relaxing plenty on this particular trip.“ his eyes wouldn't break from sky a head of him basking in its beauty. Being the curious AI that EDI was she had to inquire to what Kite meant by his statement about relaxing, " If we aren't going on a job where are we heading?" Kite would break his gaze from the sky ahead of him and set his crimson colored eyes onto the view finder on the console and smirk, ”I'm glad you asked EDI.“ he would pause and return his sights out in front of him then continued, ”Do you remember Astrid Foss, the Guild master of Golden Phoenix?“ he asked her curious to see if she remembered her, "You mean the silvernette that you had on the ship most recently?" Kite would nod, ”One in the same. Well she sent me a nicely worded letter inviting me out to Crescent Island where she has having a small gathering on the beach there.“ there was silence for a moment before EDI would respond, "That was very kind. I like this Astrid, but Kite don't you think you'd be a bit out of place?" Kite would raise his eye brow at the statement not exactly sure what EDI was trying to say. ”What ya mean by that EDI?“ and EDI was more than happy to oblige him with an answer, "Do you even own a bathing suit? Or for that matter a pair of shorts?" Kite went to respond with of course he does but before he could say a word he realized that he owned no form of beach wear. "And then there is the matter of your shirt. You never take if off in front of people due to your scars." That sort of struck a nerve with him, ”alright you made your point.“ he said cutting her off from pointing out any other facts. ”I will have to make do with what I have. “ which was long black pants, combat boots and a black sleeveless under armor like top which should be fine the heat never bothered him anyway.

    The rest of the ride was pretty much silent and sure enough he had reached crescent island and just so happened to fly right over where people had gathered. He didn't get a chance to look in detail but he was sure enough that these were the people also joining Astrid. He landed his ship just off the shore line so he would have to walk the rest of the way. He didn't mind the walk and landing the ship that far away would prevent any sort of disturbance for those already on the beach making sand castles and the like. Once he reaches the beginning of the beach he would remove his boots and carry them with him while letting his bare feet sink into the sand. He would drag his feet while he walked letting every grain of sand be felt between his toes and after a moment of walking he would reach where the others were and scan the area, ”Looks like this is going to be quite a day.“ he declared and then looked with more effort, ”I wonder where Astrid is.“ he took note of a cat playing in the sand with some sort of object created from the sand, however instead of a castle it was a guillotine. ”That's something you don't see everyday.“ and it was just a short distance away from the exceed was playing is where he noticed the silvernette under an umbrella lounging on a beach chair. With her being the only person he knew here he would walk over to her and stand just outside of the shade of the umbrella and look upon Astrid who was wearing a cloak of sorts with hints of a pink bathing suit underneath it. ”I'm looking for the guild master of Golden Phoenix. Happen to know where she may be?“ he would say in a joking manner before giving Astrid a playful smile. ”Don't you look relaxed, princess. “
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