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    Chan tohng garn thorṣ̄ạphth̒, Kah~


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    Chan tohng garn thorṣ̄ạphth̒, Kah~ Empty Chan tohng garn thorṣ̄ạphth̒, Kah~

    Post by Pimwadee on 17th March 2020, 9:41 am

    If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
    One day I'll know, if I go there's just no telling how far I'll go
    Pimwadee Chakri

    Communication was an important feature for any mage, which was something that only proved to define the importance of owning a portable telephone. In this land, they were referred to as Ilac whilst in her homeland they were called 'thorṣ̄ạphth̒. Pim had to appreciate the relatively easy pronunciation of this countries version of the noun. Some items were much harder to pronounce such as 'Lollipop' or 'Newspaper', not to mention the things that didn't even exist in the rural parts of her land such as 'Calzones' or 'Fireplaces'. Learning a new language had been harder than Pimwadee had ever imagined, but her desperation to leave her home and explore the world had encouraged her to do so. Which was why she had excelled at the language in ways her Lhukian peers did not, doing more than just the basic studies and practising vigorously every day. Watching foreign movies with Lhukian subtitles, and listen to music from other words. Practicing the translated sentence in her head during random conversations with her family. It had been this hard work that paid off now and allowed her to cope so far during her expedition to Earthland.

    Unfortunately, her Lhuk phone didn't work overseas, which meant it was time to pick up one of this countries 'iLacs'. According to her research, the manufacturer of this product was located in the 'Neutral Grounds', a fascinating part of this world where magic couldn't be used. And she could feel it too, as she arrived by train to this curious place. It was as though there a distance between her and her ancestors, and the blessing bestowed to her by the gods had suddenly faded. It was a disheartening sensation to behold, making her feel anxious and slightly vulnerable. It didn't take her long to decided to run this little errand as quickly as possible before making her next stop on her travels.

    Her slender fingers unfolded the map in her hands, her orchid-toned eyes narrowing slightly as she tried to pinpoint where she was. Her steps slow and hesitant as she moved in the direction she assumed was the right one, although she wasn't completely certain. Pimwadee had been wandering around for a few hours now, having already reversed out of a few alleyways when she realised she had taken a wrong turn. Finally, she would stop, looking up from her map. She glanced around, this was apparently, where she was supposed to be according to the paper she was gripping. A glance into the closest shop window revealing to her rows upon rows of phones proved this to be true, she beamed with glee. Feeling a wave of relief rush over her as she realised she no longer had to continue with this tedious search. Hurrying over to the door, she pushed it open before quickly shuffling over to the phones. It wasn't long before she was greeted by a member of staff, she pressed her palms together, bowing her head in her automatic Lhukian greeting. She spoke, explaining that she wanted a phone, only to realise in her excitement she had said it in her native tongue. She laughed with a flicker of embarrassment before trying again, "Please, I would like a phone." And within half-an-hour, she walked out of the store with a smile on her face and a shopping bag containing her brand new purple iLac.

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