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    Two stalkers and one pray


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    Two stalkers and one pray

    Post by Godfrey-Berg on Wed 22 Aug 2018 - 7:02


    The moon was like a shining silver coin up in the sky, it’s light was reflected by a stream. Next to which was a road and on that road was a rider, a horseman. His steed was pale and its eyes red. An ominous sight in the dark. Even more ominous was the rider, who was clad in black. His black coat of arms displayed a skull of an antlered deer and a dark mantel was clasped around his shoulders, the end flapped behind him as he rode. Under his clothing was mail hauberk and he wore mail trousers and gloves as well. At least he wore a mailed glove on his left hand, which held the rains. His right hand was naked and pale with an exception of a three-armed mark in the colour of blood which was clearly visible in the moonlight. On his head he wore a mail coif and a masked helmet, eerie icy eyes glowed within the mask. Lighting up a part of the helmet's brim. A heather shield, with the same device as his coat, was fastened on the left flank of the horse. While a great axe was held on the right side. All and all a sight that filled the small folk with fear.

    Godfrey was on his way to Hargeon Town, a town that he was no stranger too. It was the town where he met with his master’s daughter, Lilim. It was there made a pact to help each other. He wasn’t going to the town for her, but for a contract. Some fool wanted another fool dead and paid a good price for it. The fool that was going to die by his hands was Olivia Sutton, some old mage. Only she was to die, or he wouldn’t get paid. It would be easier if he didn’t have to watch out for accidentally killing some peasants. He wasn’t the person to kill people at random or slaughter for the sake of it unless he was angered in one way but is convenient not to be restrained. Something in him disagreed, it was Bator. Bator would prefer to slaughter the whole world if he could, bloody bastard loved killing.

    He had been riding all night and he arrived near the outskirts of the town by first light. Olivia was likely to be found in the park in the morning, so Godfrey steered his steed through the streets to the park. It was silent in the streets, the only sign of life where some cats and dogs and some curious rats who seemed fixated on him. The sound of iron on stone echoed in the narrow streets until he arrived near the park. Where he dismounted and sought a place in the shadow of a tree. His horse stood beside him, not paying any mind to the dewed grass beneath its feed.




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    Re: Two stalkers and one pray

    Post by Demi on Sat 8 Sep 2018 - 13:35

    The night was still young to the reaper who sat upon the gates of Hargeon town in a spectral state that was commonly used by reapers when they where awaiting for the death of someone whom had been marked for death. Her blood ruby eyes watched the pale light of the the moon for the longest time, she found calm in in the light "It's a beautiful night this evening, a pity that someone has been marked for death." her she said with a calm tone as she brought her gaze down looking at the scroll in her hand once more with a small sigh. She hated killing but it was part of her job and a big part of the way she had been raised so it wasn't like she could actually avoid such things. Death after all was the universal equaliser after all, there was no way to avoid its eventual cold touch and there was no way to barter for extra time. There where of course stipulations but this didn't prevent death it just changed a persons circumstances, such as becoming undead or even something completely different known as Deathless. Those within the latter state where rare as it had to be allowed by the reaper in question and even then with an extremely good reason, she had allowed it with her sister Korvin but the arguments that came with it still gave her a headache.

    Cirven hadn't wanted her dead and so it forced her and to give Ruvel much needed information and several rules of death to be broken, she know there would be backlash on her young ward for doing what he could do naturally and there was nothing she could do about it, this of course worried her to no end but like death it was inevitable. Her eyes once more wandered to the stars and moon as she remembered seeing this job on the Onyx Moon job board and since she was the reaper chosen to take her last breath she though she may as well get paid for doing the task at the same time. Her gaze lowered form the wonders of the night sky as she heard hoofs on the ground below her, it had mentioned she was going to be doing this task with another but wrinkled her nose in disgust as she seen the aura around the one below her "I hate undead, they upset the balance and it's going to be some sick joke he is my job partner." she said bringing down her mask that changed her normal clothing into an almost gothic lolita dress with matching bonnet. She looked much younger than she actually was and jamp down landing without noise in front of the horse a smile clearly seen on her face as the mask gave a glamour as if she wasn't wearing it. "I am sorry to enquire this dead one but I don't suppose you're here to kill someone due to a contract are you?" she asked deciding not to beat around the bush on the matter, she knew she would have little to worry about if she had gotten it wrong as all it would take was her screaming undead and it would alert the whole town making his life bad while she sneaked away in the shadows only to remove the mask and take her transparent form once more while she awaited the true partner. For now however she had to wait and see what his reply would be.

    If this on the other hand was his partner to be she sighed looking at the horse "The horse can not come with us I am afraid, they would make to much noise and our pray would end up being like a rabbit running for its home alerting everyone and everything in its way making our task that much harder." she said in a matter of fact way, she could tell by the way the other was dressed undead or not that he came from a noble family and that those kinds of people were keen hunters so hoped he would understand and where there was a thrill in a chase now and then having to get to a target that was on full alert in a town filled with a legal guild and guards it would make it more of an annoyance for her to do her task as a reaper let alone a mage. For now the ball was in the others court she would hate to knock sense into him as right now she wanted to give him a true death but it seemed that the universe had other ideas for the two stalkers of the night.

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    Re: Two stalkers and one pray

    Post by Baird on Thu 13 Sep 2018 - 22:25

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    Baird lets up a groan as he held a paper in his hand. He still hadn't fully gotten his newest composition out. He had the strongest urge to do so, but not the inspiration to get it out. He hoped doing this job would help him get it out for him. It had been miraculously placed on the job request board, and he still couldn't help but laugh about it. Not many jobs were on that board, but this one sounded like it'd be better than the rest, even if there would be others and they only were allowed to kill one person. He takes a deep breath and picks up his lute just before he teleported to just a distance outside of Hargeon town. The last thing he did was go around with some lady name Fluffy, and a clown he rather enjoyed the company of. And that's how he got the start of his inspiration for his song. The job request had mentioned a few others would be there as well, just not who they were, and he simply felt it a slight bore. But, just maybe, he needed this? Work with a few others outside of the girl to gain more muse for his piece for her. No way would he let the promise of a composition fall through from him. Baird bet he could be useful still on this job, or could just be annoying if he decided they weren't worth it. As long as he got muse and pay, that's all that mattered for him. He just couldn't kill innocents... lame.

    The musician was playing a soft tune while wearing a black tank top, with a studded black leather vest over his shoulder, black skinny jeans, a studded belt on his hips, and black biker boots on his feet. He even decided to don on a black leather newsy hat this time too. While he played his lute in the soft tune, he seemed to be mentally making notes. The tune he was playing actually didn't go with the instrument, but it was good enough to practice on for the time being as the sound didn't deter too much from how it was supposed to be. When he approaches the gates of Hargeon, he sees a couple figures and stops playing. "Oh? Here to kill someone from a contract? Same here!" He had heard the last bit of the girls question, cackling a bit as he pulls out his crinkled job request paper from his pocket before he pointed his lute behind him.

    His aqua green eyes were glaring daggers out into the distance behind him. He was having a feeling something was there... following him. But he couldn't be too sure if he was just being paranoid or not. He turns his head back to the girl, and the undead she spoke to, and simply tilts his chin up for a brief moment as a gesture of 'sup?' without saying anything. "So gotta do the stupid contract of not hurting anyone but the single geezer, right?" He rolls his eyes and puckers his lips out unhappily. He already hated the job. He wanted more freedom. Maybe next job.


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    Re: Two stalkers and one pray

    Post by Jester on Fri 14 Sep 2018 - 15:16

    There was a cool breeze running through the streets of Hargeon Town tonight. The once lively and prestigious town carried an ominous feel to the air that night. Whether it was the remaining desolation that had yet to be completely refurbished, of a sea beast that had left the place in devastating ruins. Although, perhaps it was that, along the dark streets, beings of a darker and almost unsavoury aura were wondering. Especially the aura of a certain clown who was currently, stepping lightly through the streets. Following the delightful sound of music that seemed to float through the air a distance in front of him, emanating from the strings of a fascinating music man. The music man he had followed here, following a meeting in his guild hall, the unique presence of the man had drawn Jester along. Because if anyone could give him something fun to do, it was this unique green-haired individual. Jester wanted to play, to play with the music man, to see if he could produce a game worth playing.

    The streets were barely lit, and the clowns steps were so light that they barely made more noises than that of a scuttling mouse. Yet, should anyone take a good look at the man, they would witness an elaborate and elegant ballet of movement. Muscle memory from his days in the circus, it was eerily beautiful and creepy to any willing to glance upon him. Yet there weren't any witnesses, not at this time. Many of the inhabitants of Hargeon Town, were tucked away in bed. Holding their loved ones, dreaming sweet and lovely dreams, oblivious to the sinister intentions the night held. The nightmares that walked their streets.  

    The clown was in full gear tonight, he bore a purple star on his right cheek and a blue teardrop on his left. His usual black costume, pink puffy shoulder pads, and pink circular rings around his waist. Those long baggy trousers, and pointed red shoes. The markings of a car deck sitting on the fabric above his chest. His yellow eyes half closed as though in a trance as he danced through the night, following the fascinating music man from a distance. Eventually he sensed that the music man had stopped, his sweet melody ending. No longer dancing, Jester headed closer, stepping into the shadows. He crossed his hands over one another, fiddling with the nail on his index finger. Jester was never one to stay still, alas he tried for the moment, but it wouldn't last long. Listening to the conversation happening a short distance away, he caught the words spoken by the music man, letting out a blissful sigh. Words began to release from his lips, so much for staying quiet.

    "He is the music man, he comes from down the way...and do we play?"

    He crept out of the shadows, speaking slowly as he approached, walking over to the three individuals standing together. His eyes glowing with a peculiar delight, he let out a high-pitched and unnaturally childish little giggle, before continuing.

    "We play the death parade..."

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    Re: Two stalkers and one pray

    Post by Akily Yesterday at 23:10

    Akily had been drawn from her area of solitude by a mysterious playing of music. For some reason, Akily couldn't pin point what instrument, or instruments were playing, but she knew that someone had to be shut up. Today was her day of rest. Being able to spend time with the Universe Spirit was something she did not want to give up. She knew she signed up for a job that was due that very day, but she decided that she had time for herself to wait before going for that kill. She had went to Hargeon that day, wondering if the job was even worth it. Was it worth wasting time from the Universe Spirit? She really didn't know. What she did know though, was that she was going to make the best of her time, and she wasn't going to let some idiotic person/people get in her way of ruining her day. So, she stood up very slowly, wondering where the music was, and in her hand formed a dagger. From her newly found magic, was a beautiful glowing pink dagger. In it's making, were star like structures that almost made the dagger look like a galaxy in its own self. Akily loved how cute this was, because even as she was naive, she didn't get to play with cute things much. Her parents had pretty much ruined her life, even if she didn't see it at the time. The Universe Spirit opened her up to life. She opened her up to something she would've never seen before if she still associated herself with her parents. She wondered, what had happened to them once she left. Did they die, feel pain, or cry pitiful sorrows for their lost child. With a tiny giggle, she said to herself with a laugh, "If so, then they deserved it. They would've caused me imaginable pain if it wasn't for the Universe Spirit."

    With that, she continued walking down the path way, continuing to listen to the song being played. Over time, it began to annoy her even more, so she began running faster. With a sudden leap, she began testing out her ability to fly with her new magic. And so, she did, using the magic to boost her up, higher and higher. It was such an amazing sight to see as she floated up there. The moon shining on her back, and the world from below made things so beautiful. As she reached the extent of her flying capabilities, she began to see where that music came from. Going downwards towards the ground, she perched herself in her a tree, making sure to be as silent as possible. She first listened to a conversation that had been going on between the 4 people below her. One seemed extremely familiar, and with a blast of memories, she remembered him. It was the man she had seen as a plague from before. How had she gotten herself in that situation again? Was the Universe Spirit leading her to him for some reason? She couldn't understand the possible reasons as to why something like this would happen. So, for now she just listened. As she did, she realized that these people were the ones that the job had entailed would be there. With a face of anger, she threw down her dagger in the middle of the group, as it glowed it's beautiful pink light in the darkness. As Akily jumped down from the tree, she showed a face of seriousness, saying to them with a deeper voice than she normally would have, "Now then, how did I get stuck working with idiotic adults like you people? What, are you all seriously what people call "villains" nowadays? What, the lunatic joker, the cheesy composer, the stereotypical villain, and the brooding female? Well, I hope you people are actually gonna be useful." With that, Akily began slowly walking towards them, hand on the handle of her katana resting in the bag on her back. In all honesty, it might've been a bit dumb of her to do that, but she hoped those idiots weren't idiotic enough to mess with her.



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