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    Slicing up apples~


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    Slicing up apples~ Empty Slicing up apples~

    Post by Jester on 25th March 2019, 2:45 pm

    Job Details:

    Dear Delilah,

    I'm sorry to do this through letter but I just cannot bring myself to face you. You see I've grown tired of this facade, I simply do not love you anymore. Our love had grown stale, and well there's a woman out there that just happen to excite me more these days. So consider this our end, I wish you a pleasant future and hope that you can move on swiftly and painlessly. Who knows, maybe you'll found someone exciting for yourself.

    Best of luck,

    Jester wasn't sure if this was convincing enough of a letter to hand to the woman, but it was didn't really matter to him whether she was convinced or not. He just had to do his job, he tucked the letter back into his pocket. Before returning his gaze to the suited man quivering in front of him. He had really gone all out, wearing a rather expensive rented tux, a lavish bouquet he had brought to present to his beloved. Flowers which were now scattered on concrete.

    The man was holding out his wallet, he obviously assumed that Jester was some kind of mugger attempting to rob him. If only he knew that the truth was Jester had no intention on taking his money, no that wasn't the job. The job was to stop him from proposing him his beloved Delilah, by any means possible. Jester chuckled deeply, snapping his fingers, his funny blades would appear. One in each hand, These colourfully painted knives with frilly tassels were enough to tell the man what Jester was planning. He shrieked fearfully, attempted to crawl away, he clambered to his knees and moved to run. Except as he stood up, he could no longer see the street around him. What he saw was the inside of a creepy look circus tent, it was run down, and it's equipment looked near enough rusted. On top of which, there were ominous blood stains all around. He spun to face the clown, who was approached slowly.

    "Let's play a game, Willy, you can be the apple, and I'll see If I can slice you through!" Jester suggested excitedly. The man began to run, reaching the edge of the tent. He ran around looking for an exit desperately. Jester stuck it tongue between his teeth, closing one eye he took aim. Before launching his funny blade through the air at the man. The man screamed as moments later the blade was buried in his shoulder. Jester giggled excitedly, "That's gotta be fifty points eh, Willy?" He squealed happily before taking aim once more. He brought the blade over his shoulder, adjusting as the man crawled along the walls desperately.

    He threw the blade and watched as it soared across the Tent of terror, slicing deep into the back of the man's skull. "Bullseye!" The clown whooped happily. Then with a snap of his fingers, his bloodstain knives and the tent, along with Williams body would vanish from around him. Turning on his heel, the clown would begin to skip down the street, on way to deliver the parting letter to the late Williams beloved and clueless Delilah.

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