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    Escort the Boiling Pot~


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    Escort the Boiling Pot~ Empty Escort the Boiling Pot~

    Post by Jester on Tue 26 Mar - 4:11

    Job Details:

    Escort the Boiling Pot~ G7VfRyw

    A small game.

    Not much of a play, but a little something to keep the Clown satisfied. At least until he found something more satisfying to work on. He was in his Ringmaster Suit, a smarter attire for what he was attempting to do. Donned with a red suit, long cloak flowing behind him and top hat. He had forgone the mask for now, it was not in keeping with the 'appearance'. This way he appeared like a smartly dressed gentleman. It was not often Jester decided to disguise himself as a 'civilised' member of society, the clown relished in his madness and the way it made people uncomfortable.

    But you see, he had stolen a rather interesting letter.

    Plucked it from the pocket of a passing mage talking about 'an awkward job'. He had been curious and so had read the contents of the job. It was an opportunity too good to miss. For the only thing, Jester loved more than causing suffering himself, was manipulating someone else into doing it. It was thrilling to watch them snap, and albeit his disdain for children was still strong. He wanted to test his own tolerance, could he manage this? He would find out shortly.

    He arrived at the home of the noble child he was to escort. Standing outside of their 'grand house', a carriage behind him hired from a local transport company. After knocking, the door would open and a butler opened.

    "Are you here to escort the Young Sir?" He would asked, Jester nodded politely. The Butler nodded him inside, before walking off. "Your credentials are... impressive, thank you for coming so quickly," He continued, Jester offered him a false smile. They weren't his credentials, of course, fabricated through a few tricks Jester had picked up over a short time. "I'm sure you were told, however, I will say this anything. The Young Master is in a 'fragile' state of mind right now. Please do not be offended by what he may say or do." With that, the butler disappeared. Returning moments later with a young, sour-faced child. Dressed in a raver extravagant suit, it was a feeble attempt to mask the child's misery. But Jester could see it, the anger it in his hollow eyes, the bags formed from lack of sleep. The child was brimming with anger, like a pot of boiling water. Any moment it could overflow.

    Jester suppressed the urge to smirk. He bowed in greeting, the child scoffed. "Let's just hurry up and get this over with," He said in a bratty manner. Jester straightened up. Nodding, he would lead him to the carriage and they quickly set off.

    There was a conversation had in that carriage, a masterful exchange of words. By the time they arrived at the manor hosting the Masquerade, the child left the carriage in a seemingly better mood. Jester followed dutifully after him, as they made their way inside.

    It wasn't long before the pot boiled over.

    The child snapped, showing his true self. He began wrecking the place, knocking over the table. Attacking people, all the while Jester cackled excitedly. Watching the chaos that occurred with great delight. He snapped his fingers and summoned his cards.

    "Now it's my turn to play~"

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    Escort the Boiling Pot~ JesterSig

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