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    ♛ hold the weight of the world, if that's what you need ♛  Empty ♛ hold the weight of the world, if that's what you need ♛

    Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux 23rd September 2018, 3:06 pm

    ♛ hold the weight of the world, if that's what you need ♛  Av2♛ hold the weight of the world, if that's what you need ♛  Av2♛ hold the weight of the world, if that's what you need ♛  Av2

    Nessa was sat at her white wooden vanity table, brushing through the tangles in her silver hair with a pink hairbrush. She had just got out of her morning shower, and dried her hair using her starlight magic. She was wearing denim shorts, and a black tank top. She wasn't sure what her plans for the day were, she could head to the guild to look for a job, or maybe go into town to do a little shopping. She wasn't really sure, but what she did know is that she didn't feel like sitting at home. She was so used to going out and doing things, if just didn't feel natural to laze about anymore. It made her fidgety, and restless. Even her family were starting to notice a real change in her, not just in her magical capabilities, but in her personality too. She was learning things she wouldn't ignored back in school, and actually taking notice of situations around her that she would normally be oblivious too. Becoming much more observant in nature, and a little more grown up with it.

    She felt warmth suddenly flush over her, heating up the back of her neck, her eyes glowed white and her lips parted on their own. "Tiphanae," The air in her room began to billow, twisting into the shape of the Wind Valkyrie  as she appeared behind her. As Nessa's eyes returned to normal, she looked at the girl in shock, "Tiph, what are you doing that...did you just force a summon?" She asked in confusion, she hadn't intended to summon the Valkyrie, it had just happened on it's own accord. The fair-haired beauty looked down at Nessa with a serious look, not the welcoming smile she usually wore when she greeted her. "Nessa Lux, you are to come to Valhalla at once, Ellamora wishes to speak with you urgently." She said to her sternly, Nessa stood up quickly, suddenly feeling very unnerved. "Umm, okay. Do I need to change or...?" She said looking down at her state of dress, it didn't exactly scream 'serious'. Tiphanae didn't even glanced Nessa over but rather turned and waved her hand through the air, summoning the portal before her, "How you are is fine, follow me Nessa Lux." She said before disappearing into the portal. Nessa looked at her bedroom door. Wondering if she should let someone know where she was going, but Tiphanae seemed in a hurry. She would just have to explain it when she got back, she stepped through the portal after the girl.

    Normally when heading through the portal Nessa arrived in the cloudy path that lead to Odin's hall, except this time it seemed that wasn't the case. Nessa looked around as the portal disappearing behind her, she was not familiar with these place. Upon this visit to Valhalla, they were standing on a grassy plane, a small clearing surround by an outskirt of trees, and in the far distance mountains stood. The same frozen sunset remained being the only part of Valhalla she recognised. Nessa looked around, spotting the Valkyries standing there in a line, waiting for her. Her gaze darted between Tiphanae and the girls, they were all here. She had never seen them all together at once, additionally she had never seen them all look so solemn. Even Arcturus and Lucinda wore serious expressions, Nessa gulped, her nerves growing worse. She took a few steps over to them, stopping at a few metres away she looked at Ellamora. The blonde stood in the centre, wearing her usual Starlight Armour. The only difference was that under her arm she carried a bundle of brown cloth. Nessa wondered what the purpose of it was, her mind raced as she tried to figure out if she had done anything to displease the Valkyries.

    "Umm... If you don't mind me asking, what's going on? Where are we?" She asked, trying to sound braver than she felt. Ellamora's eyes met hers, they powerful hold stilling her completely. The Valykrie stepped forward, her blonde her blowing behind her with the gentle breeze.

    "Nessa Lux, you are in Valhalla, this is a plane we have made of earthen land, specifically for the purpose of this meeting. I have called you here because an important decision has been made. After witnessing your capabilities, my sisters and I have decided to bestow to you with a prized possession of ours. Well rather not ours, but our great god and master, Odin. He wishes for you to have it, as do we." Nessa couldn't speak, her jaw had dropped. She hadn't expect those words to come from Ellamora, not in a slightest. Ellamora untucked the bundle from the ground, she unravelled it, allowing the cloth to fall slack in her left hand. Whilst in her right hand she held out a magnificent item, it was approximately twenty inches long, made of pure gold, and glowing with it owns soft magical light. A bar in the centre resting on Ellamora's open palm, and from the end of it the metal split into four sections, curving around to meet in the centre at a peak. It was decorated with beautiful engravings in the metalwork, the closer you looked the more detailing could be seen. Nessa gasped at the sight of it, on top of it's beauty and splendour, she could feel the magical energy it released. "This Nessa Lux, is the Varja of the Holy Champions, fought for in many ancient battles many years ago amongst humans. Eventually it fell into the hands of a wicked human, and so Odin called us Valkyries to seize it. For many years it has stayed in Valhalla, it's magical power dormant in our sacred land. However it is our wish that you claim ownership to this magical weapon and use it in your quest to protect humanity from it's darkness." Nessa eyes glanced up from the Varja to Ellamora, a look of complete bewilderment worn on her face.

    "Ellamora… I can't take this... I'm not worthy-" Tiphanae spoke up, cutting Nessa off,

    "No one is more worthy than you Nessa Lux, not only are you strong but your heart is pure. We can trust that should we gift you this, you would not abuse it, but do wonderful splendid things."[/b] Nessa looked over to her, finally the girl was smiling again. Seeing her smile eased Nessa, and her kind words warmed her heart. But she couldn't help the doubt she felt, Ellamora spoke once more.

    "Nessa Lux please, the Varja has longed for a holy champion to wield it."

    "But ...a holy champion.. I could never fulfil such a role." She said doubtfully.

    "I figured you would be defiant, fine, then you leave me no other choice. You will use the Varja against some of the girls here, if the Varja reject you and you fail to wield it's power than I will accept that you cannot fill that role and it shall remain in Valhalla." Ellamora looked over her shoulder and barked an order in another language, Arcturus darted forward airily.

    f]"You can dance with me first,"[/b] She said with an excited grin, "Oh and don't worry about hurting us. We are instantly healed in Valhalla, so nothing you could do would actually harm us. We're just testing the magic okay sweetie."Nessa felt eased by that, although she was pretty thrown off by the sudden battle she was in. The remaining Valkyries moved out of the way, Ellamora turned the Varja in the air whilst simultaneously grabbing Nessa's hand. Placing it in her palm, she let it go before turning away to join the others. Nessa gripped the magical weapon, it was cold to touch, she could feel the intense magical field vibrating for it. It felt overwhelming just holding it, she couldn't even imagine wielding it.  A sudden realisation came to her, she glanced over at Ellamora, "Wait, I don't know how to use -"

    Her words were caught short by the blast of ice that hit her, sending her flying off her feet. There was a series of catcalls and cheers from the Valkyries, whilst Arcturus did a little twirl. "Come, come, Nessa Lux. Don't keep me waiting," She said with a flirtatious wink, Nessa frowned, this was more serious than she though. She knew how much the Valkyries love to fight each other, so this probably didn't feel any different to them. It was just a little sparring, She held out the Varja. How does this even work... She thought, as though to answer her question her vision shifted. Everything around her began to carry it's own aura that she could see. The blades of grass swaying on the ground, the trees standing in the distance, even the mountains. She could feel it, all of it, the connections to the world around her, everything was interlink, connection by the fibres and frequencies you couldn't see the with the human eye. Arcturus brought her hands together, releasing another blast of ice, Nessa jumped to the side, barely dodging it. "Tut, tut." Arcturus said with a pout.

    "You sense it don't you, use it Nessa Lux, bend it to your will!" Ellamora called out, from the side. Nessa took a breathe, steadying her nerves. She did feel it, the white haired Valkyrie before her began her next attack. Nessa held out the Varja, this time turning it horizontally, she gripped the bar tightly. As the wall of ice flew at her, she felt magic surge forward, spreading through the earth before her. Suddenly the ground exploded, a wall of dirt rose up over two metres tall. The blast of ice hit it, freezing the dirt but not proceeding further. The Valkyries whooped happily, Tiphanae and Agatha high-fived.

    Lucinda stepped forward, "My turn!" She called with a grin before running forward, lighting up a trail of fire behind her as she ran over. Arcturus headed back to the group, as Nessa was faced by the Fire Valkyrie. "Oh boy, I've been waiting for this Nessa Lux," She said, Nessa grinned at her, finally getting into it. Lucinda didn't waste any time, she through out her sword. It flew from her, connecting to her with a rope of flame, it soared directly towards Nessa. Nessa willed the Varja once more and more dirt rose from the ground. The sword swerved moving around the wall and continued towards her. Nessa jumped back, the flames catching the edge of her shorts and singeing them. Nessa spun on her heel, the ground beneath her shook and this time she was raised into the sky by a pillar of dirt. The sword retracted back to Lucinda who spread two large wings of fire and flew up into the air. Matching Nessa's height, the fire Valkyrie redirecting her sword of fire once more. Nessa looked around, she couldn't block Lucinda's with the earth. She would need to stop her attack completely. She glanced around the planes, before spotting a set of boulders about fifty metres to her left. She turned her Varja in their direction, the boulders rose from the ground, shooting across the sky, she swung them towards the sword as it flew towards her. Just as the rocks reached the sword, the broke down into millions of tiny particles. Reforming around the firey blade before hardening once more. Dragging the sword down into the earth and pulling Lucinda down with it. Nessa grinned, so the Varja could change matter as well as move it, This is one hell of a weapon... She thought as she watched Lucinda drag her boulder-sword across the field.

    Nessa expected Elgorea to turn up next, instead she was joined by a brunette Valkyrie, one able to bring back any nerves that she faded in her previous fights. Agatha grinned at her, a violent glint in her eyes, "The other girls wont get a chance to fight you after me, I'll try not to kill you, I can't promise this wont hurt." Nessa matched her fierce gaze, she offered the Valkyrie a challenging grin.

    "Fine by me, It's about time I put you in your place." She retorted, she could hear the girls snicker below, which only seemed to rile Agatha up more, "Ready yourself, Nessa Lux," She replied, Nessa was surprised the girl was even giving her a chance to prepare. It was surprisingly honourable of the grumpiest and most volatile of the Valkyries. Nessa held out the Varja, quickly trying to come up with a plan of action. However she didn't have that chance, because within a second Agatha flew forward, moving at breakneck speed. She appeared in front of her Nessa, driving her armoured fist into her gut. Nessa wheezed, flying off the pillar, she fell towards the ground. She squeezed the Varja, and the ground before her mutated from grass to a soft pit sand. She landed in it, sinking into the sand a bit, the fall cushioned a little by the sands give. She sat up, gripping her stomach with her free hand, that had hurt a lot. She glanced up, only to see Agatha flying towards her. She quickly manipulated the sand beneath her, having it carry her backwards away from Agatha. She brought up a wall of it in front of her, hardening it's properties into glass. Agatha hopped up over it, bringing the Varja up, the sandy glass rose with it, pushing Agatha upwards. Nessa got to her feet properly, she looked around, spotting the trees, she swung the Varja once more. The tree's shook for a moment before being uprooted from the ground, the soared through the air, like projectiles they flew into Agatha. The first hit her shield shattering into pieces, the second slammed into her back.

    Agatha let out a growl of frustration, she began to crackle with electricity and suddenly flew down towards Nessa once more. Swinging her shiel,d she launched it into the air, it spun towards her speedily, too quickly for Nessa to stop it and so it slammed into her. Knocking her down and causing her to drop the Varja, she glanced up at Agatha who was clearly still preparing her next attack. The Valkyrie held out her hand, Nessa watched as the lightning began to build in the woman's palm. As a bolt of lightning was released, Nessa instinctively brought her arms over her head, preparing for the worst. But the worst didn't come, there was a boom of noise and yet Nessa felt not pain. Nessa lowered her arms, she looked up, seeing Tiphanae standing before her. Palms facing outwards, it seemed she had used her wind magic to redirect the spell into one of the earthen pillars Nessa had created. "Tiph…" Nessa said softly,

    "That's enough."Ellamora's voice broke through the quiet, "Calm yourself Agatha, the purpose of this match was to see if Nessa could wield the Varja, your last spell could've paralyzed her." Nessa's eyes widened in shock, she looked at Agatha , who was staring at her with a cold fury. The brunette turned her gaze away before flying away into the sky, leaving the rest of them there, "She doesn't like me does she?" Nessa said sadly, Tiphanae lowered her hands. Turning, she leaned down to help Nessa stand, pulling her onto her feet. "It's not that, Agatha just probably wasn't expected you to land a hit. Hence why she lost her cool a little," Nessa felt a little bit irritated by the fact she had technically lost, but Agatha was allegedly one of the best fighters amongst the Valkyries, beating her would've been one hell of a feat.

    "So Nessa, now that you used the Varja and know that it accepts you as it's Holy Champion, will you keep it? It'll remain in Valhalla when not in use, you'll just be able to summon it as and when you may need it." Nessa mouth dropped open once more, so it wasn't like she was taking it completely, just borrowing it when she needed it. If she had known that she could've avoided the whole fight. Nessa sighed before chuckling, these Valkyries sure kept things interesting. She looked over at them all as they approached, eagerly chatting away about the fight that just went down. She grinned, leaning down she picked up the Varja where it had fallen. It still felt cold to the touch, "Fine, I accept, thank you all for this wonderful gift." She said, turning she bowed her head in gratitude. Ellamora face lit up into a beautiful, brilliant smile. "You are most welcome, Nessa Lux"


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