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    Treasure Hunt: The Boring Version [Nessa's Ace Exam]


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    Treasure Hunt: The Boring Version [Nessa's Ace Exam] Empty Treasure Hunt: The Boring Version [Nessa's Ace Exam]

    Post by ivyleaf33 on 7th October 2018, 8:03 pm

    Sorano sighed, flopping down at her desk in a gesture of absolute defeat. It had been over a year since the move, and even then not everything  was accounted for. Sifting through the stacks of paper detailing guild purchases and inventory that seemed to all blur before her eyes, she confirmed the unfortunate assumption made before she had even started. It didn't add up. Sheets of paper typed out years ago didn't match the information about the guild's current inventory in the basement - magical weapons and items and whatnot seemingly missing. Sorano had a pretty good idea of where she might find them, but the prospect of having to travel through those detested portals again filled her stomach with a churning sensation, repulsion evident in the way her face temporarily lost its cool.

    Perhaps she'd go ask Rina or Mura to take care of it? Tiredly pulling open the office door, Sorano made her way down to both the aces' offices, only to be greeted with their "out of office" signs, slapping her in the face metaphorically. Well, that was out. With a small frown coloring her face now, the guild master trudged downstairs, eyes raking over the members available. It would have to be a full member who was selected - an intern might find themselves unpleasantly surprised at what they discovered on Tetsukazu - see, a large amount of Fairy Tail's property was likely still lying in the underground chamber back in the Haven of Reflection, meaning someone would have to inspect the old guild hall and retrieve them.

    Dark eyes scanned the room curiously, finally landing upon a familiar head of pale hair walking into the guild. "Hey, Miss Nessa, would you mind doing something for me?"


    Your task is to go to the Haven of Reflection and take inventory of all items and weapons stored in the underground basement there, reachable through a trapdoor under one of the trees. It'll be dusty, damp, and likely filled with all types of creepy crawly critters, so best of luck! Minimum word count is 2.5k. Good luck!


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    Treasure Hunt: The Boring Version [Nessa's Ace Exam] Empty Re: Treasure Hunt: The Boring Version [Nessa's Ace Exam]

    Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux on 8th October 2018, 2:17 pm

    Treasure Hunt: The Boring Version [Nessa's Ace Exam] Av6Treasure Hunt: The Boring Version [Nessa's Ace Exam] Av6Treasure Hunt: The Boring Version [Nessa's Ace Exam] Av6

    If there was ever an opportunity to prove herself as a worthy member of the guild this was it, today would be the day Nessa showed her worth as a mage of Fairy Tail. For upon entering the guild with the goal of picking up a job, who were to approached her other than the guild master herself. Asking Nessa of all people for help on a matter, it was a beautiful bundle of a moment. Nessa was more than ready to take the reigns of and handle to the best of her ability, she just prayed she didn't disappoint.

    As she heading down the lift towards the basement, casually fidgeting with the hem of her dress anxiously. She was armed with all the items she presumed she would need for the task; a yellow-padded notebook, a few pens, and the written location of where she was supposed to be heading. All tucked away in the white satchel she wore at her side, in it was also the essentials she carried everywhere such as a bottle of water and  a first aid kit. These were just things she always packed, just in case. She didn't know how long this would take or if their was any risks involved, Nessa was always prepared, it was sort of her nature to be. However it was just inventory taking after all, what else would she possibly need? It was due to this train of thought that preventing her from going overboard.

    The lift stopped at the bottom floor, it's glass doors opening to reveal the room which would lead her to the portals. It hadn't actually been that long since she'd been in this room with Sorano, discussing what it truly meant to be a member of Fairy Tail. She had since come to terms with the idea, slowly but surely she felt herself grow even more accepting of the guild. This world was a dark and complicated place after all, there were certain things that had had to be. It wasn't her place to judge her peers, it had been a matter of survival after all. She stepped into the empty basement, heading over to where the portals were. She bit her lip, when she had first become a mage, she quickly learned that portals often led to scary and dangerous places. However after meeting Tiphanae, her impression changed greatly. Following several fun-filled visits to Valhalla, she had grown a little less wary of them. Still it didn't mean that she didn't feel the need to be a little cautious, especially as she had no idea what she was be greeted with in Tetsukazu.

    She made her way over to it, eying the rippled wall for a moment, it wasn't like she could turn back now. She had promised Sorano she would do this, with a deep breathe, she stepped through the portal. Hurtled forward into another place, her body jolted into the space that was the Haven of Reflection. There was a little intake of breathe, her violet eyes gazed around in awe as she took in the breath-taking sight before her. A magnificent forest resting on a series of rock formations, amongst the trees were homes built into them, connected by bridges and the like. It was a unbelievably sight, beautiful constructed, and yet eerily lonely. She wondered if they visited here anymore, she supposed not as much as they would like. Fairy Tail wasn't quite the place it had been and if here was their hold out during the difficult times, then the place would undoubtedly serve as a tough memory. But still, it seems like such a waste, such a beautiful space, so intertwined with nature, it seems like a wonderful place to get away to. Maybe in the future she could come out here, she never found peace at home after all. She might actually get a decent break for once.

    Glancing around, she began to make her way along, reaching into her satchel she pulled out the notebook. Checking the pad for the location she was looking for, her eyes skimmed it before looking around again. She bit the inside of her cheek, she needed a trap door underneath a tree to a storage basement. The only issues was... there are trees everywhere. She paused to think, then an idea popped to mind. She put the notepad back into her bag, closing it shut once more. Reaching out her palm, a little orb appeared in her hand, dancing around happily. She smiled at the side of the boisterous star, "Can you take me to the place Sorano wants?" She asked it, the star darted around, bouncing along. Nessa followed, thank goodness for the starlight guide, she would be continuously lost without it.

    She padded along, following the dancing star confidentially, this star wouldn't lead her the wrong way, it never did. There was a short walk before she reach the necessary tree, she would never had guessed it herself. The guild had surely kept it inconspicuous enough, she wondered what she would be finding down there. As she reached the tree, the light floated down towards the base of the tree. Nessa kneeled down, feeling around against the soil, she felt the handle buried in the ground. She made an attempt to pull it, for a moment it didn't budge, then she felt a warm tingle over her guild mark and it gave way. Pulling open to reveal a dark hole beneath her, she glanced up at the little star floating by her face. "Thanks," She told it gratefully, before scooting around, and climbing down into the trap door. Her feet finding the footing that led down into the underground space. As she got a few steps down she realised how dark it was, she began to glow with a soft light all over her body, becoming her own means of light. She was careful to keep the light harmless, she didn't want to set off any protective spells the space might have. The climb down seemed to go on for a while, wherever she was heading, it was deep underground. She felt her anxiety grow a little as the grip on her magic weakened, the further she was from the sky the weaker she became. At least the seclusion didn't affect her ability to summon Valkyries, she had tested that with Tiphanae a while back, having taking a hike to a cave to see if the weakness in her Starlight would be an issue for them. Turns out the two weren't that linked, although Ellamora carried a similar weakness, the remaining Valkyries were fine underground.

    As she finally spotted the ground appearing beneath her, she hopped down off the final step, turning to look. It was a surprisingly cramped, the walls of damp earth around giving off a musty scent. She wrinkled her nose in displeasure, before moving along, crouching slightly as she walked to make sure she didn't smack her head on the low ceiling of the tunnel. After a while of walking, the path opened up to reveal a large room of sorts. As she glanced around, her eyes widened in shock, surrounded her was a scene that could only be described as chaotic mess. There was stuff everywhere, some of it looked like clutter, some of it looked important.

    The light coating her began to shift, releasing small like orbs into the air, floating around the space to brighten the area. She looked around, taking it all in. It was a hefty job, and needed some major organisation skills. She rolled up her sleeves, Time to get to work She thought determinedly, reaching into her satchel to pull out her pad and pen. She decided to begin to sort the items, once she was able to categorize them somehow it would be pretty smooth after that. She explored the items first, trying to figure out the mass of what she was dealing with, all the request had been was for her to take an inventory of everything so that was what she would do. But it wouldn't work if she didn't structure it in a way that couldn't be relayed to Sorano when she got back.

    After looking around and moving some boxes about. She worked out the groups that she would use for the inventory, drafting up a table on her pad to log them into. The table split into 'Item', 'Type', 'Quantity' and 'Description'. Under the 'Type' section she would separate each item she found into an individual groups, consisting of 'Documents', 'Artefacts', 'Magical Items', 'Weapons and Armoury', 'Personal Belongings' and 'Miscellaneous'. She listed them as she went, carefully trying to decipher what each of them were. Some of them were easy, like a sword or shield would go under weapon obviously. However there were some items that she wasn't able to work out, for example there was one strange looking vial of purple liquid. She examined it carefully, it certainly wasn't a normal solution, but had not defining properties to it. She presumed it was a potion of sorts, but what it did was beyond her. She would categorize it under miscellaneous and use it's description to note it in the inventory.

    As she continued on, she quickly grew to regret wearing her usual white dress today. With all the dust and grime on everything, it wasn't long before she was covered head to toe in dirty smudges. It wasn't a nice feeling, frankly she couldn't wait to get back home and wash it all off, but first she had to finish the task at hand. A task that was by no means going to be fast, there was just so much to sort through, a least a hundred items that need categorizing and sorting, maybe even more once she unpacked the boxes across the room. There was still a lot she hadn't got to yet.

    She made her way over to the boxes, peeling the loosely stuck on tape sealing the top of it, she peeked inside. Glancing over what seemed to be a collection of books and records, she grabbed the sides of the box and began to lift it. As she turned to carry it over to the table and chair where the documents were organized, the bottom suddenly gave out. It contents falling out of the base, Nessa jumped back narrowly avoided having them pile over her feet. As she landed, something scuttled out of the pile of papers, crawling out and darting across her feet. As she glanced as it Nessa laid her eyes on a giant centipede with a body about an inch thick and was at least a foot in length. She screamed, kicking her feet out the centipede shot into the air, throwing out her palm and orb of light shots out of her hand. Hitting the centipede mid-air and burning the creepy crawly to a crisp. She stood there panting for a moment, watching it's ashes float to the ground, her heart racing from the suddenly fear that they giant insect had caused. It dawned on her that she had used an offensive spell, she stilled, glancing around to see if any traps were set off. After several minutes of silence, it seemed she was fine. Perhaps because the magic had hit the centipede and not any of the stuff itself, she would have to be careful from now on though. She couldn't having to return to Sorano and inform her that she had accidentally damaged some of the inventory due to reckless behaviour.

    She cautiously began to collect the documents off of the floor, tucking them under her arm, one by one, she put them back together. Once she was satisfied she had collected them all, she brought them over to the area she had sectionalized for documents. She noted a summary of the contents, without looking to much into the information. She didn't want to pry into anything she wasn't permitted to read, she was mainly noting down page titles, hoping this would be enough for them to organize back at the main guild. Should she be permitted, if Sorano needed more, she could return and organize them in further detail. As she sat on the chair for a moment looking at her list, she paused to think, When did I become this organized? She thought. She had never been one for school or studies, so as she reflected what she was doing, she felt mildly surprised. Despite not being the most attentive student, she had always been a tidy person, and everything was organized in a neat fashion at home. From her wardrobe to her fathers bookshelf, maybe it didn't take being a studious individual to be capable of such a thing. It was a pleasant thought, she had always assumed that due to her poor grades she wouldn't be able to amount to anything but a mage. It had been quite a risky path to rely on too, were she unable to master her magic properly, she had been sure she would struggle at any other career prospects. Perhaps, she had doubted her capabilities a little too much.

    Nessa pulled herself out of her thoughts, continuing with the work at hand. Not sure of how much time had passed since her arrival in the Haven of reflection, she hadn't brought a watch and there were no clocks amongst all the clutter. With no sense of time, she could only guess. If she had to, she would say she had been there several hours. Her stomach had starting grumbling in hunger a while ago, but she hadn't brought food and she didn't intend to stop. She pushed on, using her bottle of water to fight the hunger pains as she worked. She felt her limbs growing tired, her body ached and her eyes felt sore. Between carrying heavy magical artefacts across the room, to carefully examining the weapons store there without hurting herself. Running into a few more creepy crawlies but not attacking them this time, she allowed them to go on their way unharmed. She had an unbelievable amount of papercuts, her hair had become a dishevelled nest on top of her head. She was no way near the same reflection of the girl who had arrived in Tetsuzaku.

    She took a glance at the list, it was unbelievably long, several pages full of endless notes. She looked up in search for the next item, as she looked side to side. She realised there wasn't anything, she had done it, all of it. She sighed deeply in relief, falling into a coughing fit after it from the dusty air around her. Collecting the pages off the desk, she shut the notebook and placed it carefully in her bag. The pages were a little dirty around the edges from the dirt she had collected on her hands from moving things and then turning the pages. But overall, the list was pretty intact, and if it wasn't acceptable, she would just have to come back. Because despite how agonizingly tiring the job had been, she would rather face it again then leave a disappointing result. She heading back through the tunnel, climbing out of the exit swiftly. She pulled herself out, shutting the trap door behind her. She saw a little glow of light around it's edge before it faded, she presumed this meant it was resealed. She stood, stretching out a little, it really had been uncomfortable in there. Such a tight fit, she had bumped into several stacks of stuff, undoubtedly was probably a little bruised from it. But still, she smiled as she headed towards the portal. All the way to it in fact, she stepped in, reappearing back at the guild basement. She rushed towards the lift, pressing the button. She made her way to Sorano's office, as she reached it, she knocked twice before stepping inside. Walking up to the desk, she reached into her satchel and pulled out the notepad, dropping it onto the desk with a satisfied grin.

    "All done"

    Treasure Hunt: The Boring Version [Nessa's Ace Exam] Av30Treasure Hunt: The Boring Version [Nessa's Ace Exam] Av30Treasure Hunt: The Boring Version [Nessa's Ace Exam] Av30

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