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    Meeting Sebastian (Private/ Solo)

    Nessa Cordelia Lux
    Nessa Cordelia Lux

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    Completed Meeting Sebastian (Private/ Solo)

    Post by Nessa Cordelia Lux 8th June 2018, 3:21 am

    Meeting Sebastian (Private/ Solo) Av32Meeting Sebastian (Private/ Solo) Av32Meeting Sebastian (Private/ Solo) Av32

    Nessa was just walking back from her trip to the spa with Rina, she felt relaxed and refresh. Her bouncy hair all in up curls, springing back and forth as she walked. If it wasn't so late at nice, she might even be humming she was that happy, but she didn't want to attract any unnecessary attention. Her Dad would be waiting up for her at home, no need to be back later than necessary.

    As Nessa made her way through the streets of magnolia, she stopped. Was that a cry? She thought, unsure of the noise she had just heard. She waited for a moment, then deciding it was nothing she carried on her pace.

    "Eoooow," She stopped, that had definitely been a cry.  A shiver ran down her spine and her skin prickled with goosebumps. She gulped nervously, the thoughts of ghost running across her mind. She was in half a mind to just run, but as she heard the sound once more another thought crossed her mind. What if someone's hurt...

    Taking a breath to compose herself, she made her way to where the noise was coming from, stepping over to an alleyway, she peeked in. She couldn't see anybody, maybe it really was a ghost, she wondered in brief terror. Then she heard the noise once again and realised it was coming from the ground. She looked down at it, spotted a little shape beside the trashcan. Cautiously stepping over to it, she summoned the light inside her and caused glowing light to appear around her. The light shone on the creature to reveal a little grey cat. Nessa gasped in surprised, not only shocked by the cat but that fact that it was clearly injured. It's fur had gashes in it and some of it was matted with blood.  She looked closer, the cat was still breathing but it was ragged.

    Without further hesitation she scoop up the feline, turning out of the corner. She began to run, gripping the cat tightly against her so as to make sure she didn't dropped the poor thing. She no longer took in the streets she was wandering through. She had one objection now, and that was to save this kitty.

    As she made her way down her road, she began to call, "Father! Father!" It wasn't long before she spotted him opening their front door in the distance.

    "Nessa what happened? What's going on?" He asked in panic, She quickly ran up to him,

    "Dad, this kitten it's hurt bad, please we have to help it!" She told him, he too one look at the kitchen, then back up at Nessa's worried face. Nodding her inside, he shut the door behind her.

    "Antoinette!" He called loudly, as they made their way into the living room, moments later Nessa's white haired aunty joined them.

    "Richard, please keep your voice down, Eddie's asleep!" Then she spotted Nessa holding the injured cat. "What is that? Is that a cat?"

    "It's hurt Aunty Ann, please we have to do something." She said, Nessa's father left the room, coming back with a twoel. He laid it down on the carpet.

    "Give him here. Ann, call Dr Murai, he's bound to know what to do." He reached out, taking the cat out of Nessa's grip, he placed it gently on the towel. "Nessa get a bowel of warm water and a flannel."

    "At this time, Richard-"

    "Now Ann!" He barked, Ann left the room, within moments her voice could be heard speaking down the telephone. Nessa ran into the bathroom, grabbing a baking bowl, she filled it was water from the tap, making sure it was comfortably warm. Then she went and got a flannel, returning to her Dad who was checking the cats wounds.

    "There are some deep gashes here, but he's not bleeding anymore so that's a good sign. We need to clean him up before the wounds get infected, then I'll do some stitches. Hopefully when the healer gets here he can finish the job. Nessa can you clean him up for me while I get my first aid kit, be gentle though." Nessa nodded and immediately got to work. As she touched the flannel against the first cut, she heard a little hiss from the kitten, but it soon relaxed.

    Nessa's aunty returned, "He's on his way, Do you have any idea what attacked it?" She asked, Nessa shook her head, she felt herself welling up, feeling her heart break for the poor kitten. Nessa's aunty came and sat next to her, rubbing her back. "Now now dear, save your tears for later, this kitten needs you to stay strong and do your job to help it." Nessa gulped back the tears and nodded, continuing to clean the cat. Her Dad came back, Ann went and got the antiseptic. Together the three of them worked on the cat, Nessa and Ann holding it down as Richard stitched up it's wounds. After half and hour of work the doctor arrived, upon inspecting the work.

    "I don't sense any magical residue, attack was purely physical, good job Richard, I'll take it from here." The Lux family watched as the doctor, worked his healing magic on the cat. Working way until the early hours of the morning, Ann went to bed but Richard stayed up with Nessa, watching from the sofa. She lay there, head on her fathers lap, crying as he stroked her hair.

    "He's going to be okay isn't he Dad?" She asked sobbing between her words,

    "Yes he's going to be fine, you did good kid." She felt eased by his words, she continued to watch the doctor, but as the sun began to rise thruogh the window. She felt her eyes drift shut, exhausted from the night. A few hours later her eyes popped open, her Dad was gone and was the doctor. She bolted upright, looking around, there were no signs of the cat.
    Had it been a dream? But why had she awoken on the sofa, covered by a blanket no doubt her father had put over her. She stood up, walking through the house, she heard voices from the kitchen. Walking in, her eyes fell on her father sitting at the kitchen island, chating away to the cat.

    "You're okay," Nessa ran over,then stopping when she realised her Dad had been talking to the cat, Wait a minute... The cat stood on it's hinds legs and faced her. Holding out it's paw, It's teal eyes sparkling.

    "Hey there Miss, I'm Sebastian, you must be the girl who saved me, thank you for that, I owe you my life."

    Her Dad laughed at her reaction, holding his hand out to gesture the cat he spoke, "Sebastian here is an Exceed," After that realisation set in, Nessa surprised expression turned into a beaming smile. She reached out and took the Exceeds paw.

    "Hi Sebastian, I'm Nessa, are you sure your alright?" She asked, the kitten let go of her hand and did a little pose.

    "Fit as a fiddle Nessy! I would've been alright if those dogs hadn't ganged up on me. Three against one, why I nearly had them," He told her making a boxing gesture with his paws.  Nessa laughed, Her dad watched the two of them interacting with a smile.

    "I've invited Sebastian to live with us," He told her, Nessa looked at him in surprise, it wasn't like him to do something so impulsive. Their home was small enough as it was.

    "So we're roommates now Nessy, don't worry I'll do my bit to pay you back for saving me, I'm pretty tough when I'm not outnumbered," He said with a wink. Nessa smiled, reaching forward, she stroked his head, recieving a purr as he pushed his head back into her palm.

    "I look forward to seeing you do that," She said softly, a warm feeling in her chest. Her Dad stood up,

    "Right, now that that's settled, we have something important to do," He said turning away, Nessa and Sebastian looked at him in confusion, watching as he turned back to face them spatula and frying pan in hand. "Breakfast!"


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