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    Bull Riding. [Solo/Job]

    Artemis Dagger
    Artemis Dagger

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    Completed Bull Riding. [Solo/Job]

    Post by Artemis Dagger 11th June 2018, 2:55 pm

    Job Details:

    Bull Riding. [Solo/Job] Arv47Bull Riding. [Solo/Job] Arv47Bull Riding. [Solo/Job] Arv47

    At that moment in time, Artemis was whispering in the ear of a sweet little piece. She was dressed in a unnecessarily revealing black and metal outfit. A little crop top with 'Need for speed' inscribed on them. A tiny little skirt that didn't leave much to the imagination and a very nice set of lacy stockings. This was a little cookie that wanted to be bitten into, and he was making headway into just that. "Oh Arty, your so bad!" She cooed at him, he gave her a devilish smirk, this was in the bag He thought. 

    He suddenly felt his shoulder knocked roughly, as a group of men, fell in his direction. Grabbing the girl, he moved her out of the way before she accidently got glassed. In the midst of it, she could hear a man shouting.

    "COME ON THEN, IF YOU THINK YOU'RE SO TOUGH, YOU ALL KNOW WHO I AM." The man roared around the club, cutting through the music. Art scowled in the direction of the man, he was completely ruining the mood. "I'M THE BEST BULL RIDER IN THIS PLACE, NONE OF YOU CAN TOP ME, YOU'VE ALL FAILED, YOU BUNCH OF LOSERS." 

    "How lame..." Art muttered, why was this guy going on like this, he had been in a good flow with his girl, this was a serious interruption.

    "THERE ISN'T A SINGLE PERSON IN FIORE ABLE TO BEAT ME, I'D BET ALL MY JEWELS ON THAT!" Art's ears pricked up, his scowl turned into a smirk. Suddenly things got a lot more interesting, the prospect of humiliating that idiot and earning money in the process was music to Art's ears. Leaning into the woman, he whispered in her ear.

    "Excuse me sweetie, I'm about to do something really interesting." Pulling his arm off of her, he began to saunter through the crowd. Pushing all the onlookers out of his way, he stepped into the open space.

    "And how much is that exactly?"
    Spinning to look at Art, the man had a shocked impression on his face. He obviously hadn't been approached by one as cocky as Art in a while. Pulling his already inebriated self straight, he put his arms across him chest. 

    "2000 Jewel, if you can beat my time." He said nodding over at the score board. Art glanced at it, the time was impressive. But not impressive enough to make him change his mind. 

    "Your on, two g's if I beat your score."  He said making his way over to the mechanical bull. 

    "Go on then kid, I can't wait to see you fall on your face." The bloke chuckled, standing back, the crowd manoeuvred around to watch. He jumped on the bull, adjusting himself so he had a decent grip. A bull was mechanical it every sense of the word and suited this motor loving city very much. Covered in gunmetal coverings, bolts sticking out all over. It was a steely beast alright. 

    Gripping onto the reins he heard felt a hot rush flow through him and felt his stomach drop. 

    "This game is rigged..." He heard, a whisper on he could hear. 

    I don't need your input." He told Morte, he heard a sinister chuckle. 

    "So naïve, that gentlemen is a mage, and he has rigged this bull to repel anyone but him."

    So that's why he was so cocky, he could tell he was a mage but he didn't realise the extent of his body. 

    Well it's too late to back out now. He thought bitterly, 

    "I could block his magic, it wont improve your ability to hold on. It'll just stop his magic taking you out. What do you say? You want to win don't you. "

    I don't have that kind of magic and you know it. He thought irritated. 

    "I'll handle it all, you wont need to use any magic." He felt the bull begin to tremble beneath him as it's engine's revved up.

    Fine, cancel the spell out but nothing else. He heard Morte's chuckle once more. As Mort went silent, the bull began to move, moving up and down. It started off slow, but became faster and faster. He didn't feel Morte do anything, he just feel the uncomfortable heat of his presence. As the bull got wilder and wilder, he increased his grip, bucking with it as it moved. It became more and more intense, but it wasn't too much for him to handle. It was all about following the flow of the bull. If you rode the wave with it, the ride was smooth. If you clash with it, it becomes erratic and hence you fall. Allowing his body to move freely with the moving of the bull, it became intence, but Art managed to maintain his grip. Slowly the bull began to buck slower and slower until it finally came to a halt. He grinned, he had done it, he no longer felt Morte's presence. Whatever the incubus had done, it had worked. He hopped off of the bull and strutted over to the bloke. Who looked completely dumbfounded.

    "But t-that's impossible, you couldn't have, I-"

    "You what?" Art challenged with a smirk, the bloke stopped, he knew full well he couldn't reveal his cheating ways. If he did, he would probably get the crap beaten out of him from all the people demanding their money back. Grumbling the bloke reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. Forking over the cash which Art eagerly pocketed. 

    Then turning, he walked back through the crowd, receiving multiple compliments and pats on the back as he did so. The crowd had definitely enjoyed him showing up the ass that had been so blatantly mocking them all. He spotted his girl, who was looking even more lustful as before. She was basically ready for him, his smirk grew greater.

    Tonight's turning out to be a real good night...

    Bull Riding. [Solo/Job] Arv94Bull Riding. [Solo/Job] Arv94Bull Riding. [Solo/Job] Arv94 


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