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    Post by Pimwadee 26th March 2020, 9:31 am

    If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
    One day I'll know, if I go there's just no telling how far I'll go
    Pimwadee Chakri

    It took a little bit longer for Pimwadee to get her papers in order, the translation of texts always meant she had to spend a little more time checking things over. The language was easier when spoken, but the written word was so vastly different than it was a struggle for the girls. Earthland's lexicon was so complicated compared to her own, not so much it's alphabet but the vast dictionary of words that needed to be learned. In hindsight, it would have been better to have done this in her own country, where the application forms were written in her own language. However, at the time, it hadn't been a requirement for the Lhukian to have a passport, her travel visa and enough coins had been enough for her to get to Earthland. But she'd recently come into contact with an official who'd informed her that for further exploration she would also require a passport if she were to travel across certain borders. Figuring that she didn't want to deal with any restrictions during her time away from home, she wanted to see as many sights and cultures possible. To do so she was willing to endure the frustratingly long and tiresome process that was applying for a passport.

    If the few days she had already spent in Earthland had taught her anything it was that she couldn't wait to explore more. She had already sampled so much, and it had been vastly education, as well as enjoyable. The food was curious, some of it was a little blander than what she was used to. People in this land were especially fond of junk food, which whilst tasty and convenient lacked a certain amount of spice. Fortunately, there were available seasonings and sauces one could buy that made it more exciting. There were also plenty of healthier and more vegetable options that were usually more to her tastes. And then there were the clothes, much more suitable for the weather, with a various selection of interesting options. She had spent quite a few hours trying on outfit after outfit and exploring the different fashions. Her recently purchased iLac now full of selfies in all of her new looks emailed home to for her family to enjoy.

    She tapped her pen against the paper, trying to figure out the last few sentences of the form and what to input. Line by line she went through, back and forth for the occasional word that needed aid when translating. It was quite frustrating, the forms used a certain jargon occasionally that was hard to decipher. The cons of trying to sound 'formal', making it harder for foreigners such as herself to figure out. Finally, she came to the end of the form, scribbling her signature in the recommended box. Climbing out of her seat, she made her way to the front desk, stepping into the queue. She idly waited, reading over her papers to make sure they were all in order. As she reached the front, she handed over the stack, answering the occasional question of the desk clerk. Finally, after an hour of tediousness and a photographed photo, she was handed her newly printed passport. Leaving the store satisfied with her newfound pass to travel freely.

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