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    Boozy Ghosts


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    Boozy Ghosts Empty Boozy Ghosts

    Post by Calliope 13th February 2024, 5:21 pm


    It had been a long time since Calliope had been to Sakuramora, but it was just as pretty as she remembered. A little bare given the time of year, but winter was making its slow ascension into spring and soon the cherry blossom trees that the city was known for would be in bloom, and it would be quite the sight. But the last time that she had been here, Calliope had still been suffering from traumatic episodes, entirely unaware of the violent alternate life she had been leading as a result of her past. So to be here, entirely within control of herself and in her right mind, without having to worry about black outs or waking up in places she didn’t recognize, being able to just live without the fear of what the next week or day or hour might bring… well, it gave her quite a bit of perspective.

    Currently, she was waiting for a partner to arrive, another member of Sabertooth that had been assigned to work on this mission with her. Calliope had only joined with the guild within the last week or two, after the unfortunate disbandment of Luminous Rose. It was a shame. She had really enjoyed the guild and its members had been very helpful and understanding of her past, giving her whatever tools they could to help her move forward… but it wasn’t the first time she’d joined with a guild that hadn’t panned out, and it likely wouldn’t be the last. Though, Sabertooth had been around for a number of years and seemed to be very well established. She could only imagine that was why Lady Sinclair had suggested it as an alternative, seeing as how that was where Serilda had been before taking over the Rune Knights.

    Calliope generally wasn’t a fan of violence or involving herself in things that would require fighting, particularly since she’d lost the vast majority of her magic not too long ago. Before then, she only ever acted out of self defense or when absolutely necessary. While her views on fighting remained relatively the same, however, she’d recently come to understand the importance of protecting more than just herself. And so, despite having no magic any longer, she had volunteered to help with a job posting that Sabertooth had received to look into a situation involving ghosts that were getting people drunk and manipulating them into acts that ranged from simply idiocy to assault. A local citizen had requested assistance, providing a number of spiritual talismans that would help ward the forest and keep it safe. All she and her partner had to do was place them.

    So she waited just outside the edge of the forest, where the main road led back to the town, resting upon a large rock that offered a relatively clean spot to sit without getting dirt and grass stains on her clothing. She had long hair that was pink on one side and brown on the other, with a mismatched pair of eyes in the same colors. Beside her was a pouch that contained the binding tag the client had provided. The woman hummed a soft, if lively tune, gently twirling the delicate parasol she was using to keep the sun off of her face and glancing patiently around in appreciation of the nature surrounding her while she waited.
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    Boozy Ghosts Empty Re: Boozy Ghosts

    Post by Jackson Hyde 9th April 2024, 8:47 am

    OOC: So sorry for the late response! Working on this job. @Calliope

    IC: Jackson knew that the guild would only help increase his strength. The guild had been known to hold many different slayers but jackson was an odd combination. His form of slayer magic was a combination of Lightning magic and Sky magic. The hybrid Dragon Slayer. Master of the air. Jackson was a 6'0 with medium black hair, and blue eyes. Jackson was only 16 and his magic was still not complete. He had looked at the job board but never could decide on what job to do, so he was assigned a B class job to team up with another member of the guild. Jackson was excited to hear the team up and eagerly accepted it.

    The job was in Sakuramori. A town that was known to be surrounded by cherry blossom trees. This place had a rumor that you can easily get lost. Lucky for Jackson he had found someone to guide him to the meeting spot. The weather was perfect here in the forest and the air tasted amazing clean and crisp like an apple, with a hint of cherry. Jackson didnt sense any danger and when he had gotten closer the guide had pointed down the path to the left which would allow him to meet up with his guild mate. It didnt take long before he would see her resting on a large rock where it seemed like she would not get dirty. " You must be my partner for this job?" His voice cool and collected like a wonderful spring breeze.

    Jackson did not want to do to much but knew that this was a serious job and will provide him with the needed strength to be able to get stronger. " I'm Jackson". He would say just as he got within ear shot of the woman. He did notice how she looked and was honestly excited to see what this job was going to bring them. " I assume you already have all of the items required from the client?" He wanted to get ready and he made sure that his guard was up. Who knew what was going to happen on a job and this was his first job as a guilded wizard.

    He had to do well on this mission so that he could prove that he is worth to be a sabertooth wizard. Jackson needed to be able to work with other members of the guild and with his combination of dragon slayer magic it would prove useful on all jobs. The offensive abilities of the lightning dragon Shenlong and supportive abilities of Essnudosu. A master of the sky itself. Jackson has to be able to protect and support his fellow guild members not all members of a guild posses magic. His magic power was strong and having two different dragon slayer magics allowed him to enter dragon force at will but this was always his last resort.

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