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    The sweetest exchange. { Job | Solo }


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    The sweetest exchange. { Job | Solo } Empty The sweetest exchange. { Job | Solo }

    Post by Jester 29th July 2018, 2:58 am

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    The sweetest exchange. { Job | Solo } Jes46The sweetest exchange. { Job | Solo } Jes46The sweetest exchange. { Job | Solo } Jes46

    Jester sat on the edge of a bridge, kicking his legs up and down, bobbing his head back and forth as though listening to music. Except that there wasn't any music, only there wasn't any music playing aloud. Only the music in his head. The odd clown like man, seemed to be up to nothing, sitting on the bridge enjoying the evening sunset from the other side. Except that he wasn't even paying attention to that. His eyes were glazed as he casually swayed his head to and fro. Almost looking as though he could fall off the bridge at any moment, over 150 metre's high, falling from such a height would undoubtedly end in a splattering death.

    From a distance the soft padding of light steps could be heard, as Ms. Andrea Cooper made her way home from her weekly afternoon tea with her daughter. Every week, like clockwork, the simple old lady would take this route home. Stopping to view the sunset, bag of leftover snacks in hand that she would take along with her to her Womens Institute Meeting the next day. Ms. Cooper led a very quiet, very predictable life. Tending to her garden for most of it, enraging her opponents as she defeated them by a landslide. Especially the cold and callous Lady Coldflower. Lady Coldflower was a prestigious household name allegedly, Jester had heard of it in passing. Because Jester listened, always.

    Lady Coldflower was another one of those greedy folk, with much more than she deserves but never happy with it. Living a bitter life, with a bitter marriage to an obviously unfaithful husband. She didn't have much going for her except her popularity. Impressing others with the falsity of a dream housewife. So to lose such a trivial competition such as Oak Towns Most Renowned Garden, has been a painful sting for such a proud woman. Having grown up privileged and spoilt, never really teaching her the value of competition. Lady Coldflower saught to end their rivalry in the easiest and by far laziest way.

    Jester had been tempted to kill the Lady instead, he probably still would in the near future, most likely after he had a little fun messing with her first. Mindgames, Public Humilaition, He had all sorts of plans for Lady Coldflower. But to embed himself in her life, he had to perform a will. Almost an exchange, plus he knew full well the Lady had never ordered someone dead before. Such a guilt did not weigh lightly on the hearts of such people, Jester however bore no weight from death. He was just wired a little differently. The death of Ms. Cooper would be the first move in their little game of chess. The petite woman began making her way across the bridge, pottering along at an excruciatingly slow pace. She stopped in the centre, only metres away from Jester, stepping up to the edge. Jester inched closer, catching her attention, she looked over to him. Staring in surprise when she noticed the clown.

    "Come from a party have you dear?" She asked in her soft and kind tone. He tilted his head, offering her a wide grin. She smiled back and looked back over the bridge, looking at the sunset. "Beautiful isn't it? I love seeing the sun set, always make me feel a peace."  Jester didn't say a word, he only crept closer, so that he was right next to the lady. She reached into her bag and pulled out a cookie, "Would you care for one?" She offered him. He reached over and took it. This woman was good, too good, too happy. Jester began to walk around the her,

    "Kind Miss, Kind Miss. You give a clown a treat, and this clown with give you a treat." She turned her body to face him, her back facing the edge of the bridge. "You enjoy peace Ms Cooper?" Her brow furrowed when he said her name,

    "How do you-" She began, stepping back, closing to the edge.

    "How about Eternal Peace." With a sharp shove of his hand free hand, she was forced backwards. Arms swinging as she toppled over the bridges edge, falling speedily towards the concrete below. There was a loud crunch, Jester looked over, eying the corpse that now lay there. "You're welcome!" He called out before popping the cookie in his mouth and walking away.


    The sweetest exchange. { Job | Solo } Jes30The sweetest exchange. { Job | Solo } Jes30The sweetest exchange. { Job | Solo } Jes30

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