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    THE IDOL! // [A-RANK JOB: Nessa & Amagiri]

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    THE IDOL! // [A-RANK JOB: Nessa & Amagiri] Empty THE IDOL! // [A-RANK JOB: Nessa & Amagiri]

    Post by Blood Plus 18th December 2018, 3:22 pm

    Job: The Idol
    Rank: A
    Player Requirements: 2-3 players, min of 35 posts, 450 words per post
    Job Requirements: Only A rank and higher may participate or a B-rank with a higher rank. Must protect the treasure hunter. Must roll a boss before before the 50th post.
    Job Location: Haunted Castle

    Job Description:
    A treasure hunter had come upon a treasure map that leads to the location of the The Dancing Lady. This is a silver statuette of a woman dancing with its hands raised high up. Rumors has it that upon the light of the lunar eclipse the statue turns into a spirit that grants the owner a single wish. Lunar eclipse's happen once in a hundred years and it just happens that one is about to happen in 50 days so the client is offering a lot of jewels. The location is in haunted castle and the Boss is a Huge Minotaur monster.

    And here is the catch, the client insists that he comes along on the journey and it is your duty to protect him at all cost. Must encounter the boss that hoards the Idol and witness how the client summons the spirit and have his wish granted.

    Warning, the client is extremely curious and tends to attract undesirables.(The person posting every 5 posts must include in his/her story how the client wanders off and stumbles upon a monster hence triggering a dice roll)

    Weak: 4 Shadow Fiends (C-ranked)
    Has the ability to be invisible for a brief period of time. They attack using their claws and teeth. Can be Chased away using light magic. - 2 A ranks each to bring down

    Medium: 2 Shadow Acolytes (C-ranked)
    They are manipulators of shadow magic and has the ability to summon other monsters and fight by firing bolts of darkness. Be careful, defeat them as fast as you can. (If they're not defeated within 2 posts of their appearance, roll the monster dice) - 5 A ranks each to bring down

    Strong: Shadow Lord
    A warrior corrupted by evil. Wields a wide variety of shadow magic and their darkness-infused zweihander broadsword. - 10 A ranks to bring down
    Shadow Eruption (C-ranked): By extending his arm, the Lord can cause a pool of darkness 2 and a half metres in diameter to appear beneath his target for a second. Once that time passes, a pillar of darkness will erupt from it, dealing damage and dazing the person hit, meaning that he will not be able to defend against the next attack aimed at them. (2 posts cool-down)

    Shadow Beam (B-ranked): He points his weapon forward and fires a 1 metre in diameter beam of concentrated darkness from it, dealing heavy damage. It is strong enough to punch a hole through several thick walls. (4 posts cool-down)

    Dark Rush (B-ranked): The warrior prepares his weapon and shoots forward in an explosion of shadows, dealing damage and interrupting the actions of anyone around him. After he reaches his target, he performs a very strong diagonal slash dealing B-ranked damage plus 1 C-ranked damage for every 15% mana the one who gets hit is missing. (4 posts cool-down)

    Boss: Dark Minotaur (A-ranked)
    It's the boss for that level of the castle. Massive, very strong and very tough. Summons Shadow Acolytes every three posts. It does not have any special powers, but each of its attacks is as strong as an A-ranked spell. Takes 15 A-ranked damages to kill.

    Reward: 25,000 Jewels, The one to deal the most damage will acquire the Mirror Mask. An item that allows the user to change his/her appearance to anything they want for up to 5 posts or until cancelled. 4 posts cool-down, starting from the moment the duration ends.

    ..to control the storm I must..

    a tempest's tale: unexalted fear
    "Control thy emotions to control thy strength!"
    A small sheet of paper was illuminated by a golden swinging candlebra that hung delicately above two silhouetted figures. One opened his pale pink lips in order to speak but was swiftly silenced by the other through a simple gesticulation. One of the pair seemed transfixed with the piece of paper, or more importantly, what decorated it's thin linings.

    "This woman.. she's the key to it all, I tell you! Once I have this, I'm set for life, it'll be worth every jewel, every hour, every moment that I've spent tracking it all down!"

    Amagiri opened his mouth again to try and interject but eventually knew better, he realized he'd only get cut off again if he chose to speak for a second time. Allowing the so-called treasure-hunter to slumber within a treasure-induced trance, he pushed back from the table at which they sat. A waitress hovered delicately between tables, a clearly exasperated smile plastered heavily onto her face as the end of her shift was drawing closer. The furry white cloak that hung loosely over Amagiri's shoulders dropped to the seat he once sat on as he stepped away from their table towards the bar that centered the room.

    "Something strong.. it'll be a long night."

    The bartender chuckled in retort before turning away and swiftly returning with a small glass of clear liquid. The white-haired mage extended an arm forwards and knocked back the drink. He winced slightly as a burning sensation filled his open orifice but it soon faded; Amagiri had a relatively strong tolerance with drinks of this nature anyway.

    With ease distilling the stress that once plagued his mind due to this overtly hyperactive client, the thunder slayer returned to the small stool that cornered the table. After sitting down he placed a hand on top of the map, obscuring the treasure hunter's vision and snapping him back into the world of actuality.

    "I really think you should reconsider going with us.."

    Amagiri hesitated since he was meant to of had a job partner with him on recommendation from the Magic Council. Supposedly, it was an esteemed, highly suggested wizard but upon arrival at the rendezvous point; they were nowhere to be seen. Shaking the thought quickly from his mind, Amagiri continued with his advisory rant.

    "It'll be dangerous and I can't guarantee your safety, who knows what we'll be heading into considering how illustrious this treasure is meant to be."

    Amagiri frowned as the treasure hunter raised a hand to cut him off again; clearly absorbing none of what the wizard just said.

    "Not another word, young man!"

    The older gentleman adjusted the glasses that loosely framed his nose before dragging a hand through the remnants of slicked back hair that dotted his scalp.

    "I'll be getting us both a drink, I don't want to hear anymore of it. I'm coming with you and that's that; I have to be the first one to touch the treasure!"

    The treasure hunter sounded almost malicious, greedy in the way he expressed his thoughts but Amagiri thought nothing of it. It must've been hard to track down something for so long yet feel powerless in the act of retrieving it. He shrugged his shoulders as the man left the table to retrieve a further round of drinks. This really was going to be a long night.




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    THE IDOL! // [A-RANK JOB: Nessa & Amagiri] Empty Re: THE IDOL! // [A-RANK JOB: Nessa & Amagiri]

    Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux 22nd December 2018, 7:16 am

    Nessa made her way to the rendezvous point, she was supposed to be meeting up with another mage to help a client obtained some sort of magical artefact. It seemed pretty standard of a job; she was pleased. Everything had been so up in the air later what with the Fairy Festival, Aven's accidentally confession poem, the argument with Drani Alveron and most impactful of all, Markus's return. It had been a lot to process, so to get away for a day or two, and just do a little guildwork, was nothing short of a great relief for Nessa. Nessa arrived at the bar, reaching around into her Satchel, she pulled out the form she had received explaining her of the job at hand and where to meet her partner. She confirmed that this was the place, she tucked the paperwork back inside her bag neatly. She proceeded to slide the paper tidily next to all the essentials she always took along with her on any job: bottles of water, first aid kit and the like. She was wearing her usually mission wear, violet and white dress, knee-high white boots and haired tied back in a ponytail. It was easy to fight in, all the while satisfying her need to be fashionable at all costs. She wasn't exactly sure what to expect from the location they were heading, but surely travelling to an old castle wasn't going to be too difficult to work with. It was just a search and collect mission right, although that didn't mean she wasn't prepared for the possibility of opposition. This was a valuable idol after all. So enemies could be lurking around the area, it was a difficult situation to predict.

    Pushing open the door, Nessa stepped inside the building, scanning the bar, her boots clicking against the floor as she tried to figure out who she was looking for. She heard a man at the bar talking loudly, glancing after she caught the end of the conversation. Him bragging about being the one to touch a treasure first. Refusing to stay back on the mission because he had had to claim the idol before anyone else. She smiled, turning on her heel as she began walking over to the two men. The boastful man didn't carry the air of a mage, but guy who was sitting idly next to him did. He was around her age, with white hair and colourless eyes. She had never worked with a mage from Aurora before, all she knew was that they were a legal guild with a charming Guild Mark.  She was hoping that after today's job, she would be more affiliated with their nature, Nessa did love getting to know new people after all.

    She offered him her hand in a greeting shake, "Hello there, you must be who I'm working with. I am Nessa Lux, from Fairy Tail."  She said in a friendly tone. She then turned to look at the client, "And I presume you are the one who made the request, I'll do what I can to help you get what you a satisfying result. I only ask that should the situation grow dangerous, you stay back and allow me and my fellow mage here to do our jobs."  Her tone was completely polite and held no malice, yet it was carried like an order that was not up for debate. After all, she understood where the other mage was coming from; it would have been easier for them to do the task and bring the treasure to him. It was much easier to fight when everyone on the team was able to protect themselves. Perkily she looked back at the white-haired mage, "Shall we head off?" She said to him, eager to get started,

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