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    I got secrets, that nobody, nobody knows ~


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    I got secrets, that nobody, nobody knows ~ Empty I got secrets, that nobody, nobody knows ~

    Post by Amalie 2nd November 2018, 1:14 pm

    A pair of black heels clicked against the pavement, the sky was dark, the sun having long since set. The streets were busy, clusters of groups and couples out on the town the tonight. The air was filled with a certain buzz, an anticipation on what the night would hold for them. Many were out for a good time, some were there to find love and others just hoped to forget their troubles. However there was one individual whose purpose did not quite fit into any of these categories, she had a specific motive for being out tonight. Dressed in a long black leather mac coat that exposed her long legs, a matching hat dropped low over her face, a black bob wig poking out from under the hat, covering her real hair colour. Amalie walked through the streets of Motor City. Her face tilted down slightly, she had to be sure not to be recognised, at least not until she got to her destination.

    Anyone who looked at her might presume she was a girl heading to a club, perhaps for her shift as as a waitress or promotor. As she turned a corner, her eyes landed on the bar, Paddys. One of Motor City's less popular locations, but there was a reason for that. Even the characters smoking outside looked like they wouldn't be a far off fit for a prison. She stalked her way up to the doorsteps, swinging her hips as she approached. It was time to play the part. She went to step through the doorway, but the hand of a nearby gentleman reached out.

    '"Scuse miss, I need to see sum I-D?" he asked in a gruff tone, Amalie's icy blue eyes shot up to the man. His scowled at the sight of her, almost as though he was trying to figure out how he knew her. She offered him a smile, flashing her pearly whites in a broad innocent grin. "I'm here for Seamus, we're having ourselves a tea party." She told him, the code she knew well, having heard it many times from the escorts that visited him. He frowned for a moment, and headed inside, she waited accordingly. After a few minutes, he came back out, before nodding for her to go inside.

    She stepped into the bar, wrinkling her nose at the sight of the place, the dim smoke-filled room carried an unwelcome air. Unclean, and cramped, groups of people squashed around small tables, muttering over the cheap beer. Of course this was a front, this was barely a bar for a reason. A cover for the true goings on, this was just one of the bases of the Corvin families criminal activities. Behind the closed doors attached to the room, there was probably stacks of stolen goods being sorted through; drugs, personal belongings, weapons, you name it, it was probably there. Amalie stalked across the room, not making an eye-contact with those boggling her. She could feel them staring at her, trying to sneak a peek at Seamus's newest concubine. She reached one of the back doors, this particular one was labelled 'staff'. Pulling open the door, she slid into the room, and shut the door softly behind her. The room was shockingly nicer in contrast to the bar connected to it, a lavish space with soft red carpeting and patterned walls painted in red and gold. In the centre of the room was a set of sofas surrounding a coffee table, next to which a drinks cart sat with a selection of alcohol. To the back of the room a four poster bed, made up with red satin sheets and an assortments of pillows.

    Eyeing her from where he sat on the was a man in his late thirties, not especially attractive, but acceptable at best. With a slightly greying beard, a stocky build, a small amount of gut but not enough to be considered overweight and surprisingly thick arms. He had a pipe in his mouth, from which he was smoking a cigar, in his other he was nursing a short of whisky with two half-melted ice cubes in. "You've got nice legs I'll give you that, but I don't recall making a request, so tell me miss, who the fuck are ya?" He growled in a threatening tone, his voice thick with a northern accent. She smirked, keeping her head down so her face was still somewhat obscured by her hat.

    "I'm a present, from an old friend." She purred, reaching up, she slowly unbuttoned the leather coat. Once undone, she allow her arms to fall lax, causing the coat to slowly slide to the ground. Underneath she wore nothing but black lingerie, coupled with a intricately designed black mesh corset. Her assets humbly presented to him in a niche little package, she heard his intake of breath. If there was anything Seamus was weak to, it was a woman. And Amalie didn't have a body to frown at, that's exactly why she was using it right now. A small price to pay for what she needed. She approached him, raising her leg over him, she scooted onto his lap. His hands immediately came up to stroke her thighs, "And which old friend sent me something as delicious as you." He growled, his arousal clear in his tone. Amalie smirked, reaching up, she pulled back her hat, allowing her long blue hair to fall out from under it. Shaking her hair out of her face before grinning at him, "That would be me." As soon as he saw her face, his expression of lust dropped.

    "Shards," She barked, instantly the air around her filled with glass, they shot forward, pressing against his exposed skin. She reached up and grabbed his face roughly his her right hand, "Shh, shh, shh. I wouldn't move right now if I was you," She advised, a large piece pressed a little harder into his chest, just over his racing heart.

    "How the fuck did you get in here?" He growled, his words slightly slurred from the pressure her vice-like grip had on his face. She chuckled deeply, "Well, it wasn't hard Seamus. You knows Charles told you one day your obsession with whores was gonna bite you in the ass, looks like he could be right, but he doesn't have to be. If you comply." She loosened her grip, giving him a meaningful stare. He eyed her for a moment, his dark green eyes uncertain and full of distrust.

    "What do you want Amalie?" She smiled sweetly, this was more like it. She moved back, climbing off his lap, her shards still pinning him in place. She stood up straight, readjusting her hair so it was tucked under the hat once more. She fixed it back into place, using a piece of glass to check her reflection. She then headed over to his drink cart and began helping herself to a drink. "I want information Seamus, I want to know what you know," She told him, using a pair of tongs to place three cubes of ice into a goblet, before topping it up with cherry brandy. "Oh this is a nice age, you did always hog the good stuff." She said offhandedly, bringing it to her lips, she took a sip before letting out a satisfied gasp. She turned back to look at him.

    "You what to know about Charles?"

    "Bingo, so it seems you haven't fucked away all those braincell's of yours." She retorted, he leaned forward slightly, but fell back as a shard pressed lightly into his throat. "Amalie, I don't know what to tell you, not much has changed since you left, the business runs as it always has. Except now Charles deals with it all, now that Wyatt's out the picture." She stared blankly, Ah yes, Wyatt was most definitely out of the picture.

    "What about new deals? When I left they were liasing with the Kellys about turf." She asked, Seamus made a scoffing sound. "Well that was fucked when you turned Wyatt into a pin-cushion. The Kelly's got wind and backed out, Charles was hella pissed about that one. He's still after you. We managed to scrape up a contract with the Benson's but they're stuff isn't up to par. Charles is thinking about crossing them off and just taking their stock for himself." Amalie sipped her drink once more, the Benson's were a basic family to liase with. He must have been desperate to make a deal with them, perhaps there was more to this than what Seamus was letting on. Just how much did Wyatt's death affect the family business? "And what does he know about me?" She asked, staring down at the ice cubes floating around in her amber beverage. There was a pause from Seamus, long enough for her to have to glance over to him, her eyes cold and menacing.

    "Surprisingly little, you've kept yourself well off the map. All we managed to find out is that you were in Crocus recently doing some kind of a monster hunt. You a mage now huh?" Amalie rolled her eyes at the memory, Oh yes, that night. That strange night of black powder, she didn't even want to think about it. She lifted the glass to her lips and drained the contents. She couldn't be here much longer, Seamus wasn't known for long visits. She didn't want those outside getting suspicious. "I'd advise you not to tell Charles I was here, but I'm sure you will anyway. I'll just offer you a suggestion, Charles may have been a good leader whilst Wyatt was alive, but without him, he will crumble. The Corvin empire will fall, and if you stay, you will most likely be buried under it's rubble." She turned chucking her glass over her shoulder. Scooping her fallen coat off the floor, she began to make her way towards the same door she walked in through.

    "We'll find you Amalie, and when we do, Charles is gonna ruin you girl. You've seen what he does to those who betray him. But he's real mad about this, Wyatt was his only brother." She stopped for a moment. She was well away of what he was capable of, having witnessed it in great deatil herself. She glanced over her shoulder at him, "It was good to see you Seamus, give Kandice my best." She said making a rather unnecessary reference to his wife, although her voice no particular pleasure or emotion. Sliding her coat over herself, she covered herself once more. She pulled open the door and made her way out. Receiving the same stares as before, most likely coupled with the speculation of how Seamus had seen to her. She stepped out of the dingy bar, knowing full well she wouldn't return. She had only come here because of that annoying incident with Tracey Delarin, it had set her on edge. But now she knew, Charles didn't have much on her right now, which meant she had at least a little time. Time to get stronger.

    Strong enough so that when he happened to find her, hopefully she would at least stand a chance.


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